• Give Mike Hind a knighthood
    It is important because Mike is putting together food parcels for people that can't get out during the Coronavirus outbreak. He is taking meals to local hospitals and other places where they are needed and he is doing all this because he want to help and not because he wants something in return
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  • Captain Tom Moore 100 laps to be awarded BBC's "Sporting Event Of The Year"
    No need to mention what has happened this year, but this sporting event has captured the country like no other. Captain Tom Moore, was aiming to walk a hundred lengths of the back garden (25m in length) before he reached his 100th birthday on the 30th April - and today - he smashed it, finishing two weeks early. So, during these difficult times and with the sporting calendar being "paused" - wouldn't it be great to remember this incredible effort by a determined and inspirational man and his truly amazing achievement? At the time of writing, Captain Moore has now raised more than £15million for NHS charities from over 700,000 donations, and he can raise more - if you haven't donated, do it here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomswalkforthenhs By the way, I have no connection to Captain Moore or his family - in fact, it was a work colleague that jokingly suggested this should happen - so I thought I'd do something about it, to try and make it actually happen.
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  • Two minutes silence for those who lost their lives to the Corona Virus
    To not forget the sacrifices that have been made during this global pandemic
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  • A knighthood for Tom Moore
    Tom Moore is 99 years old and has raised nearly £30 million for the NHS by getting people to sponsor him for walking around his garden. This is important because Tom Moore has shown true selflessness and has the support of the country behind him.
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  • Promote Captain Tom Moore to Major
    In recognition of his outstanding efforts in supporting the NHS front line staff during this current Coronavirus pandemic.
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  • Replay the 2005 Ashes series on free to view TV during lockdown
    During a spring / summer of no cricket or sport, it is an important opportunity for to replay all or some of the greatest Ashes series to date. After the success of TMS and Sky reshowing the 2019 4th day of Headingley it shows there is an appetite for this content. Many of crickets youngest fans have not seen this series in its full glory. Replaying the whole or even just a key test in its entirety from the 2005 Ashes series is important for 2 main reasons: 1. Providing great historical sporting TV content, helping keep the UK population entertained whilst remaining indoors, which in turn will help the NHS during this most challenging of times. 2. Replaying this series will enable the new generation of cricket fans (gained from the success of the World Cup Victory in 2019) to enjoy the greatest Ashes series to date in its full glory. It additionally supports a wider conversation about how was can view Test cricket.
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  • Covid19 isolation: release additional bank holiday weekend
    Mental health of the nation and kick starting the economy
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  • Award the George Cross to the staff of the NHS
    This award, presented as a collective to Malta, set a precedent. As we are in an unparalleled situation, where ordinary staff in the NHS have quite literally put their lives on the line at a moment's notice, often with very personal sacrifices being made, to care for the nation in a national crisis. It is fitting that their unflinching bravery be recognised. Without them, we would be facing a much deeper crisis. They must be rewarded and recognised for being the backbone of Britain. They were the new front line in the war against this virus.
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  • Heroes Day
    Our country should never ever forget the work done, long hours and dedication shown. It would be an annual reminder to ensure these people are never again considered as low skilled individuals from a wide range of original countries of origin.
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  • Save Reading Gaol for the community
    Reading Gaol is of huge national and international cultural significance in terms of its history and its ties to Oscar Wilde’s incarceration there. For the LGBT community those connections to Oscar Wilde are of heightened importance. Wilde wrote “De Profundis,” from his cell and the site was later the inspiration for his poem: “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” As a listed building and a Scheduled Monument, it is of national historical importance. The eastern section of the 900 year old Abbey church and quite possibly the site of Henry I’s tomb lie underneath the ground. The community in Reading and beyond feel that it's best future is as a cultural and arts site that can share this history and complete the Abbey Quarter for Reading. The council submitted a bid for the site with the support of the community. Matt Rodda MP for Reading East has said "I am concerned that the Government still want to sell the gaol to the highest bidder and I understand they now have a preferred bidder who they are working with." Alok Sharma as the neighbouring MP for Reading West prior to the election spoke in support of saving the site, wore a 'save Reading Gaol T-shirt' and said he would back the campaign. We call on him to act on these words now. As a member of the government he is in a unique position to ensure that this special site is saved for our community.
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  • The Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square
    So every visitor to Trafalgar Square will see how much the UK cherishes and supports the NHS and the debt we owe to the NHS staff.
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  • COVID-19 family movie time
    For structure to our life, nostalgic purposes and to distract us from the news for a short while. In years to come we will say ‘do you remember movie time on tv?’
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