• Keep the mond community pub open
    This is an asset to our community as it provides a place with a large dance hall which can accommodate parties of all kinds, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, weddings, engagement, children's soft play parties and more. The hall is also used for afternoon bingo for seniors of the community, Zumba for more energetic, Ball room dancing, old time dancing, brass band practice. It also has two snooker tables which are always used to maximum availability and they are possibly the only two now in this area on which the teams host home games. This is also said for the pool table which is fully utilised. Dart board, multi screen TV's for watching sport, this has Sky channels so those of us who cant afford Sky watch our sport here. Weekends there are card schools run by older members who are keeping the old traditions alive. Rooms used for charity meetings . below is a line copied from Vale Canadian web site. Vision To be the number one global natural resources company in creating long term value, through excellence and passion for people and the planet Values 1. Life matters most 2 . Value our people 3. Prize our planet 4. Do what is right 5. Improve together 6. Make it happen I hope this will overturn the decision to close , and DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR COMMUNITY. Make it happen. Please. Even if is better to rename it. Clydach Community pub.
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  • Save free one hour parking in Erewash car parks
    If all free car parking is abolished, footfall and trade in town centres will be further impacted. Our town centres are already suffering due to the larger supermarkets and out of town shopping parks offering cheaper prices and extensive free parking. Save our town centres, keep up to one hour free parking in Erewash.
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    Created by Clare Green
  • Bring Back Bush Corner Community Centre
    In the spring of 2018, Bush Corner Community Centre was closed leaving a highly populated and mostly occupied community without resources. These included a language centre, addiction support groups, a boxing club and most importantly, a sense of family in a community recently troubled with a rise in crime and the aftermath of events such as the Grenfell tower fire. It is within the councils budget to apply funds to these projects every year. Yet, no statement has been made as to where these funds are going. With your signature we will be able to ask the questions one person cannot. With a vote of confidence from the community we will lawfully be able to do so. Thank you!
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  • A new community centre on Surrey Lane Estate
    In the last two years there have been two fatal stabbings involving young people in St Mary’s Park ward. These have been a cause of great concern, especially when we consider the most up-to-date Census information (2011) that there are 510 lone parent households in the ward, over 50% of which are in either part- or full-time employment. If young people whose parents are in employment, and who may also struggle financially, have insufficient opportunities for safe, supervised recreation and education outside of school hours, the likelihood of them falling under the influence of gangs and drugs is increased. When members of Battersea Communities heard that the one remaining public space on the Surrey Lane Estate – the Randall Close Resource Centre – was due to be demolished as part of the proposed redevelopment, we became concerned by the gradual erosion of community facilities in the area over some years – the loss of the previous community centre and police station being two key examples. We felt that the area clearly needed a public meeting place but, not being residents of Surrey Lane Estate ourselves, and having discussed the matter with all three St Mary’s Park councillors, agreed that we had to establish whether or not there was any local demand. So we conducted a survey of the Estate and produced a report of our findings (which you can download here: batterseacommunities.org.uk), and the findings are stark: . 98% (n.136) of people would like a new community centre on the Surrey Lane Estate . 72% (n.100) do not think there are sufficient safe, indoor, public spaces on the Estate . 73% (n.102) do not think there are enough opportunities for the youth of the Estate . 91% (n.127) would support a campaign to get a community centre on the Estate We also asked, ‘what one thing would improve life on your Estate?’ and local people responded as follows: . 24% said they wanted a community centre accessible for all local residents. . 16% said they wanted more physical community space, activities and opportunities for children and young people on the Estate. . 14% wanted an improvement in the safety and security of the area such as increased police visibility and CCTV. . 9% asked for a cleaner physical environment such as more frequent rubbish collections and communal cleaning. Battersea Communities recommends that: a) Wandsworth Council (the developers) include a community building as part of their planning application for Randall Close redevelopment. b) This community space is built and then ‘gifted’ to the community. It could be set up as its own legal entity (such as a Community Land Trust) as an Asset of Community Value for the benefit of local people. c) The running of the community centre is contracted out (through an open tender process) and run by a locally experienced and trusted community organisation.
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  • Save Spa Fields park from Clerkenwell Design Week
    Every spring the Clerkenwell Design Festival build a huge two story building in the park that stops anyone from being able to use it. It takes up the whole space of Spa Fields for weeks and takes public space away from people. It stops people from enjoying the park - from taking lunch to walking their dogs to talking to friends. It kills the grass for the whole of the summer, after taxpayers' money is spent making it lush and green. It's privatising the park - turning an important public asset into a money-making event for businesses. It's not what our park is for, and there is no reason the festival should take up the space in the park at all. The Design Week website says the park will showcase "leading furniture, lighting and product design from around the world." How many people in the local area will this actually be accessible to? Especially if it takes a beautiful public space away. Please sign the petition to pressure the council and festival bosses to move out of the park!
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  • Revoke Lloyd’s Bank Closure (Belvedere)
    Belvedere is home to a vast number of elderly residence, many of whom cannot travel on public transport or travel at all to Bexleyheath, to use the bank. Some of this ageing community do not feel comfortable using online banking and also may not have families to help guide them with their financial needs. Closing the Belvedere branch will also massively affect the small businesses within the village who regularly use the bank for business and change purposes. This bank is vital to our village and I believe reconsideration is needed regarding this closure.
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    Created by Tilly Pantlin
  • Keep all Elvington Village Festival's
    For community spirit and for the village to enjoy the festival which have happened over the last three years.
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  • Allow UK mosques to do 5 time Adhan (Loudspeaker)
    To let the muslims of UK to remember to pray their Salah, it also shows their equality as the UK claims to let all religions practise their faith. Similar to how Christians are allowed to use their church bells.
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  • Save the Meals on Wheels service in Bolton
    Bolton Council want to end the community meals service which delivers a hot meal to some of Bolton’s most vulnerable elderly citizens. Meals on wheels would no longer be provided by the council under new proposals leaving hundreds of local people affected. Staff working in the service do not just deliver a meal, they check on the wellbeing of the elderly and alert other services if there are problems. The service is cost effective and contributes to older people remaining in their own home.
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  • Albert Basin...People's Park
    For future generations for a better quality of life...
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  • Awakenings festival- registration
    Awakenings needs a proper registration process like Glastonbury where if ya can’t go, awakenings buys your ticket back and resells to people that never got the chance on the original sale Iv been in contact with awakenings and with a few emails exchanged they agree somewhat that something needs to change so this may fail BUT if I get enough signatures il send this to awakenings so get it signed and shared an beat the touts to keep the prices low. It’s worth a go Peace
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  • Do not withdraw funding for Kingsclere Community Library
    Kingsclere Community Library has been run by volunteers for nearly 5 years with some funding from Hampshire County Council which they are now proposing to withdraw, leaving the library to be run entirely by volunteers. This would seriously affect the quality of the service we could offer. We would lose 2 hours' support per week from Tadley library, with no delivery of reserved books or new books, no RFID machine, no GoOnline computer and no free Wi-Fi. 74% of our users rely on our library for their books and do not use any other library. The nearest libraries either have inadequate or no public transport ( Overton and Tadley) or involve a long bus journey and a long walk ( Basingstoke). A lot of people – particularly older library users and families with young children – would find it difficult or even impossible to travel out of the village to another library.
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