• UK Government should support the Financial Transaction Tax
    Banks and financial institutions can make millions from risky speculations. However, when these go wrong, as happened in 2008, billions of pounds of public money were used to bail out the banks and save them from the consequences of their risk taking. Since the 2008 crash the total paid in bonuses will this year pass through the £80bn barrier – some three and a half times the amount banks have paid in Corporation tax and the bank levy – and equates to around £1,250 for every man, woman and child in the Britain. This Tax is not intended to be punitive: nicknamed the "Robin Hood Tax" it is, like the folk hero, intended to redistribute wealth and help those in difficulty. If we, the public and the tax payers, must share the financial risks of banks' trading then it seems simply fair that, at other times, we should also receive some benefit. This money can be distributed and spent to the benefit of all - in the UK, abroad and for the environment.
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    Created by Mark Neary
  • Improve Public Understanding of Climate Science and the Implications of Climate Change
    There is a clear need for the Department of Energy and Climate Change to embark on a Public Information Campaign that actively seeks to: Improve public understanding of Climate Science Illustrate the implications of Climate Change Effectively communicate the findings and recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change --- The realities of climate change are clear and present. Experts in the field of climate science have published their findings time and time again, and there are very few dissenting voices against the consensus view. “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, human influence on the climate system is clear, and limiting climate change will require substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. These are the key conclusions from an assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” - http://www.ipcc.ch/pdf/press/press_release_wg1_full_report.pdf These opening words from the IPCC press release announcing the online publication of its full report ‘Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis’, are utterly unambiguous. An international endeavour comprising the work of hundreds of climate scientists, prepared with the assistance of more than a thousand expert reviewers, and citing over 9000 publications, the report leaves no doubt as to the reality of climate change. The scientific consensus is not fully reflected in the wider population, however. A recent report from the UK Energy Research Centre suggests that public scepticism towards climate change has actually risen in recent years and that people are now less concerned about its potential impact than previously (http://www.ukerc.ac.uk/support/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=3514 - pdf download - survey conducted March 2013). The flooding crisis of the last few weeks has re-ignited a national debate on climate change, centred around the question of whether the spate of storms that contributed heavily to rising floodwaters could be attributed to climate change. But it has been clear that there is a large degree of misunderstanding on the topic, as well as a certain amount of misrepresentation. Some of the views on display in the national media are not just a rejection that the extensive flooding may have been caused by climate change, but are rejections of the very idea of climate change as a whole. Such sentiments are rare, but come from highly prominent political individuals. Of most concern is that they are people who are not experts in the field, but have still been given equal weight to their arguments. The issue of climate change is not one of political opinion, but of scientific fact. The Department of Energy and Climate Change should begin a program of public information releases that relay the message that climate scientists and many non-governmental organisations have been imparting for a number of years. We have seen instances of public information campaigns regarding health, safety, and security concerns in a wide range of areas. It is high-time that climate change was given the attention it requires.
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  • Health and Safety - What about Common Sense?
    We run the risk that young people in particular will be so protected from risk that they don't grow up having "tested the boundaries". Since 1985 the Marlborough Brandt Group, a small charity in Marlborough Wiltshire, has sent over 1000 young people from our secondary schools to live with families and work in our link community of Gunjur in The Gambia, West Africa alongside young Gambians. All of these young people have benefited from this experience in terms of their personal and professional development and their understanding of the world beyond their community. Health and safety now dictates that a) we spend large sums of our charitable money for insurance cover b) large amounts of time conducting a risk analysis, which is almost meaningless in a rural African context and c) we consider stopping the programme and thus depriving young people of an extraordinary life-changing experience. This is a national issue and must be debated or our young in UK will be deprived a proper, well-rounded education.
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    Created by Nick Maurice
  • BBC to Commit to Diversity in Political Programming
    Engagement with politics happens for the vast majority of people through radio and television, particularly on popular programs such as Question Time. The lack of diversity amongst MP's is a problem for the UK. The lack of diversity in our political programming is a linked problem. Politics should not be the sole domain of well educated, white men. Nor should political commentary, debate and discussion.
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    Created by Sian Steans
  • Refresh the Education Secretary, Michael Gove
    Michael Gove believes "...that from time to time you need to refresh the person who is in charge of an organisation." Time to refresh the Education Secretary. Michael Gove has repeatedly shown that his ideas are out of step with those of experienced education professionals. It is high time he is replaced by someone with competence in the field.
