• Let Charlie Barker’s assistance dog George go to the Fusion festival
    Fusion won’t allow Charlie Barkers assistance dog George go to the music Festival! PLEASE HELP BY SIGNING & SHARING. From Charlie: ____________________ "I'm 23 and for one day I would just like to be that care free 20 year old who enjoys live music. But it's being taken away from me because Fusion won't let me take my Assistance Dog, George! I have a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. EDS affects the body’s connective tissue. Connective tissue lies between other tissues and organs, keeping these separate whilst connecting them, holding everything in place and providing support, like the mortar between bricks. EDS causes my joints to dislocate, mostly my shoulders and hips. My gorgeous George helps me to relocate them. Without George, I will end up in A&E, meaning I could miss most of the concert but more importantly Fusion will have put me through unnecessary pain. George does Deep Pressure Massage for pain relief #myrock" ____________________ Please help show Fusion Charlie needs his assistance dog George and they are discriminating against him! https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/sites/default/files/assistance-dogs-a-guide-for-all-businesses.pdf
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  • Removing the rules on flasks at the Amex
    With the upcoming ban on flasks, we find this unacceptable for many people. Some people bring soup to a game (something that is not sold at the stadium), some people bring tea or coffee as they cannot afford to buy Hot Drinks at the stadium. (This may be a family or someone on a reduced income). A flask at football is a right of passage and is for refreshment purposes not as a weapon. How many times has a football player been hit with a rogue flask? Is this really for safety or a way of increasing revenue from drink sales?
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  • Save the Forward Centre
    The Forward Centre was purpose built 35 years ago as a base for adults with physical disabilities to meet others who faced similar problems and encourage each other to try things they had never thought of doing Many of the activities require specially trained staff to assist people with a wide range of disabilities often caused by accidental injuries or long term illness The Social Work Services are having to make cuts of £100,000 to their annual budget and the only way open to them is buildings or staff. If the staffing levels are reduced the service to the members will suffer so they have decided to demolish a perfectly sound building
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  • Correct disabled facilities
    Having to change anyone with a server disability on a cold and dirty floor is unacceptable. It causes stress and danger for all involved, not to mention its completely undignified! Everyone has the right to be changed in a safe environment, and with the correct equipment, so I am trying to get facilities such as a hoist room in and around Northamptonshire for those people who rely on such equipment to be changed safely.
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  • Safeguard the rights of those lacking mental capacity
    Since 2005, the Mental Capacity Act has safeguarded the rights of people in care homes, hospitals and other places where they are deprived of their liberty. A High Court ruling -namely the 'Cheshire West' ruling - resulted in vaste numbers of people becoming eligible for protections which ended up having a lot of duplication. There is a real need to streamline services. The Law Commission drafted a bill to streamline the Act to give real efficiencies but preserved the balance of rights safeguarded in the original Act. The bill introduced - and currently being rushed through Parliament - has controversially removed a lot of the protections of vulnerable peoples' rights and there is a real risk that the essence of the original Act will be watered down and lost. The Lords - in their second reading of the Act - raised real concerns and there is very little time left to get this right. The next reading is scheduled for early September. We can get this right and urge the right people to also do so. This petition seeks to gather public support to ensure that people currently in positions that none of us would choose to be have their basic human rights upheld and protected by systems with appropriate checks and balances without cutting corners.
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  • Remove condition 16 of the licensing Act for Polzeath Pancake Shack
    This is important for us as we pay a license to trade and we have overnight free camping which sometimes our spot gets parked in and we cannot trade, we are paying a license to trade and the council license team seem to think it’s not their problem if I can’t trade! Which then means I can’t provide a service to all my customers who come to Polzeath for my pancakes!! I employ local staff, and my carbon footprint is zero, I live here, all year round. Please sign and share and let the council know why you think this is important to you and your families when you come to visit Cornwall.
