• Make Scottish exam results fair
    Thousands of school students have had their final results unfairly downgraded. Many received a mark lower than what their teacher predicted - even though no-one sat an exam this year!Those in deprived areas were twice as likely to have their grades lowered. There’s a simple, fair solution: no student should get a grade lower than the one they earned on their mock exam. But today we need to prove to John Swinney that tens of thousands of us in Scotland think this is a better, fairer idea.
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  • KCC bus pass refund
    KCC have not provided the bus service to school so we should be given a refund for the months that the school children didn't use the bus.
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    Created by Janet Fullalove-Jones
  • Reconnect children with nature
    We believe that regular and additional nature experiences funded by the Nature Premium would improve children’s mental and physical well-being after lockdown and demonstrate a positive investment in their future development as part of the Green Recovery. The benefit of time spent in nature to children’s mental and physical well-being has been demonstrated by government research. We are asking Gavin Williamson, Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Matt Hancock to make the evidence-informed decision to support a Nature Premium for every child. Lockdown has highlighted the inequalities of access to nature. This is not a new phenomenon, but one which now, more than ever, needs addressing. Time in nature is crucial for children’s mental and physical well-being: the benefits are far-reaching and well-documented. Nature provides a way to feel refreshed, revitalised, calm and relaxed. People who visit nature have greater life satisfaction, more self-worth, more happiness and less anxiety. Other benefits include better resilience, improvements in social functioning and social inclusion. Its benefits for physical well-being are critical too: in the UK obesity affects around 1 in every 5 children aged 10 to 11 and in 2014-15 the NHS spent an estimated £6.1 billion on overweight and obesity-related ill health. Research published in 2018 showed that children used more energy on a school day with Forest School (playing in woods), than on a school day with P.E. Wildlife Trust research also found that natural environments can play a key role in increasing physical activity levels. Not all children enjoy organised games and team competition: playing in a nature rich environment is more inclusive. Prior to lockdown, there was already a mental health crisis in the UK, and the probability of this crisis now being exacerbated is high. It is not unreasonable to anticipate, as we emerge from lockdown, that children will experience high levels of stress, anxiety and withdrawal as a result of prolonged isolation. The Nature Premium, funding additional and regular opportunities to reconnect and have contact with nature, will set children up to learn. It will help children become happy and healthy and develop their understanding of how they fit into the world, developing a connection and respect for the natural environment.
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  • Scotland's Colonial Past Should Be Part Of The Education Curriculum
    Scotland must own up to it's contribution to the slave trade. It also has a duty to ensure that the public are aware of it's part in the colonisation of countries around the world.
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    Created by Renee Slater
  • Deptford Town Hall Statues Must Fall!
    The four statues: Drake, Blake, Nelson and even a nameless white man as a ‘representation’ of Imperialist. Racist. Power. All have strong roots in the slave trade. Down with honouring white supremacy and people who subjugated nations and enslaved people! Deptford Town Hall opened in 1905 as the town centre, but since it was taken over by Goldsmiths in the late 1990s, it’s no longer open to the local community. Not only are community members denied access to the building, but we must also endure glorified emblems of slavery on the front of the building. The four statues are of: Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540 – 1596), a pioneer of the slave trade making at least three royally sponsored trips to West Africa to kidnap Africans and sell them. Elizabeth I awarded Drake a knighthood in 1581. Robert Blake (1598 – 1657), an admiral who served under Oliver Cromwell throughout the English Civil War. He fought the Dutch to secure the (slave) trade triangle between the Caribbean, West Africa and England. Cromwell was responsible for trafficking the first waves of enslaved people to and from the Caribbean; installing the plantation system in Jamaica; and the massacres in Drogheda (1649). Horatio Nelson (1758 – 1805), was a naval flag officer whose leadership was during the Napoleonic Wars (1803 – 1815). Nelson spent a large part of his career in the Caribbean and developed an affinity with the slave owners there, using his influence against the abolitionist movement in Britain. The fourth statue, understood to be a ‘representative’ figure, rather than a specific person, from the period when the building was constructed. It shows a modern admiral, with sextant and binoculars. Deptford was strongly connected with the transatlantic slave trade, with many ships built, fitted and repaired in the local docks before heading out to Africa. Olaudah Equiano was initially trafficked to Deptford; he fought to become a freedman and was one of the key figures in the abolitionist movement. Here is a man we want to remember. Original text and text that is on the placards here: https://www.gold.ac.uk/about/history/dth-statues/
