• Reinstate the Remembrance Day Parade in Saltash
    Saltash annual Remembrance Day Parade has been dropped because officials "didn't want children to go hungry or get cold". The Mayor said the parade would have had to have been squeezed in late afternoon - which wouldn't have been fair on families. I believe it is important for the parade to go ahead so the people of Saltash can remember everyone who gave their lives. We need to teach our children our history and show them why we honour these brave individuals. The Mayor is already under pressure in national newspapers. If thousands of people sign the petition now, he could change his mind and let the parade go ahead.
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  • Stop the BBC from giving airtime to organisations whose funding is kept secret.
    Many groups and individuals, often those who refuse to give the source of their funding, are allowed to air opinions on BBC news and current affairs programmes. They are rarely asked the source of their funding. At the same time millions are being raised in the USA to fund British rightwing think tanks who are frequently asked by the BBC for their opinions. As a result we, as the audience, can never know whose opinions are being represented. This undermines fair access to information, a cornerstone of a healthy democracy.
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  • Don’t sell Manchester United to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
    Crown Prince Mohammad, the second most powerful person in Saudi Arabia, is considering buying Manchester United. Right now, the Prince is coming under fire after a journalist who was critical of him "disappeared". The journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, went missing from the Saudi consulate in Istanbul two weeks ago. Saudi Arabia is currently denying any involvement but countries around the world are calling for an investigation. The Prince shouldn't be allowed to buy the club while there's such a serious allegation hanging over his head. Manchester United belongs to its fans and players. It is the most successful club in England’s history and has produced stars such as George Best and Ryan Giggs. It shouldn’t be owned by rich rulers who just want to use it to boost their reputation.
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  • Sticker free produce
    Often, wen customers opt for the most sustainable and least packaged item in supermarkets they are still faced with having dispose of the plastic sticker on the product. (e.g. kiwis and apples are big culprits). Although small, the plastic pieces accumulate from our weekly, monthly, yearly shops and thus in the landfill sites we send them too. These stickers are useful but not necessary. The product can be identified and priced from a label attached to the shelf its situated on before purchase. However, if it is still deemed as important, companies can investigate alternatives such as biodegradable or edible ones (made from sugar paper, for example).
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  • Traffic lights in Newton-le-Willows
    I live on the Wargrave estate which is hemmed in by three Railway Bridges, the only way out is via Park Road, Vulcan Village and Wargrave Road bridges. The road out through the Vulcan is very narrow and the bridge there is very narrow with bad visibility. Also with all the extra houses that are being built on the Vulcan Site there is a lot more traffic. The money to provide these lights is already there from the developer of the old Vulcan site and is available until 2021. Please take action now and install the traffic lights.
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  • A bypass tunnel - the only viable solution to the Rest and Be Thankful problems.
    To allow daily movement for the individual, business, visitors, all people who wish to access Argyll and Bute via the A83
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  • Save our early help services
    that are vital to the community through direct work, supporting individual families and through group works, which provide access to the most vulnerable and reduce isolation and prevent serious harm through shared experiences. getset Additional Level 2 Services for 0-4’s and getset Complex Level 3 Service for 0-19’s (up to 25 with SEND) Service information: The getset Service is part of Somerset County Council’s contribution to the Early Help landscape. getset’s mission is to give children, young people and their families the best possible start in life. We recognise that the right help at the right time in the right place can make a big difference in the longer term, and aim to help families overcome small challenges before they become big ones. Key to our approach is to ensure families are able to help themselves and find their own solutions to problems; developing the resilience to deal with these problems effectively will also help them not become dependent on external services. The getset offer has two main strands: Our children’s centres offer support and opportunities for 0-4 year olds and their parents: Help and advice on where to find good quality, accessible childcare Parenting help and advice on topics including understanding child development, practical things like setting routines and how to respond to challenging behaviour Advice on budgeting, money management and steps towards employment Healthy eating advice, shopping and cooking for a family on a small budget Helping children be ready for school Help for families affected by offending and domestic abuse Children’s centre services are provided by play workers – who organise universal play and developmental sessions for children aged under four and their families, and Family Support Workers – who offer information, advice and guidance for families with children under four. In many centres
