• Ban Gas Project in St Ives
    If Total are granted permission for this development by the UK government, significant damage will be inflicted on the beautiful coast of St Ives. Not only will it pose a threat to both marine and land ecosystems, but it will also damage tourism, which plays a major role within St Ive’s economy, with 42% of jobs directly dependent on the industry. The project will also have significant effects on climate; the UK government announced a climate emergency last year and have pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 yet they have failed to consider the consequences this project will have on efforts to tackle climate change. The St Ives gas scheme is twinned with another Total development in Mozambique; the UK government are providing an £880 million loan to support this LNG scheme which has displaced 556 families, destroyed the local environment, and will have carbon emissions equivalent to 10% of the nation’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. This provides clear evidence of the future damage that awaits St Ives. Both LNG projects have the potential to inflict adverse environmental and social consequences that are unprecedented and potentially irreversible, therefore, UK taxpayers’ money should not be used to fund these projects.
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    Created by Emily Heslop
  • Pesticide-free Portobello
    Glyphosate is used by Edinburgh Council as a weedkiller. Edinburgh City Council sprays Portobello's streets, pavements, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries and green spaces in an effort to control weeds. Research shows that pesticide use has multiple harmful effects on human and animal health, and causes environmental pollution and degradation. Although available data can be contradictory it seems sensible to use the precautionary principle, and avoid spraying chemicals in our environment unless they can be shown to be safe. Children are more at risk than adults due to their behaviour, for example, investigating nature, crawling and playing on grass and spending time in areas such as playgrounds and parks where pesticides are used. Dogs and cats are particularly vulnerable too due to their close proximity to the ground. There have been 3 successful lawsuits against Monsanto, which brought glyphosate-based herbicides to the market in the 1970s, and there are many more cases going to trial. Nineteen countries have already either banned or restricted the use of glyphosate, and 5 more have plans to do so imminently. Many towns and cities across the world have made the decision to go pesticide-free, using methods such as hot-foam, flame weeding, scraping, acetic acid solution and accepting a certain level of ‘weediness’. Edinburgh Council have already agreed to stop spraying pesticides in Balerno after the locals ran a successful campaign on the grounds of health concerns for animals and people. We call on Edinburgh City Council to put an end to all pesticide use in Portobello, using safe alternatives instead, to protect the health of people, pets, wildlife and of our environment. References: * Weedkiller use in Scotland: https://theferret.scot/glyphosate-weedkiller-cancer-councils-scotland/ * Countries that have banned Glyphosate use: https://www.baumhedlundlaw.com/toxic-tort-law/monsanto-roundup-lawsuit/where-is-glyphosate-banned/ * Monsanto sued over cancer claims: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/13/monsanto-cancer-trial-bayer-roundup-couple * Pesticides - risks of use: https://www.pan-uk.org/key-issues/?fbclid=IwAR1zDqJmDQZMULOhs5YUhFWPhG3wc_Fr73RoDFDIUpJINQbPjbY2y6DQRVI
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    Created by Ros Gasson
  • Get reusables back on the menu
    We’ve seen a massive increase in plastic pollution since lockdown lifted and take-away packaging is a big part of the problem. Now is not the time to backtrack on single-use plastic. We need to build back better and create a new normal – one that values our resources and champions reuse over single-use. Whilst we completely understand that this is a challenging time for many foodservice businesses, reusables CAN be used safely and accepting them doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, it can be super simple. Over 100 scientists have confirmed that reusables are safe to use, and at City to Sea, we’ve shared practical guidance for businesses to support them in accepting reusable cups and bottles. We can stay safe and look after the planet. In June, Costa Coffee, the UK’s largest coffee chain, and a number of forward-thinking independent businesses started accepting reusables again and now Starbucks has followed their lead. We believe if Costa Coffee, Starbucks, and hundreds of planet-protecting independent businesses can do it, so can they! These businesses make up a HUGE share of takeaway sales within the UK. By refusing to let their customers choose to reuse, they are contributing to a mountain of completely avoidable waste. • In the UK, we make our way through an estimated 2.5 BILLION disposable coffee cups a year • And over 7.7 BILLION plastic water bottles . • The production of disposable coffee cups is responsible for the felling of a million trees a year, • And uses around 1.5 BILLION litres of water, stripping our planet of precious natural resources at a time when we should be protecting it. Want to do more? 1. Share this petition with your friends, family and everyone you know! 2. #ChoosetoReuse – carry your reusable bottle, cup and containers and tell the world that reusables are BACK and they are here to stay. 3. Download the free Refill app to find Refill Stations near you. 4. Celebrate the amazing, planet protecting businesses that ARE accepting reusables by showing them some love on social media and with your wallets. 