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    Created by Graham Whitford
  • Sack MP Peter Lilley from Commons Energy Committee
    Peter Lilley has been accused of lying and making deliberately misleading statements regarding fracking and its safety on national television (Channel 4 news 26/1/14). He was unable to adequately defend his statements. It is vitally important that any minister involved in such a sensitive area be trustworthy. He also has a conflict of interest as he is employed by Cayman Islands-based oil and gas company Tethys Petroleum and so has a vested interest in promoting fossil fuels and not investing in their alternatives.
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    Created by Stephen Radford
  • Stop Naming the August Bank Holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day
    The bill is about to have its second reading on the 28/2/2014. The general public are not aware of this occurring and I as an individual of this so called democracy would be highly offended if they took to renaming the bank holiday after such a destructive and demoralising woman like Thatcher. Not everyone in this country lives by her values, far from it. Caring for others and being part of a large society is not a weakness. It's an insult to Miners, socialists, families of the Hillsborough Disaster and too many more to name.
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    Created by Louise Wallace
  • STOP George Osborne Selling Britain
    It is important you do not sell these things because If you sell off our history & heritage, you are in effect destroying Britain and I think you will find that the honourable British people do not wish you (or anyone) to do it, neither did Britain fight in two World War's, to then just sell off pieces of our history, land & heritage sites. Our history, land & heritage is not for sale, at any price, to true Brits, it is 'PRICELESS'.
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  • Stop changes to Access to Work
    Access to Work isn't a benefit and doesn't incur a cost to government - in fact it brings money into the treasury, yet Deaf and disabled people are having their support allowance capped or cuts made (meaning they can no longer afford to use qualified interpreters or the support they need). This places jobs at risk and has already resulted in job losses and demotions. People currently in work are potentially being forced out of work and onto benefits, which goes against everything the government is telling us they are trying to achieve. Deaf and disabled people bring a vast amount of skill and talent to our workforce that we can't afford to lose. We want to ensure that full support is provided, and people are enabled to gain, maintain and progress in their chosen careers. Personal choice and control needs to be handed back to the experts on Deaf and disabled access needs in the workplace - the individual Deaf and disabled people who use the scheme We want to ensure Deaf and disabled people are not subjected to a glass ceiling due to lack of support.
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    Created by Emily Smith
  • Levy on Wiltshire Supermarkets
    A levy on Wiltshire Supermarkets could reduce parking charges in our town centres which would be a lifeline to the many small traders.
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    Created by TERRY CHIVERS
  • Hereford Visions
    Too many destructive decisions have been taken behind closed doors resulting in a budget deficit largely created by (at best) mismanangement, and the resulting closure or reduction in all the services the citizens value. The recent campaigns to Save The Edgar Street Trees, Libraries & Museums, Customer Services, social and health care, and other current campaigns we have also supported in the last year, have highlighted the items that the public consider most important to their society and the unholy debacle caused by a small cabal of councillors refusing to listen has resulted in a huge amount of anger and frustration. This campaign continues .... so please keep signing and sharing.
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    Created by John Perkins
  • Save Sulivan Primary School
    The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham council are proposing to close Sulivan Primary School in order to provide a site for a Free School.If the Council are successful in their closure the land Sulivan occupies would be given away by the council to a Church of England Free secondary school for 800 boys. Sulivan would then be merged with a primary school who are currently applying to become an academy. If the proposal goes ahead there will be a 20% decline in primary places on offer. This is a political decision not an educational one! Want to tell the Council how you feel about this? Please fill in the lbhf Consultation Form http://buff.ly/1ektOA0 it will only take 5 minutes and is vital to our campaign. The community are proud of Sulivan. It is an all inclusive school, Ofsted awarded good with outstanding features. The children's well being and happiness gained a top score in its last inspection. It is 89% full and its role is ever increasing (76% of parents chose Sulivan reception as their first choice). The nursery and reception are full with a waiting list. This year Sulivan celebrated its best SAT results ever. The one storey building is well maintained and is accessible for children with disabilities. There are nature gardens, a pond, meadow and playgrounds. The children grow food and cook in a special kitchen and outdoor science lessons are taught. Music lessons are provided by a full time music teacher and Spanish is taught in every Key Stage 2 class. There is so much (and more) Sulivan offer to the children who attend. If the council close this unique and wonderful school it will have a devastating effect on 300 children, their parents, carers, teachers and support staff. Please help us in saving Sulivan School. The Consultation deadline is 8th October 2013 and we need lots of support. Thank you! Again, if you feel strongly about what is happening to Sulivan then please complete the Councils Consultation form, http://buff.ly/1ektOA0 it's really important and will only take 5 minutes. Find out more at www.saveoursulivan.org Follow us on Twitter @saveoursulivan & Facebook savesulivanschool
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    Created by Sarah Ellis