• Extend the specialist support for SEN students to allow for the current gap in Education
    We the people call upon our Government to help those who are most vulnerable in a similar way to the support offered to business in light of the Covid19 pandemic. To support them for what they may have lost. In the special needs world this is valuable time. Time to build skills , time to look forward to a life of greater independence and happiness. That is why we need your support.
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    Created by Leonie Buckland
  • Reduce university fees during Covid-19
    All Universities are closed for physical teaching and although every effort is made to teach online, this is just not possible for many courses who teach practical skills and need rooms and equipment, which are locked away at Universities. Online teaching does not carry the same value and as all Universities have decided to stay close for the remainder of this academic year, I think this needs to be reflected in the fees students are paying. Many postgraduate students (myself included) are being furloughed currently and hence are on 80% of our income, with families to look after and bills to pay. Students up and down the country have taken out loans to pay dear for their studies, yet they are not getting what they have signed up for from the Universities. I would like to urge the government and the Education Minister to make a national decision to reduce the University fees by at least 20% (if not 50%) for the summer term and to help students directly in their struggles with this unprecedented situation. If we can bail out big corporations, then why not help some of the most vunerable and with that - help the future (generation) of this country!
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    Created by Reinhild Beuther
  • Refund of 50% Tution Fees to MSC Public Health & Wellbeing Students.
    This is important because we signed up for class tutoring, which is not the case in this semester and it has brought a lot of hardships to students especially having to learn online. Students without internet connection frustrated losing out on lectures and adequate support. Hence, students should be refunded 50%of the tuition for this semester.
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    Created by Oluremi Aina
  • Keep schools closed to formal education until there are no new cases of Covid 19
    This is important because schools are unable to ensure social distancing due to the size of corridors and classrooms in most cases. There a number of staff and students whom have underlying health issues themselves as do members of their families. There are teaching staff whom are shielded In some of the communities in Inner London Boroughs, students and adults may live in extended families -this putting older relatives at risk. Some schools saw a high fall in attendance from both staff and students so this may impact on running the school anyway. The surfaces for the virus to cling to in schools are numerous and it is impossible to keep up with the cleaning required during the day to ensure that students and staff do not come into contact with surfaces upon which the virus may present We are continuing to deliver the curriculum by various online platforms. Most teaching staff would rather be teaching in school due to the issues arising form working at home - but many have families to support, so surely it is better to be safe than sorry.
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  • Wipe student nurse debt
    The NHS has a massive shortage of nurses. These nurses showed their dedication by paying for their own education. The 1st cohort to self fund now called up to the frontline early. No support from the government for their education and yet they are now essential. Waive their tuition fees.
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    Created by Denise Stringfellow McCarthy
  • Predict University of South Wales' Grades
    We are amid a global pandemic, yet, university faculty expect us to carry on as normal and not to worry. They implemented a 'safety net' but this net does not allow you to achieve your potential whilst being directly/indirectly affected by the pandemic. As well as a two-week extension without evidence. This enough for the small percentage. Safety net means your mark cannot go down. E.g. you score 40 or a little higher. You end up with 40 even though you would score 60 usually. Altering your final grade. This is especially unfair to third-year students who have worked tirelessly for the past 3 years. As well as the other undergraduate and postgraduate students at USW. My name is Jess and I am just one case of many. My toddler and I had what was suspected as COVID-19 related symptoms (111's advice) and the illness was around 9 days and the recovery period has lasted a week so far. My mother is immunosuppressed. We had to self-quarantine within my household and normally, my family could not look after my son for me to do work as they have degrees to complete as well. But, with the illness in mind, it was a definite no help situation. I am 21, mother to a 16-month-old, a cover supervisor to high schools and full-time undergraduate student finishing my final year. My household includes 3 undergraduate students: my brother, my mother, myself and my toddler. As you can imagine life is hectic. My son used to be in Creche but 3 days a week but they have closed amid the pandemic. A family member that looked after him once a week until the evening is a key worker. My current partner who helps out a lot does not live in the same house as myself and with lockdown, he cannot help out. My EX-partner cannot have my son as he lives in a house with key workers and they have experienced COVID like symptoms so they are quarantined. All my possible work options are diminished. I stay up late, wake up tired as my toddler is teething so the few hours of sleep that I have is broken. We are all worried about the pandemic for family, friends, loved ones and ourselves. Examination boards and higher and further education across Wales and globally are giving students (of all educational levels) their predicted grades e.g. AGORED, AQA and WJEC etc. Why can't the university of South Wales show their hardworking students the same understanding and kindness? We have enough to stress in trying to beat this virus about without the stress of university assignments and dissertations. A reminder that a large percentage, your students are parents, keyworkers, grandparents, self-employed, financially stressed, mental health sufferers whose minds are not faring well indoors constantly. We already do not get the graduation we have anticipated for three years. Do not do us a disservice. Hopefully, your actions will positively impact the other universities that are not predicting grades. You cannot expect us to repeat our year if we do get the grade that we were on track to receive. Please, predict our grades. We are all already struggling.
