• Don't cut BBC Jazz Now!
    Jazz Now is a vital outlet for contemporary jazz with an edge from experimental to free jazz, and free improvisation. It is the ONLY dedicated place on the BBC that plays and promotes these musics. Plus it provides emerging artists with a platform to share their music via the BBC Introducing uploader. With Jazz already marginalised on the BBC this programme needs to be saved for the curious listeners of improvisation! To cut Jazz Now will be damaging for both artists and fans if these cherished non mainstream musics, reduce diversity on Radio3, and be a betrayal of the BBC’s founding Reithian principles to inform, educate, and entertain!
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  • Save Late Junction
    In March 2018, Alan Davey wrote "Our listeners are, we know, up for adventure, discovering new things and getting new angles and depths of knowledge on the familiar." (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/aboutthebbc/entries/9b05cdcd-5c23-4275-893a-9caf3ffd6dde accessed 16/03/2019) The reduction in broadcast time for the one BBC programme that fulfils this remit is a retrograde step, impacting on the pleasure of listeners, the work of artists (often in the most precarious endeavours) and the cultural status of the country. It would be hugely disappointing to lose such a broad, open and exploratory curated programme, and would be difficult to recapture its spirit in the changes proposed. Its reach cannot be replicated, its influence cannot be over-estimated. It is not just background radio to those who listen, but an essential part of their ongoing understanding of the cultural landscape and a connexion to the wider cultural community that is often in this area disparate and isolated, and as Luke Turner points out "Crucially, this has a huge impact on the diversity of the show’s programming"(https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/mar/15/bbc-radio-3-late-junction-carries-john-peel-spirit-into-digital-age accessed 16/03/2019). Although there are cost-saving to be acknowledged, the return on investment from this programme must outweigh any potential savings. The support of small local music venues, upcoming artists, avant-garde labels all benefit from the way this programme is curated and presented; to have that reduced so drastically will have a profound effect on those communities. It is also clear that BBC Radio 3 is the natural home of this programme. Re-iterating Peter Maxwell-Davies' warning at the introduction of Radio 3 that we might 'lose whole realms of experience' (Humphrey Carpenter 'Envy of the World' 1996:262), Late Junction has proved itself a bastion and for it to be shrunk so dramatically would be a sorry retreat. Please reconsider this decision.
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  • Open the Shops
    The Leith Walk community is in real danger of being ruined. The red sandstone building at 106-154 Leith Walk used to house up to 40 offices and shops on its two floors. The developer, Drum Property Group wants ‘vacant possession’ as soon as possible to build student accommodation for the University of Edinburgh. Thriving local community businesses such as the Leith Walk Café, grassroots music venue Leith Depot and others are facing early closure thanks to the joint actions of the University of Edinburgh and Drum Property Group. The University claims that it wants to take the needs of local communities into account when building new student accommodation. It can do so by working with its partner, Drum Property Group, to offer existing business month to month, repeating leases and also offers the vacant shops to new businesses on a similar basis.
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  • David Holland Way
    As we know David passed away two years ago and he loved Scarborough Athletic and was a great Chairman as he stopped at nothing to get the club back home from thier temporary base 18 miles away in Bridlington. David never got to see the ground completed and seen a ball kicked in anger at the ground. But he did everything to get what we see today and with that the club has gone through a promotion to the league the old Scarborough FC left the footballing pyramid. I have gone to the council on my own to get this Street that currently has no name, only to be declined on a technicality that David had only passed away 2 years ago. I feel I’ve met all the other criteria like permission from David’s family and given enough reasons why the street should be named ‘David Holland Way’. I now want to get the Seadogs & the world of football if I can to try and overturn Scarborough Borough Council decision. Please help me with my request.
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  • Change anthem sang before England sporting matches
    I think it is damaging to the union of the UK for England to assume to sing the UK national anthem whereas the other countries do not.
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  • Statue of Keith Flint of The Prodigy in Braintree Town Centre
    Keith was important to not only the people of Braintree, but was well loved and respected world wide and a pivotal piece of the music industry. Braintree being The Prodigy’s home town we should remember him. It'll also reflect how important it is to talk about mental health and not to suffer alone. Keith Flint was an icon , a legend in the music industry. He has had such an effect on so many people over the years , his energy and passion while he's on stage or off stage was magical. He was such a lovely , genuine person too and we all feel deeply saddened by the news of his death. The Prodigy’s music and Keith's memory will always remain a big part of my life and to millions of others. Their music makes me feel alive, indestructible, invincible.. I'll be forever thankful to them. Liam, Maxim, Keith & Leeroy, took the rave scene by storm in the early 1990s fast becoming top billing on virtually every single event happening up and down the county, suddenly they started to get recognised internationally and the rest is history. Touring the whole world in a blaze of glory with chart topping singles and albums, record sales of millions upon millions, and performing to global a audience when totalled up can’t be too far off half a billion people maybe more over the 29 years performing. If neighbouring Colchester can stick a statue of an Elephant 🐘 that no one wants on a roundabout at huge costs and widespread ridicule then I feel Braintree has an opportunity here to pay homage and honour its most famous son. An inspiration to millions like Keith showed that if you put your mind to it anything is possible and The Prodigy were thee single most iconic act of at least 3 generations of music lovers. A statue of Keith is needed to look over Braintree and carry on inspiring the people to follow their dreams. Despite his terrifying on stage persona (to some) he was so much more the opposite in real life. It'll also reflect how important it is to talk about mental health and not to suffer alone. This humble petition has only just started and won’t be going away anytime soon. The plan will be when it reaches a monumental amount of signatures to present it to the council and see what they maybe able to discuss/contribute. It’s early days yet obviously but hopefully the outcome will be the right one. My parents generation had the Beatles & The Rolling Stones. My generation had The Prodigy, Manchester has Oasis, Braintree has The Prodigy.
