• Save Cheere House
    Sir John Seabright, 19th Century philanthropist, founded and built the West Herts Infirmary in Hemel Hempstead, in 1831 at his own expense for the then massive sum of £13,000. The property, now called Cheere House, is still there at the bottom of Hillfield Road in Hemel Hempstead. Sadly though, like most of the hospital surrounding it, it has fallen into disrepair and unused, and is heavily rumoured to be levelled and replaced with offices and yet more housing. Cheere House is of historical importance to Dacorum, and at almost 200 years old, should have had a protection order on it. It is a disgrace that it is being left to rot and be wiped from the history of the town and Borough. If it can't be repaired and left where it stands, then it should be taken down carefully and rebuilt elsewhere in the town, perhaps as a museum, school or retirement homes for those who have been of longstanding service in the NHS? This wonderful building cannot be allowed to fall, as too much of the town has been "allowed" to disappear sadly.
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    Created by Darren Greenidge
  • Preserve the last of our railway heritage - Bridge 234
    Since the 60's Bourne has lost its entire railway heritage. The few remaining buildings are private residences and at present a children's nursery. Bridge 234 is perfectly located between the community of Bourne and that of Elsea Park. The bridge can stand as a monument to represent our lost railway heritage. The immediate area surrounding the bridge can become an area where locals and visitors alike can feel welcome and comfortable viewing this last public remnant of our golden railway age. Bourne was a fourway line in Victorian times. The Bourne to Saxby line which included bridge 234 was the first complete system in England to be dismantled giving it national significance. This is our last chance to save a piece of Bourne's history Thank you
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    Created by Steven Giullari
  • Kings Norton skatepark extension & repairs
    Kings norton skatepark has played a big part in giving skateboarders, bmxers and scooterists a purpose built and safe environment to use for the last 15+ years. The existing park has fallen into disrepair and needs some attention. An extension of the park would benefit the local community, gives young people a place to go and an opportunity to try something new.
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    Created by Dan Hayward
  • Honour Captain Tom with a commissioned statue
    He raised over 31 million pounds for the NHS and he became a beacon of light in these dark times
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    Created by Darren benford-brown
  • Names a hospital after Captain Tom Moore
    After the sad news of the death of Captain Tom Moore I think the Government should name a hospital after him. He was a real hero and a truly inspirational man who won the hearts 💕 of us all. We can learn so much from him. He raised millions of pounds for the NHS so it seems only right that as a tribute to him a hospital should be named after him.
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    Created by Clare Moat
  • Sir captain tom moore Acknowledgement from UK gov
    This is very important to the people and the NHS
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    Created by Samuel mcnally
  • Raise a statue of Captain Sir Tom Moore on the empty 4th plinth.
    See my above comments. We should never forget this awful time. We should also never forget what a remarkable man he was. It would be a fitting tribute to a magnificent person.
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    Created by Paul Kelly
  • Ringway Road speed issue
    It is important as there could be some very serious injuries if a speeding car looses control and how it can not only put people walking at risk but the driver of the vehicle as well. This is also a worsening problem and when motor bikes drive past at speeds in the night it disturbs residents and this road should also be a motorbike free zone for that reason.
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    Created by Jamie Yearsley-Ward Picture
  • Stop Chelmsford City Council charging for car parking at Hylands Park
    Whilst numbers were submitted to CCC on the 12th February. On a recent BBC radio interview a council representative confirms they intend to push ahead anyway - we dont want that to happen. Ongoing signatures and comments are therefore welcomed as they still contribute to the overall support for this campaign. Please do read the detail below, sign and share. I would also encourage you to email your local Chelmsford City Councillor requesting they represent any concerns you have at the full council meeting on the 24th February. Please be consice and kind in your communicatins to them. You can find the contact details for your local councillor here: https://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/your-council/councillors-committees-and-decision-making/councillors/find-a-councillor/ Chelmsford City Council (then Borough) purchased Hylands in 1964 and since then residents and visitors alike have been able to visit and enjoy the Hylands estate without need to pay for parking. This petition calls for local councillors to get behind the residents they represent and speak against the proposal to charge for parking at Hylands Park. At the Cabinet Meeting, on the 26th January 2021, Councillors presented the Chelmsford City Council Revenue Budget for 2021/22. Within this was the proposal to implement a parking charge at Hylands Park. Whilst it is accepted that the City Council is facing a financial shortfall, residents are opposed to this as a mechanism to increase revenue. There are many reasons why this proposal to charge for parking at Hylands Park should be abandoned, some of which are listed below: • Green spaces are promoted as important for maintaining positive mental health, in the midst of the pandemic and through the recovery to come this is even more important. • Charging for car parking would put a premium on accessing green open spaces and make it more difficult for all to visit. • Setup and maintenance of payment infrastructure is not without cost. This, coupled with a possible scheme to vary the charge for local residents as opposed to visitors to Chelmsford only adds further complication will greatly erode any benefit from charging. • Visitors may seek out alternative ‘free’ parking in residential areas local to Hylands such as Writtle – increasing congestion and necessitating further parking restrictions. • Charging for parking could decrease visitor numbers and thereby reduce footfall to businesses within the site. Everyone is welcome to sign this petition, all signatures and comments are greatfully received however, when submitted to Chelmsford City Council, only signatures of people who live, work or study within the Chelmsford City Council authority boundary will be counted for the puspose of petitioning the council. You can check here if you live within the authority boundary: www.gov.uk/find-local-council
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  • Redcatch Park Pavilion
    This is more important now more than any other time with the whole country in the middle of a pandemic and many unable to see friends and exercise and social interaction will give them the opportunity improve their physical and mental health, to get fit socialise and enjoy the outdoors once again.
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    Created by Daniel Kingdon
  • Grit the roads of Wigston Meadows
    Poor weather conditions has caused a dangerous layer of ice and snow to cover the roads of Wigston Meadows. On the morning of January 25th a Lorry could not leave the development and blocked the entrance and exit for all vehicles. A salesperson from the development has already disapproved of the gritting saying that in the event of there being a motor vehicle accident the parties involved in the accident would hold DWH / Barratt involved. The residents completely disagree with this sentiment and all signees will not hold DWH / Barratt responsible for accidents caused on roads that have been gritted. There are occupied houses immediately adjacent to the T-junction entering the development and if the roads remain un-gritted there is a risk of a vehicle colliding with these houses. Signees require immediate action on this to ensure safe travel of vehicles, safe passage of pedestrians including children, and safe entry and exit of the development.
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    Created by Yusuf Limalia