• Pay carers full sick pay
    without carers in this country the social welfare of elderly, vunerable, disabled persons would be put at severe risk. They should be regarded as professionals and paid and treated as such. Paying sick way would protect their health as well as the people they are caring for.
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  • Release Public Donations for Grenfell to buy Housing and Possessions for the Survivors. Now
    Money Held and not used for the purpose it was Donated is Theft
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  • More Funding For the Mental Health department in Southmead Hospital
    We are a group of ten teens who are participating in the National Citizen Service Programme. For our social action, we decided to address issues around Teens' Mental Health. Statistically 1 in 10 teens struggles with their mental health. However, there are many more that don't speak out because there are many restrictions in their way. One of these restrictions is stigma which we want to address in our social action. Another big restriction is the lack of support available. We want more funding's from the NHS to help people around Bristol who are suffering with their mental health. One of our group members struggled with their mental health; here is her story. "Over the past few years, depression has been an unwanted friend. During this period, I also dealt with abuse and bullying which affected me emotionally. This caused me to give up with everything. I couldn't be bothered to get up yet alone revise. After my GCSE's finished life at home got worse. I lost the only friends I had. I didn't leave my bed. I started to get bad thoughts about suicide which lead to self harming. I was too afraid to tell people because of my severe anxiety. Once i opened up and told my friend, I realised there were people that wanted to help me. I was just looking in the wrong place. I decided to not end my life there and then but now I continued it until this day where I can say I'm recovering." Another member of our team had an experience where their sibling's treatment for anorexia was significantly delayed due to a bed shortage because of the lack of funding. These are just two peoples stories. Since so many teens have their own experience, we want to help make it easier for others to receive the support they need as early as possible so they don't have to suffer in silence.
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  • control private landlords rent increases
    thousands of people are homeless everyday if the government took control of the landlords and set a basic rent for 1,2 and 3 bedroom properties no matter of the postcode or location just based on the number of rooms in the property something has to be done there are to many people homeless and struggling to pay their rents!!!!!!
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  • Money back on rubbish collection
    Not very healthy to have those rubbishes on our streets. Not very respectful from council. No consideration for the public. Save the binmen jobs and no cut.
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  • Restore A&E 24/7 at Weston General Hospital
    Currently A&E at Weston General is closed between 10pm and 8am. Seriously ill and injured people are being taken over 20 miles to Bristol or Taunton.This puts patients health under grave risk and fatalities are inevitable due to the time it will take to get people to a functioning A&E.....if an ambulance can be found.
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  • Stop Gambling sites emailing and messaging people
    It is tempting people who would not normally seek out gambling establishments to start what could lead to an addiction.
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  • Asthmatic inhalers
    Why do asthmatics have to pay for their inhalers and diabetics get enselling free
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  • Save Burton Hospital Stop the Derby Takeover
    Earlier this year, leaked documents have revealed that Derby Teaching Hospital Trust will merge with Burton Hospital Trust The documents reveal that such a merger could have wide ranging implications on clinical areas including: Cancer and Stroke Care Orthopaedics Radiology Acute Medicine   The documents show that some services could be lost from Burton and moved to Derby* We have the following concerns Concerns over loss of services at Burton Hospital Threats to staffs jobs, terms and conditions A lack of transparency in the process. Proposals to increase levels of privatisation Further pressure to remaining Hospital services in Burton and Derby
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  • Maximum temperature
    Because there is a minimum but no maximum. We are In pain with the heat
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  • Respirators in high rise flats
    After the Tragedy at Grenfell Tower and the unknown amount of people who died from smoke inhalation, this could be an effective low cost fast way to give people a chance of getting through the deadly smoke. We should all understand that the government will not fit sprinkler systems within flats similar to Grenfell but this would be a start to give people a chance of getting out of the building alive if such events occur.
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  • Breast Reduction
    1 in 5 women experience breast growth during the menopause. The NHS guidelines focus on BMI which doesn't factor in the breast growth and the added weight of larger breasts incur. I am one of these women and am fighting my local CCG at the moment. But I am not the only woman suffering with this. I can't afford the expense of constantly buying larger bras due to the increase bust size. A lot of doctors fail to recognise this statistic and are very condescening about this issue. I mentioned to one doctor I had seen an article in a paper about this, and the idea was pooh poohed. THIS IS REAL. We DO suffer. I have ridges in my shoulders, back and shoulder pain, upper arm pain and all I get told is to lose weight. How can I lose weight when the GP won't do anything about the cause of my weight gain?! It is depressing and does make you feel depressed because you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall. So if you are suffering like myself, please help me to be heard. Stand and up and be counted and lets get the rules on Breast Reduction changed!!
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