• Don't relax fracking rules
    The current regulation for seismic activity, which is a traffic light monitoring system for fracking, was agreed with the industry who wanted to be seen as safe and responsible. Now as there are increased earthquakes which cause a pause in operational activity, the industry is asking for the regulation to be relaxed. Locals are concerned that increased earthquakes are causing damage. Therefore the current traffic light system needs to be retained . Please ask the energy minister to ensure the current regulations will be upheld.
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  • Swap to plastic free alternatives
    Single use plastic is terrible for the environment and causes much of the pollution in our community and beyond. We would like to see local businesses using plastic free alternatives as much as possible
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    Created by Melanie Roccio
  • Save The Brazilian Rainforest
    At this moment, there are devastating wildfires ravaging the Brazilian rainforest. The blame for this is laid quite squarely at the feet of President Jair Bolsonaro, who, through his rhetoric, has given farmers free reign to clear large parts of the forest for pasture. President Bolsonaro is trying to place the blame on NGO's while failing to impose the laws that are made to protect the forest. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, wants this world emergency to take centre stage at the coming 45th G7 summit which starts tomorrow, the 24th of August, and continues until the 26th. He has described the situation as 'our house is burning. At the same time we have a president of the USA, who has clearly shown that he has little regard for ecological matters. The new prime minister of the UK, Boris Johnson will be at the summit and it is of the utmost importance that the UK, as it readies itself for Brexit, shows that it will continue to be a force dedicated to the good of the planet.
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  • No palm oil in my tank
    Unsustainably sourced palm oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation of the rainforest in places such as Madagascar and Indonesia. Deforestation has a detrimental impact on the people who live in the rainforest and the environment globally. The world's rainforests are home to over half of all plants and animals on earth despite the fact they cover less than 5% of it's surface. The rainforest is disappearing alarmingly quickly and many plant and animal species are going with them. The destruction of the rainforest is also a major contributor to global warming - which affects us all. The lifestyles of indigenous tribes are also at risk as the forest their livelihood relies upon is destroyed. However this can change, if companies are required by law to source the palm oil in their products sustainably we can hold them accountable for their actions and many rainforest species, such as the orang-utan, can be saved before it is to late. Until such point as this is achieved, I urge you to boycott companies sourcing their palm oil unsustainably (information about which can be found via the WWF or the Ethical Consumer). Palm oil is used in a number of everyday products such as lipsticks, chocolates and soap and companies often use a number of alternative names, such as palm kernal or palmitic acid.More information on products that use palm oil can be found at: https://www.worldwildlife.org/pages/which-everyday-products-contain-palm-oil I believe that taking care of our planet is essential, not only to save endangered species from extinction but also to ensure that future generations have the same opportunity that we do, to admire its many wonders. I hope that in signing this petition you can help to lead the way in sourcing palm oil more sustainably so that our planet can breathe again.
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  • Stop earthquakes in Lancashire by banning fracking in the UK
    Seismicity is increasing owing to the fracking in Lancashire; cumulatively, the effects will be greater and it must be stopped now.
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  • SAVE THE TREES on Ely Gardens WD6
    There used to be 6 trees, long ago. They must have been regularly removed to make space for parking. Only three left, one of which was cut last year(2018) without notice or consultation. We’ve acted quickly and managed to save the two still standing. We were told the removal was made in error. We were given an apology and promissed by the Town Mayor last year, that they wont be removed. This year we’ve learned that the council is planning to fell these anyway. Reason given to some residents, are occurance of cracks in one of the house, and the trees are suspected cause. If any of you know the subject/ or is a specialist in the field, you know there is a lot to be done to find the real cause. If they are indeed the real risk/reason for the issue there are many ways around it, including tree root barier, regular heavy tree pruning etc. We questioned it all and ask for answers, but had no information given in response. Therefore we are campaigning to stop the action and save the trees. Oak trees on Ely gardens are over 100 years old. They were here long before these houses were built. They are home to variety of wildlife, including bats, that we have seen. These trees are a positive force to the environment, cleaning our air, providing shade, nest and perching for birds. Councils should do all that it takes to keep those healthy old trees, and should have very strong evidence against them before order for tree felling! These informations should be available to all local residents to assure us that every step has been taken and options explored before making such drastic decision -to cut these amazing trees! Please help us with our petition. We’re too fighting for the principle! The way forward is for a nice habitable breathable less polluted environment, we need our trees, and more should be planted, nurtured and kept for generations to come, not destroyed to make way for more parking spaces. We believe there is a way to have both! Please help us by signing the petition in your support to save these trees. Thank you.
