• Leasehold Reforms Must Apply To Shared Ownership
    Shared Ownership is just as flawed and toxic as 100% Leasehold. Shared Ownership needs legal reform to address these issues: 1. Lease extension premiums must be affordable. It has been left unregulated and unchecked, housing associations can, and do, charge 100% premium to extend! not 'affordable' or fair. You should pay your % owned of the premium not any more. 2. Selling shared ownership houses is complicated and costly. High admin fees and extensive fees are just the start 3. Unregulated and unchecked service charges are a huge issue - you are paying your council tax twice 4. Staircasing is overally complicated, not encouraged, and extremely costly in legal fees/admin fees alone. Shared Ownership is supposed to promote buying your home not hinder it 5. Rents are reviewed at RPI which seems unfair considering CPIH is used in housing costs, not RPI. 6. Housing Associations should have some financial responsibility to the house since they own a actual stake in the property.
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    Created by sophie whitmore
  • Build 100 affordable homes in Southwold
    Southwold is dying because local people are being priced out of homes by holiday lets. Two thirds of homes are holiday lets. The average house price is 21 times the average wage. We need 100 more affordable homes to rent quickly before our community dies. Our average age is 65. We want to hear children playing on our greens again. We want a vibrant community that welcomes visitors but is not banished by them. The government still subsidies second home owners who pay no rates. Local homes are developed into five bedroom holiday lets. Cleaners are bussed in. This is social apartheid. East Suffolk Council say that we have enough affordable homes, when we hear 40 local people applied for one last week. We need 100 as soon as possible in Southwold Ward which includes Reydon and Walberswick, but definitely before the next Council elections in 2023. As seen on Anglia TV on Friday evening.
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    Created by David Beavan
  • Free of charge bed bug and human flea extermination for Wentworth Court, Garrat Lane
    Human Fleas ( Pulex Itritans) can serve as intermediate hosts of two types of parasitic tapeworms. They also transmit bubonic plague, murine typhus and tularemia among other diseases. Bed Bug bite causes adverse allergic reaction, bed bugs also carry serious bacterial infections as well as Chaga disease if in direct contact with people who travelled abroad. It is extremely important to provide healthy environment for all tenants, especially the vulnerable ones - children and the elderly .
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    Created by Bart Hull
  • Stop holiday lets destroying our communities
    Holiday lets are ripping Scotland’s communities apart. In some places, there are now more holiday lets than normal homes for rent. That means families with nowhere to go are forced out of the places they’ve called home all their lives. But it doesn’t have to be like this. The Scottish government are asking the public for views on what to do about holiday lets, and together we can make sure we win real protections for our communities. The big lobbyists protecting companies like Airbnb will be working double-time to stop any new regulations that could hit their astronomic profits. It’s down to us to drown them out.
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    Created by Emma Saunders
  • Sadiq Khan– Ban Hostmaker ads on TFL
    Short term lets are spreading across London, taking homes away from local renters, preventing people from living in the communities where they grew up, and pushing up rents. Hostmaker’s distasteful tube ad is undermining the Mayor of London’s plans to make housing affordable in London, by encouraging landlords to kick out their tenants to create holiday homes. We want the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to ban Hostmaker ads from all Transport For London spaces Every day millions of people see these ads. Our Mayor-run transport infrastructure should be promoting organisations like Generation Rent and local renter unions, who are working to fix the housing crisis, rather than companies like Hostmaker who are actively making things worse.
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  • BHCC: Safely house a domestic abuse & Trafficking survivor
    About "Zara" "Zara" is a recovering survivor of both Domestic violence and trafficking perpetrated by her daughters father. She is a British national who approached Brighton and Hove city council as homeless following the decision to flee her previous address known to her perpetrator and the trafficking ring he is affiliated with, after being turned down by refuge. She presented with ten years worth of evidence including her perpetrators firearms convictions. Despite all this the council have advised they wish to make "Zara" and her baby intentionally homeless. This experience is not new to her; having been intermittently homeless for ten years as a result of her experiences, perpetuated by the systemic refusal to acknowledge domestic violence as a cause of homelessness, she is a veteran of being at the receiving end of local authority discrimination, minimization, denial and eradication of what she has been thorough and thus her plight for safe housing continues. "Zara" is not a solitary statistic. Across the board domestic violence and trafficking survivors are being denied safe housing upon fleeing. With refuges facing ever shrinking funding cuts and local authorities selling off housing stock, survivors are at the tail end of a regime that fails to address the risk posed to lives when refused the means to escape. A drastic reform is needed of the public sector for housing, starting with BHCC who currently have the highest number of women sleeping rough nationwide.
