• Provide a British Sign Language interpreter for Daily Government Briefings
    The Coronavirus pandemic is a global emergency and the daily Government updates are one of the most important broadcasts of our time. That is why it is vital deaf people have access to such crucial information at this time and having a British Sign Language interpreter at the daily press conferences would make it easier for deaf people to follow at home.
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  • Rent Relief for Places of Worship, Faith and Community Centres*
    Following the Government advice, all masjids and other faith-building and community centres are closed due to COVID-19 to help stop the spread of the contagion in the community and society at large; support social distancing for medical reasons; and to make all necessary efforts to safeguard people; flatten the curve and fight this virus. Most local community masjids and other faith buildings rely on voluntary donations from the regular congregation and attendees to survive and carry on – obviously, that is not possible in the current circumstances. These places not only help the community regardless of circumstances and challenges but also provide a place of comfort, solace but also supporting the wellbeing and welfare of its attendees. Under the COVID-19 challenge, places of worship are under increasing pressure to support the vulnerable in their locality and beyond. The rent-relief, only for the duration of this pandemic, a national emergency, will help the places of worship, faith and community centres. We urge the Council and decision-makers to support these local places in Tower Hamlets - and other local authorities across the country to follow this course of action urgently. We must bring everyone together and do whatever is necessary to support the community, support the vulnerable and fight the COVID-19 virus.
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  • Music Licence fees for village halls
    It has been an ongoing issue for some time that the MusicLicence (PRS/PPL) charging basis for charitable village halls is unfair, because it is calculated on the gross income of the charity, even though most village halls only have music occasionally (e.g. dance classes or a wedding hire). The fee basis is understandable for music venues or theatre, but not for village halls, where it represents a disproportionate amount of their total expenses . With many village halls badly affected by cancelled hirings because of the coronavirus problem, the Government should come to the aid of village halls by asking PRS/PPL to waive the fee immediately, while they sort out a fairer fee basis for the future.
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  • Demand Boris Johnson issues a compulsory order to close to protect businesses during Emergency
    If The Prime Minister issues a compulsory order, this will at least enable all businesses listed above to claim on insurance to mitigate some of their losses during this emergency. Leaders of other European countries have done this, to enable the businesses to close, protect the public, help the health service, and enable these businesses to continue to trade after this emergency. We need this to happen to protect these businesses. Don't let this be as Don MacLean once sang " the day that music died". This could otherwise be the death knell for businesses we rely on for much needed entertainment and leisure.
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  • Stop six nations coverage moving to amazon
    It brings everyone together, and joins communities. Not everyone can afford to pay membership to watch the six nations which means less will watch it and rugby won’t get the support it has, and risks losing its community and funding due to lack of funding
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  • Keep Kendal Markets Public
    Since 1974 South Lakeland District Council (S.L.D.C - now currently Lib Dem controlled) and Kendal Town Council have been responsible for the upkeep, management and promotion of Kendal's historic indoor and outdoor markets. Due mainly to a lack of proper investment, management and promotion on their behalf, they now want to "outsource" the running of the markets into the private sector. This decision has come at a time when other nearby local authorities, such as Allerdale Borough Council are bringing back former "failed privatised" markets in their area back under public sector control. A recent survey of Kendal Market Traders undertaken by SOUTH LAKES LABOUR PARTY concluded that 90% of traders were opposed to outsourcing, 85% wanted the Lib Dem controlled S.L.D.C to continue running the market and 70% said that they had not been properly consulted. One of the most successful markets in the North of England is Skipton which is solely run by SKIPTON TOWN COUNCIL. We beleive that the Lib Dem controlled S.L.D.C and Kendal Town Council should re-think the situation that they, over the years has neglected. Our markets are a valuable, local community asset and with a small amount of creative will power, they could thrive without being flogged off.
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  • Let children have free play on Corams football pitches
    Companies paying for pitches should not be more important to a children’s charity then the children they receive funding for to improve their lives. Coram football pitches are the only pitches in this inner city, deprived area. Being a children’s charity they have always allowed children and young people the use of the pitches. Even the evenings when they were available for hire there was one dedicated pitch for free play. The new pitch restrictions, means outside of the dedicated (1-3pm Saturday & Sunday) children are not welcome. Other times young people must book in advance. So as well as taking away young people’s safe place where they can channel there energy into something positive & participate in sports Corams is also preventing siblings, cousins and friends playing football together. As well giving them silly time slots. So if a parent works in the morning for example and wants to take the kids for a kick about in the late afternoon this is no longer possible. This is an important cause-Corams is a hub of the community. Half terms, summer holidays, after school & weekends our children and young people should have the same access to the football pitch (at least one pitch) like they have always had.
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  • Don’t turn Debenhams in Folkestone into a cinema!
    We already have a cinema in Folkestone! We love Folkestone, the most amazing thing about it is that we are teeming with so many local businesses that we support, and a new cinema would put our silver screen out of business! We already have a cinema, what about an arcade, or a roller skating rink? There’s isn’t anything affordable or fun in Folkestone for young people at the moment, apart from our cinema, but we already have one! We want something new, and to keep supporting our cinema that has been here for years!
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  • Keep our café in Alice Park
    The cafe in Alice Park has been a constant in the community for over a decade. opening 7 days a week throughout the year. Tony and the team have worked hard to improved the cafe and have built a large and loyal customer base. They also run community events including the Julian House Big Sleep which raises funds for the homeless. A recent plastic-free champion, (one of only 61 in Bath), Tony has led a crusade to do away with single-use plastics in the café substituting cardboard where applicable championing sustainable methods that supports the café’s park setting If you want the cafe to continue please support this petition.
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  • We oppose Vivid Housing's plans to build flats and houses on Fort Hill
    Winklebury is already getting 3,500 houses built to the west, any more houses will add to the already-expected congestion. The plans show 3-storey flats which is an overdevelopment not in keeping with the area. The Iron Age fort is a national treasure and should be treated with respect.
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  • Keep Rugby Union 6-Nations games on free-to-view TV
    Over many decades, for many rugby enthusiasts, watching the 5-Nations and later the 6-Nations on TV has been the highlight of the sporting year. If it goes behind a paywall, as has been suggested, Rugby will go the same way as Test Cricket, losing dedicated fans, will failing to get youngsters interested, and will just wither away. This would be tragic. Don't let it happen.
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  • Save The Hungate Centre in Pickering North Yorkshire
    Many of the older people of the town and surrounding villages rely on the Hungate Centre as a place where they can enjoy companionship and gain a sense of belonging. It is a well loved venue for activities and events which strengthen community cohesion and improve well-being and mental health outcomes, especially for older people. It's continued existence plays a major role in combating loneliness and isolation in the community. It must not be lost for the sake of corporate gain and short term profit.
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