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  • SaveTameValley
    The area is Green Belt The access for large vehicles is via residential streets Air quality Noise pollution Wildlife destruction
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    Created by Adrienne Shaw
  • Stop handing out plastic bags for fruit and veg
    It was a great step that you phased out free plastic bags at the tills, but thin plastic bags are still freely available in the fruit and veg isles. They contribute to our consumption and waste of plastic, so, as a matter of principle, they should no longer be used. But matters are made worse, because a considerable number of customers just grab a handful of them when they enter the shop, use as many as they actually need, and leave the remainder in the shopping trolleys, which are then parked outside. All too often the wind then gets hold of these bags, and they end up anywhere around town and country. This is bad for nature and wildlife in any location. But it becomes even worse in coastal towns, such as for instance North Berwick, where the TESCO store is only a few hundred yards away from the sea, and the majority of these bags then end up there and add to the damage of marine wildlife.
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    Created by Christiane Maher
  • Climate impact food labelling
    Is British milk, sustainably farmed, worse for the climate than soya milk from beans grown on cleared tropical forests and transported half-way round the world? Labelling would help us to make suitable food choices to reduce our climate impact.
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    Created by Daphne Wassermann
  • No fish farms in the Sound of Canna
    Multi-million pound corporation MOWI wants to build the largest fish farm in the UK off the coast of Canna, an island in the Hebrides. The Sound of Canna is one of the most environmentally protected areas in the UK. If the fish farm is built, Scottish National Heritage says it will have significant impacts on the environment, polluting the sea, and threatening birds and marine animals like puffins, porpoises, and seals. Scotland’s wild salmon populations are the lowest they’ve ever been, and building a new fish farm could put more wild salmon at risk of contracting deadly diseases from farmed salmon. Please sign the petition now, and tell the Highland Council to protect the Sound of Canna, and reject MOWI’s proposal to build the UK’s biggest fish farm.
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  • Stop fracking in the UK
    On Thursday 15th August 2019 the firm Cuadrilla started fracking a second well at Preston New Road near Blackpool in Lancashire. Cuadrilla had obtained permission to do so from the Environment Agency. This was despite a recent admission that Cuadrilla's well that was fracked in October 2018 has now suffered cement failure. They have also previously cold-vented gases over local communities. Already earth tremors have re-started. The site is located near to nuclear facilities. Lancashire County Council had voted not to permit fracking but had been overruled by central government. Other fracking sites are being opened up throughout England. Tell the government to ban this dirty, dangerous fossil fuel industry and protect England's green and pleasant land!
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  • More stringent building regulations for eco friendly new homes
    In the age of an official climate emergency, it is vital that we address the carbon emissions from our homes now, this minute, not in 50 years' time because it is less disruptive to the building industry. A big part of our individual emissions comes from burning gas for heating and hot water. This has long been successfully addressed in the housing designs of "Passivhaus" which combine a draft free exterior with a stable indoor temperature all year round, virtually without any heating. This is achieved by a clever circulation system, using the residual heat from the exhaust air. No more turning up the gas fired heating to counter cold drafts coming in. This technology has been known for many years, yet it seems there is a reluctance to take it up by the wider construction industry. This is where the Council needs to step in to pass new building regulations and enforce eco friendly new building developments, otherwise nothing will ever change. We need to look beyond short-term monetary profit to doing what is best for our planet if we want to pass it on to our children and children's children.
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    Created by Ina Laversuch