• Don't give public money to fossil fuel companies
    In 2018, the UK Government gave over £10 billion in subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel companies. We often accuse our politicians of doing too little to prevent irreversible, and runaway climate change. The truth is more alarming than that. A significant part of the UK fossil fuel subsidies identified by the commission is the 5% rate of VAT on domestic gas and electricity, cut from the standard 20%. There should be effective taxes placed on the biggest polluters and other measures put in place to ensure people across society have access to affordable, clean energy. The UK government hands over billions to the industries whose activities could render much of the earth inhospitable to human life. It is now universally recognised that climate breakdown poses an existential threat to humanity and habitat worldwide. Failure to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees will trigger crop failures on an unimaginable scale; a huge leap in the number and severity of extreme weather events, be they typhoons, floods, droughts; sea level rise that will engulf vast swathes of the planet; unprecedented migration; new conflict and diseases; and the mass extinction of flora and fauna. Yet 2018 saw a 2.7% increase in carbon emissions, the highest increase ever on record. We are going in the wrong direction, and the UK Government is fanning the flames of this fire. We call on the UK Government to end the fossil fuel subsidy at once.
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  • Compostable Cigarette butts
    Millions of people globally smoke cigarettes and the impact the filters are having on our environment is awful.
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  • Ban single use cable ties
    millions of cable ties are cut and thrown in the bin every year
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  • No excuses: make the climate crisis a priority now
    During the election, Boris Johnson failed to show up to the Channel 4 leaders debate - demonstrating that he doesn’t see the climate crisis as a priority for his government. Environmental experts are saying that urgent action is needed far earlier than the 2050 deadline set in the Conservative manifesto. Boris Johnson needs to take real action on climate NOW - and the only way he will, is if he knows the public expects him to. Will you add your name to the petition before it's too late?
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  • All Food Sold In The UK To Display Carbon Footprint
    The climate crisis requires action from every member of society; food plays a large role in our carbon footprint and choices based on carbon footprint information can empower the british public to make choices that benefit their environment, and help people to do their bit.
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  • Textiles donated to UK Charities should be offered for sale to the public before being recycled.
    Too much textiles is being sold on to other countries for processing. This impacts on the local textile industries in those countries, meaning skilled jobs are lost and whole industries are under threat. Remaking and upcycling is an area which is growing In the UK with lots of local artisans reusing textiles. Secondhand clothing and household textiles are an excellent source of fabric which can be reused. The global threat to our environment from textile waste is well documented. Sending our waste overseas is not the answer.
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    Created by Jane Grice
  • Slow Down, Fast Fashion!
    The fast fashion industry produces poor quality, low cost and disposable trends every week. In the UK, on average, every person purchases around almost 30kg of clothing a year; 4 times the amount of clothes than we did in 1980. 140 million pounds worth of clothing goes to landfill every year. If the fashion industry were a country, its emissions would rank almost as high as the entire European continent. On top of environmental degradation, our insatiable demand for fashion has led to exploitative conditions for workers, with the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh causing the death of at least 1,132 in 2013. There is not enough legislation protecting workers and the environment. This needs to change. Slow Down, Fast Fashion!
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    Created by Usha Bholah
  • End needless plastic bags in online shopping
    In a period when we’re all supposed to be reducing our plastic consumption, why is this much plastic even an option? Companies should be made to use paper or card for the majority of packaging. If plastic really is required, why so much of it?
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    Created by Sam Thorn
  • Sky pollution
    Most useful astronomy is done using ground based instruments which rely on uncluttered views of our sky. In places like Chile where, in the mountains, the weather permits a predictably clear view of the sky every night. Many experts are now saying that the latest 'trains' of communication satellites will end useful ground based astronomy for ever. Also, a great deal of useful and pleasurable astronmy is carried out by amateur astronomers all over the globe. In the last few decades much has been done to reduce light pollution of our skies by legislating for and increasing awareness of appropriate lighting of our cities. All that work will be for nothing if these satellites continue to pour into our sky.
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  • Regenerate Our UK Concrete Jungles Into Permanent Urban Wildernesses...
    What would we like our ‘new normal’ to be? Here’s 2 of the wake up calls that Lock Down has reminded us of… 1. Our local areas could be MASSIVELY improved so that we can all live within our optimal environment for our health & well being. 2. Our local UK wildlife are desperate for a bit more space (we already knew this but they have proved it even more). As soon as we were all tucked away, UK mammals, birds & insects were breaking out into the suddenly quieter spaces. There’s urban land to spare - all around us - and we can decide to transform it into lush green spaces... I have a super simple idea, 'Urban Pocket Wildscaping' (backed by Environmental Scientists, Ecologists, Wildlife Experts, Professional Environmental Researchers and Global Urban Planners) to unite our UK population, to transform our concrete jungles into permanent urban wildernesses. [PLEASE CLICK ON THE WEBSITE & FACEBOOK LINKS BELOW FOR FULL INFO] I'm applying to UK councils to buy (and then protect) miles of council-owned otherwise unused patches of land across our cities/towns - every single one of the green patches of grass that you would see as you walk down the street - to ‘wildscape’ them. I have been asked to prove - in advance - that I am not alone in wanting our UK urban spaces ‘wildscaped’ so I am asking you to put your name to the open letter (above) that I will submit to the council as part of my land purchase applications, along with all of the other paperwork supporting my plans from town planners, ecologists etc. With 100,000s of these patches of grass land being available, 'wildscaping' them will improve the quality of human life for those in all regenerated areas (having a positive socio-economic impact too) AND have an immense environmental impact across our United Kingdom.
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  • Stop the proposed transport hub stealing our green space
    As a community we should be objecting to this proposal due to several factors which include - the safety of the children who play in this area with the increase in vehicular movement - noise and pollution next to the 3g sports facilities and skate park - the loss of green space used for public events such as the shows, circus and fireworks etc all which bring the community together. - increase in traffic flow over the Victoria bridge causing more congestion - potential of traffic self diverting causing a rat race through the residential area - adding to the surface water run off in an area already susceptible to flooding - loss of green space which is beneficial to mental health and well being - potential damage to the surrounding trees and wildlife So please as a community help us fight against this proposal and save the green space at whittinghame drive used by many, from children to families and dog walkers.
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    Created by Stacy Martin
  • Walkers Crisps: clean up your mess
    As a nation we consume approximately 6 billion crisp packets every year with the vast majority of those being made from plastic. They don’t rot. That's an awful lot of landfill and poison for the environment. Crisp packets have been found on beaches intact more than 33 years later. Imagine during that time the effect on wildlife and the environment. While Walkers committed to the UK’s first crisp packet recycling scheme back in 2018 following a huge campaign by 38 Degrees, it’s simply not good enough with only 0.38% of all Walkers crisp packets being recycled in that time. It’s time they looked towards a better solution. Ideally Walkers should stop producing waste plastic, but until they change their production methods, Walkers should introduce thousands more recycling points in more convenient places such as supermarkets and train stations.
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