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  • Put Public Access Defibrillators on Google Maps
    If a person is having a Cardiac Arrest, access to a defibrillator is urgently required. Finding one can take valuable minutes. Also it's essential for us all to know where our closest is located There are resources on line for this purpose, but most peope have immediate access to Google Maps UK survival rates following cardiac arrest are the lowest in Europe, despite the widespread availability of Public Access Defibrillators
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  • Disabled blue badge parking
    There will be people who Don't like crowded car parks where in disabled you have extra room Will make them feel more independent so they can park closer
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  • Bring back the 29 bus
    I myself am disabled and I now have to walk 20 minutes to the new bus stop, then walk 20 minutes to work. This is without standing around waiting for buses. If I choose to catch the new bus - 27 I will have to wait around for another bus to take me to the city. Also a lot of elderly people live on my housing estate and the change will make it harder for them to go to Harbourne as it does not go down the high street and also when they want to go to birmingham they will have to change buses and wait around for another one, this will be especially hard for them and myself in the winter months.
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  • Zack's Assistance Dog
    Hello! My name is Zack, and I'm a prospective animation student. I have multiple psychiatric and physical disabilities that make it very difficult for me to live independently - to counter this, I am owner training my own assistance dog. The university were made aware of this, and accommodation have already agreed - but the course leaders have stated that my dog cannot attend classes. If my dog can't come, then neither can I, that's simply the reality of how my conditions affect me. On top of this, if my dog cannot attend then how will he ever learn to be calm in such an environment? I understand that it is a complex and difficult situation, so this survey is for my fellow Animation students who are starting in September 2018 and will theoretically share the classroom with myself and my puppy. By signing, you're saying that you don't have a problem with my puppy (his name is Mochi by the way) being in the classroom, and understand that it may not be perfect but that without him I can't come. I know it sounds silly, but I have been trying to "get better" enough to attend university for nearly 6 years, and I have finally found a viable solution that gets me away from relying on family and carers and gives me more independence.
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  • Don’t Take Jean’s Car Away
    Jean is 68 years old and lives in Edinburgh. She was born with arthrogryposis, a condition which affects the joints and muscles and prevents development/growth in the legs. Jean is 4 foot 5 inches and wears heavy callipers and surgical boots weighing 3kgs. Each step is a challenge and for the past 20 years Jean has relied exclusively on her specially adapted Motability car to lead an independent life. Recently due to new guidelines for Personal Independence Payments, she has been told that she is no longer entitled to a car. This is unacceptable. Everything Jean undertakes is adapted, adjusted and limited by her physical handicap. Her balance is poor due to no ankle or knee flexion, she struggles with cobbles, uneven ground, steps, kerbs and slopes. If one of her callipers breaks, she is 100% immobile. Public transport is not an option. Boarding a bus requires the use of both arms, leaving no option for carrying any shopping. The height of the seats leaves her legs dangling unsupported, causing swelling and pain. It is of the utmost importance that Jean is permitted to maintain her independence through the provision of a specially adapted car. Her condition will never improve. Taking her car away will leave Jean housebound and reliant on the help of others. To deprive Jean of her car after 20 years, at the time of her life that she needs it most, is cruel and unnecessary. Under the new PIP guidelines Jean’s mobility was reassessed and she was deemed to walk with a “good gait”. The assessment was conducted by target-driven private contractors employed by the DWP. Given her medical condition and profound disability this assessment is evidently deeply flawed. Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine said that assessments were often “box ticking exercises with no understanding of peoples’ situations”. This certainly rings true for Jean. There is no doubt that Jean should qualify for the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP. Please help us persuade Sarah Newton to support Jean’s case by signing and sharing this petition.
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  • Changing Places Andover
    Because currently I have a 4 year old daughter with Down syndrome that now exceeds the limit on a baby changing table, therefore leaving me to either put her in danger by using the changing table, changing her on the floor which is a huge infection control risk and undignified OR change her in a pram (which she will soon outgrow) or my car?! I can’t be the only parent in this predicament.
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