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    Created by Skye Z
  • Use Sleeper Units For Rough Sleepers
    The sleeper units will provide shelter, warmth & safety and allow frontline services to provide vital support plus help accommodate people into permanent homes and instead of letting people sleep rough due to lack of safe temporary accommodation
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    Created by Anthony Cunningham
  • Stop greedy landlords charging six-monthly student rent rises
    Many university students - especially in London - can only sign a six months' lease on a shared flat or house. And when the lease comes up for renewal at the end of the six months, they find that greedy private landlords have put the rent up. If they can't afford the new rent, they are forced to move on. Renting for students in this day and age is not a pretty process. My grand-daughter has been forced to move house three times in eighteen months, causing her considerable hassle and distress and financial loss for hiring a van to move her stuff. This is a frightening, destabilising and depressing process that no student should have to endure. Every university student should have the right to establish a secure home-away-from-home with their friends. Those of us parents and grandparents who have to watch our young people being taken advantage of by greedy landlords will not accept that this is the new norm. So, James Brokenshire, will you act now to stop this six-months'-lease scam and give every student the chance of at least a twelve-months secure tenancy?
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    Created by Mary Marriott
  • Hackney Council - don't force a family into a dangerously unsuitable hostel
    Hackney Council is trying to force Margaret into a hostel that is not fit for the needs of her family. Margaret's daughter and mother are both disabled and require 24/7 care, but this move will mean Margaret cannot care for them because of practical issues like rooms being far apart in the hostel. She would find it impossible to give them both the constant care they need. Margaret is in extreme distress. The shared kitchen in the hostel would also be dangerous given Margaret's daughters severe allergies. Margaret has been living in temporary accommodation in Homerton, for more than 3 years. The block of flats is due to be demolished and the council wants it cleared by the end of the month. The move would be extremely distressing for Margaret and her family. Hackney Council must promise not to force Margaret out of Marian Court until they can offer her permanent accommodation that meets her family's needs.
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    Created by R Shin
    Despite the Housing Act 2004, there is still a recognised national shortfall in Gypsy and Traveller site pitches. This means that one in four Gypsies and Travellers are considered homeless because they do not have a legal place to park their home. Gypsies and Travellers are also often subjected to hostility due having to set up their own unauthorised encampments. Therefore, they are constantly receive racist abuse, threats, discrimination and bad media press, which can lead to high levels of anxiety and depression. However, at the heart of resolving these issues is the provision of adequate and appropriate sites for Gypsies and Travellers. As a result, every Gypsy and Traveller in the UK should have THE RIGHT TO A SITE!!
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    Created by Charlotte Greenhow
  • Save Social Housing in England and Abolish the Right to Buy scheme
    With over 320,000 homeless people in 2018, and currently facing its biggest housing shortfall on record, the UK has to make changes to Housing Policy. The number of households without permanent residence and in temporary accommodation is expected to reach 100,000 by 2020, which will only change through the delivery of more social and affordable housing. Following the actions of Welsh and Scottish government, abolishing the Right to Buy scheme will prevent the further loss of social housing onto the private market and will provide Local Authorities the opportunity to reduce housing waiting lists by re-homing vulnerable families. Between 1980-2018, 1,952,500 social properties have been sold by Local Authorities in the UK yet rebuilding rates are catastrophically lower, due to lack of funding. This, along with figures to show that some London LA's have repurchased previously sold properties for 6 times the price of the originally RTB sale, shows that the Right to Buy scheme needs to be abolished for the sake of the people.
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    Created by Brittany Hirst
  • Making Housing More Affordable
    The UK is embroiled in a housing crisis as there just aren't enough affordable homes to go around. Housing is a Basic need in society and for those who can't afford the increasing prices of housing, results in those being stuck in the private rented sector or being left homeless. The Office for National Statistics reports the average home in England cost an average of 7.8 times a full-time workers salary. The shortage of homes is causing prices in the UK to grow with the average price of a property up 4.2% to £224,144 making the average home unaffordable. Sign the petition to help us create more Affordable homes in the UK.
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