• Stop Ipswich Northern Bypass
    Suffolk County Council have declared a Climate Emergency and an intention to make Suffolk the 'Greenest County'. Yet they have joined Ipswich Borough Council in a plan to build a dual carriageway through some of Suffolk's most beautiful countryside, including the lovely Fynn Valley, where critically endangered Turtle Doves can still be heard. They plan to pay for this road by building 20,000 new homes, concreting over yet more countryside. There is not work for anything like that many people in the area. This will result in tens of thousands more car journeys as people commute long distances to work and result in an environmental catastrophe for the county and the country as a whole. Please stop this madness.
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    Created by Susan Herbert
  • Ban all single use Plastic by 2021
    To clean the country of Rubbish from plastic waste and protect the Oceans.
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    Created by Phillip Paisley Picture
  • Sustainable Grass and Hedgerow Cutting on Highways
    Conservation of British wildlife whether it is birds, bees and butterflies or badgers, foxes, rabbits and hedgehogs will be lost if the hedgerow cutters do not care. There are more hedgehogs in urban Cheriton, Folkestone that in Lyminge a country village.
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    Created by susan Chitty
  • Stop The Proposed 30 Metre High Telecommunication Mast at Braintree College
    This ugly mast will ruin our beautiful countryside views of Braintree and Bocking, devalue our homes and could affect our health and our children’s health.
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    Created by Debbie Dawson Picture
  • Responsible Retail
    Retailers need to care, otherwise they are just the same as heroin dealers, irresponsible.
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    Created by Ben Stubley
  • Make Hay Lane Safe
    The Hay Lane crossing is used by school children, including young children attending Tregoze Primary School which is around the corner from the crossing. Residents regularly hear cars screeching down the road and there have been multiple near misses. Ultimately the road is a death trap and action needs to be taken now not after another collision takes place. Over two years ago my son was hit by a car while he was crossing Hay Lane and suffered severe injuries. Since then I have been promised on multiple occasions that the council would make the road safer but nothing has happened.
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    Created by Clarisse Grother
  • Remove tax on environmentally friendly products
    There is an increasing focus on the recycling of many different materials. Whilst this is obviously vital for environmental sustainability, we should also encourage the use of recycled and reclaimed resources, to ‘close the loop’ and increase the demand for these materials.
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    Created by Samuel Dyason
  • Supermarkets: Shut your fridge doors!
    Fridges in our supermarkets use up 1% of all electricity in the UK. Most shops use open fridges, which use far more energy to stay cool than alternatives with doors. At a time when the planet faces a climate crisis that 1% - enough to power 800,000 thousand houses in the UK a year - is too high. But there's a simple fix - just putting doors on all supermarket fridges and freezers would would save as much energy yearly as is used by the entire residential population of Poland. In France, supermarkets have signed up to a voluntary agreement to put doors on three-quarters of their 450 miles of fridge aisles by 2020 - so its time for UK supermarkets to follow suit. If thousands of customers sign a petition against the open fridges as well as let them know that they would be happy to *open a door* to help save the planet, they could be forced to listen and start using fridges and freezers with doors. The Telegraph: Supermarkets told to shut the door as it emerges open fridges use one per cent of Britain's electricity: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/07/28/supermarket-fridges-should-closed-campaigners-say-emerges-use/
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    Created by Josh Buckland
  • Bring Back Zero Carbon Homes
    Over the past couple of years, we've become aware that climate crisis is approaching even faster than we expected. We've seen record-breaking temperatures around the globe, and that's given rise to some apocalyptic scenes. Bats and birds dropping out of the sky during heatwaves in Australia. Wildfires in Greece and whole towns destroyed by wildfire in America. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned us that swift action must be taken in the next eleven years to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. 40% of the UK's emissions come from households. Every year, the average household emits 2.7 tonnes of CO2 just from heating. That's more than a person should emit every year from ALL sources - travel, food, shopping - if we're going to avoid climate chaos. Before the Zero Carbon Homes policy was scrapped in 2015, we were on track to reduce this 2.7 tonnes to zero in new homes. That wouldn't just have helped the planet - it would have helped people to keep their energy bills down, too. The abolition of the Zero Carbon Homes policy was called "short-sighted, unnecessary, retrograde and damaging." Ed Davey, former secretary of state for energy and climate change suggested the then PM, David Cameron “may as well hug a coal power station”. But we're in a new era now. Politicians across the political spectrum are being forced to admit just how important it is to cut out the carbon. Bringing back the Zero Carbon Homes standard would be a massive step forward, showing the public and the world that the UK Parliament's declaration of a Climate Emergency isn't just empty words.
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    Created by Josephine Ellis
  • Stop Heinz selling multi-packs wrapped in plastic
    I was shopping with my son the other day and we saw that Heinz soups and beans are available as single cans or multi-packs. The multi-packs are wrapped in plastic yet sell for less per individual item. We feel that it is morally wrong that individuals have to make a choice between buying affordable food with a higher plastic footprint or spend more on a product with less packaging. We are asking Heinz to cut stop this wasteful practice now.
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    Created by Simon Heath Picture
  • Take fossil fuel extraction out of the Welsh National Marine Plan
    This clause contradicts the commitments made by the Assembly in their declaration of a "climate emergency". It was used by the oil and gas giant, Eni, to justify their application for a license in Cardigan Bay this May. It will be set in stone for twenty years, according to Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths, this month, when the WNMP is approved.
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    Created by susanna Kenyon
  • Trees for Schools
    Children are more vulnerable to air pollution than anyone else. In London there are already kids who don't go out on days when pollution levels get too high. Poorer families are more likely to live in highly toxic areas and can't afford to move out, which makes this a social justice issue too. Planting trees outside of our schools is one of the ways we can make a difference. Please help!
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    Created by Nina and Rowenna