• Help citizens manage electricity demand
    This would help to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve gas supplies.
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    Created by Robert Jarrett
  • Protect vulnerable adults and children
    These emergency cards display emergency contact details for an appropriate adult, and health conditions including disabilities. The cards were designed with the intention of accompanied training several years ago in conjunction with the National Autistic Society and Police forces nationally, to prevent incidents I have personally had to endure. They are simply NOT enough, officers are proving hostile to third party involvement and they remain patrolling our streets unequipped to deal with disabled people. The Home Secretary has to take a proactive approach in providing adequate sources of standards fundamentally protected in legalisation.
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    Created by Daniel McCormick
  • Stop the ongoing destruction of services for adults with disabilities in Barnet
    Your Choice Barnet, that provides services for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Your Choice Barnet Ltd (YCB) began operating as a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) in February 2012 and 100% owned by Barnet Council. In February 2013 a year after its creation Your Choice Barnet, was in serious financial difficulties and as a result, it looked to make savings by cutting staff terms and conditions and reduce staffing levels in some of the social care settings. It also received a £1 million bail out from Barnet Homes requiring a 6% interest repayment. A significant number of loyal hard working care staff were made redundant last year as a result of this cut which has led to an increase in agency staff delivering services. In January 2014, Your Choice Barnet were still in a financial crisis and stated they needed to cut the staff bill by a further £400,000. It is obvious to everyone that the ongoing attack on the terms & conditions of care staff will ultimately lead to: • fewer stimulating activities in a safe environment for adults with disabilities in Barnet. • fewer staff to work with adults with vulnerable disabilities in Barnet. • less supervision of, training and support for remaining skilled staff. • loss of professional staff and lower morale and motivation among remaining staff. • negative impact on staff health and well-being, with a knock-on impact on service quality. Both the Francis Inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and the Winterbourne View abuse scandal highlighted the shocking results of employing unskilled and unsupervised staff. I note in a recent article http://www.conservativehome.com/localgovernment/2014/03/maude-praises-the-barnet-formula.html you have been extolling the virtues of mass outsourcing “Our approach is already paying dividends, by allowing us to cut Council Tax bills to all residents next year.” Surely you must concede that instead of making a gesture of funding a tax cut, which will save a Band D taxpayer all of 26p a week; the money would have been better spent on ensuring safe and quality services for adults with disabilities. In another article http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/barnet_can_make_future_council_tax_cuts_due_to_one_barnet_outsourcing_says_westminster_finance_chief_1_3429038 you are quoted as saying: “We’ve made enough savings via the One Barnet programme so that we can meet our budget and distribute the money saved, back to the community.” In which case why are you not ensuring the savings you are referring to are redirected to Your Choice Barnet?
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  • 38 Degrees to propose positive ideas to improve voter engagement
    Please take up the challenge laid down by the Chair of the "Political and Constitutional Reform" committee (Graham Allen MP, pictured), to find a nuanced way of coming up with proposals of positive ways to improve democratic engagement. I think this would have to happen over a longer period of time than most 38 degrees campaigns (though the NHS campaign is an exception). This is following David Babbs' appearance before the "Political and Constitutional Reform" Committee on "Voter Engagement": http://blog.38degrees.org.uk/2014/03/21/38-degrees-in-parliament/ http://blog.38degrees.org.uk/2014/03/21/our-influence/ Such a campaign would have to put less weight on surveys and single votes, and more weight on facilitated discussions online (facebook, twitter, forums, blogs, real-time chats, collaborative documents on "Google Docs") and offline (local groups, writing guest blog entries, large gatherings) - perhaps by having a different small group take on a different issue. There are many ideas already on https://38degrees.uservoice.com/ and https://you.38degrees.org.uk/ so my proposed campaign would bring all those together as a starting point, and discuss them to form them in to a good set of proposals we can agree on to present back to the Select Committee.
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    Created by Martin Burch
    For close to a decade, Isabella cleaned ex-immigration MP Mark Harper's home for £22 per week - as well as a number of other politicians. When her undocumented status was revealed, she became a pawn in a political point scoring battle and the focus of a national media campaign which resulted in Mark Harper resigning. As none of the MPs that Isabella worked for were criminalised, the same spirit of kindness ought to be immediately extended to the hard working Acevedo family. We’re asking Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to do the honourable thing and grant citizenship to this lady and her family, whose lives have been turned upside down by this whole affair. Isabella Acevedo has since been forced into hiding, her family is being torn apart and they are facing destitution having lost their income. The hard working Acevedo family have spent close to 15 years in London - building a modest life. During this time, Isabella never had any sick pay, never had any holiday pay and earned less the minimum wage. Despite the difficulty, she was able to provide for her small family and create a home and life in London. All of this is now at risk of being destroyed as result of the damaging politics of Theresa May and Mr Harper. Please sign this petition and support the Acevedo family in their struggle to stay together, to keep a roof over their heads and food on their plates. More information: http://legaldefencefund.wordpress.com/about/ ** A campaign to stand with Isabella Acevedo and others in similar circumstances was collectively launched in February. Supporters include: No One Is Illegal; Campaign Against The Criminalisation Of Communities; National Coalition Of Anti-Deportation Campaigns; Tawantinsuyu Nation; Myrdle Court Press; Defend The Right To Protest; Precarious Workers Brigade; Unity In The Community; Movimiento Ecuador en el Reino Undio Meru; This Is Not A Gateway; 3 Cosas Campaign; Movimiento Jaguar Despierto; Justice For Domestic Workers; Latin American Women's Aid; El Telefono De La Esperanza UK
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    Created by Deepa Naik
  • A State Funeral for Tony Benn
    Anthony Wedgwood Benn was a politician who championed the rights of ordinary people. He took his place in Westminster to further the democratic principles by which he lived, and was not there to join a gravy train nor for self-aggrandisement. His rejection of his entitlement to inherit his father's peerage is testimony to his integrity. Although he never occupied the post of Prime Minister his contribution to public life is as great as if he had. He deserves an appropriate act of remembrance.
