• Nye Bevan's portrait on the new £50 note
    Most of us in the UK today were delivered by an NHS midwife. Most of us in the UK today will die in the care of an NHS doctor or nurse. Show your appreciation of the greatest cradle-to-grave healthcare system in the world, by signing the petition to put a portrait of its founder on the country's largest banknote.
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  • Rainham demands the reinstatement of its Health Visitor and Blood Testing Clinic
    With 10,000 extra homes being built in and around Rainham we cannot afford to lose vital services, if anything we should be getting extra. Having to travel to South Hornchurch Health Centre for a health visitor and Elm Park or Queens for a blood test not only adds to the cost and time for the resident but puts extra pressure on these already struggling units.
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  • Online takeaways to ban under 3 hygiene ratings
    People who use their services dont get a chance to see the food establishment ratings as it is not advertised on the sites. For public safety these establishments shouldn't be trading
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  • Ban smoking when driving
    It is dangerous to smoke whilst driving, as it not only endangers the driver, but other road users. Currently, the law outlaws smoking if the vehicle is a work vehicle, as it is an extension of the workplace, but this does not go far enough and ban drivers from smoking in their own vehicles too.
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  • Virgin out of Mid-Essex NHS!
    Virgin Care is seriously failing people in mid-Essex, with at least two Virgin run GP practices in our area in serious crisis. Virgin Care took over the Sutherland Lodge Surgery in Great Baddow, Chelmsford, in November 2016. In less than eighteen months this previously well run surgery was rated 'inadequate' in a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection. https://www.essexlive.news/news/chelmsford-gp-surgery-special-measures-1565229 Now the Virgin Care Church Lane Surgery in Braintree has not only also been rated 'inadequate' in a CQC inspection, it has earned the reputation as the 'worst' GP surgery in the county. https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/what-its-like-patient-essexs-2084755 Virgin Care must be kept away from our NHS. Our NHS needs to be publicly run putting patients first, not run for the greed of big business.
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  • Stop new Oil extraction at Brockham in Surrey
    Brockham, in Surrey’s Green Belt, is about to be subject to a new and controversial type of oil extraction and production. This involves the use of chemicals, acids, reinjected waste fluids and gas flaring which can release toxins into our air and water sources. These risk harm to our health and environment. Astonishingly, no statutory body is monitoring air or water quality, nor have they required disclosure of the type and quantities of chemicals to be used. This is because the site is being allowed to operate under an old-style environmental permit appropriate for a simple nodding donkey type pump – NOT the new technique about to be deployed. The Environment Agency has been in the process of putting in a modern-style permit for over 2 years, but it is still unclear when this will be completed. The Environment Agency wrote last year: “We are in the process of bringing their permits up to a modern standard, including a declaration of chemicals used. As a result that information will only become available in time.” The time has surely come. The new 'sidetrack' hole was drilled without authorisation or planning permission in January 2017 when Angus Energy misled Surrey Council into believing they were simply performing maintenance work. Despite being misled, Surrey County Council shockingly issued retrospective planning permission in August 2018. We have serious concerns over the operator's competence and integrity. Angus Energy now have carte blanche to commence extraction from unconventional geology using new methods that are neither properly regulated or monitored. Brockham is in an area with much groundwater and numerous water courses and we are highly concerned about the water pollution risks this new activity presents. During a recent test from the same rock formations at Balcombe in Sussex, the same company Angus Energy hit "unexpected high-pressure water" through "fractured communication" with other layers, highlighting the reality of the risks we face. We are also concerned about the impacts on public health from the gas flaring and gas engine combustion, which are projected to produce significant emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and undetermined quantities of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). Brockham will be amongst the first sites in the country to attempt commercial production from shale rock. The target Jurassic Kimmeridge layer has been compared by the authorities to the Bakken Formation in North Dakota, where the use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling brought about mass industrialisation and thousands of wells. In the interests of people's health and the environment this new activity should not be allowed, at the very least until a new Environmental Permit with stricter modern regulation and control is in place. We simply seek to properly respect and protect our health and environment and are asking the Environment Agency and Government to do the same. - - - [1] Brockham Oil Watch are raising funds to commission professional baseline air and water monitoring. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/brockham-oil-watch?fbclid=IwAR1kPGcARen3kaNHqysTe7JfrbhVHlTMOjUGpmiaqeKM4HAJUvk7IlDNMdU [2] More detail here: https://drillordrop.com/2018/06/14/residents-uncover-regulatory-loophole-at-surrey-oil-site/ [3] and here: https://drillordrop.com/2018/10/23/leading-surrey-councillor-lists-challenges-of-working-with-weald-oil-companies/
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  • Save Ward 6 Bishop Auckland Hospital
    This is of vital importance for people of the County Durham area. We are a nurse led unit who admit patients from Acute sites who are medically fit for discharge but may need more social input or would be unsafe to discharge home for example dementia patients, non- weight bearing patients and obese patients. The plans for these patients now is to discharge home for district nurses to see to but there are no proposals to increase the number of district nurses and when people spoke to them they were not aware of the proposals or how they were going to staff them!
