• Make Haverhill Road safer for pedestrians
    Many pedestrians use this road, for walking to school, walking dogs or walking to/from the village. The lack of footpaths coupled with speeding cars or ones that do not give necessary space when oncoming makes it a treacherous stretch to walk.
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    Created by Louise Nafi
  • Repair the A82 and surrounding Lochaber Roads
    A serious accident is going to happen and more lives are going to be lost. People work hard to keep there cars on the road. People are having to pay for repairs to their cars, some people are struggling as it is. Something needs to done.
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  • Ban the cruel trapping of magpies, crows, jays and rooks
    The wild “decoy bird”, its most vital instincts frustrated and abused by confinement, suffers a terrible fate. Close to the ground it is terrorised by predators, and watches as its fellow birds are brutally killed in front of it. A number end up being found dead through neglect. The Larsen trap is a cage bird trap made of wire and either a wooden for metal framed cage where one live bird (decoy bird, or call bird), usually a crow or magpie, is placed to encourage another bird, not always of similar species, to come down to it. This visiting bird, not knowing its fate, falls through a false floor into a compartment, where it awaits its fate with the gamekeeper. Larsen Traps were designed by a Danish gamekeeper (Larsen) in the 1950s, but are now banned in that country because the traps are viewed as inhumane for trapping magpies and crows. The live traps use a “decoy” bird, which is kept in one compartment, and when another bird lands on top, it falls through a one-way gate. Legally they must have a perch, shelter, food and water, but this is often neglected.
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  • Road Safety Improvement for Rayleigh Road Eastwood
    Due to a high traffic accidents! Pedestrian safety/child safety while walking to and from three local schools. Traffic accidents at a high with fatalities due to speeding vehicles which needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency! High volume of traffic including large vehicles now using this as a through road where cars are parked on both sides of the street.
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  • Improving Lea Village Park
    Lea Village park is an important resource for the whole community to share and to be proud of. We have tried to do our own bit to make it better but we can’t do it alone. Having pupils in our school that rely on wheelchairs, it is important to us that the park is accessible to all of us and that they aren’t excluded from trips to the park. We would like to see the park used to its full extent by all local people. We are happy to do some fundraising of our own to help with this cause.
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    Created by Karen Kershaw
  • Airport Drinking Water
    Cut down on plastic
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    Created by Rendel Hatch
  • Ban plastic straws
    Plastic is the great polluter of our age and there is no excuse to use items of plastic that are unnecessary or available in an environmentally friendly material
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  • Concessionary fares scheme for 16 to 18 year olds
    A Wiltshire wide concessionary fares scheme should be considered by Wiltshire Council. Many of these young people are in full time education and have no access to there own transport. And in many cases if there is public transport the price is beyond there reach.
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  • Change Crayke Primary School to 20mph zone
    School kids have to cross between parked cars, meaning it could only be a matter of time before an accident happens as heavy good vehicles, cars and trucks use the road in a 30mph zone. Because of parked cars, traffic is reduced to a single lane - meaning there is a great deal of congestion. We have the opportunity to influence Hamleton Highways and the police who are coming out to access the situation and with your help we can make this happen for the safety of our children. Most villages I have driven passed have these clear marking and is a 20 mph zone through out the villages.
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  • Traffic calming and a pedestrian crossing on b3298 Carharrack
    The majority of the children from Carharrack have to cross this road to walk to school and the speeds that cars travel makes this a lethal route, we encourage children to walk to school, get out more etc but if we can't make the routes safe then how can we expect parents to feel confident in doing this? The junction at the bottom of the hill has had numerous accidents mainly caused through speeding and until the speed is brought under control these accidents will unfortunately continue to happen, do we have to wait until there is another fatality? No let's get together and act now to make our village safer for us all
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  • Against Donald Trump's war (nuclear or conventional) against North Korea
    At the presant time the UK and North Korea are on fairly civil terms, we do not want to be dragged into a war because Donald Trump wants one.
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    Created by David Duchovny
  • Plastic reduction in supermarkets
    The oceans are already choked with plastic and by 2050 , there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This could mean starvation to many people and countries that depend on the ocean to survive. This is the sort of environment that breeds conflict and war, thus causing more pollution. I have 5 grandchildren who will be part of this polluted world along with billions of others. We have no need to worry about world war three, as pollution will eradicate the population before , if we don't take action now. If we target supermarkets like Asda, then we can pressurise them into making a difference.
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