• Save the current attractions (including wheelchair accessible equipment) at Brooklands.
    Brooklands was initially designed as a pleasure park, not an educational nature facility. On the door step are many settings more equipped to be such places like widewater, pullbourough brooks, woods mill, southwater, swanbourne lake and of course the downs. What the locality doesn't have is an abundance of accesible, fun places to go and in fact, Brooklands was West sussex's first accesible play park! With a 2 millions pound budget it seems very little thought has gone in to what the area wants to retain from the original park instead favouring a blank slate approach. Children enjoy water play, play parks and indeed trains. A large indoor leisure facility isn't required to make it a rainy day attraction instead a small soft play area as before is enough for children. The new plans sound good but they miss out the very young and the disabled and take away a lot of the fun. We should be aiming to make attractions more accesible, currently there is wheelchair swings, roundabout and the train was accesible there seems no plans to parallel or better this. This review is one which highlights how important the facilities are or at least were and could be again for everyone. https://www.euansguide.com/venues/brooklands-pleasure-park-sompting-5611/reviews/brooklands-pleasure-park-totally-wheelchair-friendly-for-kids-1931
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    Created by Allegra Rosalind
  • Stop the Windrush generation from being deported
    This is important to me because my cousin is fighting at this moment of time against the government to stay in this country. She came here when she was 12 and lived most her life here. Her mother died and she couldn't go to her funeral. There is so much she wants to achieve for e.g. university and she can't. There is so much more like her struggling in Britain and they need the support.
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    Created by Aisha Abukari
  • Zebra crossing for Pangbourne school children and residents
    Pangbourne school children urgently require a Zebra crossing outside Pangbourne Primary School. Since the lollipop lady lost her funding, the residents of Pangbourne, desperately need a safe crossing for our children on their way to school. It is a fast 30 mph zone outside the school and cars rarely stop to allow children to cross safely. We feel it is only a matter of time before an awful accident occurs involving a child and a vehicle and this could be easily avoided by installing a zebra crossing. There is a traffic island further down the road but this is not sufficient as cars do not often stop for people, leaving children, families, and often large groups stranded in the middle of the road while cars whizz by. It is not a safe situation for anyone. And it's especially unsafe for children, the disabled, the elderly & families with young children and buggies.
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    Created by Helen Bailey Green
  • Continued Public Use of Holland Gardens SW20 for U10 Football
    We object to attempts made by any of the administrators – whether in an individual capacity, or collectively as a group - to interfere with, or to deny the use of Holland Gardens SW20 for U10 football activities.
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    Created by Kadir Colakoglu
  • Sensible parking restrictions in Grantown-on-Spey
    Grantown Initiative and Grantown-on-Spey and Vicinity Community Council recently wrote to The Highland Council regarding the changes to parking arrangements in Grantown-on-Spey which appear to have been made without due consultation with community organisations or consideration for businesses in Grantown-on-Spey. We believe that changes made to the parking arrangements in Grantown-on-Spey have resulted in a dangerous situation for drivers and pedestrians, are potentially damaging to businesses in the town and generally make the Square far less attractive to visitors. Meanwhile Highland Council has failed to provide adequate additional parking in spite of the fact that it holds land at the former council depot which could be used for such. A review of these newly made parking restrictions and a meeting to discuss was requested by both groups. Whilst we support the principle of Highland Council taking civil enforcement powers in respect of parking in Grantown, we must object to the implementation of this draft Order. We feel that that the Parking Scheme recently introduced in Grantown, over which Highland Council appears to be seeking these powers, is not fit for purpose. Not only does it raise serious safety concerns but it has removed essential parking bays around the Square and along the High Street. Not having had the opportunity to discuss the recently introduced parking scheme, Grantown Initiative now requests that The Highland Council takes immediate steps to rectify these issues enact sensible parking restrictions in Grantown-on-Spey. Specifically we request the following changes; • The removal of the parking bay(s) opposite the Co-Operative which have added to congestion around the busy High street / Seafield Avenue junction and have created a hazardous situation for pedestrians and motorists alike. • Removal of the chicane style parking bays along the length of the square which creates congestion, particularly around the Bus Stops where busses cannot properly access the stops due to parked cars. We would suggest that spaces be realigned to allow easier access for buses and freer flowing traffic and reduce unnecessary congestion. • Removal of the new double yellow lines, which have robbed the square of 20 parking places. • The creation of a new off street parking facility to provide sufficient parking for the town as a whole. This could be provided at the site of the old council yard adjacent to Grantown Primary. This could also be used to provide a safe drop off area for the school. • Provide an opportunity for the community to have a say in parking restrictions in Grantown-on-Spey
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    Created by Stewart Dick
  • St Marks Traffic Options Petition (STOP)
    The safety of our children and families is at the forefront of this petition. Providing an off road drop off zone will provide children with a safe passage to School. It will alleviate the current pressure on the surrounding streets, which currently results in dangerous parking and frustration for parents, drivers and local residents.