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  • Ditch plastic packaging
    The UK breakfast cereal market is worth over £1.6 billion - that's a lot of boxes of cereal! Currently the vast majority of bags inside cereal boxes in the UK (and Worldwide) are not recyclable so they end up going in the bin and off to landfill. That's an awful lot of landfill and potentially a massive plastic pollution problem when those plastic bags end up in the wrong place, like in our rivers and seas. Plastic packaging has been found intact after 47 years. During that time discarded plastics have had negative impacts on the health of our wildlife and ecosystems. At today's consumption rates, billions of cereal bags will be sent to landfill. Those which don't make it (either whole or as microplastics) end up being ingested by animals, fish or birds leading to their ill health and early death.
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  • Help stop our children's mental health crisis
    Mental Illness has more impact on children and young people than any other illness, according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) burden of disease measure. Thanks to the Royals and others, the stigma of mental illness is diminishing but our investigation has found that it continues in the important area of mental health research. The best evidence suggests current research funding in the UK and Scotland is biased against mental illness. Please bring mental health research funding into line with its high cost to society and its burden of disease on us and our children. Miricyl SCIO We want to Create more Mental Illness Research in Children and Young Lives. Please join our campaign. Charity number SC047522
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  • New Youth Clubs For Peterborugh - UK
    This is important because the amount of anti-social behaviour is increasing rapidly. This can also help reduce crime within the area if the younger generation are surrounded with a happy, more fun, environments where they can meet new people and try new things.
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  • Fly Infestations in West Dereham
    The excessive number of flies present in the village (and surrounding villages) is having a detrimental effect on the lives of residents and their families. A constant threat of disease and bacteria, material internal damage to property and expenditure on sprays, screens, tapes and specialist equipment is making peoples lives a misery. We know that it has been a hot summer, but the sheer volume of flies is due to more than the weather and living in a rural area. The image at the top of the page was taken in a West Dereham House. The owner is scrubbing every surface clean each day with bleach in desperation to rid the house of flies and their detritus, only for it to return to this state the following day. Another resident described her young daughter in tears as she abandoned her breakfast due to flies crawling all over the table and the bowl she was eating from. Others have said that family and friends refuse to visit because of the flies, whilst some avoid returning home because of the misery that awaits them. Residents have come forward to say they are reduced to tears by being unable to cook a meal cleanly and safely - just simple things that we take for granted. Anyone that has children will understand what it is like to worry about keeping them safe and healthy and for the residents of West Dereham (and the other villages affected) this is at the forefront of their mind 24 hours a day. Houseflies are known to act as vessels for over 100 pathogens - really nasty bugs and diseases which they spread as they crawl across food and surfaces. When flies feed they first release saliva and digestive juices over food and then sponge up the resulting solution. Enough to give you nightmares particularly when you have a young family. We are asking our MP to take action on our behalf and to apply pressure to both the Environment Agency and King's Lynn Borough council to take urgent action. If nothing is done, we face being in exactly this situation again in 2019. Please support us in pressing for action to be taken by signing this petition.
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  • Mineworkers Social Welfare Campaign
    Please Join........ The UK Mineworkers Social Welfare Campaign The purpose of this campaign is to Shine a Light on decisions taken by the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation, that affect former Mineworkers, Our Families and the Coalfield Communities of the UK. We campaign to stop the erosion and closure of our much valued health Care, Convalecence and Recreational facilities currently Governed by CISWO. We also seek to return the Governance of services provided by CISWO to the Mineworkers and their Communities, to Create Greater Transparency and Accountability These services are administered with the "Miners Money" and should be administered by the "Miners for the Miners" ! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=544125476001289&id=100012115234642p
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