• Add a Food Bank Donate Button to Supermarket Orders
    With Food Banks being so vitally needed at the moment and with the huge increase in online supermarket orders adding a donation field seems a good way to raise loads of money. I used to drop a few items in the food bank baskets when shopping but as I am now not actually going to the supermarket I don’t have this option, I have donated money directly Food Banks but think the Donate button would encourage more people to do so easily.
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    Created by Linda Day
  • COVID-19 NHS MEMORIALS: Waive the 10 Year Principle for Monuments in Westminster
    As it stands over 110 NHS workers have lost their lives to the coronavirus disease, putting themselves in harms way on the front-line to treat sufferers of COVID-19. The war against COVID-19 is primarily fought by the many health workers up and down the country and they should be recognised as soldiers of war under these circumstance. Those NHS workers who have lost their lives to this war on coronavirus must be commemorated and remembered in a Westminster monument before the year 2030.
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    Created by Gracious Alma - GA Events
  • I'm NOT Sally
    Equality. A mounting expense on delivery charges for essentials at a time of decreased income streams.
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    Created by Michelle Edwards
  • Idris elba to be the Bond villain
    If Idris Elba was to be cast as the Bond villain it would mean he would be the first black main James Bond villain
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    Created by kuran Krishan
  • Death in service
    This is important as like the soldier fighting a war so are the NHS AND CARE STAFF only the enamy the Health workers are facing are invisable to the naked eye.
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    Created by Mark Liebenberg
  • Provide funding for The 1010 Trust to feed the most vulnerable in South Ayrshire
    The most vulnerable people in our community are unable to access paid for delivery services and Foodbank locations and are unable to feed themselves and their families. The restrictions of the Coronavirus outbreak and loss of income , benefits delays and self isolation led to The 1010 Trust setting up a service to deliver meals and food hampers to those in need. Since the start of the outbreak they have fed 20000 people . A key part of this has been local council funding and support from key workers who have been outstanding. Today South Ayrshire Council withdrew that funding and support jeopardising this vital service and risking thousands of people in South Ayrshire’s access to food
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    Created by Julie Scremin
  • Allan Stewart & Action Team given awards
    No one has ever done what he has done for us all with help from his volunteers x
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    Created by Hannah Johnstone
  • A Donate to food bank option for on line shopping.
    Because food banks for the needy are running desperately low now many are choosing to use online food shopping to save putting themselves and others at risk of contracting the virus during Covid 19.
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    Created by Linda Weir
  • Change The Count
    Taking an annual snapshot of the homeless population to get a head count. is a anual joke within the homeless organisations whom the count is taken for to secure funding for each consistuancy. Sadly its not not a good joke cause someone's saying we've only got around 4250 people living on the streets, I have lived in the streets and believe the count is wrong! So here's a solution to try and get right.
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    Created by Charles Evans
  • Compensation for NHS and care workers
    To many have died and will die unless more PPI is available. These people and their families deserve financial recognition
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    Created by Graham Try
  • Elizabeth Medal for NHS Workers Killed by Covid 19
    The Elizabeth medal is awarded posthumously to all Service personnel killed in action as a result of enemy or terrorist activity since 1945. Our NHS workers killed by Covid 19 have displayed the same bravery, dedication and sense of duty in their fight against Corona virus as our gallant fallen Service comrades.
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    Created by Brian Eadon
  • COVID 19 Front Line Workers Medel
    Going to work during COVID 19 epperdemic is extreamly dangerous and requires recognition.
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    Created by Ian Harrison