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    Created by Marie Skinner
  • Fly Infestations in West Dereham
    The excessive number of flies present in the village (and surrounding villages) is having a detrimental effect on the lives of residents and their families. A constant threat of disease and bacteria, material internal damage to property and expenditure on sprays, screens, tapes and specialist equipment is making peoples lives a misery. We know that it has been a hot summer, but the sheer volume of flies is due to more than the weather and living in a rural area. The image at the top of the page was taken in a West Dereham House. The owner is scrubbing every surface clean each day with bleach in desperation to rid the house of flies and their detritus, only for it to return to this state the following day. Another resident described her young daughter in tears as she abandoned her breakfast due to flies crawling all over the table and the bowl she was eating from. Others have said that family and friends refuse to visit because of the flies, whilst some avoid returning home because of the misery that awaits them. Residents have come forward to say they are reduced to tears by being unable to cook a meal cleanly and safely - just simple things that we take for granted. Anyone that has children will understand what it is like to worry about keeping them safe and healthy and for the residents of West Dereham (and the other villages affected) this is at the forefront of their mind 24 hours a day. Houseflies are known to act as vessels for over 100 pathogens - really nasty bugs and diseases which they spread as they crawl across food and surfaces. When flies feed they first release saliva and digestive juices over food and then sponge up the resulting solution. Enough to give you nightmares particularly when you have a young family. We are asking our MP to take action on our behalf and to apply pressure to both the Environment Agency and King's Lynn Borough council to take urgent action. If nothing is done, we face being in exactly this situation again in 2019. Please support us in pressing for action to be taken by signing this petition.
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    Created by Jenny Simpson
  • Install pedestrian crossing A27 peak lane and the avenue for parents and children
    It’s important to me because I would like to know that when my wife and children head off to school they do not have to cross such a busy junction with no true means of safety other than there judgement at any given moment when the lights change for other road users to stop or go. It’s also worrying that next year we will be sending our 11yr old son to the secondary school via this route on his own and the thought of this or something happening is very worrying. There are a number of families who use this same route and so it’s equally important to them and I have been informed previous petitions have been set up with nothing coming to fruition. Please help us ensure the safety of the families who travel this route almost every single day by signing this petition and when I have enough signatures I will email the local council.
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    Created by Chris Hynd
  • URGENT ACTION: Save Poole Hospital NHS staff from deportation
    Paul Ermitano, a highly respected cardiac physiologist and his wife Jamila, an experienced nurse, are Filipino citizens who gave up their careers overseas and came to Poole over 3 years ago to tackle staff shortages in our NHS. The Home Office are refusing to grant the family an extension on their visa stopping Paul carrying out the vital, life-saving heart scans that he is trained to do. They’ve been ordered to leave the country immediately. This decision has come about because they briefly accepted child benefit for their son. They've paid it back in full. The family have no means to support themselves financially and Jamila is due to give birth to their second child in 3 months time. Our new Health Secretary the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP has put NHS workforce and efficiency at the top of his agenda. Therefore it defies common sense and decency that resources are being spent on ejecting these lovely and useful people. Home Secretary Sajid Javid should extend the stay of this family so they can safeguard the delivery of their unborn baby and continue their vital work for our NHS.
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    Created by Ben Neate
  • Wolvercote Speeding Petition
    We the signatories to this petition are increasingly concerned about the volume and speed of road traffic through Wolvercote. In particular, it is increasing the risk of a serious accident involving residents, pedestrians and schoolchildren walking or cycling to school. The frustration of some drivers to exceed the 20mph speed limit is further linked to trying to catch or beat the Godstow road traffic lights or avoid the traffic jams on the A34.
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    Created by Rob Whitty
  • Save Sandy sports facilities
    There are no other leisure facilities in the local area.
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    Created by Gregory Royle
  • Force Mortgage 'Early Repayment Charges' to reflect cost to bank
    Banks are keen to make money in hidden ways that are unavoidable. These excessive charges impact families and people who maybe have no other choice but to repay a mortgage.
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    Created by Andy Avery