• MRI scans in Scotland for Occular Melanoma Sufferers
    This is important to me personally as my son is one of the people suffering from this illness and he has already lost the site in one of his eyes, so I feel I must do anything I can to end this scandalous situation.
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    Created by Sam Torrance
  • Calisthenics park in Eastbourne
    Street workout is growing worldwide in maximum speed. Thousands of people at all age practice this kind of workout. Eastbourne is one of the places in the UK where the World Cup of calisthenics took place two years ago. But there is no park to train and it's a shame. It would give a young people opportunity to improve a good health, strength and to develop a fitness skills. Please help me change that. Everywhere around parks are being built. If you are not sure what the calisthenics is , don't worry and don't be afraid to check the link below and see what this is all about. This is a short clip of the World Cup Stage in Eastbourne in 2015. https://youtu.be/HWvWGRDw6oY
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    Created by Jacek Zietal
  • Lower mammogram age to 30
    I have just had a breast cancer scare and have had to have alot of my breast removed and reconstructed and I'm 39. Whilst in hospital there were so many young women I see with breast cancer so it really is important to get the age for mammograms lowered. I was the youngest there at 39 and the oldest was 50. Since my scare I've had so many people on Facebook telling me their stories...They are all under 50 and some of their patents and sister's have died in their 40's. I'm sick of the hard working public that pay their taxes getting treated like this cos of all the cuts. It's time for us all to stand up and say our health comes first!! Big love to you all ❤❤❤
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    Created by Carrianne Tough Picture
  • Save Dilk
    Local people depend on this Hospital.
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    Created by Georgina Smith
  • closure of padiatrician and adult heart surgury at Royal Brompton Hospital
    This hospital serves adults and children from this country and from abroad due to its high reputation in heart surgery and has received the highest Order of merit, a most excusive civilian award. Order of Merit are chosen personally by the Queen. he Brompton has previously scuppered a previous attempt and one a High Court battle arguing the process was flawed. Why then would the NHS Executive who will rule on Thursday the fate of the Brompton by dismantling the highest quality heart care service in this country. This could result in an unforgivable act to dismantle the most important heart disease in Britain.
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    Created by Valerie Williams Picture
  • Sex and Relationships Education Introduced to National Curriculum
    While teen pregnancy is on the decrease in the UK, we still have the highest rate in Western Europe. Teen pregnancy rates here are 5 times higher than in the Netherlands and around twice the EU average. We believe that this difference is down to a reluctance to talk about the realities of sex in the UK.
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    Created by Tom Colderwood
  • Change Crayke Primary School to 20mph zone
    School kids have to cross between parked cars, meaning it could only be a matter of time before an accident happens as heavy good vehicles, cars and trucks use the road in a 30mph zone. Because of parked cars, traffic is reduced to a single lane - meaning there is a great deal of congestion. We have the opportunity to influence Hamleton Highways and the police who are coming out to access the situation and with your help we can make this happen for the safety of our children. Most villages I have driven passed have these clear marking and is a 20 mph zone through out the villages.
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    Created by Claire Walker Picture
  • Securing a Knighthood for Kenny Dalglish
    For his humanity, empathy and actions in relation to the victims of the Hillsboro disaster and their families and for his achievements in Sport.
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    Created by Ian Stewart
  • Traffic calming and a pedestrian crossing on b3298 Carharrack
    The majority of the children from Carharrack have to cross this road to walk to school and the speeds that cars travel makes this a lethal route, we encourage children to walk to school, get out more etc but if we can't make the routes safe then how can we expect parents to feel confident in doing this? The junction at the bottom of the hill has had numerous accidents mainly caused through speeding and until the speed is brought under control these accidents will unfortunately continue to happen, do we have to wait until there is another fatality? No let's get together and act now to make our village safer for us all
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    Created by Nicki Isaacs Picture
  • Open Deerpark Surgery in Witney
    They care less that the other surgeries in Witney are now struggling with all the extra patients they had to take on. Now its 6-8 weeks to see a GP. Meantime more and more houses are being built in the vicinity of the Deerpark surgery. This means that a MINIMUM of 10.000 people will be wanting to sign onto a surgery. The local GPs are already overstretched and find it very difficult to see all patients, I myself have complex health problems and in 6 months I have seen my GP once. I have had to attend the surgery at other times and have experienced lack of care in no follow up and terse nurses, who are also under pressure. I am 72 and don't have any quality of care as I did with Deerpark. Not once had my BP checked or my Diabetes, both these were checked regularly before. I am also at serious risk of a heart attack or stroke, I just feel this could happen and no one will even care. All patients of the surgeries in Witney need to sign the petition as this affects them greatly too.
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    Created by Yvonne De Burgo
  • Plastic reduction in supermarkets
    The oceans are already choked with plastic and by 2050 , there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This could mean starvation to many people and countries that depend on the ocean to survive. This is the sort of environment that breeds conflict and war, thus causing more pollution. I have 5 grandchildren who will be part of this polluted world along with billions of others. We have no need to worry about world war three, as pollution will eradicate the population before , if we don't take action now. If we target supermarkets like Asda, then we can pressurise them into making a difference.
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    Created by Nicholas Perry Picture
  • Increase funding for the NHS through increasing taxation by 1p in the £
    The NHS is essential to the U.K.- it is at danger of ceasing if a commitment to increasing its funding does not occur immediately and sanctioned by the forthcoming budget.
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    Created by Sue Vernon