• Implement new Stamp Duty exemptions fairly
    First-time buyers could have saved thousands of pounds each had they have had some prior warning about this policy. There should be support for young people, families, and first time buyers who are trying to responsibly manage their finances and who have been recently stung by Stamp Duty.
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  • To allow Dss tenants need to rent privately again
    It is becoming impossible to find a letting agent or landlord that accepts housing benefit. This is encouraging an army of illegal landlords letting out sheds and offices. It is making homelessness rise rapidly. It is like Victorian England again.
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    Created by Rachel mayhook
  • Discriminating landlords
    For some years now social housing has been in decline & those people on housing benefit are in dire need of housing many of them single parent family’s. Who are unable to work due to there individual circumstances. Such as a wife beaten up by her husband having to seek temporary shelter & unable to return to the family home now having to live in a one room B&B with her three children. Unable to rent a private flat or house as the private landlord is discriminating against her due to her being on Housing benefit!! She is now forced to live in a one room B&B with other families in the same situation. This law must change today for these People need our help! In particular they need your help & those of your friends & family who are lucky to live in there own home. What is the point of housing benefit if No landlord in the private sector will accept it? This must change & they must be forced to accept them on short term let’s & long term let’s there must be no difference between the two. So private land lords are switching to holiday let’s rather than normal letting this is because they can offer short term let’s which makes it easier to remove bad tenants which is understandable & B&B is where perhaps they should be but why should the vast majority be penalised due to the small minority? Please support these people many of them very vulnerable young women with children who have hurt no one!!
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    Created by graham nicholson
  • Release Public Donations for Grenfell to buy Housing and Possessions for the Survivors. Now
    Money Held and not used for the purpose it was Donated is Theft
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  • control private landlords rent increases
    thousands of people are homeless everyday if the government took control of the landlords and set a basic rent for 1,2 and 3 bedroom properties no matter of the postcode or location just based on the number of rooms in the property something has to be done there are to many people homeless and struggling to pay their rents!!!!!!
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  • Affinity Sutton's Water Cap
    We feel that our families are being unfairly penalised. The children that live here have a communal garden and one of the activities that is enjoyed by ALL the children young and old is the use of paddling pools. The capping of the external taps means we are unable to water our garden plants, unable to provide water for the dogs that use the garden and we are unable to allow the children to cool off in the hot weather. This is important as we are paying communal water charges but have no access to communal water. We were not consulted or given fair warning of the taps being capped. We have been repeatedly ignored by our landlord. We as a community have been told we are not allowed to use paddling pools or have water fights in our communal garden and feel this is unacceptable. This petition is a way for all tenants in rented properties to show how important it is for landlords to listen to residents on issues that impact their lives.
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  • Family of eight evicted to Birmingham
    The cuts on benefits full stop has hurt families but for large families it has been devastating! This family has been torn apart! Not only have the parents split up but now social services and all other involved departments are insisting they should be sent to Bristol!!! There are properties available just that the price is too much!
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    Created by Katrina Moss
  • Respirators in high rise flats
    After the Tragedy at Grenfell Tower and the unknown amount of people who died from smoke inhalation, this could be an effective low cost fast way to give people a chance of getting through the deadly smoke. We should all understand that the government will not fit sprinkler systems within flats similar to Grenfell but this would be a start to give people a chance of getting out of the building alive if such events occur.
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    Created by David Tatham
  • Make housing developers be transparent in Manchester
    Current planning law states that if a developer will make less than 20% profit on a new development, they can ignore a council's regulations about building affordable and social housing. Leaked documents from several developers have shown that the maths they use to work out their profit margins are purposefully misleading, allowing them to claim they will make less than 20% profit on a development by undervaluing the prices of the houses they will sell and over-costing the labour. To combat this Islington, Greenwich, Lambeth and Bristol councils have introduced a policy that forces developers "viability assessments" to be made public. By bringing these dodgy maths into the public domain, Councils, campaigning groups and individuals will be able to hold developers to account and force them to use more honest maths.
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    Created by Barry McAtarsney
  • Fighting for the rights of people living in supported accommodation
    This is important because the living standards are unsafe for young people and parents to live in. It is also singling out the residents living at the properties giving them next to no connection to their families and friends
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    Created by Stephanie Miller
  • Helping the Homeless in swansea
    I have always had a passion for this but after this last week when actually met a homeless person at first I just gave some spare change but I found I could not walk off so I went back and asked them if they would like to come for a cup of coffee which they did thank god because it was freezing outside we ended up chatting in a café for hours and I found out lots about them. the fact is some people just need a little support and encouragement and they can pick themselves up again just by stopping to ask them if they wanted a coffee I actually made a friend and he may now even have a job lined for him my aim is to walk the streets of Swansea giving out warm clothing sleeping bags and bags of food and toiletries ect and just to talk to them and let them know people are listening and they do care this person really had effect on me and I want to carry on helping people on the streets everyone deserves a change help me give it to them
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  • To home Lucy Lovelace and her 72 yr old mum.
    So that the pair of them don't freeze to death in this cold weather.
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