😊 5. If you find a business that’s NOT accepting refills, share @CitytoSea’s #ContactlessCoffee campaign & @Refill water guidance to help them get on board. Tag them on social media & ask them to join the #RefillRevolution This campaign is supported by : - Break Free From Plastic - Greenpeace UK - Friends of the Earth - Marine Conservation Society - Surfers Against Sewage - We Have The Power - Everyday Plastic - Green Goblet - Muuse - Unpackaged - Conscious Cup - Chilly's Bottles - KeepCup - Sustain - Less Plastic - Green Alliance - Beach Guardian
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  • Save Tramways Bowling Green for Pilrig
    The Tramways Bowling Club, now closed, goes back over a hundred years. Their green was gifted to them by the old Edinburgh Tramways Company. Lothian Buses inherited it by pure luck. Now they want to take it from the local community and sell it to a private developer, flying in the face of Edinburgh Council's policy to provide more green spaces. It is totally unsuited for commercial development, being situated in the corner of a quiet crescent in the corner of Pilrig and surrounded by homes. A local charity, with the agreement of the club, were going to turn it into a public garden for the local population. Edinburgh Council own Lothian Buses and should tell them to hand the site over.
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  • Save The Larkshall Pub
    A Local Pub provides a central base for many community activities , A meeting place for Residents who may live alone , Quiz teams, Local Crib / Darts Leagues ,
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  • Don’t move Brampton Post Office ! Cambridgeshire
    Post Office officials propose to close Brampton’s post office located on the High Street opposite the Institute and relocate it as a till-point in the NISA store at the junction of Miller Way and West End. We are extremely concerned that if it was to be moved to the Brampton Nisa on Miller Way, this would be a less convenient location for most people in the village. This proposal by the Post Office officials, if it were to proceed would add hundreds of vehicles to our seriously congested High Street, Miller Way and along West End. We are also very concerned about the likely increase in motor traffic, increase in air pollution, increased parking and road safety concerns if the Post Office was to move from a central village location toward the westerly end of the village. Mike Shellens HIgh Street Brampton Cambridgeshire
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  • Ban plastic tape
    Plastic tapes are not recyclable and we are killing the planet by using them when sending parcels , painting, wrapping gifts etc. Scotch tape, painters tape ,masking tape and duct tape are not recyclable, they are made of layers of waterproof material. These should be replaced with paper tape. Amazon in the UK is using paper tape for all parcels so should all other companies and citizens use paper tape.
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  • British Wool for British Insulation and Carpeting
    *Newsflash* - Welsh government pledges to use wool in public buildings. Please add your signature so that English, Scottish and Northern Irish governments follow the Welsh government's lead. https://www.farminguk.com/news/welsh-government-pledges-to-use-wool-in-public-buildings_56471.html?fbclid=iwar1ggxqeqvhx5nqqmdkge0av06mzro-qcmbsl-l9iue51rfbtdlukgu4zyq These 1000 wool fleeces are about to be incorporated into the manure heap. What a waste of a once valuable resource. A sustainable product that could be used to insulate homes for all government grant supported buildings. Sheep farmers receive less for their wool than the cost of shearing the sheep. Last year David Jones, who is pictured with his wool above, received 28p a fleece and paid the shearer £1. This year the value it set to drop by at least half. Hence he and many other farmer's across the country, decision to plough their wool into the fields as fertiliser. Last week Stuart Fletcher a farmer from East Sussex posted a similar photo on Facebook and to date has had nearly 2 million views and tens of thousands of 'likes', 'shares' and 'comments'. When asked as to why Stuart posted this photo, he said "because is made me sad". https://www.facebook.com/Fletchersflock/posts/1671402433029379 Wool is sustainable, fire-retardant, bio-degradable, and the most efficient form of insulation. On the 1st January 2021 sheep farmers may be further affected by possible new tariffs on sheep meat of at