• Save Siblyback Lakes Watersports & Camping
    After at least 40 years history of watersports activities and camping at Siblyback Lake SE Cornwall, SW Lakes Trust (who manage South West Water's Lakes for conservation and leisure purposes) announced they would be banning all watersports activities and camping. Many families and others have great memories of learning to sail, windsurf and kayak as well as holidaying over weekends and in the summer holidays. We would love future families to be able to form their memories of the same. There has been no consultation with users just an outright closure of these facilities. We would like to open an urgent dialogue with SW Lakes Trust to discuss options available to reopen these facilities. At the moment there is no dialogue available from SW Lakes Trust.
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  • Give schools the money they need
    I've started this petition as my children's school is currently trying to shut early on Fridays to save money. It would mean parents having to leave work earlier to pick their children up, or paying for childcare in the school. And it would disrupt children's learning. And my school isn't the only one proposing this. Schools across England are struggling. Schools across the country are affected thanks to real terms funding cuts of £2.5bn. Schools are having to make cuts to staffing, dropping subjects and other activities, and asking parents to chip in to help them run. As a parent I think it's ridiculous that in 2019 schools are being forced to shut their doors early, or cut entire subjects because the government won't give them the money they need. Investment in schools is an investment in our children's future. The government should be doing everything it can to make sure children in England have the best start in life, and the best education to help them succeed.
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  • Save Aberdeen City Libraries and Employees
    The city has lost far too much of it's cultural and community value. The removal of libraries will destroy any positive future for the population Reading, Writing and Digital skills of already isolated communities will be irrevocably damaged. Libraries - a listening ear, a friendly face, internet cafe, reading room, family history research centre, children's storytelling circle, home of Bookbug, emergency source when uni library books are out, reference desk, exhibition space, reminiscence centre, quiet place, fun place, USED BY THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY! LEAVE THEM BE! http://scottishbooktrust.com/blog/reading/2017/05/libraries-matter-to-scotland%E2%80%99s-digital-future We are driving this campaign to deliver real results & have set up a just giving campaign which can be found on our Facebook Page and Linked In pages.
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  • Save Belle Vue Park
    There are many fine eateries, hotels and B & B's in this small market town, so to put a Premier Inn hotel and Beefeater restaurant in an already suffering high street, in all probability, would cause many small, independent companies to go out of business or at the very least a loss of local jobs. Notwithstanding, the environmental impact and loss of green, outdoor space is also detrimental to the well being of the people of this town. There is a severe lack of facilities for children and young adults in this area, and this would exacerbate the problem even more. Removal of existing park land and the spoliation of Belle Vue House is a kick in the teeth for this community. Whilst the council have given themselves substantial pay rises, they are rubbing salt in the wounds by borrowing £6.5M to build this unwanted eyesore for a multi-million pound conglomerate, whilst raising council taxes, business rates.
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  • Save the Apollo Club
    This building has been part of the fabric of life in Harleston, South Norfolk for over 30 years. It currently stands vacant and despite now being registered as an Asset of Community Value it still faces demolition ‘within a few weeks’ under existing permissions as there are plans to turn it into retirement flats. At Hope Church we believe it could still be a really amazing asset for the community - with a little TLC! We’d love to bring it alive again and turn it into a fantastic community hub where we can provide services such as Foodbank and Community Works as well as holding our Sunday meetings and hiring it out for local clubs - in short, to see it repurposed as an amazing space for everyone in Harleston to enjoy. If you agree please add your support!
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  • #GetTonyAnHonour
    His humble dedication, without any expectation of reward, is an example to us all in the finest traditions of public service by a British citizen.This should be recognised and rewarded.
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  • Build a Skatepark in the Llandrindod Wells Area
    There are many riders in the local area who need somewhere too practice their skills and are in need of a skatepark
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  • Save the Acton Arms Morville
    Our pub is an important part of the local community, we do not want to loose it. We would like to see the Acton open again, we miss the contact with our friends and neighbours. Many teams are run from it, its a place where you can find help for all sorts and it can be so much more. Some of our locals have offered the pub company to run it as a managed house so the pub can reopen again but so far the pub-co has refused. We don't understand why, it is much easier to find a tenant for a pub that is open and running, or do they have plans which none of us know about?
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  • Let the Bruce Rule the Rock: Campaign to officially honour Robert the Bruce in West Dunbartonshire
    Given the recent worldwide attention given to this period of history, it would be of great benefit to the town to support this and help bring more people to the area to enjoy the strong and fascinating history. Other areas across Scotland in which Robert the Bruce is known to have links to have commemorated him in their towns. Robert the Bruce lived the remainder of his life in what is now West Dunbartonshire and St Serf's in Levengrove Park is one of three significant burial sites for the King. This is why we feel, given the strong links, that not enough is being done to honour the history.
