• Refuse Permission for Intensive Poultry development on Greenfield Land in North Shropshire
    The proposed development site is not an existing farm, does not include any existing farm or other buildings/ infrastructure and is located on an uninterrupted English greenfield site which makes up part of the national character profile of Shropshire and the United Kingdom. The area is celebrated and enjoyed for its history, beauty, diversity and tranquility. This green corridor, with its multiple heritage assets, listed buildings, ancient woodland, rivers, scheduled ancient monuments, ancient hedgerows, historic villages, battlefield site, foot paths, bridleways and nearby vibrant market town & Shropshire Union Canal, makes up a significant part of Shropshire’s natural and historic environment. Pristine uninterrupted greenfield land should be celebrated, cherished and preserved for many reasons, not least for the future generations to enjoy. Help us protect one of our country's greatest assets by objecting today! The proposed development site poses nine threats to the community, they are: TRAFFIC DANGER- traffic has already reached danger level on our narrow approach roads. The Betton approach is also a school/nursery run and the increased traffic, including HGV and other heavy vehicles, will prove the tipping point in unacceptable risks. STENCH/FLIES - from 2 tonnes/day of excrement, which will carry in the prevailing wind (SW) along Main Road. ENTRAPMENT - For those unfortunate families close to the site, there is no escape. If you are driven to move, who will buy your house? RIVER POLLUTION - Contamination of the river located very close to the site due to surface water run off pollutants. HERITAGE - The proposed development is close/in line of sight to many Listed Properties, ancient woodland and heritage assets, plus, very close to a beautiful bridleway and footpaths. DEVASTATION - Betton is the attractive gateway to Norton, Best Kept Village and Champion of Champions, Britain in Bloom. The spoiling of this beautiful greenfield site will make a mockery of all the outstanding village work over many years. MISSION CREEP - This application is the advance guard for a much bigger plan. One unit of 32,000 birds is scarcely viable. Don’t be deceived by this Trojan Horse – 65% of all egg-laying applications in Shropshire are for expansion of facilities. CONSTRUCTION - Concrete access road, turning circle, barn, feed silo. earth moving, light pollution etc EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS - There are none. Poultry facilities are not labour intensive - they are hen intensive. (32000 hens =1 ½ people). Reasons why this planning proposal should be refused: - Negative visual impact - Air and river ammonia pollution - Odour, flies and noise -Danger from HGVs vehicles/tractors on the roads -Not a diversification for an existing farm -Not being located next to existing farm buildings Please object by 3rd December 2018. You can also write a full objection to Shropshire Council via their website on their online portal quoting: 18/04555/FUL
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  • Against Fracking at Great Altcar
    There is a surplus of gas available to the UK even without shale gas exploration and the UK can satisfy its energy requirements using offshore resources and renewables. Shale gas will undermine the country’s climate change obligations and harvesting the gas presents unacceptable risks to the environment and the health of local residents and will consume and contaminate freshwater resources.
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  • Ban "Hunt Tourism" in Scotland!
    Scotland is blessed with a diverse range of beautiful and unique wildlife. Often, a lack of natural predators means that grazing animals such as deer and wild goats are subject to culls, which are unfortunate but necessary, and conducted by professionals to limit the suffering of animals. What is unnecessary is the "hunt tourism" industry that encourages "tourists" from around the world, particularly Americans, to visit Scotland for the sole purpose of stalking, torturing and killing our beautiful and unique Scottish wildlife for pleasure. This is not the kind of tourism that we want in our country.
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  • Stop the BBC giving equal airtime to crackpot climate deniers alongside mainstream scientists.
    Air pollution, from the burning of fossil fuels, is causing global warming. It is the greatest threat facing humanity. It ill becomes the BBC, or any other broadcaster, to give air time, and therefore legitimacy, to mercenary lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry. They may as well have flat earthers give their view each time anyone suggests the world is a sphere.
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  • Keep Kirkby Moor Wind Farm
    South Lakeland District Council in Cumbria turned down a planning application to keep an existing wind farm in place until 2027. The wind farm has been in place since 1993 and produces energy for 2,700 average homes every year. The decision on whether the planning application stands or whether the Kirkby Moor Wind Farm can stay in place for another nine years now rests with the planning inspector. THE DECISION WILL BE MADE AT AN INQUIRY IN JANUARY NEXT YEAR 2019. Scientists have recently warned of catastrophic consequences for the planet if global temperatures rise by more than 1.5 degrees.We believe that everyone should play their part to prevent this increase, in particular through supporting renewable forms of energy.
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  • Say NO to a Mega-Prison in Glen Parva.
    The numbers of people sent to prison in England and Wales are out of control. Prison does not work to address harm, it increases harm. Currently England and Wales have the highest rate of imprisonment in Western Europe, and building more prisons will make this worse. More people will be sent to prison for minor crimes. In Glen Parva, pollution from construction activity will enter the Grand Union Canal and local bat, hedgehog and toad life will be affected. The increase of prisoners will put a strain on local services and infrastructure as it did in Wrexham with HMP Berwyn. Local residents will also be affected by increased noise, light pollution and congestion. The £170 million planned to build the mega-prison should instead be invested in public services, which will benefit the community.
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  • Bring back the St Helens show petition
    Is important to give something back to the people of St Helens and surrounding areas, this show was something to look forward to each year and now its gone and we have nothing
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  • Palm oil ingredients to be written in bold
    The production of unsustainable palm oil is causing severe environmental damage around the world.
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  • Housing developments should include green spaces.
    Gardens are so small these days with property developers squeezing as many houses as possible into an area. Many of our modern developments are some distance from shops, parks, etc, making it necessary to get in a car every time you leave the house. If it is a very large development a community building should be part of the plan complete with 'green' and what about a village pond!
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  • Buy Long Lasting Poppies And Make A Donation Each Year Instead!
    The disposable ones are virtually indestructible and are finding their way into the sea around the coast of the UK.
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  • Save the current attractions (including wheelchair accessible equipment) at Brooklands.
    Brooklands was initially designed as a pleasure park, not an educational nature facility. On the door step are many settings more equipped to be such places like widewater, pullbourough brooks, woods mill, southwater, swanbourne lake and of course the downs. What the locality doesn't have is an abundance of accesible, fun places to go and in fact, Brooklands was West sussex's first accesible play park! With a 2 millions pound budget it seems very little thought has gone in to what the area wants to retain from the original park instead favouring a blank slate approach. Children enjoy water play, play parks and indeed trains. A large indoor leisure facility isn't required to make it a rainy day attraction instead a small soft play area as before is enough for children. The new plans sound good but they miss out the very young and the disabled and take away a lot of the fun. We should be aiming to make attractions more accesible, currently there is wheelchair swings, roundabout and the train was accesible there seems no plans to parallel or better this. This review is one which highlights how important the facilities are or at least were and could be again for everyone. https://www.euansguide.com/venues/brooklands-pleasure-park-sompting-5611/reviews/brooklands-pleasure-park-totally-wheelchair-friendly-for-kids-1931
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  • Let's get free compost bins at every address in Derbyshire
    We think this is important because by signing this petition, you could help with issues like: Landfill, food waste and also compost improves soil structure so that soil can easily hold the right amount of moisture, nutrients and air. Another reason to help our cause is compost helps soil to hold or sequester carbon dioxide which is good for our environment. In conclusion we want to help your's, ours and everyone's environment.
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