• Set up a new independent body to keep party leader debates and interviews fair
    Election TV events like debates and interviews are important in making sure all party leaders face the same amount of scrutiny, so viewers can have all the facts when they vote. This election has seen several instances of leaders not getting the same coverage - with Boris Johnson not having an Andrew Neil interview like other leaders did, and leaders not turning up to the climate debate. In Canada and the USA there are bodies that organise any leaders’ debate to make sure that they are fair. In the UK, party leaders and channel execs negotiate directly - meaning parties with more power end up with the upper hand. If we set up a body we can ensure in future elections all election debates and party leader interviews are fair.
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  • Stop BBC scrapping the Red Button
    The Red Button text service is so valued by older people who do not have access to the internet or a mobile phone, hence the many letters to the Radio Times letter page. This is a cheap but valued service.
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    Created by Barbara Orme
  • Stop the Sale of the Valley Social Club
    It is vital that the Social Club is retained for community use and not sold out from underneath the community by trustees who appear to have no concern for the interests or well-being of local people. A community led association, providing much needed affordable facilities and services to the community would bring considerable benefit to the local community.
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    Created by Steven Peake
  • Bring Back North Berwick Outdoor Pool BBOP
    North Berwick Outdoor pool was used and loved by people from all over East Lothian and visitors to the area for nearly 100 years. The pool closed in 1995 after a hard fought local campaign to keep it open. Kids learned to swim in the pool, it hosted galas, it was used by clubs, it was a place for the community to gather and socialise, in a way that doesn't happen at an indoor pool. Speak to anyone who used this pool and they will tell you what an amazing community resource it was. It was used and loved for nearly 100 years, it's been closed for 24, lets change that. We at BBOP would love to see East Lothian Council reopen the outdoor pool, with enough community support we hope they will do so. Failing that we hope to gain enough community support to become or work with a community organisation to purchase the council land and work to reopen the pool. We recognise the harbour area where the pool was located is currently used by others, we would love to work with the community as a whole to find alternatives and solutions so that everyone can enjoy the space. We are a tiny community group of like minded people and we are looking for more volunteers to do a lot or a little. We need, general enthusiasts (most important:-), the social media gurus, architects, those with experience of community projects, lawyers, experience in renewable/sustainable heating systems, business aficionados and I am sure a whole load of skills we haven't even thought of yet. Please get in touch via our Facebook Page is you would like to get involved.
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    Created by Gill Surfleet Picture
    Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) intend is to sanction building of housing in an area north of St Nicholas Church up to the Stevenage boundary. An outline planning application has been lodged with SBC for 800 homes. This land is dear to the hearts of hundreds of people both locally and much further afield as the land which the 20th century author E M Forster described as the loveliest in England. It is adjacent to his childhood home and is entirely Green belt. Building of these homes will mean a huge loss of amenity for ALL of Stevenage. North Hertfodshire have also proposed building on the adjacent area to the north. Apart from the heritage aspect many residents use this land for walking, running, exercising their dogs and horse riding.It is virtually the only remaining green lung in the north of Stevenage.
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    Created by John Spiers
  • Save Spennymoor Gala
    Spennymoor town council are ruining this long time tradition.
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    Created by Ian Moore Picture
  • Remembrance Bench for Anne Preece
    Having lived in the village for 12 years I have many memories of Anne. She was, to me, the heart of Weobley. There were numerous occasions I would just pop in to see her for a cuppa and a chat and end up leaving with a few flower bulbs, a colouring book or a broom. Whether you are new to the village or have been here for many years, chances are you knew who Anne was and have fond memories of her. This petition is to help show the Parish Council that the people of Weobley believe that she should be honoured in the Rose Garden like others have been. Anne loved her roses and I can think of no better place for her to be remembered. Weobley is a picturesque village which attracts many visitors, whether staying for a small holiday or just passing through on their bikes. Whilst there are currently benches in the garden they do not allow for a comfortable rest nor do they permit for groups whether residents or visitors to sit together to enjoy the hustle and bustle that is our village life. The picnic bench that I would like to have made would be metal framed and similar to those that can be found in the park at the Hopelands. When starting the collection for Anne I never dreamed that I would come across as much resistance as I have from the Parish Council in remembering one of our beloved residents. I ask you, please come together as a community and sign the petition to help me show the Parish Council that this is what the residents of Weobley want.
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    Created by Sheryl Norman Picture
  • Rebuild Earls Court
    The UK is short of exhibition space and also needs more live music venues. The original venue was torn down by CapCo for luxury housing - but it is now an empty, flat wasteland and local businesses and residents are suffering.
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    Created by David Rogers
  • Reduction In Speed Limit on Main Rd Boreham to 30 mph
    This is important to safeguard the residents of the village. The majority of residents now need to cross the main rd to access the Co-op store which is the only store in the village now. Crossing the road near the store is fraught with dangers, particularly for elderly residents and children, as the speed of some vehicles is well in excess of the current 40mph limit. Additionally, the fact that vehicles are entering and exiting the car park, make the overall situation quite hazardous at busy periods.
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    Created by Paul Westney
  • Put Still Game Live 3 on DVD
    As it's the last ever live show.
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    Created by Andrew M Picture
  • Stop the Whopper in the West End of Newcastle Upon Tyne.
    The proposal to build a drive-through burger king has a number of key elements which should mean that the proposal is rejected out of hand in favour of consideration of how to manage the development of the site to promote the greater good and prosperity of the residents of the west end of Newcastle. Working with the developer to provide a commercially viable alternative which benefits the wider community in a positive way. Specifically : • Increased traffic and flow disruption on the already congested Westgate road. o Bentinck Rd. and Dunholme Rd. have not been considered in the traffic survey and are already subject to traffic calming measures and a fatality occurred last year on Bentinck Road. o Increase air pollution from idling traffic at the site exacerbating the already problematic air quality in Newcastle. • Long operating hours o 6 am-12 am hour opening means that the site will be busy throughout morning, noon and night o Delivery service and waste collection will inevitable be scheduled early in the morning and late in the evening • Increased Noise o The development proposes the removal of the west wing of the Police Station which will increase the exposure of noise to the residents of the existing traffic on the west road PLUS the additional contribution of the drive-through. This has not been considered in the noise assessment. • Increased litter o It is widely seen that Junk food retailers create large amounts of litter due to poor handling of wrappers off-premise. o Vermin are already a significant problem in the back allies – more food waste and discarded and dropped food will only add to this. Generally : • The exploitation of a deprived area o A number of studies have shown that the number of Junk food takeaways is correlated with deprivation in an area. o Obesity and deprivation are also shown to be strongly correlated o Type 2 diabetes is currently the largest burden on the NHS • Community Health Concerns o The key concerns of the Hot Food Takeaway Supplementary Planning policy have not been considered in the application ( https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/sites/default/files/2019-01/hot_food_takeaway_spd_-_october_2016_-_final_0.pdf)
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  • Glastonbury: Introduce a Ballot
    The current system is skewed towards those who can afford faster broadband, own several devices and live in locations where internet speeds are higher. Thousands of people reported site crashes on SeeTickets.com whilst inputting their registration or payment information. Glastonbury Festival was created as a way of bringing people together to share the joy of music and enjoy an atmosphere of unity and love. But with the demand for tickets increasing every year, it has simply become yet another money-making enterprise that skews in favour of the privileged few - including celebrities (from A list down to Z-list) who always get free tickets, and corporate tickets. A ballot system would enable a fairer distribution of tickets based on luck rather than internet speeds.
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