least 40%. Currently over half our sheep exports go to the EU and will never be substituted by trade deals with the USA or Japan, for example. Sheep farmers' incomes are being squeezed at every point. This Campaign has now been endorsed by; NFU NFU Scotland NFU Cymru Ulster Farmers Union British Wool (formerly The British Wool Marketing Board) National Sheep Association The Campaign for Wool - patron HRH The Prince of Wales Country Landowners Association Tenant Farmers Association Please sign this petition, because; - We want to revive our wool manufacturing industries, - We want to make this government use our money to insulate our buildings with a home-grown sustainable product, - We want to help sheep farmers make a decent income from their fleeces, - We want to create manufacturing jobs, - We want to maintain the upland landscape, - We want to put a smile back on Stuart's and other sheep farmers face's. Royal endorsement of wool - HRH the Prince of Wales stated “Wool is a product that the most brilliant boffin in the most hi-tech laboratory could never create.” And “it is important to remind people of how valuable and sustainable wool is as a fibre and as a natural material”. Links BBC News - Chancellor announces £2Bn of grants for home owners to install energy saving improvements. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53313640 NZ Campaign Newshub (New Zealand) article https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/rural/2020/07/govt-accused-of-greenwashing-over-failure-to-use-kiwi-wool-in-public-buildings.html The Shropshire Star https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/farming/2020/07/20/low-cost-of-wool-forces-shropshire-farmer-to-use-fleeces-for-compost/
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  • Boris Johnson: uphold your tree-planting pledge
    This is a climate crisis. The UK is one of the least wooded areas of Europe, with just 11.7% woodland cover compared to around 37% for the EU.* Under the Conservatives' initiative - Nature for Climate fund - it said it would treble the tree-planting rate to cover 30,000 hectares (approximately 30 million trees) every year by the end of the next Parliament in 2025. Not enough is being done. Some major environmental benefits: - Adapting to climate change and reducing its effects. - Improvement of waterways and decrease in incidences of flooding - Protection and conservation of our UK wildlife diversity, including protection of livestock. Major economic benefits: - Creation of green jobs - trees don’t plant and nurture themselves - Decreased flooding risks mean reduced government spending - Climate change damages economies: investing in the planting and management of trees will remove carbon dioxide and create a healthier, more productive society for all. Plant trees, not tarmac. *House of Lords European Union Committee, Sub-Committees (Environment and Agriculture) ‘Inquiry into the adaptation of agriculture and forestry to climate change: The EU policy response’
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  • LTN / HNS - Hither Green West - Catford North Cell
    We cannot continue to accept that our community suffers from heavy traffic, associated pollution any longer and need change. The west side of Hither Green / Catford North cell area could be a pleasant place to live and work but it continues to be blighted by: • Heavy traffic / congestion with associated pollution • Use as a cut through / rat-run between Lewisham High Street and the South Circular (and vice versa) Having seen other schemes and potential associated benefits - we would also like an LTN / HNS to: • increase physical activity through more walking and cycling • provide safer streets for our residents and particularly our children • significantly reduce non-residential traffic through our community • deliver improved air quality • benefit our local businesses • support LB Lewishams environmental objectives Please sign this petition to help make our community a Low Traffic Neighbourhood and to become a safer, more pedestrian / cycling / family friendly place to live, work and shop. Note: The proposal for the HGW Low Traffic Neighbourhood is below. https://tinyurl.com/yyshvvfl The Green X's relate to the proposal for HGW LTN - Click for a description of what they represent The Grey / Purple Xs' relate to existing filters in HGW / Lewisham Lee Green LTN
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  • No new Drilling on the Isle of Wight
    UKOG propose to drill through our fresh water drinking supply to get at a maximum 12 days worth of oil for the uk using chemicals to break down the shale and rock. If these chemicals get into the aquifers they will contaminate the entire fresh water supply, rivers, streams and sea around the Isle of wight which is a biosphere surrounded by Marine Conservation Zones, Marine Protected areas and proposed Higher Marine Protected Areas
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  • Remove VAT on recycled toilet rolls
    We need to encourage and support the demand for recycled materials, and thus reduce the use of virgin materials.
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    Created by Samuel Dyason