• Close schools or switch to remote learning on 10/12 to allow time for pre Christmas self isolation
    There are approximately 10.3 million school children across the U.K. Add to this the school staff needed to run each school including headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants, administrators, midday supervisors, school cooks, cleaners etc. This is a huge number of people potentially moving around the country and visiting different households none of whom can elect to take annual leave to self isolate due to the school term system. If schools either closed or switched to remote learning on 10/12 these people could self isolate allowing them to safely see family. This could also help reduce transmission rates during the Christmas period. Closing schools or switching to remote learning on 10/12 would also allow for a 3 week school “firebreak”. Given the data is increasingly showing significant numbers of cases in secondary schools & also in primary schools a firebreak could help to further drive down covid19 cases following the England lockdown. The extended half term implemented by Northern Ireland appears to have been particularly effective in reducing cases there.
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    Created by Nicola Spiller
  • Scrap OSCEs (practical face to face exams) for Veterinary Nursing students
    We are asking for an alternative exam or cancellation of our OSCEs due to the worldwide pandemic. Many students are on low wage or not getting paid at all and should already be qualified if it wasn’t for this virus. If December OSCEs go ahead, many of these students may miss them due to self isolation or not being able to travel. If hotels shut they will have no where to stay as many of these exams locations have been changed and are now hours away from where we reside. All these changes and the uncertainty is taking a huge toll on our Student Veterinary Nurses mental health. Where is the support? Many colleges have passed their students on mock grades, why is that different for us? Why has an alternative not been offered to us? Why must we be a group of students with no mock exams? We are being sent to colleges we aren’t familiar with, to be examined using equipment we’ve never seen. Why must we have to travel hours away during a global pandemic and stay overnight in cities hundreds of miles away from home? Please if you are a Student Veterinary Nurse or support a Student Veterinary Nurse sign this petition and show the RVCS how serious we are about this! Support your nursing students!
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    Created by Gabriella Sapi
  • Supporting Our At Risk Colleagues In Ealing Schools
    Please see sign petition statement above
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    Created by Stefan Simms
  • Keep Outdoor Education Centres open
    As Directors of an environmental outdoor education centre in the recent past for two decades we have experienced children (and teachers) discover a new and abiding relationship with the natural world which at a time when we are experiencing the onset of environmental and climate disaster is essential for future generations. An eight year old who had never seen the stars seeing the milky way for the first say exclaimed, "There ain't no stars in Kilburn". For the first time he was experiencing beyond himself.
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    Created by Chris Walton
  • Plan a new Graduation ceremony for YSJ 2020 graduates
    The decision to completely cancel the 2020 graduation ceremony is not just disappointing, but heartbreaking for all of the students who have worked tirelessly to complete their degrees in the face of the incredibly difficult times 2020 has presented. Give us the ceremony we deserve, in the summer. This may involve adapting celebrations to take place predominantly outside, or restricting the number of guests, but cancelling the ceremony all together should not be an option.
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    Created by Jasmine Stainton
  • Stop taking child element from student fiance
    Student finance only covers for rent, bills and equipment for the student. Not for the upkeep of children.
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    Created by Liane Carver
  • Do not let the Government Scrap Union Learning Fund
    Thousands of Union Reps have been trained to help adults retrain, go into apprenticeships, support English for speakers of other Languages and have promoted many workplace based Adult Education Opportunities, this is minimal funding that makes a big difference it needs to continue!
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    Created by Helen Osgood
  • University’s to provide free, advanced wifi to student households.
    Broadband is imperative for productive home study due to limited library access.
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    Created by Lexi Greenstein
  • Retain Current Uniform at Stafford & Roselands Federation
    We are currently the only school in Eastbourne with purple, it is popular with the families. The children voted for it only two years ago and it forms part of their sense of school identity. Many families have a stock of purple uniform that they hand down to younger siblings, all of which would be wasted if a new uniform is introduced, a poor example to the next generation in environmental terms. Providing parents with one jumper, one PE shirt and a bag still involves considerable outlay for parents at a time when finances are difficult for many. We believe the proposed changes to be utterly without good reason and the money spent on subsidising new items could be better spent on educational items.
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    Created by Megan Stanfield
  • Abolish School Exclusions in the UK
    In the UK we exclude around 8,000(APX) pupils each year We are 3x times more likely to exclude Black Caribbean Pupils SEND students are also hard hit In 2011 the Government changed the way in which schools were held to account for the permanent exclusions they decided to issue. The Independent Review Panel (the only Independent part of the school exclusions appeal process) could no longer allow (reinstate) a pupil to return back to the school if they deem the exclusion to have been wrong. The removal of such a vital safeguard to protect young people from putative and discriminatory sanction used by Headteachers across the UK- allowed for a steady normalisation of the exclusion figures of children to loom at around 7,800 each year. We believe this should not be the norm. In Scotland, last year they only permanently excluded 3 pupils. The Government’s disregard for the outcomes of young people has led to this community coalition demanding the complete removal of the ability to exclude children from schools. The Secretary of State is failing its international Human rights obligations of ensuring non- discrimination, and its obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. .
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    Created by BLAM UK
  • No child should be too hungry to learn
    6 children in every class of 30 are at risk of starting the day too hungry to learn. Hungry children struggle to concentrate on lessons and miss out on hours of valuable learning. This all contributes to a learning gap between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers. That’s why the charities Magic Breakfast and Feeding Britain has put forward the ‘School Breakfast Bill’ - a potential new law that would provide schools the support they require to provide a free and nutritious breakfast to children at risk of hunger. But for the bill to become law we need to show that the public supports it. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more children are at risk of hunger. Will you sign the petition to demand that no child is too hungry to learn?
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  • Support Diversity BLM performance
    Diversity performance titled BLM on BGT was choreographed beautiful, staging sensential and message agreed was political. Which dance can be! The nation remains devided on the subject and has been for some time, and will remain that way for some time. The performance has received 10,000 off con complaints. I aim to receive 10,000 signatures of support. Hoping to prevent the performance being removed from YouTube and show choreographers and dancers that there is love for the performance as well as negative responses.
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    Created by Jane Charlotte