• More recognition for care workers in the community
    As a carer it is hard to work 14-16 hour days all week and not get any type of recognition during this challenging time.
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    Created by Sophie Ellis
  • Pay rise for NHS
    Without doctors or nurses we would be lost
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    Created by Ruby Sagar
  • Extend Covid vaccines after 8pm to allow vulnerable adults in groups 1-4 to attend sooner
    There are millions of people in this country in groups 2-5 for Covid vaccine eligibility who have been prisoners in their own homes for ten months. If it means getting up at 3am for a vaccine to get one sooner I will gladly do it to be able to leave my house. Please support my right to do this along with millions of other people.
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    Created by Vickey Maddrell
  • Covid Vaccine for all Front Line Personnel
    A lot of front line people especially the police are having to deal directly with the General Public without sufficient ppe. They have to work in a very close proximity to these people.
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    Created by Martyn King
  • Bus drivers and public transport workers to be higher up the list for covid jab
    100s of workers are out in front line with general public with limited or no protection to carry out a service that is vital for transporting other key workers, we are not protected enough and deserve to be safe in our jobs
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    Created by Tina Kitchener
  • Stop National Lottery and all scratchcard sales during lockdown
    I work in mental health, but before I began doing so I was able to see the pernicious effects of the National Lottery when it began in 1994. National lotteries prey on the vulnerable and tickets are almost exclusively bought by poor people, to finance the kind of national initiatives that could be paid for by taxing the rich. My clients have dementia and many cannot remember having just bought one so they buy another. A common effect of buying scratchcards is to receive a small win that prompts people to return to the shop to get more. We now have an extremely dangerous health situation to deal with and I know for a fact that many people on benefits will be leaving the house purely for this reason. All sorts of organisations are selling the scratchcards, not just Camelot. However, I think banning their sale across the board could be a quick win. This is important.
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    Created by jeremy smith
  • Priority inoculation against COVID 19 for Taxi, Private Hire, Coach, Bus Drivers & Couriers.
    The workers in these roles are potentially super spreaders and are also carrying out transportation and delivery roles that are important to the economy from driver who transfer the vulnerable & Key workers to those who provide delivery of packages and food couriers come in to contact daily with many others. Giving these individuals priority inoculation will lower the risk in these groups. Furthermore data proves these roles have been at greater risk than many other groups within the UK. We feel that all of our combined membership throughout the UK, many from the BAME communities, and with a wide spectrum of ages and health conditions; should be in the list of those in top priority to receive the vaccine in order to protect the NHS, prevent the spread of the virus and save lives. Drivers and ancillary workers in these transportation roles are by the very nature of their role, in close contact with people from all walks of life, from those in extremely high risk categories, to frontline NHS and private sector care staff, business people, doctors, nurses, children with special needs, and the elderly and infirm for food deliveries, hospital appointments and shopping trips. As such, not only are these roles at high risk of becoming infected from their passengers, but also if they do become infected are likely to become "super spreaders" of the Corona virus without their knowledge, even more so with the discovery of the new mutation which is spreading much faster among all walks of life. This is a combined petition in partnership with several of the largest representative bodies who all feel very strongly about this, which includes the NPHTA (National Private Hire and Taxi Association), PHTM (Private Hire and Taxi Monthly, GMB, Unite the Union, LPHCA (Licensed Private Hire Car Association) ADCU (App Drivers and Couriers Union) GMDF (Greater Manchester Drivers Federation) DLTA (Durham Licensed Taxi Association) LTDA (London Taxi Drivers Association and many others)
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    Created by Steve Garelick Picture
  • Proper recognition for health and social care workers
    Clapping was just a token gesture. However, awarding a fully funded paid extra 1 day annual holiday will show proper due recognition for their brave effort infighting Covid 19 and looking after the nations health.
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    Created by Robert Thomas
  • Make Mental Health therapy and counselling free.
    Some people aren’t able to afford sessions or the ability to reach out which will prevent them from receiving the care they need and deserve if not it could put them at risk of getting worse and suffering alone then could lead to risk of suicide.
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    Created by Katy Boon
  • Vaccinate ALL UK paramedics as a priority NOW
    Without our paramedics and NHS staff, we have no hope of overcoming the virus. No more clapping for the NHS - they need our help - vaccinate them NOW.
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    Created by Mark Johnson
  • Cancel Student Rent in Scotland
    The Scottish Government has issued guidance advising all university students to refrain from returning to halls until the end of January. We are calling on it to cancel all rent due in this timeframe where students would have otherwise returned to their residences. We all saw what happened to Glasgow in September, when the return of students saw the ‘second wave’ of the virus rip through the city, forcing it into tight restrictions which remain in place. The worrying new strain of Covid-19 identified in England will surely creep its way up the UK, and the real possibility of “many, many more deaths” is stark, according to Professor Andrew Hayward, Director of Epidemiology at UCL. If the Scottish Government is serious about curbing this strain, and expects students to stay away from what is for many people home, and not just term-time accommodation, then it must cancel expected rental payments for January. We are not asking for public money to cover these costs, nor do we expect universities to shoulder the burden. We are simply asking that, in the interest of public health, the government relieves all student tenants, in halls and in private accommodation, of their responsibility to pay rent for the month of January and until public health experts deem it safe for them to return. The reality of asking students to stay away from their own homes is not simple. Many students have left their homes, lives, and livelihoods behind to spend time with loved ones for Christmas (in line with government advice), and for many, keeping January’s rent will be necessary for coping with the displacement which they must undertake for the sake of slowing the spread of the virus. For many, the places visited by students over the festive period are not somewhere they had planned to be for such a long time, and all ranges of issues might make such a stay difficult. Expecting rental payments on top of this is too much to ask, and relieving this pressure on students will assist them in staying away from their cities and towns of study until a safe return is possible. The University of Glasgow has already set a precedent by issuing a rent rebate for the entire month of January and beyond to all students in its University-owned halls. This move has been taken with an understanding of the real risk posed by students’ return, and the necessity of guaranteeing that students stay away has seen them in their capacity as landlords shoulder the burden. We ask that the Scottish Government pledges to extend this to all student tenants. One month’s rent for landlords across the country is an inconsequential small but vital contribution to the public effort at a time when so many people are making the greatest sacrifices for our public safety. September’s calamity will be repeated (and potentially eclipsed) unless the Scottish Government disincentivises any return to term-time homes for students studying in Scotland by cancelling all rent until such date as students return.
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    Created by UofG Tenants
  • Scrap Summer Time
    Daylight saving time is unnatural and has shown to have more unintentional negatives than intentional positives, particularly for health reasons because an artificial alteration of time, even by a single hour, is shown to be harmful and detrimental, especially to those with mental health issues - furthermore, due to this body clock disruption, the body's functionality and potential is limited and cannot reach its full potential. Natural solar time (IE: GMT) also matters on a practical level - for eons, man has been in sync with the Earth's rotation, and disrupting this carefully concocted balance also disrupts the natural lunar calendar of the year as well as the now-standard Gregorian calendar, giving the summer season an unfair advantage (8 months of daylight saving time versus 4 months of natural solar time - the goal here is to make it 50/50, as it should be). From personal experience, I have found it extremely jarring to lose (or gain) an additional hour biannually. As someone with inconsistent sleep patterns and issues with anxiety and a disability (AS), I find this pointless changing back-and-forth more than irritating and counterproductive. This biannual tendency has been standard practice in much of the West since the 1960s and it serves no practical or logical purpose, so why is it still in effect?
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    Created by Stefano Pavone