• A Wage Freeze Must Include Politicians
    A public sector wage freeze - which would affect NHS staff after all they have done - is planned to help pay for the cost of the coronavirus pandemic along with a range of tax increases. Many public sector workers have had wage increases less than inflation for years, effectively providing successive wage cuts while politicians have received wage increases above inflation making them increasingly better off compared with many others. Their excuse is that they don't set their own wages but they pass the laws of this country so they can change the whole mechanism of how their pay is set. In an interview broadcast on television Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, was asked if he was going to set aside any part of his wages (as footballers had been asked to do) and he confirmed that he did not intend to do so. But the government do apparently intend that public sector workers will suffer a wage freeze. Remember that public sector workers include the people upon whom we all rely, particularly during the pandemic, especially NHS staff many of whom have risked and even lost their lives during this time. If the public sector is to be further punished then the very least parliament can do is to accept a wage freeze themselves and demonstrate the kind of leadership that inspires and gives confidence.
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    Created by Bob Cullen
  • Open MP's Financial Interests Bill
    To make MP's voting and intentions transparent. Day to day lobbying happens behind closed doors in meetings without free press via phone calls etc.. One of the best indicators of where a politicians intentions are lye with how they behave with their own money.
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    Created by Simon Haynes Picture
  • Call for Independent Investigation into GMB General Secretary's Resignation
    GMB Grassroots Left* is launching this petition to demand an investigation into the allegations and events surrounding the General Secretary’s recent resignation. The inept handling and reporting of the allegations testify that the GMB is not capable of conducting an investigation into its own organisation. In order to guarantee the probity of such an investigation, it must be conducted by an independent external agency to ensure no vested interest can influence the necessary action with the central objective of establishing the facts of the allegations, the events surrounding the former General Secretary’s decision and the subsequent actions of the union Executive. The terms of reference of such an investigation must include providing investigating agency with the authority to follow whatever direction it deems necessary to meet the above objectives. Central to the success of the investigation will be to provide staff affected by or privy to knowledge of the events a safe space to come forward and provide input to the investigation without fear of reprisal or victimisation. In order to guarantee transparency and the independence of the investigation, we also demand that any agency or committee to which the investigation reports includes lay membership representation. As an association of lay members, GMB Grassroots Left requests membership of such an agency or committee. The events of this issue call into question credibility and integrity of the GMB. The patent and suspicious mishandling undermines the standing of the whole trade union movement and affects all those activists ad members who adhere to and value the union movement. Therefore, we call on all GMB and trade union members and activists to sign, support and share this petition and support the call for a robust and transparent investigation to : • deliver practical recommendations • identify any wrongdoing that has occurred • acknowledge failures in managing allegations • attribute responsibility • deliver workplace justice and • provide recommendations to mitigate against future undermining of trade union ethics and principles. * GMB Grassroots Left is a rank and file organisation committed to transform the union from being a top-down institution, run like a business, into a member led bottom-up organisation, where members decide and the union apparatus provides the service it is employed to provide.
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  • Give Support Grants to Small Businesses Working From Home
    Hundreds of thousands, possibly more, of Small Businesses that are run from home don't need to pay Business Rates to their Local Council because the business only takes up a small part of their premises and doesn’t have clients visiting their homes. Many are internet based but many are tradespeople. The recent Coronavirus support grants given to Small Businesses have been prejudiced against legitimate companies who don't pay Business Rates because they are not required to do so but do pay Domestic Rates. Numerous families run small businesses from home as their sole or main income. Many business people are single parents and running a business from home allows them to give time to their children, carry out school runs, support their extra curriculum activities and sport. Without a Government Grant they have no income at the moment and their businesses are under real threat of going into liquidation which means they may be jobless and have to go onto benefits. They just need financial help in the short term but with no income and no way of knowing when this will end they can’t risk a loan. Will you sign the petition and help these legitimate Small Businesses to get the grants they need to survive.
