• Cycle paths for Briton creating less emissions and healthy lifestyle!
    I feel we are losing our beautiful country to crowded roads full of cars and fumes damaging the wildlife and our environment to us all becoming greedy machines. People are more stressed unhappy and certainly unhealthy! Life speeds past us all enough and all we are doing is damaging our planet and leaving our children and grand children is a black hole to live in ! Yet we say we want the best for our children? By making a stand is at least trying to make a difference as I know not everyone likes to cycle but for the ones that do at least make some dent in the smokey air to breathe!
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  • New Nuclear In Lancaster to Save the Climate? No To New Nuclear in Climate Emergency Plan
    People are watching with increasing frustration not to mention growing horror as climate emergency resolutions are adopted by councils without any clause or caveat at all that new nuclear should not be an option. The reasons why new nuclear should not be on the table or anywhere near it are outlined in a new report by the Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy. The development of a third nuclear power station at Heysham would not be an appropriate response to the City Council’s climate emergency declaration. Firstly a new station would take too long to build; secondly a new station would not be low carbon; thirdly a new station would be more expensive than alternatives and would detract from the real solutions to the climate emergency, namely a comprehensive energy efficiency programme and the development of renewable energy. Finally, all nuclear power stations are uniquely dangerous, so dangerous to all life on planet earth that no insurance company will underwrite them - the public pays time and again. This danger is exacerbated by climate change. Nuclear power stations are not resilient to climate change. Nuclear power plants function inefficiently or are forced to close during droughts and heatwaves. And many nuclear plants are located along coastlines. As seas rise, coastal nuclear power plants are at-risk from being flooded making them inoperable. Their radioactive waste inventories, if not moved in time, could be in danger of leaking into the oceans. Nuclear power involves major risks, including: a higher probability of serious accidents; a mounting and unsolved radioactive waste problem; and increased nuclear proliferation. Renewable energy risks none of these. Why replace one risk – climate change – with another? Namely nuclear accidents and radioactive wastes. We ask Lancaster City Council to resist the vested interests pushing for new nuclear to be 'part of the mix' . This push is nonsensical and dangerous. The energy revolution must not include nuclear if Lancaster City Council is truly serious about its commitment to protect the climate and the planet. The full report from Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy includes detailed analysis of why nuclear is not 'needed' and can be read here: https://issuu.com/wildart/docs/lancaster_embrace_energy_revolution
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  • Growing low THC Hemp - remove the existing licensing requirements
    Growing hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides, can be grown in poor soils, fixing nitrogen and preventing soil erosion, it absorbs more carbon per hectare than any other commercial crop or forestry. Hemp has 25,000 different uses, It can be used to make significant quantities of paper, textiles, building materials, food, medicine, paint, detergent, varnish, oil, ink, and fuel to name a few. The Low THC Cannabis (Industrial Hemp) Licensing requirement is unnecessarily complicated and expensive. It is a ‘cash crop’ that could restore the fortunes of UK farmers and the environment while there is no reason, other than protecting the interests of a couple of very large companies with questionable government connections, that growing this crop in this country in the 21st century should require a license. In 1533, King Henry VIII made hemp cultivation compulsory by law. They could even pay their taxes with Hemp. President Trump has recognised its importance and has made it legal to grow in the US. Why cut down a tree when you can use hemp?
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    Created by Nicholas Clark
  • Meal size choice in restaurants & cafes
    To reduce food waste which reduces production, preparation, disposal, costs. It affects human welfare in this country and more.
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  • Survey the Impact of Industry in Yapton and Ford
    Owing to recent council decisions, the people and communities of the Yapton ward are concerned about the future of their home. Environmental damage, noise and air pollution, and the increased risk of fatal or serious traffic incidents are all at risk of increasing due to the operation of various industrial sites within the parishes. Many of these sites are subject to legal agreements to ensure the impact of their operation is as small as possible. Many in the area are not satisfied that these obligations are being fulfilled. In addition, some industrial sites are to expand in the near future, meanwhile West Sussex County Council have not commissioned full environmental impact assessments to determine how these will affect the local area. We are therefore petitioning West Sussex County Council to undertake these investigations
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  • Innis & Gunn: we like your beer, but wildlife doesn't like your four-packs
    Plastic rings from beer cans are littered everywhere - from our parks to our rivers and beaches. They can harm or even kill birds and fish, and together add up to thousands of tonnes of plastic waste. There’s a simple solution: Other brewers have moved to alternatives such as cardboard sleeves and glue to tie cans together. If thousands of customers tell Innis and Gunn to do their bit to reduce plastic litter and ditch plastic rings, they’ll have to listen. It won’t solve the plastic crisis overnight, but it’s a small step that could make a massive difference.
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    Created by John Thomas
  • Make all your packaging recyclable
    Everyone is being encouraged to reduce single use plastics to help reduce their impact on the environment, yet a large proportion of Aldi’s products come in packaging marked ‘Not yet recycled’.
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  • Total ban on plastic cups
    It would be the easiest way to make a positive change, will not hurt nor inconvenience us and will greatly reduce our plastic consumption. It will help us to wean ourselves off plastic towards a smarter, cleaner way to live.
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    Created by Jon Waring
  • Ban airport suitcase plastic wrapping
    We need to greatly reduce plastic consumption. It can be easily replaced by a cotton cover that people can buy and reuse.
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  • Milk in Glass at supermarkets
    We are throwing billions of tons of plastic away to be recycled a year. And we now know that none of it is being recycled as we thought and there are unsightly plastic mountains in other countries that is our waste. It is shameful.....
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  • East Cambridgeshire District Council - Declare a Climate Emergency
    We are facing an unprecedented climate and ecological catastrophe. Leading scientists from the IPCC have warned that if we carry on with business as usual and don't take emergency action on climate change, we face the gravest threats to our local and global environment. This includes worsening risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. Extreme weather events are already being seen, even in East Cambs which experienced severe drought last year. More recently, during a heatwave in July 2019 which saw extreme temperatures across Europe, the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was reached in Cambridge. In the light of this urgent situation, at least 230 councils in the UK have already declared a Climate Emergency, while cities including Exeter, Bristol and Edinburgh have set themselves ambitious targets of carbon neutrality by 2030. We therefore call on the East Cambridgeshire District Council to: 1. Declare a Climate Emergency; 2. Pledge to make ECDC together with its wholly-owned companies and contractors carbon neutral by 2030, and pledge to divest Council investments including pensions from fossil fuels; 3. Call on the Government to provide the powers, resources and technical support to make the 2030 target possible; 4. Work with local stakeholders to develop a strategy in line with a target of net zero emissions by 2030, via a Council Working Group and a Citizen's Assembly. These should involve participation from as wide a range of residents, young people, businesses, and other relevant parties as possible and should report within 6 months, or at least in time for their recommendations to be funded in the next budget cycle. Please only sign if you live or work in East Cambs, and make sure to include your postcode.
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    Created by Kim Ashton
  • Palm Oil
    The planets great forests are the lungs of the world. They provide us with oxygen and they lock up carbon stopping its escape into the atmosphere. Not only that but the species that live there are being devastated. If we all gave up the many things that contain palm oil the producers would not be able to sell it and it would be pointless growing it. Please, please help the planet and give it up!!
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    Created by Susan Reynolds