• Keep all Elvington Village Festival's
    For community spirit and for the village to enjoy the festival which have happened over the last three years.
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  • Allow UK mosques to do 5 time Adhan (Loudspeaker)
    To let the muslims of UK to remember to pray their Salah, it also shows their equality as the UK claims to let all religions practise their faith. Similar to how Christians are allowed to use their church bells.
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  • Save the Meals on Wheels service in Bolton
    Bolton Council want to end the community meals service which delivers a hot meal to some of Bolton’s most vulnerable elderly citizens. Meals on wheels would no longer be provided by the council under new proposals leaving hundreds of local people affected. Staff working in the service do not just deliver a meal, they check on the wellbeing of the elderly and alert other services if there are problems. The service is cost effective and contributes to older people remaining in their own home.
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  • Albert Basin...People's Park
    For future generations for a better quality of life...
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  • Awakenings festival- registration
    Awakenings needs a proper registration process like Glastonbury where if ya can’t go, awakenings buys your ticket back and resells to people that never got the chance on the original sale Iv been in contact with awakenings and with a few emails exchanged they agree somewhat that something needs to change so this may fail BUT if I get enough signatures il send this to awakenings so get it signed and shared an beat the touts to keep the prices low. It’s worth a go Peace
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  • Do not withdraw funding for Kingsclere Community Library
    Kingsclere Community Library has been run by volunteers for nearly 5 years with some funding from Hampshire County Council which they are now proposing to withdraw, leaving the library to be run entirely by volunteers. This would seriously affect the quality of the service we could offer. We would lose 2 hours' support per week from Tadley library, with no delivery of reserved books or new books, no RFID machine, no GoOnline computer and no free Wi-Fi. 74% of our users rely on our library for their books and do not use any other library. The nearest libraries either have inadequate or no public transport (Overton and Tadley) or involve a long bus journey and a long walk (Basingstoke). A lot of people – particularly older library users and families with young children – would find it difficult or even impossible to travel out of the village to another library.
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    This is important because Waitrose currently pay £250'000 per annum subsidizing the parking in the car park outside the store, which is not their car park. How long will it be before we lose Waitrose due to the overheads? As we all know, more and more people now order online and this additional cost, could be enough to make them close this branch.
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    The reason why many people come into ASDA is because of the fresh meat and fish counters given the dwindling butchers and fishmongers’ shops on the high streets. If the fresh meat and fish counters were to close then they would not have the option of purchasing fresh meat and fish locally which is an important alternative to packaged and processed products. Also, the friendly staff provide social interaction that the shoppers enjoy – it is part of the shopping experience. According to the GMB union 2,832 staff jobs are at possible risk of redundancy. In my local store in Havant, this includes the 7 members of staff, some of whom have worked there for decades. Add your support now by signing this petition to let ASDA know its customers are very concerned and want senior management to hear their voice.
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    Its important as a community gathering .Often items were sold for pennies and items normally out of budget ranges were there at a reasonable price. I bough a lot of my clothes and dishes for my home there Along with curtains and other necessary items. Too many people live on hourly or short contracts and boot sales are invaluable Charity shops have almost priced some parts of our community out altogether Their prices have risen -a huge amount- Its also a great communal meeting point and if a permanent place was provided perhaps a small cafe could be set up too ,creating a job for someone??!! People just love a good market .
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  • Keep Busy Bees Day Nursery OPEN
    Busy Bees Pre School have sadly informed us parents that they will be closing down in July 2020, through matters that are completely out of thier hands. As parents, we are completely saddened by the thought. For us parents, it's become a wonderful community. And the children are so happy and content. So, For all the children who attend the nursary and of course the amazing, supportive, most wonderful staff members, let's get signing this petition to keep our lovely Hainault nursary open!
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  • Save Hampshire Libraries
    Libraries are are havens, refuges and gateways, the vibrant hearts of the towns and villages they serve. They are engines of social mobility and social cohesion, places where knowledge and opportunity are available to all, for free . A library is also a rare space where a community comes together, from toddlers enjoying rhyme time to older visitors finding a place to browse and meet friends – and of course people simply wanting to borrow a good book,. Now that 1 in 8 schools do not have a library at all, public libraries are all the more vital. An open library is proof that we value knowledge and opportunity, as well as community and culture.
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  • Open Letter to the Management of Bhaktivedanta Manor
    We want to bring to the temple managements attention the shock and dismay felt by the undersigned community, regarding the temples hosting of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, leader of the Conservative and the Home Secretary Priti Patel during a general election in early December 2019. The head of the Communication department at the temple is quoted as saying “Bhaktivedanta Manor is a place of worship and spiritual education [and] therefore is not affiliated with any particular political party. However, we respect and honour all who want to visit here, at any time.” However, hosting a candidate during an election has been received by many as a political act. Boris Johnson stood in our temple room in front of Srila Prabhupada and in full view of Sri Radha Gokulananda, saying, "the values that you espouse here in this community..., I hope you don't me saying, since the election is only four days away, ...these are the values we wish to support in our Conservative party." He then went on to say that on Thursday, the day of the election, he wanted to "get Brexit done." He quoted his parties tag-line several times. This is a political speech at a very political time which we feel strongly that the Manor should not have allowed to happen. Many people have claimed that this is Lord Krsna's mercy, an auspicious event, a victory for ISKCON and Hinduism in the UK and a great favour bestowed upon the community and the congregation. However, many of us are upset, confused and angry. To allow them to make a speech exhorting their politics is unacceptable in our place of worship. The subsequent claim that the temple is not aligned to any one party is naivety at best and shameful at worst. Furthermore, if the values of these politicians are the same values that we hold as Hare Krsna devotees then we have moved very far away from those that Srila Prabhupada has given us. It is understandable that the Manor feels like hosting politicians is a positive thing for the community. Many of us know full well the struggle it has been to be regarded as a genuine faith group, to move away from the branding of 'cult,' but there are many, many other days that Johnson and Patel could have visited if their attraction to the temple and its perceived 'values' is real. But hosting them four days before an incredibly important election and allowing a campaign speech in the temple room is irresponsible, offensive and divisive. We need these actions to be considered so that in future; political speeches are not made in the temple room and the Manor holds true to their politically neutral stance.'
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