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    Created by Geoff Bell
  • Remove migrant healthcare Surcharge
    Every Thursday we clap for our NHS and for our key workers. Many key workers within the UK are migrants who contribute far more than they take out. To remove the surcharge would be symbolic in recognising that migrants aren't a drain on our society, but are a key part of it. To show our thanks, we need to do more than just clap. We need to change the policies which harshly impact the migrant workers saving lives.
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  • STOP charging on Visa's for our immigrant NHS staff.
    Please sign this partition to bring to an end this outrageous tax on vulnerable hospital workers. Boris Johnson backed the treatment he received when he contracted coronavirus and the staff who rigorously watched over him whilst he was in intensive care, let him now abandon this ridiculous tax and support our NHS staff 100%.
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  • Protect scientific integrity of the government's SAGE committee.
    All other members are scientists, chosen for their relevant scientific expertise. We believe that Cummings and Warner have no legitimate place on this committee or at its meetings. Cummings in particular is a controversial, divisive figure with no scientific background. Their presence can only undermine the committee’s authority, and dangerously reduce public confidence in its advice.
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    Created by Piers Vitebsky
  • No bailout for airlines without environmental conditions
    Taxpayers should not be funding an industry which contributes so massively to disrupting and threatening taxpayers' lives. Greenhouse gasses were at an all time high when most air travel was forced to come to a halt in March. There is evidence that the effects of the coronavirus are exacerbated by air pollution. And, most of all, the effects of climate change will do far more damage - both to the health of individuals and the economies of countries - than the coronavirus ever will. Nine million people are currently estimated to die every year due to air pollution. Experts believe there will be 150 million premature deaths by the end of the century due to air pollution alone. That's not to mention what climate change will do to our health systems, our economies, our food supply, to oceans and to wildlife. The taxpayer shouldn't be footing the bill for one of the main contributors to climate change.
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    Created by Patrick Lee
  • PPE - Demand and Supply Graph at COVID 19 Briefings
    The current situation with PPE is particularly worrying as Health and Care workers are putting their lives on the line if it is not supplied. So far the government has been very woolly with figures but surely Health and Care workers as well as the general public are entitled to know if demand is being met.
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    Created by Mel Ault
  • Allow ALL small businesses access to the Small Business Coronavirus Grant Scheme
    Why should small businesses (limited companies) operating from a residential address not qualify for the Coronavirus grant scheme? Just because we do not trade from a business property (paying business rates or claiming small business rate relief), we do not qualify for anything other than a loan - putting us further into long-term debt. According to the latest statistics from the House of Commons Business Statistics, there were around 2 million limited companies operating in the UK in 2019. Of these 2 million actively trading companies, around 990,000 were employers, whereas 891,000 companies were not. Therefore, just over half of limited companies are employers and just under a half are one-man-band businesses (more thank likely trading from home). The Government's "Small Business Coronavirus Grant Scheme" has let down these businesses simply because they trade from home. All I am asking is that these businesses be given access to the same grants system as the other businesses that trade from a property that is paying business rates (or receiving small business rates relief). Smaller businesses like ours do not have the reserves of our much larger counterparts and simply cannot afford to go three weeks (let alone another three) without income. To us, this isn't just a business, this our livelihood, this is how we feed our families.
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  • M.P.’s Pay Cut
    If New Zealand can do it why can’t U.K.? They expect the people to do it. Footballers to do it. Should be the least the Prime Minister would want to do anyway
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  • Change Austerity Measures, Protect Society
    Let the people who can most afford it, help with the countries deficit and do not reduce public spending. Keep public spending up where it is needed most. Tax increases for the higher earners, they can afford it and keep taxes down for lower earners to encourage spending. A major overhaul of austerity measures need to be made now and for all future attempts to reduce budget deficits, stop! punishing the poorer people in society and reduce the deficit by targeting areas where it can be afforded the most. The IMF and other financial experts and economists have stated that reducing public spending, increasing debt, etc can have worse effects overall on the economy. New measures are needed to keep the economy going and looking after the health and well being of all our citizens.
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    Created by Colin Harrower