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  • Decolonising the Curriculum
    A comprehensive understanding of Britain's own influence in colonial rule should be at the epicentre of the social understanding of current and essential issues such as racism. Britain’s role in colonialism and the effects this continually has globally, as well as upholding white privilege and institutionalised racism, are subjects that, if taught to teenagers, would do so much for deconstructing racism in our current society and in British culture as we know it. This is especially important in an area like Burghfield Common, where over 93% of the population is white. Although this is a subject that should be taught in schools across the UK, the homogeneous population in Burghfield Common and the surrounding areas means that it is particularly important that this issue is taught at The Willink School. We would like nothing better than ensuring that future generations of Willink pupils have a whole, comprehensive education at the school.
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    Created by Aneesa Ahmed
  • Teach School Children About Mental Health in Greater Detail
    Not understanding mental health and why you feel a certain way can have a huge affect later on in life as people will bottle up their feelings without dealing with them. This can lead to people having severe mental health issues which could have been avoided if they understood their feelings better. Some statistics that demonstrate this are: 9% of men and 5% of women have no one to rely on for emotional support, 50% of men and 40% of women feel uncomfortable talking about emotion and 52% of men and 42% of women are uncomfortable opening up.
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    Created by Fraser Passway
  • Change the TLAN assignment deadline to incorporate the 'no detriment' policy
    The no detriment policy has been implemented because of the pandemic and yet it will not apply to this assignment, despite the fact that we are studying a third year module in our second year and trying to learn through an online platform. The TLAN sessions include a lot less time than we would have had in 'normal circumstances.' They lack structure and do not provide enough support to fully understand the units and therefore the content required for the assignment. By setting the deadline for the assignment a day after the policy ends, UWE is not supporting it's students to attain the highest grade they are capable of achieving, ironic for a module about teaching and learning. Sign this petition if you feel that the grade for this assignment should not be counted towards your final degree, which can only happen by changing the deadline so it is within the no detriment policy.
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    Created by Caroline Searle
  • Law Against The Word 'Potential' In School Reports
    The word 'potential' creates the idea of expectation, and a feeling of failiure, as this expectation is an unreachable goal. No teacher ever writes 'fullfilled potential'. This is very damaging for many children, as it contributes to the very common belief of 'not being good enough', that so prominently found in adulthood. Help us get rid of this toxic word once and for all. For the children.
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    Created by Anna Blackwell
  • Put To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee on the National Curriculum
    This is important as children develop , learn and internalise reading and sets of values from books they study at these ages. Following the outrageous killing of George Ffoyd in the US , institutional and personal racism has been shown in the light to be the dangerous and destructive hatred that it is. Education is the way many hearts and minds can be nurtured and made aware of these dangers and that justice comes must always prevail before peace - a pint t among others that this great text clearly demonstrates
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    Created by Izzy Izzy
  • Keep the old Castle Rock uniform
    How a child looks is important to them, especially during the teenage years. Some children are already very distressed by the new uniform they are expected to wear and this may negatively impact on their self image and mental health. It will make them stand out when outside of school in the surrounding town, in a way that the current uniform does not.
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    Created by Sheila Dean
  • Consult all Scottish Teachers on SQA exam diet, 2021
    The delays in decision making mean that teachers are in the dark about how best to proceed with the new exam course.
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    Created by Marcus Patton