• Say YES to Newark Hospital
    All patients (50,000) from the Newark district have to travel a minimum of 25 miles to a hospital when we had a perfectly good service given by our own hospital in the town. The A&E as been down graded to what is known locally as a Bumbs & Bruises (B&B). The front line staff numbers have been cut. All this was done we believe without full consultation. Finally lives are being put at risk because of time and distantance and lack of ambulance cover. We are asking Andrew Lansley for a full review without sucess.
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    Created by Vic Hall
  • Coastguard SOS
    LIVES WILL BE LOST, if the current plan to close 50% of HM Coastguard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC) goes ahead. The safeguards promised by the Government have been thrown away, the closure plan is now proven to be based on FLAWED concepts and will lose valuable Local Knowledge & experience. visit http://coastguardsos.com/ for more details Vital time in effective rescues will be wasted by passing information around the country instead going to the local Regional MRCC
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    Created by Chris Jameson
  • Stop the cuts to benefits for disabled people, as outlined in the welfare reform bill
    When universal credit is introduced thousands of disabled people who have small pensions or other limited income will lose all entitlement to contributory employment and support allowance - despite having worked in the past, paying tax and NI. This will also affect severely disabled people in the support group, who are judged medically to be unable to work, and whom the government pledged to support. The changes to disability living allowance should also be revisited as the proposed introduction of personal independence payment to replace it, does not adequately provide for severely disabled people, with much harsher assessment which only skims the surface of need. As a result, many will lose entitlement to the motability scheme, resulting in higher unemployment and further marginalisation of disabled people. Many will also not receive the support they need to provide for their care needs and the burden will fall on services in other areas as a result. Disabled people are unfairly portrayed as lazy scroungers by the press and media - nothing could be further from the truth and genuinely disabled people want to see action taken to sustain the benefits system and make it less susceptible to fraud, but they have no real voice for their concerns. The government is dismantling the NHS and welfare state in front of our eyes - you may be fit and healthy, and able to earn a living now, but what would you do if you became ill or disabled at some point in the future ?
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    Created by pamela stock
  • Change if epidiolex (cannabis oil) licence
    48% of people with epilepsy in the uk have refractory epilepsy (not controlled). This places them at increased risk of death and injury. In the uk deaths from epilepsy have increased 70%. Many people would benefit from a change of licence for epidiolex which has been shown to help in these cases but are been denied it due to current licensing guidelines. Sadly families and individuals are suffering currently due to the current situation.
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    Created by Emma Chapman
  • Make PIP Assessment Centres more easily accessible for people who are ill
    My nephew has Asperger's Syndrome. He has been unable to claim PIP because he cannot "hold on" to the phone to speak to an operator, have the right documents at the time he makes the call, completely understand the telephone conversation, understand how to fill in the form to explain his situation or attend the assessment centre, as this would involve interacting with people and travelling to an unknown place. I cannot start the claim proccess for him by phone, as he has to be present and I do not live near him.
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    Created by Lorna King
  • Vital NHS Phone Calls Are Being Blocked!
    The telephones of NHS GP Surgeries and Talking Matters (which deals with mental health issues) in Northumberland have changed to using withheld numbers, which means that many people with urgent medical issues are missing vital calls; this is because if you use BT Call Protect - which blocks many nuisance calls - NHS calls are blocked too! The NHS seems totally disinterested in rectifying this problem; meanwhile I have missed several important medical calls and have even been discharged from Talking Matters after waiting over a month for a telephone appointment because "Your phone won't accept withheld numbers". I wasn't told about this beforehand and no apology or explanation was necessary, apparently. (In many places locally mobile phones simply don't work.)
