• Stop Heinz selling multi-packs wrapped in plastic
    I was shopping with my son the other day and we saw that Heinz soups and beans are available as single cans or multi-packs. The multi-packs are wrapped in plastic yet sell for less per individual item. We feel that it is morally wrong that individuals have to make a choice between buying affordable food with a higher plastic footprint or spend more on a product with less packaging. We are asking Heinz to cut stop this wasteful practice now.
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  • Take fossil fuel extraction out of the Welsh National Marine Plan
    This clause contradicts the commitments made by the Assembly in their declaration of a "climate emergency". It was used by the oil and gas giant, Eni, to justify their application for a license in Cardigan Bay this May. It will be set in stone for twenty years, according to Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths, this month, when the WNMP is approved.
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    Created by susanna Kenyon
  • Trees for Schools
    Children are more vulnerable to air pollution than anyone else. In London there are already kids who don't go out on days when pollution levels get too high. Poorer families are more likely to live in highly toxic areas and can't afford to move out, which makes this a social justice issue too. Planting trees outside of our schools is one of the ways we can make a difference. Please help!
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    Created by Nina and Rowenna
  • DEAD nice beach
    The entire north coast of the Wirral is a site of special scientific interest ! The Dee estuary has been steadily silting up since the last ice age ! This process is now continuing around the corner on to Hoylake beach ! Vegetation is taking hold and a salt marsh will form . The council have sprayed the beach with glyphosate weed killer directly onto the beach !! It goes without saying that chemicals and the ocean don’t belong together!
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  • Make Edinburgh Fringe Paperless
    Flyering in Edinburgh during the Fringe is out of step with the desirable direction Scotland is moving in, and it is a practice that is inconsistent with care for our domestic ecology.
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    Created by Henry Mulligan
  • Stop making the problem worse
    Continuing to build to current standards creates buildings that release much more CO2 than necessary. This is unacceptable given the recognition of a Climate Emergency. The technology exists to build very low energy buildings. A small estate of Passivhaus homes has been built near me. In 2015 a small very low energy home designed by Swansea University was built within the budget for this size of home https://www.swansea.ac.uk/press-office/news-archive/2015/uksfirstsmartcarbonpositiveenergyhouseunveiled.php The Chinese are building Passivehaus flats https://passivehouse.com/.
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    Created by John Stott
  • Stop the UK sending our plastics abroad to dispose of
    Eastern countries are not using the proper procedures to destroy the plastics and there are risks of harmful environmental contamination . We should be helping these countries , not using them as a dumping ground .
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    Created by Nola Knowles
  • Stop the Nuclear Laundry Being Trucked Out of Sellafield
    Allerdale Borough Council is considering giving retrospective planning to a private nuclear laundry washing up to 7.75 tonnes of Sellafield's dirty washing a day. The Ltd. company has no planning permission but was rewarded a radioactive substances permit from the Environment Agency (following a one month consultation which no one knew about) for every radioactive isotope you can think of and then some. Sellafield has its own dedicated supply of top quality fresh water but it is now using the public water supply to wash nuclear laundry. The nuclear laundry (Energy Coast Laundry) is 16 miles away from the Sellafield site at Lillyhall Business Park, near a college, play facilities for young children and food outlets. Companies House list the laundry as "Washing and (dry)cleaning of textile and fur products." The Company themselves have a crib sheet for prospective employees which states: "“Energy Coast Laundry Ltd is the Nuclear Professional arm and sister company to the Shortridge Group, owned and governed by the same directors but with a particular focus on Nuclear Industry Workwear and the cleaning and presentation of these products to and for our customer Mitie. We deal with six types of article or garment. These are towels, socks, pants, vests, shirts and trousers. We pick up two vehicle loads from Sellafield daily and turnaround the loads within twenty-four hours. Our core working hours are from 0500 to 1700 daily this does flex depending on the business needs. We produce over 6 tonnes a day on normal operation our production record is 7.75 tonnes in a day with equated to 775 10kg bags of clean processed laundry.” This is outrageous.
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  • A more sustainable Transplant Games in 2020
    in 2019 UK Parliament has declared a Climate Emergency and there is a pressing need for each and everyone of us to take account of how much energy we use, how much waste we generate, of what the social and environmental cost of our actions is. The Transplant Games is a world leader in awareness raising about organ donation, it can be world leader in sustainability too. Please will you consider this petition and make Coventry 2020 the most sustainable Transplant Games there has ever been.
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  • Ban tvlicensing.co.uk from sending junk mail!
    Jeremy Corbyn said "This is no longer about a distant future, we're talking about nothing less than the irreversible destruction of the environment within our lifetimes." If this is really what he thinks, this is one way of stopping a tremendous waste.
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    Created by Dimitri Katz
  • Stop Halite Pumping Toxic Brine Into The Sea
    Defra recently announced proposals to establish Marine Conservation Zones and Blue Belt Marine Protection Areas around our coast. How does allowing Halite to dump toxic brine fit in with this? There is evidence that the Honeycombe Worm (Salabria) is establishing itself along the outfall pipe. This is a protected species and a vital part of the food chain. There are also investigations into a colony of Great Crested Newts, another protected species, at Harbour Village, close to where Halite intend to place a sediment tank and pipes to carry the toxic waste into the sea. If this is allowed to go ahead it will create a 'Dead Zone' in our sea for some considerable distance , no marine creature will survive and other wild creatures depending on them for food will also suffer and decline in numbers. The pumping is planned to last for 10 years but the consequences will last for considerably longer, this will change our coastline for years to come and in some cases permanently. Please sign to try to stop this from going ahead.
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  • Save the Cox's Walk Footbridge Oak Trees
    These two, hundred-year old oak trees stand on each side of the west end of Cox's Walk Footbridge, Sydenham Hill Woods. They are like sentinels, welcoming and guarding the bridge, and their magnificent canopy dapples the bridge in green shade. But these trees are due to be felled this autumn, just to make life easy for Southwark Council when they carry out repairs to the footbridge. That would be a loss of hundreds of years of life for these beautiful, healthy oaks and the life they support. • Southwark Council is trying to blame these trees for damage to the bridge but the engineer’s assessment states it is lateral pressure from the soil on both sides of the bridge that is the problem. • There has been some damage to the brickwork by roots, but ivy roots not oak roots. • The abutment walls that need repair were rebuilt in the 1980s (exact date unknown) without needing to remove the trees, so we know it can be done. • No assessment appears to have been done of the impact on the stability of the slope and the water table removal of these trees will have. • Oak trees have a rich biodiversity, supporting hundreds of insect species, birds, fungi, mosses and lichens.
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