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    Created by Jessica Hyde
  • Reimburse or give students discount on their tuition fees
    It is important because we are also in need of financial help during this crisis.
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    Created by Jenny Thomas
  • Student loan debt cancelled for NHS Staff
    The staff at the NHS are risking their lives every single minute of every day trying to combat the pandemic, saving lives at the risk of losing their lives, cancelling their student loan debt would be the greatest thanks from our nation that we can give as a reward for their selfless service
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    Created by Douglas Holland
  • Student loans
    it is very important because we are asked to attend all the webinars and we have to prepare our assignments, there is no change in deadline for uploading your work so we are actively studying and preparing on virtual learning environment and it is important not to wait for our payments for up to 28 days especially in this pandemic where we all struggling with low incomes.
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    Created by Florin Sebe
  • Safety net policy extension for MPharm students
    "Unprecedented" A word we have heard often during this crisis. In this unprecedented time, the UK government has made never seen before concessions in an effort to uphold the financial and mental stability of the nation. Yet Huddersfield University School of Pharmacy insists on treating 4th-year university students like this final year is business as usual. It is no secret that the school of Pharmacy already has initiatives in place to support students such as the "best 100 credits" but these were in place before the COVID-19 pandemic. We petition for additional support warranted by our current worldwide circumstances, in the form of the no-detriment policy. This no-detriment policy has already been rolled out university-wide, however, the school of pharmacy has decided to exclude pharmacy students. We believe this to be unfair and strongly ask the school to reconsider their decision and put additional systems in place to support final year students. Pharmacy students are students just like everyone else and during these unprecedented times, we are also going through hard times while isolating at home. Final year pharmacy students are being expected to achieve the same level of efficiency or grades as they would under "normal" conditions, however, the conditions in which we are sitting these exams are far from "normal": Many students would usually utilize library services to study, which allows compartmentalization between home and study. But now many don't have a quiet place to revise. Many students are in the vulnerable group as well as their families and some may experience COVID-19 symptoms during exam season, which may affect productivity. There is extremely limited or unconventional support from lecturers with the absence of lectures or tutorial sessions. It is important to note that the University's attendance policies state that there is a positive correlation between contact time and student performance. Taking exams online introduces many variables that must be considered. Exam conditions may be hard to achieve in some of our homes. Downloading resources and changing windows consumes time depending on device and internet speeds, the latter experiencing higher traffic due to the UK lockdown. In conclusion, the BPSA has put out a statement supporting the no-detriment policy for Pharmacy students and Keele Unvistity has already put it in place for their pharmacy students. As final year pharmacy students at Huddersfield University, we do not aim to make excuses of any kind but rather ask for support. We have worked hard the past 3 years to come to where we are today and plan to repeat the process, but amidst this current pandemic and the challenges, it brings we may not be able to do so. We hope that the Huddersfield school of pharmacy will consider the implementation of the no-detriment policy as we have already seen university-wide.
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    Created by Tino Knight
  • Delay new Burnside uniform by a year
    This is important because we are currently in an unprecedented time. Due to Covid-19 people are struggling with money, people are unsure if their jobs or businesses are safe. We don’t need the added stress of paying for a full change of uniform and PE kit when the current ones have hardly been worn.
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  • Staffordshire University to implement a 'No detriments' policy
    The recent impacts of Covid-19 have been particularly hard-hitting on University students during their Higher Education. Many students have been unable to continue with their work at the same standard they were able to prior to this disruption to their education, due to the immediate health concerns they and those close around them now face. Staffordshire University has given students a blanket extension of 10 days on all of their current assessments, however what other University's have also started to implement is a 'No detriments' policy for students. This means that as long as students submit and pass all of their remaining assessments, they will receive no less than the average grade they had achieved in this academic year assessments up to this point. However, if students pass their exams with a higher grade than their average, this is the grade they will receive for the academic year. So their grade can be higher than what they've already achieved, but not lower. Essentially, it's a safety net for students. Sign this petition to encourage Staffordshire University to implement this policy to help support students during this uncertain and extremely stressful period. Thank you.
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