Many British citizens are stranded in Guatemala and are being left to make their own arrangements with little to no guidance from our embassy except to go to a potentially dangerous border. Some have infants or are in other compromised situations (medication potentially running out etc.) Furthermore many tourists are scattered throughout the country and there is a curfew now in place. Mr Raab needs to organise for British nationals to have special dispensation for a period of time to travel to an international airport.
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    Created by Tim Kikke
  • Stop excessive overdraft charges while people deal with fallout from coronavirus.
    People are already living in debt. The implications of the covid-19 pandemic mean that more people will be even worse off. Banks should of course be allowed to charge for borrowing, but with interest rate slashed to an historic 0.1%, it's not so easy to justify a flat rate of 40% apr.
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    Created by Tim Kearns
    Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Peru. Other countries have organized repatriation flights to bring them home. One flight so far has been sent to Lima to bring a group of people back to the UK. There are still very large numbers of people left in the lurch who have had little or no information from the Foreign Office about what is being done. Many tourists have been cramped into rooms in hostels in desperately difficult conditions and some are running out of vital supplies Furthermore many tourists are scattered throughout the country and there is a curfew. Mr Raab needs to organise for British nationals to have special dispensation for a period of time to travel to an international airport.
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    Created by Pablo Uribe
  • Stop Ebay allowing the resale of essential baby items at high prices during Covid 19
    It poses a serious threat to the wellbeing and lives of babies.
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    Created by Amber Bloom
  • Stop our local parks and playgrounds from closing down - #PlayMustStay
    Watch the video about the campaign here: https://youtu.be/3EE38TySdSE My name is Leyla Preston. I have three children and I own a parenting magazine called Motherhood Diaries (www.motherhooddiaries.com). In the summer of 2019, I joined a campaign with The Association of Play Industries (API Play) called #PlayMustStay which encourages parents to visit their local parks and playgrounds with their children and keep them off the screens. Cast your mind back to when you were a child. I remember always being outdoors and spending most of my time playing with my friends. I only ever came home when it was time for dinner or sleep. It was such a fun time, and I really enjoyed being outside socialising and burning my energy. As a result, I have such fond memories of playing at my local park/playground, which was just minutes away from me on foot. Nowadays, children have a very different life, most of which is now spent indoors, because of diminishing parks and playgrounds and the constant lure of screens. In 2016, API Play researched into the state of England’s parks and playgrounds and found that local authorities had already closed 347 playgrounds to date. Next year, they plan to further decrease their spend on play facilities by almost £25 million per year, which means more parks/playgrounds will close. And once they’re gone, they’re gone forever! This means a lot of communities cannot get to their local park or playground, and the vicious circle of keeping our children indoors will continue–and how do you occupy your children when you have millions of things to do yourself? Screens! As with everything, a balance is key but this new world is seeing an epidemic of excessive screen time, which has led to childhood obesity, mental health issues and sleep problems because kids are not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation from unstructured outdoor play, which is deemed more beneficial than structured play. Don’t forget that play also encourages social interaction, physical and mental development and, of course, learning through play. We need to take back control and together with our local communities encourage our local government to increase their spend on parks and playgrounds and make them understand that this cut, which they think will save money will cost more in the long run through medical expenses alone. I am not alone in thinking this. Mumsnet surveyed 1,111 parents with children aged two to twelve years old and found that 72% of parents with children who suffer health issues like obesity agree that lack of outdoor play has played a role in their child's health problems. We need more access to parks and playgrounds, but we can’t do this on our own. The government must understand how vitally important our beautiful pockets of nature are to our kids by urging them to stop closing our parks and playgrounds and increase their spend so more parents can get to their local park. Not all parents have access to a car or public transport, so let’s build more parks and playgrounds and have them on our doorstep, so we are not pulled in by the lure of screens. We will be paid back in dividends for the rest of ours and our children’s lives. Please sign the petition so we can bring this issue of not enough parks and playgrounds to the government for review. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Check out my full article and video on the Winter's Tale campaign here: http://bit.ly/PlayMustStayWinterTale https://youtu.be/3EE38TySdSE Learn more about the campaign here - https://www.api-play.org/news-events/play-must-stay-campaign/ Follow our story on Instagram here - https://www.instagram.com/motherhooddiaries https://www.api-play.org/playmuststay-a-winters-tale/
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    Created by Leyla Preston
  • Bus route Hartford Marina Huntingdon
    Many use this service to get to work and ti visit the garden centre and marina. Visitors to the camp site use it to get around to Cambridge and Huntingdon. Many pensioners use it too. It is also a very busy rd and by using the bus will cut down on any carbon issues.
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  • Victoria Park Child & Adult safer pedestrian crossing petition
    Victoria Park is a hub of the community with families and children using the play park, walkers milling through, with recreational sports and events taking place on the green. The play park is used by locals, and visitors the area, it is a wonderful addition to the town. Our aim is to apply for funding as part of Aberfeldy Road Safety Sub Group to achieve a safer entrance/area to the park for all ages, which I am sure you agree is much needed vital change. Success in the competition for funds, will depend in part on demonstrating widespread community support and a Partnership approach, which this petition allows us to achieve.
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    Created by Lucy Trayner Shahbaz
  • Stop our children being exploited
    Remove the app as it’s disgusting and heart breaking to watch our children being exploited by the hands of peadophiles on these apps. They are utterly disgusting,and parents need to not be letting their children on any of these kind of sites or apps,as they may not realise they are also exploiting their children to this abuse too. please help and get new laws set up for child exploitation,as a mother and grandmother I need other adults to be by me,all the way with this!
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    Created by Zoe Brandon
  • Reinstate our lolly pop person
    It is important to Mick as he enjoys his job & the interaction that it gives him with the local community. It is important more now than ever as he has just lost his wife & this helps him to move on a little bit & keep himself busy. But it is important to the community especially the parents & their children who cross with him to get to school. He ensures their safety on which is a dangerous junction otherwise. People are being put at risk while he is not there & the children miss seeing him as it is part of their daily routine
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  • Childcare cost
    It's important because I've had to drop down from 5 days to 3days work due to childcare cost being excessive. As a single mother 3 days is still crippling my pockets. I just don't understand why the 15/30hours free is not given at an early stage as maternity pay typically finishes at 9 months forcing most mothers to go back to work. To get the free hours at a younger age would be a great insensitive for more mothers to go back to work without the huge stress off cutting down on days and being financially unstable. What's the point in going back to work to use your pay for childcare costs? When we have other household bills that need paying and families to support.
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  • In Family Fostering
    Grandparents, siblings and inlaws often take in children and are not recieving any subsidy. They do this from a position of virtue not moneygrabing. Out fostered children come with a budget. The infostered children frequently cause dire financial hardship; some infoster guardians may be well off most are not particularly grandparents and sibling. Please get a spell checker on this website, I am dyslexix after all. DerekN
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