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  • Let the Telfers keep their home and business
    David and Alison Telfer had always been led to believe they would remain on their farm at Cleuchfoot until retirement. But now they're being moved off their family farm so that the Duke can cash in on a grant to grow timber. A Forestry Grant Scheme has allowed landowners to benefit financially at the expense of tenants. And unfortunately, due to the practice of issuing short term leases, the current Duke can terminate the Telfers' tenancy whenever he wishes. So the Duke has split their farm into two lots for sale and is removing part of it imminently.This month they are being forced off a major part of their farm. They have had their case brought into the public domain and this has caused embarrassment for the Duke. A public meeting , held in Langholm, to discuss afforestation created overwhelming support for those such as the Telfers and acceptance by the Estate that there had been a lack of proper consultation. Their case has been raised at Holyrood and the chairman of the Scottish Land Commission has criticised the treatment of the couple. Please support the Telfers, who've leased the farm for over 20 years to remain on their farm until their planned retirement in a few years time.
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  • Sale of iconic Safari Cinema Harrow
    This building serves as a form of entertainment to the local Asian community, showing a number of Bollywood films on a daily basis. To close the Safari cinema it would put to an end years of tradition that members of the local community have enjoyed for a great many generations. The cinema opened in 1936, featuring an art deco-style façade, and showcased a variety of films and other acts. I am keen to preserve historical structures within the Borough, which have both character and a cultural significance.
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  • Save historic Edinburgh school from demolition
    New information has come to light that this Neo-Georgian building is the first newly-built Catholic school in Edinburgh (and possibly Scotland) after the Scottish Education Act 1918 integrated Catholic schools into the state system. Like the listed Leith Academy in Edinburgh, it was designed by the architects Reid and Forbes and like Leith Academy, we believe it should be saved and given a new lease of life, either as much-needed housing or as a community space serving the needs of all local people. We welcome the notion that there should be replacement parkland, intended to compensate for the loss of Portobello Park to the site of the new High School. However, demolition of the various prefabricated surrounding buildings, but retention of the main St John's building, would still allow for a significant new landscaped park to be created on this site. It seems counterintuitive to demolish a historic building in order to create a slightly larger parkland adjacent to the existing 14 hectare Figgate Park. We need to stop and consider what is the most efficient and beneficial use of this historic resource.
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  • Make Selly Oak Safer
    The University, as one of Birmingham’s largest employers, must use its political influence to prioritise the safety of its students and keep this at the top of the agendas of local councillors and MPs. Whilst the police have continually offered wonderful support in times of crisis, due to local and national funding cuts to the police it is clear they are overworked and not able to offer the support that is so badly needed in the area. Every year there is a call to action but nothing is ever resolved. It’s time for the University and local government to follow through on its promises and ensure that student safety is continually at the forefront of their priorities – and not just something discussed ‘after the event’. These stakeholders need to take individual and collective responsibility for ensuring the safety of students in Selly Oak.
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  • Save Oaklands Home - Lowton
    Lowton is a village full of history, caring people and a strong sense of local community. Part of our heritage is in our historic buildings, yet once again we're in danger of losing another incredible building. The Oaklands Home (Heskesth Medow/Newton Road) is in the verge of falling into the hands of the money minded and greedy. Recently it came to light that Wigan Council plan to obliterate the home in way for 28 new houses, adding to the already troublsome conditions of traffic in the area. The house is believed to be from around c1880's, serving as a residence, a Childerns home and most recently, Wigan & Leigh young cares centre. The building was also left to the people of Lowton, as well as the trees being protected under a conservation act. If the council accept the planning permsion, they're being ignorant to the will and right of the people. I hope you can all join me in the disparity of the situation and in oppositing this decision. For the past, present and future of Lowton. Thank you.
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