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  • Save Our School Hours - Vale View Reddish
    Vale View Primary School, Mill Lane in Reddish have taken the difficult and drastic decision to close the school at 12:45 on Friday afternoons. This means children will have to go home early, or if parents are working they will have to pay for childcare at the school or make other arrangements. Chair of Governors - Frederick Van Deursen - stated in a recent letter to parents that ‘current costs are not sustainable’ and the school ‘face significant deficit if we do not take action.’ Although we recognise the dire financial situation Vale View Primary is in and there is no proposed change to how much time the children get with teachers. We the undersigned ask the school to work with the wider community to find an alternative solution to ease the funding issues. We ask that the school remains open for 5 days a week 9:00-15:15. Early closing on a Friday presents a number of issues for many parents and children at the school and the wider community. Not only does this disrupt the children's routine, but it also creates issues for working parents and those with caring responsibilities. We acknowledge that the contact time for children will be the same, it is the disruption to local families and community that is at the heart of the problem. This change in hours is just not acceptable to us and we urge the Governors to reconsider. We believe the school has found a local solution for a national problem. Their budget issues have been created by a lack of funding from central Government. 91% of schools across the country are affected and are facing real terms funding cuts of £2.5bn. 90 out of 96 schools in Stockport face cuts with a total, real terms loss of £6.4m which equates to £169 per pupil. Accepting this change in the school week will potentially create issues for all schools in the future. If schools continue to show that they can manage the chronic underfunding in this way, then the Government will assume schools can cope with the current real terms cuts and any further cuts in the future. We need to be strong as a community and help the school find other ways to manage the shortfall so that we don’t pave the way for 4 ½ day week to become a normality for UK school children. We the undersigned, commit to working with Vale View Primary to secure more funding for our school and all schools.
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  • Please keep Castle site in Council ownership
    The County Council has taken steps with the apparent aim of denying public access to Shire Hall grounds, including The Mound and grassed area used for sport, play and pastimes. For centuries, Cambridge and Cambridgeshire residents have walked, played and climbed to the top of The Mound to see the views of Cambridge. The County Council has lodged documents by way of ‘landlord’s deposit’ under the Highways Act and Commons Act which appear to deny the public access to the grounds of Shire Hall - the entire site including The Mound and grassed forecourt. This is a part of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire history and heritage. Will we stand by, allowing barring of our public asset and denial of the public’s rights? Cambridgeshire County Council confirmed that this e-petition would be acceptable to them. This petition was taken to Cambridgeshire County Council on 14 May 2019. They subsequently announced that they would lease the entire site on a 40 year lease to Brookgate. This is not a satisfactory outcome. The site should be council-owned and council-run for the good of the public. Leasing to private developers ends or jeopardises every aspect of public usage of this site. This has caused the need for a new petition. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/ShireHall To continue support for this campaign, please sign, share and comment on the new petition.
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  • Protect our community!
    Elswick is an area which has been forgotten by Newcastle City Council, we have been branded an area which needs regeneration. The anti social behaviour and crime rates are already problematic. Within the near by vacinity of the premises, we have a park, schools, places of worship; and granting this licence would no doubt have a detrimental effect on all these places. The reason that licences are applied for are so that there is a tighter control in order to prevent crime and anti social behaviour, however the approval of the premises licence for Newcastle Backpackers will no doubt have the opposite result. The licence will permit alcohol to be sold for consumption on and off the premises from 11am until 11pm with the additional application that resident can bring back guests and consume alcohol 24 hours a day. As immediate neighbours we already deal with noise nuisance, racial abuse, litter and general antisocial behaviour daily. Granting this licence will no doubt cause a rise in antisocial behaviour and crime thus putting even more of a strain on our Police force. In addition the premises does not have any off street parking, residents of the nearby streets already suffer from people parking in front of their homes, so they have no place to park, we already suffer from people drinking on the streets and in the park, people already feel scared to walk through these streets. Recently a 46 year old gentleman was attacked, and sadly died from his injuries, at the Chesterfield Pub which is only along the street and is owned by the same person as Newcastle Backpackers, with a Premises licence comes an additional duty of care and neither of these Premises have any security to control any potential antisocial behaviour. We have a duty of care for our neighbours and our community as a whole, we hope that you stand behind our opposition to this licence being granted and help us by signing! Thank you.
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