• Make housing developers be transparent in Manchester
    Current planning law states that if a developer will make less than 20% profit on a new development, they can ignore a council's regulations about building affordable and social housing. Leaked documents from several developers have shown that the maths they use to work out their profit margins are purposefully misleading, allowing them to claim they will make less than 20% profit on a development by undervaluing the prices of the houses they will sell and over-costing the labour. To combat this Islington, Greenwich, Lambeth and Bristol councils have introduced a policy that forces developers "viability assessments" to be made public. By bringing these dodgy maths into the public domain, Councils, campaigning groups and individuals will be able to hold developers to account and force them to use more honest maths.
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    Created by Barry McAtarsney
  • Recycle electric toothbrush & heads that get binned every 3 months
    So much plastic polluting the planet with 3 heads per person per year !
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    Created by Monica Herreras-Fortuny
  • Introduce a Carbon tax to combat climate change
    This may be our last chance to stop climate change. If the average temperature rises by 2°C then coral reefs will die. Not only are these natural phenomenons beautiful and unique, coral reef plants and the animals that inhabit them are important sources of new medicines that are being developed to treat cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, and other diseases due to their amazing biochemistry. Also, if the Greenland ice cap melts completely, as it is already starting too, then the fresh water might completely stop the Gulf Stream, which is a natural ocean current that keeps us warm. If the Gulf Stream stops then precipitation will fall as snow instead of rain, and over time could lead to the UK's climate becoming more like that of eastern Russia during winter.
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    Created by Aysha Leach
  • We do not consent to Smart Water Meters
    Haringey residents have six concerns about the Smart Meter installation programme: 1. Not being consulted prior to installation; 2. Not compulsory (?); 3. Penalise poor people who live in crowded homes; 4. Risk to the health of humans, animals, pollinators, trees and plants; "10. The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorised RF EMFs as a Possible CARCINOGEN (Group 2B), the same as lead, DDT, chloroform & methylmercury (31 May 2011)". "11. Dr Andrew Goldsworthy’s research warned that electromagnetically-conditioned water flow could strip lead from pipes (after firstly removing limescale) leading to lead poisoning. (1998, 2007, 2012 and 2016)". 5. Surveillance of water, gas and electric usage; and 6. Security risk through (nuclear) electromagnetic pulse attacks, space weather and hacking (“cybercrime”). Our focus is on Smart Water Meters but not exclusively. Full details about the Stop Smart Meters Haringey campaign can be found on our website below. This petition will be initially delivered to Haringey Council. The target is 2,200+
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    Created by Ron Hawkins
  • Fracking Referendum
    House prices are already falling behind other areas of the country and the already crumbling roads cant cope with the extra traffic. The environment will be destroyed and the money will not remain in the Fylde and maybe not in the UK. A study shows that the increase in employment is dwarfed by the loss of agriculture jobs not to mention the reduction in the tourism industry.
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    Created by Derek Ball Picture
  • insulate all buildings in UK
    If the government did this we would need one less nuclear power station. The cost of doing so is miniscule compared to the the cost of Hinkley Point and would only need to be done once and would last forever. Think of the small businesses and jobs that would be created and we would have lower energy bills.
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    Created by Georgina Jannece Picture
  • Palm oil in biscuits and chocolate
    Palm oil production has destroyed vast areas of forest in countries including Indonesia, which is home to orangutans, the Rainforest foundation UK says palm oil companies are now planning to expand into the rainforests of the Congo basin in Africa, home to lowland gorillas and other threatened primates. Palm oil companies are also partly responsible for the recent devastating forest fires in Sumatra, which caused pollution episodes in Malaysia and Singapore.
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    Created by Diana Powell Picture
  • Single use plastic must stop
    Single use Plastic as a whole needs to stop. I feel as though this should not need petitioning and should just be done, every bit of plastic we have ever made still exists today, killing animals and destroying environments. Let alone to mentions the chemicals in plastics that enters our body via food and beverages.
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    Created by George James Picture
  • Protect George V Park
    George V Park is the only public park in the New Town area. It is an oasis of greenness, nature and tranquility in the heart of the city. Now RBS is selling its office on Dundas Street/Eyre Place for redevelopment into residential blocks and retail units. On paper this is a good thing. More people should have the chance to live, work and play in our neighbourhood. However in their current form the plans for the site are awful. Some of the proposed blocks are 8 stories tall, dwarfing anything else nearby. They will plunge George V Park and surrounding streets into the shade forever. A proposed access road will run dangerously close to where children play. Trees and green space will be lost. The original plans looked promising. But they've changed. For the worse. George V Park isn't big. It isn't even especially beautiful. But it's a wonderful, unique space where people of all ages can relax, breathe and play. And it's all we've got. Over the years so much work has been done to nurture and protect this place. Don't let it be ruined for a short-term profit. The Dundas Street site will, and should, be developed. But that must be balanced with the need to protect what makes the area worth living in in the first place. Recent development elsewhere in Edinburgh show just how badly things can go wrong. But they also show how effective people power can be. With your help we can make sure that this development is in the best interests of residents, both present and future. Please sign our petition and help make sure that Edinburgh Council does not approve these plans in their current form. Thank you. You can find more information about the proposed development and material objections to the plans at the following links: http://www.ntbcc.org.uk/development-on-the-rbs-site-on-dundas-street-and-fettes-row-response-to-latest-consultation/ http://www.kgvsy.org.uk http://www.broughtonspurtle.org.uk/news/locals-rally-resist-rbs-plans
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    Created by Dylan White
  • Bio gas not fracking gas
    Although the scientific community have understood the dangers we face in climate change this is only just beginning to filter into the general public. MPs seem to be very loath to understand the issues. People have been saying fracking is safe rather than understanding that it is another fossil fuel and will contribute to global warming. Its short term safety is irrelevant. Why not spend our time and energy cleverly to produce the gas for our carbon neutral future. Invest in the small because we understand the big picture. Who are the lobbyists that persuade our MPs to allow our landscape to be ransacked for something that will only encourage more extreme climate events? Biomass gas could be an income stream for our farmers and Councils while giving us a carbon neutral gas. Invest now in our long term future - not in a fossil fuel.
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    Created by Marianne Martin
  • Dredging of all rivers and waterways to prevent flooding
    It's absolutly vital that all waterways are drained correctly and if the outfall being ditches or rivers are not clear and dredged fields flood and overwhelm the rivers causing them to breach their banks and flood defenses causing havoc and damage to property's, animal livelihood in flash floods and extra costs reinstating burst flood banks which could all be avoided if dredging of rivers and ditches were carried out yearly, it's such a simple process which could save massive costs in repairs and insurance claims.
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    Created by John Mcintosh