• Grant Beryl Larkin a lifetime occupancy of her static caravan
    If lifetime occupancy is not granted and Beryl's home as it has been for the past 20 years is removed or destroyed, Beryl will be forced to find alternative accommodation. At the age of 71 it is unacceptable for any Council to put a tax paying pensioner through such stress and suffering.
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    Created by Ceri Evans
    Jessica McLean is a single, working mum on a low income. Her landlords Jess Properties (no relation!), are trying to kick her and her two children out of their home so they can make more money. They’ve tried raising the rent once, ignoring proper legal processes. Jessica really couldn’t afford it but desperate to stay she agreed. But she did ask that they repair the leaking roof and drainage problems first. After they first pleaded poverty despite owning many houses in Bristol, she managed to convince them to sort the drainage and the roof. She was overjoyed. But despite agreeing to pay the rent increase, the very next day, a hand delivered letter telling her to leave landed on the doormat. Jessica says “I couldn’t believe it. I begged them to be allowed to stay.” But every time the answer was: “Regrettably the decision has been taken.” The landlords confirmed that she has always been “an excellent tenant”. This is just about money: they want to charge a new tenant 25% more. Last year Jessica was diagnosed with breast cancer. Things have not been easy for her recently and all she wants is a chance for a stable life for herself and her children. Jessica is a member of ACORN, the community union. We advised her that the eviction letter was invalid and supported her to stand her ground. On Tuesday, another Notice to Quit appeared on the doormat. They are determined to get Jessica out. She doesn’t know what the future will bring and is understandably very worried. But she is determined to stay and we are committed to helping her. A few weeks ago, over 12,000 local people called on CJ Hole to stop promoting exploitative rent increases in Bristol. Now Jessica is the victim of the same thing. This has to stop. We need proper regulation of this industry and rather than capping housing benefit, it is rents that need to be capped at a fair and affordable rate. 11 million people like Jessica rent privately across the country as local Council properties have been steadily sold off and house prices far outstrip wages. A third of our homes fail basic standards of decency and every year hundreds of thousands of us are evicted, often illegally, just for requesting basic repairs. Jessica just wants the opportunity to make a life for herself and her family. We need your help. Please sign this petition to support us and stop Jess Properties trying to evict Jess and her children. For more information on ACORN and our campaign, please visit: http://www.acorncommunities.org.uk/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acorn.bristol
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    Created by Nick Ballard
  • Stop CJ Hole exploiting the housing crisis in Bristol
    An estate agent in Bristol called CJ Hole has been sending out letters to its landlord clients asking "Are you getting enough rent?" and "How do you get more rent?" The letter they are sending to landlords explains that "with rents increasing every week in Bristol, it is highly likely your property is due a rent increase.” It goes on to say that “the demand from tenants is far exceeding the number of available properties and we have never seen such a buoyant rental market." It doesn't once mention the rights of tenants. The letter shows how some estate agents and landlords are seeking to cynically profit from the housing crisis in Bristol at a time when inflation has declined to 0.3% and deflation is predicted. I think there is no justification for increasing rents at a time when prices are actually going down. In addition, real average earnings have fallen by 8% since 2008. Such predatory rental practices are an attack on low income people and threaten the most basic of rights – the security of a home to live in. Bristol's housing supply has been described by an official report as "in crisis." In 2013 just 60 affordable homes were built across Bristol Please sign this petition if you want CJ Hole to stop sending these letters to its landlord clients and if you want your next MP to support rent controls, giving more rights to tenants and building more affordable homes. If you have experienced a rent rise you believe is unjustified please post the details below. I.e. how much was it, was it in response to improvements made by the landlord, and any other points you think are relevant. If you have seen similar letters from other estate agents, please contact me. We will compile a list of all responses and use these as the basis for a later action/petition. Read the full letter below: https://s.bsd.net/38degrees/main/page/-/11096902_10153147467450900_147746140_n.jpg
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  • A call for fair private rents, new social housing and secure tenancies
    Everyone needs a decent secure affordable home in which to flourish. We therefore call on Brighton and Hove Parliamentary candidates to campaign for the following changes, and to vote for them if elected: • Bring back fair rents - a “Living rent” (achieved by rent controls) • Protect private tenants with long secure tenancies • Institute registration of all private landlords to ensure minimum standards of fire safety, energy efficiency and a decent home standard for private housing • Abolish the Right to buy and lift borrowing ceilings and restrictions so councils can again build social rented housing • Link rents policy to affordability not the market • End discrimination against tenants on benefits
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  • Ban councils from selling council tax debt to debt collection companies
    Covid has had a dramatic impact on the uk as a whole. With an uncertain future ahead and many jobs having already been lost debt is unfortunately a prospect for many people. Councils have to stop the practice of selling council tax debt to heavey handed debt collection agency's. The practice is out of date and penalizes those on low incomes. To have what little possesions you have taken away and sold at auction is Dickensian
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    Created by Michael Beckwith
  • Happy renting for single people
    It will make lovely small basic two bed homes affordable for single people like myself who are happy to work part time but only recieve minimum wage I would love a two bed flat ,the extra bedroom would give me and other people on low incomes more space . I need an extra bedroom for storage and to enable me to keep my home tidy and organized
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    Created by Vivien Duke
  • Changes in planning laws
    Prevents the destruction of habit and greenspace, when building on farmland. Allows people to voice their opinions and concerns in regard to their local environment. It also maintains social equality within an area, e.g how is it fare that someone born hear can’t afford a house in the area but someone else moving in can?
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    Created by George Blake
  • Keep Covid Accommodation Permanently!
    The housing secretary has claimed that more than 90% of rough sleepers have been housed during the coronavirus pandemic, therefore demonstrating that the accommodation, resources and funding are available to significantly reduce rough sleeping and homelessness. It is not acceptable to tell these people to go back and live on the streets after the pandemic is over as evidently, there is accommodation available. Thus this housing must be made permanently available to house the homeless.
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    Created by Cara Littlewood
  • To Reform Fire Risk Assessments on Commercial and Residential Properties UK
    The health and safety of residents is paramount, and there must be a full debate on all fire risk issues appertaining to commercial and residential properties around the whole uk.
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  • Save Daman
    It is important because people are becoming homeless with their children and elders in their family. As a citizen, we don’t want any developments in Daman where they have to destroy houses!
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    Created by Kevin T
  • Primary school bus service. Millbank and rosebank primary
    This is important because it would take a lot of pressure off parents and their children. It would also keep the roads safer as it would mean less traffic on the lochloy Road as buses would mean less cars.
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  • Local councils must stop confiscating homeless people's possessions
    Homelessness is an issue that can affect any one of us. It is getting worse and more needs to be done both nationally and locally. However, people living on the streets deserve to be treated with compassion, understanding and empathy and they most certainly DO NOT deserve to be demonised, vilified, persecuted or mistreated.
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