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  • Save Chorlton Irish Club
    1. The following is a list of groups/classes that have used the club over the past 12 months approx (split into broad categories of ‘Irish’ and ‘Community’): Irish: Keegan Academy dancing classes, Sunday music sessions, Tara O'Carolan music classes, St Lawrences GAA, Singing Sessions, Carousel Sessions (folk concerts), Irish Mancunian (film/culture), Dancercise/Reel Deal, Roscommon Association, Mayo Association, Mcr Irish Language Group, NW Uilleann Pipers, Echoes of Erin, Set Dancing Festival, Irish Community Care, Mirk Over the Irk (Irish/Jewish concert) Community: Chorlton Comedy, Bop Local, St Johns Primary School PTA, Tickle Your Fancy, Temptation/Pretty in Pink, Silent Party People, Fusion, Still Wild, Funked It Up, Soul Town, Body Sculpt, Pregnancy Yoga, Zumba classes (adult & children), Dance Like A Mother, Salsa classes, Arabic Dancing, Dancing in the Dark The club is also used for a wide range of private functions such as birthdays, christenings, funerals etc. 2. The club stopped accepting new membership applications via its website on 6th March 2019. Only members will be able to vote at the EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). The club's website states that it is owned by its members. 3. The committee’s proposal, as stated in an email to members on 6th March 2019, is as follows: “…it is proposed that the Club premises is sold and that the Irish Association should live on as a charitable trust, working together with the Irish Association Golfers in raising money via various annual events - including the annual dinner dance - and supporting relevant local causes and charities.” 4. The "Friends of Chorlton Irish" group opposes plans to close and sell the club. Our email address is friendsofchorltonirish@gmail.com. 5. Please consider ticking the box for email updates and also adding a comment when signing. Please share widely. Many thanks.
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  • Save Siblyback Lakes Watersports & Camping
    After at least 40 years history of watersports activities and camping at Siblyback Lake SE Cornwall, SW Lakes Trust (who manage South West Water's Lakes for conservation and leisure purposes) announced they would be banning all watersports activities and camping. Many families and others have great memories of learning to sail, windsurf and kayak as well as holidaying over weekends and in the summer holidays. We would love future families to be able to form their memories of the same. There has been no consultation with users just an outright closure of these facilities. We would like to open an urgent dialogue with SW Lakes Trust to discuss options available to reopen these facilities. At the moment there is no dialogue available from SW Lakes Trust.
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  • Give schools the money they need
    I've started this petition as my children's school is currently trying to shut early on Fridays to save money. It would mean parents having to leave work earlier to pick their children up, or paying for childcare in the school. And it would disrupt children's learning. And my school isn't the only one proposing this. Schools across England are struggling. Schools across the country are affected thanks to real terms funding cuts of £2.5bn. Schools are having to make cuts to staffing, dropping subjects and other activities, and asking parents to chip in to help them run. As a parent I think it's ridiculous that in 2019 schools are being forced to shut their doors early, or cut entire subjects because the government won't give them the money they need. Investment in schools is an investment in our children's future. The government should be doing everything it can to make sure children in England have the best start in life, and the best education to help them succeed.
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  • Save Aberdeen City Libraries and Employees
    The city has lost far too much of it's cultural and community value. The removal of libraries will destroy any positive future for the population Reading, Writing and Digital skills of already isolated communities will be irrevocably damaged. Libraries - a listening ear, a friendly face, internet cafe, reading room, family history research centre, children's storytelling circle, home of Bookbug, emergency source when uni library books are out, reference desk, exhibition space, reminiscence centre, quiet place, fun place, USED BY THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY! LEAVE THEM BE! http://scottishbooktrust.com/blog/reading/2017/05/libraries-matter-to-scotland%E2%80%99s-digital-future We are driving this campaign to deliver real results & have set up a just giving campaign which can be found on our Facebook Page and Linked In pages.
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  • Save Belle Vue Park
    There are many fine eateries, hotels and B & B's in this small market town, so to put a Premier Inn hotel and Beefeater restaurant in an already suffering high street, in all probability, would cause many small, independent companies to go out of business or at the very least a loss of local jobs. Notwithstanding, the environmental impact and loss of green, outdoor space is also detrimental to the well being of the people of this town. There is a severe lack of facilities for children and young adults in this area, and this would exacerbate the problem even more. Removal of existing park land and the spoliation of Belle Vue House is a kick in the teeth for this community. Whilst the council have given themselves substantial pay rises, they are rubbing salt in the wounds by borrowing £6.5M to build this unwanted eyesore for a multi-million pound conglomerate, whilst raising council taxes, business rates.
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  • Save the Apollo Club
    This building has been part of the fabric of life in Harleston, South Norfolk for over 30 years. It currently stands vacant and despite now being registered as an Asset of Community Value it still faces demolition ‘within a few weeks’ under existing permissions as there are plans to turn it into retirement flats. At Hope Church we believe it could still be a really amazing asset for the community - with a little TLC! We’d love to bring it alive again and turn it into a fantastic community hub where we can provide services such as Foodbank and Community Works as well as holding our Sunday meetings and hiring it out for local clubs - in short, to see it repurposed as an amazing space for everyone in Harleston to enjoy. If you agree please add your support!
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