• Clean up our Rivers
    Raw sewage flowing into the rivers and into our seas means that large areas of the United Kingdom are unsuitable for swimming and watersports as well as having a huge effect on the wildlife on the rivers and seas which has a knock on effect to the overall health of our ecosystem. Where we live in Scotland we regularly see sanitary towels amongst other waste all over the beach on rainy days straight from CSO's and into the river.
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    Created by Joe Carter
  • Ban Disposable BBQs
    Fires started by disposable BBQs have ireversably destroyed moorland and ancient forests, wildlife and habitat. They are a regular cause of property fires. They damage parks and other public spaces annually. Dealing with fires, their long term consequences and the litter they create is a huge cost to charities, local authorities and the taxpayer. Proposed regional bans will be ineffective. This is a major environmental challenge requiring a national ban.
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    Created by Josh Brown
  • Merchant City Park
    Glasgow City Centre is seriously lacking in green spaces. A City Park, built a mere 5 minutes’ walk from George Square, surrounded by lovely local cafés and restaurants, will be an invaluable boost to our wonderful city. Merchant City & Trongate Community Council (MCTCC), following the withdrawal of a Planning Application for an hotel at the Ingram Street Car Park, agreed that a City Park would be the best use of this site. A City Park on this site would protect the beautiful world-renowned Fruitmarket Mural by Smug, which has become a much-visited sight of the city, and the existing stunning mature cherry and chestnut trees. With both a world-renowned piece of art and existing mature trees, this site could be an oasis of peace and beauty in a historic part of Glasgow. The City Park would be entirely inclusive, open for residents, visitors, tourists and the wider general public. People could simply relax in nature, rest, read, meet up, mix, chat, walk the dog or play games. All right in the City Centre of Glasgow.
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  • The time is now: New Forest East for a green recovery
    94% of the UK population doesn't want to return to the economy as it was before the pandemic. Now is the time to make a real difference to the climate - that other big problem that hasn't gone away: this year, parts of Siberia in the Arctic circle have reached 38C (100F). Remember how wet this winter was? And the devastating Wareham forest fire? These extremes of weather will get worse if we carry on as before the pandemic, and the nature that we all found so essential in lockdown will be more and more threatened. But it's not all bad news: during the pandemic, the UK's electricity went coal-free for well over two months, smashing the previous record of 18 days, and the longest uninterrupted period since 1882. That kind of improvement could continue even when the country isn't locked down, but only if our politicians do the right thing. We need to invest in clean sources of power, better public transport, protections for Britain's beautiful nature and countryside, and new jobs that will be around well into an uncertain future. This year, the UK will host the UN Climate Summit, COP26. Let's not embarrass ourselves on the world stage: let us instead lead the world by example and show how to recover in a fair and sustainable way. Let Julian Lewis know that nature and the climate is important to you, and you want to see him representing your views in parliament.
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    Created by Tom Arney
  • Reduce microplastics in our diet
    It has now been scientifically proven in 2020 by two separate studies carried out in Italy and the Netherlands that microplastics are present in everyday fruit and vegetables that we are consuming. Microplastics are defined as plastic particles less than 5mm in diameter. It really upsets me especially as a parent to two young boys that we are feeding our children and ourselves supposedly "healthy" fruit and vegetables that could actually be harming them and us due to the microplastics they now contain due to the microplastics in rainwater. National Geographic has published numerous articles on the increasing problems of microplastics and in 2017 a United Nations resolution discussed microplastics and the 'need for regulations to reduce this hazard to our oceans, their wildlife and human health.' There are also various organisations like The Plastic Soup Foundation that have started trying to address this very serious worldwide problem. Please sign this petition and lets help to reduce and eventually stop plastics being allowed by our governments and companies to ruin our precious food and finite water supplies.
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    Created by Matt Burt
  • Let's Get Britain Tidy Again!
    Some of the rubbish scenes in our cities and beaches over this past week have been so upsetting and distressing to see whilst we are in a Pandemic. Big fines and urging people to take their rubbish with them would be a good way to earn money and on the spot fines to shame people who are fly tipping or littering is so important. Only one year since Blue planet and David Attenborough talking at Glastonbury we have to stop the waste, clean the environment and dispose of our rubbish properly for the sake of our seas, creatures and future.
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  • Protect flora and fauna on nature reserves
    As reported by Chris Packham and The Countryfile magazine - ' The Wildlife Trusts consisting of 46 nature charities across the UK — have been left reeling from the damage caused by an increased number of visitors to reserves as a result of lockdown restrictions being eased, combined with warmer weather. The organisation reported a huge increase in damage to its reserves and the wildlife that lives there' ...dogs have killed ground-nesting birds, rare plants disturbed or destroyed through dog faeces.
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  • Ban disposable barbecues and sky lanterns
    Time and time again, portable barbecues and sky lanterns have caused havoc in the countryside. Portable barbecues and sky lanterns have been the cause of multiple forest, bush, and barn fires around the world, having been left and released by unthinking people. In addition, livestock and other animals have been ingesting and becoming entangled by the wires from sky lanterns that have landed nearby. This has to stop,
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  • Compensation for the residents of johnstown
    The people of Johnstown have for a long time opposed the landfill, pointing out many times that it is dangerously close to a residential area. We have now been proven correct with the dangerous levels of pollution released. Many people pay for a home with outdoor space and were unable to use the entirety of their property while being denied clean safe air to breathe.
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    Created by Thomas Darlington
  • Dr Murrison Push for a Green Recovery in Government
    In the wake of the economic fallout of Covid-19 the UK Government is going to have to set in place a recovery plan. Out of the heartbreak this disease has caused we have been given a clear opportunity to enact genuine change and turn the tide of the climate crisis. The time to act with this crisis is now, and green investment has the potential to aid economic recovery greatly. We cannot let this opportunity pass.
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    Created by Alfie Hoar
  • Stop poultry farms from potentially turning the river wye into a wildlife deathtrap
    due to how close proximity of the farms to the river , the birds deposit their phosphate-rich excrement across the ground, and the rain potentially flushes this into streams and eventually the Wye. The phosphates then trigger algae blooms when the sun comes out. Oxygen is removed from the water and plants and fish will die off. We cannot allow the ecological destruction of the wye and it’s decline in wildlife happen !
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    Created by Harry Akers
  • Stop the trashing of Wandsworth Common!
    Wandsworth Common is a huge, beautiful space enjoyed by so many, and has been especially important to us all during lockdown. But it is now being regularly trashed with industrial amounts of litter left by huge crowds of people who leave their plastic bottles, beer cans, pizza boxes and coffee cups for someone else to clean up at our cost. On my morning walks it is truly heart-breaking to see so much rubbish dumped on this beautiful space. And just as saddening that the council or the police do nothing to enforce responsible behaviour. A council worker told me he collects one-and-a-half truckloads of rubbish every morning (see picture) just from the part of the common opposite Bellevue Road! If authorities were on site to enforce the £100 fixed penalty notices for littering, the council's coffers would be full in no time! Further, if people had to pay a deposit of 50p or a £1 for their pizza box or plastic beer cup when buying them from the businesses on Bellevue Road, that would strongly encourage them to return them rather than dump them on the common.
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    Created by Philip Chant