• Protective vests manditory for security officers
    It's time that the safety of those of us that are protecting others is thought about. I have seen, heard and experienced situations where weapons are being used against us and I feel our employers should have to provide stab vests and PPE to protect us. If our employers provided stab vest, it acts primarily as a deterrent to people using bladed and needle attacks against us but it also means we are better able to deal with situations safely with less risk to ourselves and others.
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  • Give NHS staff free hospital parking
    NHS employees have spent over a year working around the clock to keep us safe. That’s why the government stopped charging parking fees to these key workers during the height of the pandemic. Before that, NHS employees in England and Northern Ireland were charged as much as £40 a day on parking fees. The cost of parking is already a strain on the wages of many NHS workers - and now staff are coming forward to say that charges have been secretly reintroduced. Our NHS staff - who have sacrificed so much over the last year - deserve better. So, will you sign the petition now, and send a clear message to Matt Hancock: that NHS staff in England and Northern Ireland should not have to pay for parking while they work.
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  • X Pay boost for NHS workers putting their lives on the line
    An NHS X Pay boost backdated to the start of COVID19 would help out workers in the NHS on low pay or with bills and other expenses and alleviate some of their financial issues whilst showing them we recognize and value them.
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    Created by Allan Rowntree
  • Better pay for carers
    it is important as all us carers go over looked because nobody notices how much work actually goes in to this job and we are paid peanuts
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    Created by Zoe bibby
  • Domicilary care weekly covid tests for carers on site
    We are on the frontline looking after the most vulnerable in their own homes so we are exposed to a higher risk of contracting covid 19 and spreading it around to service users currently only care homes are able to access weekly testing for there staff and it’s simply not good enough carers in the community are at just as much if not higher risk and should be able to get a test weekly without having to keep booking online to get checked tests need to be rolled out to care agencies to allow them to maintain a safe working environment for service users and carers alike
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    Created by Jacqui Archer
  • New Skatepark in Witham St Hughs
    A skate facility can be a catalyst for healthy community life in which young an old socialise, have fun, develop new skills, make new friends, hang out and much more. A skate park also shows that our community is interested in helping an underserved artistic community. A Skate park would provide a safe and fun creative outlet for our community. They require little maintenance and can be a great source of athleticism and exercise. Some of the benefits of building a skatepark in the community are: 1. SKATEPARKS REDUCE ILLICIT BEHAVIOR 2. SKATEPARKS PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR SKATEBOARDING 3. SKATEPARKS REDUCE DAMAGE TO PRIVATE PROPERTY 4. SKATEBOARDING HAS SIGNIFICANT PHYSICAL HEALTH BENEFIT 5. SKATEBOARDING HAS SIGNIFICANT MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS 6. SKATEPARKS HAVE A POSITIVE ECONOMIC IMPACT
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  • An extra penny
    The NHS and Carers ( both professional and family members ) require extra funding not only for a much needed increase to provide extra staffing but also to fund the cost of improving wages and salaries of front line workers.
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    Created by Paul Wilson
  • Test all nhs staff regularly for covid
    This is because we are frontline and have more exposure to the public than others do. We have worked through the first lockdown without a pay rise or much support and now we are expected to do the same again. None of us are able to access a covid test unless we display symptoms and it is not good enough anymore. We deserve to be prioritised over others, because of our work and also due to the fact that we are keeping the economy afloat. It is most disheartening when rich and famous people can access covid tests easily, however those of us on the frontline cannot. We should have protection and it would help to stop it spreading. It or our right to have a covid swab at least monthly. It is also to protect our families and those people in our care.
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  • Ensure everyone presenting at a Devon A&E in a MH crisis is seen
    I understand the logic in wanting someone to avoid A&E unless they have co-morbid psychical injury, however people often feel scared, like they have nowhere else to go. If someone reaches somewhere safe like A&E it is absolutely vital that they are seen. It seems morally wrong that this service is now shielded, asking people to phone the First Response call centre even once they have arrived at A&E, to reduce the amount of people being seen. To someone in severe distress, this could be the last straw and make them feel as if they don’t deserve help and that they shouldn’t have reached out. Those in a mental health crisis are highly vulnerable individuals who could be at serious risk of harm, many will not be able to talk on the phone. I have unfortunately had first-hand experience of this new system. Appendix 1.4.1 of this NHS England document from 2016, “Achieving Better Access to 24/7 Urgent and Emergency Mental Health Care”, states “ The evidence-based treatment pathway introduced in this guide requires that people who need urgent and emergency mental health care receive an evidence-based package of care informed by NICE guidance within four hours of presenting in an ED or referral from a ward. • An urgent and emergency liaison mental health service should respond to the person within one hour of receiving a referral. An emergency response consists of a review to decide on the type of assessment needed and arranging appropriate resources for the assessment (see Section 4.2.2) c The NCCMH, a partnership between the Royal College of Psychiatrists and University College London, was one of the national collaborating centres first established by NICE in 2001 to develop clinical guidelines. d Forthcoming on the NICE website. • Within four hours of arriving in an ED or being referred from a ward it is recommended that the person should: • have received a full biopsychosocial assessment, and • have an urgent and emergency mental health care plan in place, and • at a minimum, be en route to their next location if geographically different, or • have been accepted and scheduled for follow-up care by a responding service, or • have been discharged because the crisis has resolved OR • have started a Mental Health Act assessment. ” It’s worth noting that official NHS England advice on nhs.uk, (https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/mental-health-services/where-to-get-urgent-help-for-mental-health/) remains the same: " Call 999 or go to A&E now if: • someone's life is at risk – for example, they have seriously injured themselves or taken an overdose •you do not feel you can keep yourself or someone else safe A mental health emergency should be taken as seriously as a physical one. You will not be wasting anyone's time. Call: 999 Find your nearest A&E "
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    Created by Nicholas Hayman
  • Amateur football and mental health in young people
    Mental health is a real issue, more especially during this pandemic, everyone has to make sacrifices to stay safe but there is a solid argument for this campaign
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    Created by Ann Kenney
  • Give our OAPs a shot
    The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed chaos on all our lives, however, it's hit our elderly the hardest. The very people who were asked to shield away from loved ones for months and were warned they were most susceptible to the deadly virus, are now facing a lengthy wait for this vital protection. This mess must be fixed. Hundreds of readers have got in touch with the Glasgow Times as the threat of winter flu season looms. Many of the people we’ve spoken to feel the NHS boards simply don’t care about their health because of their age. This is a national scandal and it must stop. Please sign our petition to help us give our OAPS a shot.
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  • Save Our Yoga Communities
    Scotland's physical and mental wellbeing is suffering. Suicide rates are going up and not enough is being done to help freelance group instructors and Yoga businesses who are trying to ease the burden on the NHS AND support NHS workers who need that external support from dealing with the added stress put on them. These sole traders and small businesses are supporting people by helping improve their immune systems with gentle breathwork and physical activity in a safe and nurturing environment, improving physical and mental wellbeing with Meditation and Mindfulness and generally create a support network for those that are more vulnerable including trauma-informed Yoga. These sessions are lifelines to people and without more help and support are at risk of disappearing altogether.
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    Created by Janine Kemp