• Body balance class
    This class has helped many members stay healthy, energised and positive in the past and particularly through this difficult year. Angeliki brings an energy and passion that makes this class unique and valuable to each member in a different way. We as members wish to continue with body balance on the timetable.
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    Created by varuschka nagesar
  • Protect Individuals in the Public Eye
    Year after year people are suffering with their mental health and people that are in the public eye, i.e. influencers, singers, writers and tv hosts are subject to some of the most hate any one person should receive. There needs to be stricter rules and guideline in place to protect people. When receiving hate comments and messages it effects mental health and they don't have support in place from others to help and social media platforms allow the trolling to continue. The time has come for change, laws need to be in place to stop trolling, homophobic and racist comments.
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    Created by Connor Southern
  • Pay Student Nurses in Northern Ireland
    During the last peak of Covid19 when students were heavily depended upon to help alleviate pressure on qualified nurses, the Department of Health in Northern Ireland recognised their efforts financially. No such payment is available this time, which has left students feeling massively undervalued. They have also been told not to speak to the media about the issue. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus/ni-student-nurses-risking-lives-without-pay-in-coronavirus-battle-39708516.html
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Save our local pharmacies
    For months, pharmacy teams across the UK have been working without respite on the NHS frontline, playing a vital role in the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and helping reduce the pressure on GPs and A&Es. But the government hasn't done enough to give community pharmacies the money they need to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. A third of family-owned pharmacies in England are now in deficit and some have closed for good. Many more family-owned pharmacies in England could soon be forced to shut their doors unless the government acts. The first step is to let pharmacies keep the money they were given for the crippling extra costs of staying open during the pandemic. This money was spent by pharmacies to provide vital healthcare and the government must keep its promise to cover these extra costs. Community pharmacies are a local lifeline. They provide vital health and social care in communities across the country, including the most deprived neighbourhoods. Please support our local pharmacies – so they can continue to keep people well and save lives!
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    Created by National Pharmacy Association
  • Erect a memorial to remember those who died from covid 19
    This virus has been a national and international accidental man made disaster and therefore the people who have died as a result should be remembered.
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    Created by Anthony Gatenby
  • PAUSE EWMHS 0-25 Contract Sign off...
    Our most vulnerable rely on us...
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    Created by Julia Hopper
  • Prevention, better than a cure? Please bring in regular screenings to prevent heart disease
    With a family history of severe heart disease, I do not understand why I cannot get a heart check on the NHS without first having to suffer an incident. Is prevention now, not better than a potentially more expensive intervention in the future, assuming the patient survives?? There are checks done for cancer, why not the heart?
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    Created by Niraj shah
  • Underground Noise / a priority for the public health
    More than a million of people takes the London Underground every day. Public transport is recommended by the public authorities for ecological and economic reasons, so it should not be an ordeal for the population. While specialists consider that above 85 decibels, hearing health is highly endangered, some parts of the underground lines (Northern line (between Camden and Kentish Town), Jubilee line or Victoria line) reach 100 decibels! In the long term, travellers using these lines are really endangered! As Londoners, we already pay a considerable price for this transport, and it is therefore legitimate that work is being carried out on these noisiest parts of the line. If you don't believe us, we invite you to use these lines more than twice a day and you'll know for sure. We hope that our request will find the right and responsible person. Sincerely
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    Created by Nap Jubilee
  • The government must record ethicity on all death certificates - NOW
    During the COVID 19 pandemic, death certificates does not record the ethnic background of the deceased, making the data less reliable. The following statement was taken from the Office of National Statistics: '1.The purposes of death certification:Prompt and accurate certification of death is essential as it serves a number of functions. A medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) enables the deceased’s family to register the death. This provides a permanent legal record of the fact of death and enables the family to arrange disposal of the body, and to settle the deceased’s estate' There is no referance made to the ethnicity. This needs to change to ensure accurate and prompt data is available on a local level. For those who have lost their loved ones during this time, people would be appalled to know that this data is missing. It will be easier to identyfy 'hot-spots'. Are more people dying in one particular area or are the death more widespread. My father's death a few years ago, does not record who he was. His heritage was part of his life and should be recorded at his death. COVID has rasied this issue and the importance of it cannot be ignored.
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    Created by Lorraine Francis
  • Free period products in NI schools #MenstruationMatters
    Unlike England, Scotland and Wales, NI still does not have a budget or scheme in place for free period products in all school toilets. Yet again, we have been left behind. Schools already provide free toilet roll, hand soap, hand towels and sanitary waste disposal bins in toilets. What makes period products any different? We firmly believe that any toilet that requires toilet roll, requires period products in exactly the same way. In June 2020, a Plan international UK study showed how 3 in 10 UK girls have struggled to afford or access sanitary wear during lockdown, with over half (54%) of these girls having used toilet paper as an alternative. There is no doubt that period poverty has been exacerbated as a result of the current pandemic and the need to maintain good hygiene has never been more important. Due to extensive job losses, an increase in people using food banks, and many other local support services being cut, families have been hard hit and are under more financial pressure than ever. At the Homeless Period Belfast, we have seen an exponential increase in demand and requests for our own period packs. In April – June 2020 we received 3 times the demand than previous years. Now, more than ever, a free period products scheme in schools across NI will relieve the financial pressure on parents and students purchasing these items. It will also alleviate the pressure of school students having to remember to carry period products in their bags when there are many other things to worry about and remember to bring (exams, books, homework, hand sanitiser/masks, bus passes etc.), meaning students can go about their daily lives without getting caught out. Free period products in schools will ensure that every young person can learn and be their very best, without the worry of their next pad or tampon holding them back. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/northern-ireland-behind-as-rest-of-uk-signs-up-for-free-sanitary-products-in-schools-38022610.html
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  • free football pitches in the UK
    because it will keep lots of young people out of trouble and will give lots of children a chance to play football with their friends and have fun excising
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    Created by finlay Hennessy
  • Stop Queen Victoria Hospital Merger and protect Specialist Services
    The pioneering surgery QVH is famous for is at risk of being lost forever should a merger be approved. The multiple mergers between NHS hospitals occurring in the last decade have commonly resulted in hidden and unchallenged loss of services. This risk is posed to QVH specialist services this time. It has been proposed that QVH merges with a super-sized trust Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WSHT) and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH), whose focus is providing local services for people living in Sussex ONLY. QVH is a specialist NHS trust that sits in Sussex. Unlike district general hospitals that only serve the local population, QVH provides specialist services for patients living in a much wider area - Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the rest of the UK. The services under threat include specialist breast cancer free flap reconstruction surgery (QVH performs 10% of all of the total cases in the UK), specialist eye operations (QVH set up the first UK Eye Bank and performs hundreds of complex corneal surgery on adults and children each year), facial palsy services (QVH is the largest centre in the UK), complex hand surgery (QVH performs reattachment of fingers and thumbs traumatically amputated), head and neck cancer surgery (QVH is the 4th largest unit in the UK), orthodontics (QVH is again the 4th largest treatment unit in the UK) and complex surgery for all types of skin cancer including melanoma. For more information about this campaign please visit - http://sossqvh.co.uk/
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    Created by Claire Shelley