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    Created by Hugh Reid
  • Tony Benn Day
    Tony Benn spent most of his life campaigning for the rights if working people, despite his privileged origins. He is regarded by many as the greatest of the last few honourable politicians. It would seem appropriate to name the Labour Day holiday after him, rather than the largely irrelevant August Bank Holiday, as is being mooted in other quarters.
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    Created by Richard Pearson
  • Call August bank holiday "Tony Benn Day"
    Because Tony Benn spent his entire working life trying to help people and make the world a better place. He was a constant source of criticism to those he saw as doing wrong, no matter what their political stripe and he retained his honesty and integrity in a working environment where these values are rare. He was an outstanding example of how good people can be and do and can be admired from across the political spectrum. It is entirely appropriate that his life be commemorated.
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    Created by Roy Williams
  • Rename the UK May Day Bank Bank Holiday 'Tony Benn Day'
    Tony Benn was an (Inter)national treasure and should be celebrated as an important Socialist icon.
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    Created by Steve Cowperthwaite
  • State funeral for Tony Benn.
    Tony Benn was a true hero of British politics, he truly deserves a state funeral for his services to our country.
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    Created by Kieran Owen
  • Keep Cardiff Bowls Greens Open & Fees Down
    For many years seniors in in the City have dutifully paid their local taxes without complaint. Now that they are approaching their twilight years, when they should be able to enjoy some relaxation with some leisure time & an affordable game of bowls, CCC are asking small clubs to stump up £6000 in green fees. As the elected guardians of this City's leisure amenities, they should realise that bowling is a working class past time that is not awash with money or sponsorship. CCC should also realise that many bowlers reside in marginal wards & as the Patriarchs & Matriarchs of families, can really make a difference come election time.
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    Created by Stephen MacDonald
  • MP's: If 100,000+ sign a petition all MP's must attend the debate.
    This petition is a direct response to the perception that we cannot change the system which already exists. Even if it isn't fit for purpose, up to date with the modern world, or representative of most of the electorate. We can! The promise of parliamentary debate on any petition which reached 100.000 signatures was a brave manifesto promise by the conservatives, but without some significant changes in the way the commons work, these petitions will fall on deaf (or absent) ears. We live in an age of technology and information, many embrace it, many fear it. It is an age where almost everything you do is done on line. Whatever your personal feelings about it, the internet is here to stay, and has the so far untapped potential to allow YOU unprecedented control over YOUR life, and the direction of politics in real time. We have social media which is acting as a lightning rod, by allowing us to display our righteous indignation at policy's which we don't agree with, but with no effect whatsoever. How many would bother to sign a petition which WOULD be heard by those that create all of our futures? Internet petitions are branded "slacktivism" by the press, and yet many of us who walk in the middle of the road, or the "silent majority" fear taking part in any more pro active activism, because of the disproportionate response by the state to peaceful protest. Also in these austere times many simply cannot afford to take the time to participate in politics, except by signing these e- petitions, and going out to vote once every 4 or 5 years. At these times you are faced with a choice; to support one of 3 main parties, because it supports something which you are passionate about, even though you do not support all of the manifesto, give your vote to a fringe party, or like 45% of the electorate, not bother at all. If these changes were implemented then that would no longer need to be the way. At present there is no record (accessible to the public) of attendance in the commons except for voting figures. This is not acceptable, as the public must be able to see whether their MP has attended any debate which they have petitioned for, and for general transparency, as promised by every incoming government. All MPs are public servants, paid by the public purse, and, as we're reminded when we call HMRC, DWP, or any other government body, we are all customers of the state, and as customers we are entitled be listened to, and served well. We demand a certain level of service for our taxes,and as customers, as voters and most importantly as Humans, we demand the right to determine how we live, and have our voice heard! Its time to accept your "invitation to join the government of Britain" (This was the title of the Conservative manifesto 2010) "People have been shut out of Westminster politics for too long. Having a single vote every four or five years is not good enough – we need to give people real control over how they are governed. So, with a Conservative government, any petition that secures 100,000 signatures will be eligible for formal debate in Parliament". "The Big Society runs consistently through our policy programme. Our plans to reform public services, mend our broken society,and rebuild trust in politics are all part of our Big Society agenda. These plans involve redistributing power from the state to society; from the centre to local communities, giving people the opportunity to take more control over their lives". "Big Society; our reform plans require a social response in order to be successful. So building the Big Society is not just a question of the state stepping back and hoping for the best: it will require an active role for the state. The state must take action to agitate for, catalyse and galvanise social renewal. We must use the state to help remake society". The above are all excerpts from the Conservative party manifesto, printed before winning the 2010 general election. They all seem to say very much the same as this petition, and yet more and more of the people I speak to, feel the same as me, that they have less and less freedom, power and control over the way they are governed. Apathy is a dangerous thing because it shows a lack of hope. A lack of hope is acceptance of that which makes you unhappy. Acceptance of unhappiness is surrender. Once surrender has been accepted, it is irrevocable.
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    Created by Henry Nightingale-James