• Government help for working parents with childcare
    As a 2 full time working parents household with two children needed childcare for us to go to work, we cannot get help with our childcare cost and it’s leaving us next to nothing to live off, why should we work 37 hours a week 5 days a week for nothing?? Things need to change 15 hours funding for 2 year olds go to low income families or for non working families! Is this right??? 30 hours is amazing but it doesn’t help me till my child is 3, my childcare is twice my mortgage, help is needed for us working parents, universal credits is a joke with a income cut off point which is so low this needs lifting as minimum wage goes up but so does the cost of living,
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    Created by Emma Day
  • Crossing on jennetts Park
    Because in one week alone I’ve had two near accidents with my little girl on a less than a minute walk to school. I am not the only one but I won’t stand by and wait for an accident to happen before Chang’e is made. I want to protect my child and every other child in the community. Promote safety and change ! Our community was rushed and it’s known as home to so many of us and we want it completed with the paramount safely of our children in mind .
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    Created by Louise Fisher
  • Make gay marrige legal in northern ireland
    It is important because if people in Northern Ireland love each other, it is disgusting that the government can take away a persons right to be married regardless of their genders. It is a human right to not be discriminated, so why should they be able to take away a human right?
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    Created by p r
  • Get Andrew Scott on CBeebies Bedtime Stories
    Andrew Scott has such a talent for storytelling, he has demonstrated this on stage for many years. Recently, he has recorded audio for the complete collection of Beatrix Potter books. This is not widely available though and, if he appeared on the world-renowned Bedtime Stories, he could reach a greater range of people who are missing out on his spell-binding accounts of wonderful authors/writers. The programme would attract a large parent following due to his appeal from before and after his Moriarty/Hot Priest roles. After all; tired parents need a little present at the end of the day.
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    Created by Lucy Gumble
  • Pay unmarried Widows bereavement benefits.
    As a Widowed parent I know first hand how devastating it is to find yourself in this life. Not every person has life insurance, a decent pension, savings or has an estate to leave their loved ones. To struggle every month while dealing with grief and the grief of your child. Always worrying if all the bills will be covered, constantly having to go without, missing meals to make sure your children eat, always having to say no when your child asks for treats. Having to ask for food vouchers so you can go to a food bank to keep the cupboards stocked or having to ask family for help even though your still working as much as you can. We are purposely left to struggle in the worst possible moments of life because we were not married to our partners at the time of their death. The government do not even recognise us as widows or our children as bereaved due to being unmarried. It has been acknowledged that this is wrong and has to change and there are charities already campaigning but still nothing has been done and families like mine are suffering because of it. This is wrong and it has to be changed now.
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    Created by Laura Campbell Lucas
  • Petition for Parent & Child spaces in Costa car park Sweet Briar Retail Park
    I regularly go to Costa and the spaces aren’t big enough for parent & child - I struggled getting my baby in the back seat today after the car next door parked too close. I had to climb in from the other side.
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    Created by Laura Stephenson
  • Create a playspace for children who visit Hove Edge Club
    I feel the club should be investing in their members and their children as they will help the club sustain and last as a business . The visiting children of today will be the members of the club tomorrow. I have lots of fundraising ideas to pay for the outdoor space
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    Created by laura wright
  • Prevent motorbikes on footpaths in parks
    It is illegal to ride motorbikes along public footpaths, but I have seen this done repeatedly. Many toddlers and young children use the New River Walk and Astey's Playground to play, nap, and feed ducks. They could be injured. As a local parent, I have become afraid to let my child out of the pushchair.
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    Created by Helen Long Picture
  • Real nappy vouchers and better Sure Start vouchers
    For parents to provide for young babies and to take pressure off during an important time of the babies growth. For the environment, so council rubbish dumps have less problems with sanitary waste. To lead the way in family provisioning from the Local government.
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    Created by Francoise White
  • Ban payday lenders from charging more than 30% apr
    Often the most vulnerable in our society have little means of resources to help them, so turn to payday lenders just to survive, or to get them out of debt which very quickly leaves them in a cycle of revolving debt. Payday lenders are taking advantage of this and charging exploitative rates of interest ie 1300% sending people into spiralling debt
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    Created by Samantha Newey
  • Badge holders for parents
    To stop other uses with out children using parent and child spaces
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    Created by Nicola Janee ʚϊɞ
  • Fair Holiday Prices for Parents
    Kids, hardworking parents/carers/school staff all deserve a decent break. A great holiday is often the best event of the year. But as soon as school term ends, all the holiday companies wack up the prices for exactly the same holiday they were selling the previous week. Most people simply can't afford these raised prices and so parents/carers are faced with a choice of staying at home or risking their childs education by going in term time.
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    Created by Damian Cooney