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    Created by David Gilson
  • Adequate help for mental illnesses
    This is extremely important to myself as I suffer from anxiety and my oldest son suffers with extreme anxiety and on occasion low mood. I had to fight for years, constantly taking my son to his gp just to receive an initial referal for him. He is currently being seen through CAMHS, where is he supposed to be seen on a fortnightly basis, however he hasn't had an appointment since November! I have contacted CAMHS on a number of occasions to be told he is still an active member on their list, however, they cannot tell me when his next appointment will be. This has left my son and myself feeling frustrated, deflated and we feel we have nowhere else to turn for support. As a sufferer of anxiety myself, I know how awful it feels and how it gets in the way of your day to day life, but for a child this must be unbearable. There is no worse feeling as a parent trying your best for your children but not knowing how to help them. In my area alone, the suicide rate has almost tripled in the past few years. I find this figure to be extremely alarming as it shows just how extreme the impact of mental health can have on people. Most of these people taking their own lives are kids....our children and the next generation. Our kids are living in a world where so much is expected of them, and the pressure to fit in and do well in life clearly shows it can all be too much for them. We need to end the stigma relating to mental health and we need to teach our children it's ok to talk about their feelings and it's ok to feel overwhelmed at times. I was deeply shocked and concerned to see the handful of MPs who attended the debate just earlier this month regarding the issue of child mental health. If our MPs are not going to take this matter seriously and fight for our children then we must. It's about time they realised how important this issue is as the problem is growing and growing year by year.
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    Created by Louise Kirkwood
  • Mammograms at 40 not 50.
    I met several people today in their 40's who had had Breast Cancer. Mammagrams would have meant it could be found and treated earlier.
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    Created by Sharon crowe
  • poisonous plastic peril
    Non biodegradable plastics and packaging are poisoning the seas, killing animals and entering the food chain on which we depend. We are a part of this wonderful world; not apart from it. But time is ticking. The old, outdated materials do break down. And then join the soil along with the leaves and other organic matter. Petrochemical plastic is a silent assasin which we have unleashed upon our dearest friend. There is simply no other choice but to phase it out fast. We have all seen the news. Isn't it a pity and isn't it a shame that we can't watch the Blue Planet without so many horror stories at the end of every episode. This maybe the most chilling tale so far. Anyone who watches the world closely will have noticed this menace creeping its way into the ecosystem and choking its innocent inhabitants. What we cannot see is that is also seeping into the very lifeblood of this planet and becoming a part of us and our children...
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    Created by Ben Stork
  • Save Buckinghamshire's Children's Centres-Delay decision - new council should decide in 2020
    The option to invest in Early Help Services and keep all children's centres open should be considered now that a decision on the unitary authority has been made. With the council said to make savings of £18.2m per year (Net 5 year revenue of £45.4m) when the new authority is formed, the decision should be delayed until then. By closing all 35 children’s centres, the Council wish to make a saving of £3.1m in early help overall. However, if they are saving £18.2m per year with the unitary, then why not wait until this is in place and look at investing in Early Help services to improve them? All options on the current consultation involve making cuts and are inadequate. In addition, there is no 'other' option (see question 18 consultation) when having to decide what their preferred choice is, people are feeling as if they have been forced to chose an option they don't necessarily agree with. Investing in children, prevention and health will lead to savings overall and in the long run. Closing children’s centres in the long run will affect children, their families and could lead to isolation and an increase in mental health issues. For more information, see link https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/care-for-children-and-families/improving-early-help-services-for-children-young-people-and-families/consultation-process/ (public consultation closes 11pm 13th December 2018)
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    Created by alka dass
  • Food Wastage
    Young and old people in our Country are living on the streets and in sheltered accommodation Who can't afford to feed themselves or their families While Britain ignores their plight inc Retailers who would rather dump the out of date products rather than give to those who are starving Why isn't it possible to deliver these goods to our Communities to be shared equally amongst the poor This is why I have started this petition I am so angry at the waste I see when I am late shopping
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    Created by Heather Fairgrieve Picture
  • Keep Wirral’s local walk in centres
    The ones based in or near the hospitals are hard to reach for those without their own transportation, often having to use two buses , making it hard for the elderly, and the disabled.
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    Created by Brian Dooley Picture