• URGENT ACTION: Save Poole Hospital NHS staff from deportation
    Paul Ermitano, a highly respected cardiac physiologist and his wife Jamila, an experienced nurse, are Filipino citizens who gave up their careers overseas and came to Poole over 3 years ago to tackle staff shortages in our NHS. The Home Office are refusing to grant the family an extension on their visa stopping Paul carrying out the vital, life-saving heart scans that he is trained to do. They’ve been ordered to leave the country immediately. This decision has come about because they briefly accepted child benefit for their son. They've paid it back in full. The family have no means to support themselves financially and Jamila is due to give birth to their second child in 3 months time. Our new Health Secretary the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP has put NHS workforce and efficiency at the top of his agenda. Therefore it defies common sense and decency that resources are being spent on ejecting these lovely and useful people. Home Secretary Sajid Javid should extend the stay of this family so they can safeguard the delivery of their unborn baby and continue their vital work for our NHS.
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  • Stoke-on-Trent City Council, stop persecuting the homeless
    Stoke-on-Trent has the dubious distinction of being called the Monkey Dust capital of the U.K. A blite on the reputation and economy of Stoke-on-Trent. We the undersigned, are disgusted and ashamed that Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Staffordshire Police, rather than tackling the supply and use of drugs and other street crimes, are focusing on the homeless and fining them £100. This proposal is not only sadistic but increases the pressure on the police, courts, probation services as well as council resources, during a time of peak demand and will do nothing to reduce genuine homelesses. We demand that as the Councillor responsible for Communities, you take immediate action to stop the persecution of the most vulnerable people in our city and drop plans to fine the genuinely homeless. This is the second year in a row that Stoke-on-Trent City Council has attempted to victimise the homeless and profit from their misfortune In a move so disgusting that Scrooge himself would be ashamed by it. Homelessness will not end by hiding the problem nor profiting from their misery but by acting with compassion, decency and vision. To be clear, we have no objection to the prosecution of criminals, who feign homelessness to take advantage of the public or aggressively beg for money, however, we seek an acceptance and protection for the genuine homeless.
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  • Protect our children from dirty air in Greater Manchester
    I have a lung condition as do other members of my family and for this reason air quality is one that it close to my heart. I am most worried about the effects of the dirty air caused by traffic on my son and granddaughter who have severe asthma. Air pollution is a public health crisis, with illegal and harmful levels of air pollution across Greater Manchester. We need national and local government to act to clean up our air and make our towns and cities a healthier place to live for everyone but especially for babies and children. Air pollution affects us all, from when we are in the womb through to old age. It is linked to premature births and can stunt lung growth in children. Air pollution can trigger heart attacks and strokes, worsens asthma attacks and causes lung cancer. Babies, children and older people are more vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution. We need the all the Councils, across Manchester, with the support of national government, to take urgent action to clean up our air to protect the health of children and babies. Please support me and sign this petition!
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  • Save Sandy sports facilities
    There are no other leisure facilities in the local area.
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  • Stop our Councils polluting Derbyshire air
    It is adding to the high levels of air pollution already experienced in Derby. It is not in line with Government clean air targets for Derby. The smell and noise is having a detrimental effect on local residents. Forthcoming Incineration taxes will make it a costly burden. The 25 year contract commits Derby and surrounding Derbyshire areas to polluted air for the next 25 years.
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  • Keep elective surgical services in King's Lynn
    NHS Improvement have told the board of the hospital (which has been put in special measures following an unfavourable report from the Care Quality Commission) that they will have to stop all elective surgery including cancer surgery for the next six months unless an alternative solution can be found. This is despite the fact that the adverse findings by the CQC were not to do with surgical services and were primarily about insufficient numbers of nursing staff particularly in the medical wards. If this happens it will impose considerable hardship on the people of West Norfolk and South Cambridgeshire who will have major delays in their surgery and will have a 100 mile round trip for them to have treatment elsewhere. It also puts the future of the hospital in doubt as staff losses are likely to escalate due to this measure.
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  • Stop Cowie bus routes to Alloa
    Cowie needs straight through routes to hospital..residents have to take two buses to get to hospital ...the no 38 bus passes close by every half hour it could easily come into the village every hour ... We need buses to stop travelling through hillpark and braehead on a single journey .. making bus journeys longer ...
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  • Mobility Aids Center Totton, Hampshire must remain insitu.
    The sudden announcement that Totton, Hampshire Mobility Aids Center should close on the 12th October 2018 demonstrates a complete disregard for every local resident. The idea of a Mobility Aids Center is to assist those people most in need. I know personally how difficult it is to obtain such resources. Already there are severe limitations to Patient Transport, Community Transport. Being forced to travel to "selected destinations" will instantly be out of reach for local residents affected by the "change. Due to mobility restrictions of residents Fording-bridge and Lymington is impossible and definitely impracticable for the overwhelming majority. Visiting the Mobillity Aid Location in Totton has been my last resort and have been using the service for the past 15 months. Hampshire County Council have a duty of care for her residents. To allow closure is not the answer or a reasonable adjustment. What is certain Geoff Chesire "refuses to acknowledge people in crisis" This can not be ignored. Thank you everyone for your support.
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  • We the under signed Residents of Somersham Road
    We have the right to enjoy our property without constant noise
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  • Prevent the closure of the Creche at Strode Leisure Centre, Clevedon.
    The closure of this provision will have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of parents in the area. It is the only creche facility for excercise in Clevedon. For many parents this is the only time they are able to exercise as they have no-one else to look after their children. Exercise for parents is especially important to help combat depression, regain fitness and lose excess weight after pregnancy and for some it is the only time they get to themselves in the day and it’s a good time to build up a social group. Added to this the creche workers who have cared for children for years at strode will be made redundant.
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  • ITV, Start using Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) in your breastfeeding segments on daytime tv
    Breastfeeding rates in the UK are some of the worst in the world. The media has an ENORMOUS impact on this and could make significant changes to families and health.
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  • The right to choose cannabis as a medicine
    The Scottish Government have continually requested for drug policy control to be devolved to Holyrood from Westminster, which would enable them to introduce their own policies. They have been told NO every time because our pain and suffering is worth far too much to the politicians in Westminster who continue to control cannabis with unfair laws for their own personal gain. We are having to stand by and watch the UK boast at being the biggest distributer of cannabis medicine in the world while they tell us it has no medicinal value. We need the Scottish Government to take the lead and stand up to these politicians in Westminster not just for the people of Scotland, but for every person in the United Kingdom who is suffering at the hands of the cruel and unfair laws that are currently being used to control cannabis. If Scotland make the change the rest will have to follow. Access to cannabis clubs and decriminalisation of home growing is essential and what we need the Scottish Government to introduce immediately. There are hundreds of clubs already operating in the United Kingdom giving vulnerable people a friendly and safe place to learn about, and access fully tested cannabis from others who have vast experience and knowledge on the subject. WE HAVE THE ATTENTION OF THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT AND THEY ARE HEARING US LOUD AND CLEAR. Lets show them how much we want and need this, don't just sign your name leave a comment too. Tell them why cannabis is so important to you because this time they will get the message!!!
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