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  • More Affordable Social Housing and Reform Right to Buy scheme
    The number of people living in social housing in this country is in decline. As waiting lists continue to grow, more and more people are being forced into private rented housing instead. This is leaving thousands of families and vulnerable households without a suitable home. Local councils have spent millions, to tackle housing shortages. Many authorities have been forced to buy back homes/properties they sold at a discount under the Right to Buy scheme for full value. Islington council spent over £6.2m buying back homes it sold to people for less than £1.3m. The original goal to increase home ownership within working class society seemed to work however, the system is broken. The problem is created due to high arrival of sales through the RTB scheme although their underinvestment has failed to create new social housing stock. Following the actions of Welsh and Scottish government, abolishing the Right to Buy scheme will prevent the further loss of social housing onto the private market and will provide Local Authorities the opportunity to reduce housing waiting lists by re-homing vulnerable families. A wealthy country like the UK can benefit from building social and affordable homes and move away from focusing on home ownership for the few and profit for private landlords.
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  • Prioritise affordable housing for young people
    Step Up aims to give young people a sustainable start in life by providing economically and environmentally stable accommodation. We are powered by passionate students who are sick of overpaying for poor quality housing and being disregarded by landlords. Join Step Up and be counted.
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  • Make it compulsory for the government to provide social housing for all who want it
    This is an important issue as more and more people find themselves in financial hardship as the impacts of coronavirus on the economy become more rife. it is therefore important tat the government building and supplying of social housing aligns with need, to ensure all who want social housing are able. This is imperative for millions of peoples physical and mental wellbeing.
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    Open discrimination towards people on benefits is actively taking place across the country regarding housing availability. Recent studies show that over the last five years, 1/3 of people receiving housing benefits haven't been able to rent a home due to a 'No DSS' policy. There are over 1 million private renting households in England who receive housing benefit, meaning that hundreds of thousands of people have most likely faced this type of discrimination. In an expanding and competitive lettings market, far too many renters are being locked out of finding a home due to prejudice fronted by 'No DSS' policies employed by lettings agents and landlords.
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  • Renew the Homelessness Reduction Act funding
    The Homelessness Reduction Act (2017) gave new duties and roles to local housing authorities to prevent homelessness experiences from ever happening in the first place. In addition councils must support people out of homelessness, whether classed as 'priority need' or not. (Haringey Council, 2019) Following the introduction of the Act, £72 million was given to local councils by the government, to be used in combatting homelessness (Barton and Wilson, 2020) This funding runs out in 2020 and there is no indication that it will be renewed. (Butler, 2019) Given that the new role of local authorities to prevent homelessness is already being neglected by some as they don't have the fund to implement it (Geraghty, 2018), the renewal of this funding is even more important to encourage more local authorities to take responsibility and engage with the program.
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  • Replace the property's leaving the Social Housing pool
    The number of government funded social housing has fallen by 97% since 2010 with over 120,000 social homes lost between 2012 and 2016. (Kentish, 2017) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/social-housing-government-funded-properties-rent-falls-97-per-cent-study-homes-communities-agency-a7799116.html Councils only replace less than a third of homes sold under the 'Right to Buy Scheme' and without a flow of new homes, the proposed benefits of the scheme will never be experienced by future generations. (McKay, 2018) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jun/11/councils-able-to-replace-one-third-homes-sold-under-right-to-buy Many social housing properties are being sold to former landlords. These landlords are increasing rent prices, meaning that some people are unable to pay the rent of even the most basic formerly council-owned property. (Savage, 2019) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/jan/19/ministers-urged-halt-right-buy-council-homes-rented
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  • Expand the support for young homeless people.
    Raising the age important because they are still young and with their lives ahead of them, we shouldn't be turning our backs on them we should be supporting them now so that they can have better lives later on. Abolishing the 'under 21 and having been in care' criteria is important because, whilst these former children of care are incredibly vulnerable and need extensive support, so do all young homeless people. Each case is different with some young people experience abusive and violent home environments that cause homelessness, yet it was never reported and thus care support was never received.
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  • Supporting the Homeless to gain human rights
    This is extremely important, especially during a pandemic because we have been asked to self-isolate, to stay inside, to protect ourselves and others. So it would only be right while there is multiple accommodation around the country free from public use, to put it to good use - for someone in need.
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  • Extending the 28 day 'move on' period for Refugees
    Reduce rates of homelessness among refugees and reduce rates of mental heath problems among refugees
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  • Asylum Seeker Housing Campaign
    As part of the dispersal system Asylum Seekers are sent all over the country, having no choice on where they live. The housing provided is generally in terrible conditions, with many people having to share bedrooms with people who are complete strangers and are expected to survive on £35 per week. Once an Asylum Seeker has been granted refugee status they are then forced out of their NASS housing, having no means of support and are often left homeless.
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  • Affordable for All
    Housing is a basic human right, however, it is no secret that the UK is amidst a major housing crisis. Millions of people are unable to access decent housing at an affordable price. With housing costs continuing to increase, many individuals and families are pushed into overcrowded situations, and into poverty. Hundreds of thousands of houses are required to be built each year in order to resolve homelessness, affordability and overcrowding issues. A shelter report found that ¼ of people have had to reduce the amount of money they spend on food, in order to cover their housing costs and avoid rental arrears. With house prices rising, many are unable to move away from the private rented sector towards home ownership, and therefore affordable housing is crucial to support the livelihood of millions. In 2019, over 10,000 people were homed in temporary accommodation due to their inability to afford the costs associated with housing. Despite this, not nearly enough affordable, or social housing was built to relieve this number. It is essential that adequate funding is given to allow Local Authorities to take control, and build enough social and affordable housing within their area to alleviate this issue, while supporting sustainable growth within the community.
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