• Petition for Flexibility in Marking & Extensions
    This is fundamental in allowing University of Gloucestershire students to achieve their full potential and grades which they have worked hard for.
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    Created by Liam Bradley
  • Coronavirus Extension for ALL students currently studying at Staffordshire University
    On 11th March the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Covid-19 had developed into a global pandemic. Since then the situation for many in the UK and around the world has changed for the worse. Staffordshire University Campus will be closed as of Tuesday 24th March, yet all students are expected to continue as normal. There are many reasons that continuing as normal may not be possible for students during this pandemic. Some of these reasons are as follows: Loss of income Many students depend heavily on earnings from part time work which has now been lost with the closure of pubs and restaurants including LRV and Ember lounge. Caring for at risk relatives Many students have relatives that are at higher risk of serious illness or death from Covid-19. This means having to become temporary carers, having to self-isolate for the protection of a family member or in worst case scenarios coping with the death of a family member. Closure of University buildings and resources Many students, particularly in the engineering and arts departments may rely heavily on the resources available at Staffordshire university, for example, the Smart Zone. These students have developed their projects believing that these resources would always be available and are now having to drastically change their approaches to fit the current situation. Technical Problems Due to all courses being taken online any students that do not have access to their own laptop/computer/mobile phone is at a serious disadvantage. The number of people now having to access work and study remotely has caused many sites to experience traffic issues leading to slow internet speed or sites crashing completely. The Coronavirus itself We all run the risk of catching this Virus, and though many students will only show minor symptoms and bounce back very quickly we must remember that individuals with existing medical conditions are at greater risk. If we take a look at just those diagnosed with Asthma for example, roughly 1/11 people in the UK have Asthma. This equates to just under 1,400 students at Staffordshire university having an existing condition that may put their life at risk. Self-Isolation and social distancing Any student having to complete group work now has to attempt this while being either self-isolated or maintaining social distance. While remote working measures have been put into place, getting used to using these remote measures is going to slow everyone’s ability to complete group work. Stress Yup, believe it or not watching a global pandemic unravel can be very stressful. No one should be expected to continue working to the best of their ability at this time. Being expected to continue University work as normal puts students at great risk of not obtaining the grades they otherwise would have got. The right thing to do If any individual was having to cope with the above-mentioned issues an extension would more than likely be granted. The fact that this situation is upon all of us should not stop the same consideration being given to all students. Being kicked when we are down Students across the country are having to cope with having their end of year shows cancelled and their graduations postponed. Those graduating in 2020 are going to have greater difficulty finding work after graduation due to the state of the UK economy and for many the end of year show would have been a path to employment. Though it is understandable that these cancelations and postponements have to be made please remember that this is a real hit to student moral, which makes continuing work as normal increasingly difficult. IN LIGHT OF THE COVID-19 GLOBAL PANDEMIC WE REQUEST A REASONABLE EXTENSION TO BE GIVEN TO ALL STUDENTS CURRENTLY STUDYING AT STAFFORDSHIRE UNIVERSITY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
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    Created by Rosie Woolliscroft
  • Give Access to HE students the option of expected grades
    The majority of Access to HE students are working adults with financially dependant children and family members. During this time of crisis, some of us are having to work extra hours to survive, look after immuno-compromised family, and this outbreak is causing an extreme disruption to our studies. A-level students will potentially be given places without completing their studies, meanwhile Access students are being expected to carry on despite major disruptions.
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    Created by Joshua Garwood
  • Student Accommodation Reimbursement
    This is important as many students will now be out of pocket because we have had to move back home. Why should we pay for facilities we will not be using??
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    Created by Leigh Mitchell
  • Allow student nurses to include their breaks in working hours
    Currently student midwives are allowed to include their breaks in their placement hours while nurses can not. This means that nurses then have to do 2 extra shifts for every 6 week placement on long days/nights. It should be equal across the board.
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    Created by Siobhan Quayle
  • School Crossing Patrol at Howbridge Road
    For pupils and their carers to complete their journey to school safely.
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    Created by Claire Wright
  • School Uniform Logo Badges Petition .. Please sign
    This policy would primarily help parents who are struggling with the ever-increasing demands on their finances. The cost of a school uniform can often be too much for many families to afford and therefore adds an unbearable pressure on the parents and often leaves the children not having a school uniform. Children grow so fast that it isn’t simply a case of budgeting to buy a new uniform every September, sometimes items need to be replaced 2 or 3 times in a year, this then becomes astronomically expensive. Having the school logo in badge form can help make it possible for all children to be equal by creating an affordable solution to the rising cost of branded school uniforms. It might also help parents whose child is disabled and may not fit standard uniform clothing. With the cost of living constantly rising, we need to stand together and ask ALL schools to work with families to make things easier. On a final point using badges would complement the environmental agenda, many clothes recycling schemes cannot use branded clothes so by creating the ability to remove the branding it means that many more children can benefit from an item of clothing.
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    Created by Joy Jones
  • Children's Laureate Scotland
    There have been numerous reports detailing the link between poverty and lower attainment in numeracy and literacy. The role of a Children’s Laureate is ultimately to engage all children in reading and writing. My proposal would be to take this a stage further in Scotland by identifying those children from low income backgrounds and those with disabilities (physical and mental) and placing more emphasis on reaching children within these groups.
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    Created by AH Proctor
  • We support a 2G hockey pitch for the new Madras College
    Hockey is a popular sport, especially among women and girls. There are not sufficient 2G pitches to meet demand in east Fife. 2G is cheaper than 3G.
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    Created by Willie Rennie Picture
  • Bring back the nit nurse
    This is important because I believe it is costing a fortune for low income families having to continuously treat their children’s hair, not quarterly, not monthly, not weekly but daily!!! My children come home daily with fresh eggs and lice because a nit nurse isn't available to help with this issue. Last year we spent £672.73 on treatment and this will continue because nothing is being done about the massive head lice problem in schools. My kids lose sleep over it, they have scabs on their head, they now do not want to go to school because of it and no direct action is being taken in schools. The school simply send out letters to all parents to say, “can you check your child’s hair” - this is not good enough. We have been trying the “handing out letters” thing for years now, with no progress being made! I’m sick of watching my kids suffer.
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    Created by Tony Pickley
  • Hold a public meeting for Voluntary Conversion
    As members of the local community surrounding Greenhill, we have concerns regarding the manner in which Greenhill Primary School is seeking to convert to an Academy and stop being a Local Authority maintained school. We are aware that anonymous surveys are available and one-to-one drop in sessions were available however we feel that this is an inadequate level of scrutiny for such a fundamental change in the management and governance of the school. Parents will inevitably have varying degrees of understanding about school governance, some may lack confidence to challenge the staff from the Trust and by meeting one-to-one with the Trust there is no opportunity for an opposing view to be presented.
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    Created by Sam Turner
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