• Stop Naming the August Bank Holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day
    The bill is about to have its second reading on the 28/2/2014. The general public are not aware of this occurring and I as an individual of this so called democracy would be highly offended if they took to renaming the bank holiday after such a destructive and demoralising woman like Thatcher. Not everyone in this country lives by her values, far from it. Caring for others and being part of a large society is not a weakness. It's an insult to Miners, socialists, families of the Hillsborough Disaster and too many more to name.
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  • STOP George Osborne Selling Britain
    It is important you do not sell these things because If you sell off our history & heritage, you are in effect destroying Britain and I think you will find that the honourable British people do not wish you (or anyone) to do it, neither did Britain fight in two World War's, to then just sell off pieces of our history, land & heritage sites. Our history, land & heritage is not for sale, at any price, to true Brits, it is 'PRICELESS'.
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  • Remove Michael Gove from office.
    Education is the practice of learning in which knowledge and skills are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Michael Gove refuses to abide by the wisdom of generations by ignoring research findings; by denying expert opinion; by deriding expertise in the field; and by deliberately demoralising our teachers. Any pupil or student similarly and willfully ignoring research, expertise and secure knowledge in the same way as Michael Gove would fail any examination. Any inspected school doing so would be found "Inadequate". To save the future of education in this country and to prevent further damage Michael Gove must be persuaded to resign.
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  • Stop changes to Access to Work
    Access to Work isn't a benefit and doesn't incur a cost to government - in fact it brings money into the treasury, yet Deaf and disabled people are having their support allowance capped or cuts made (meaning they can no longer afford to use qualified interpreters or the support they need). This places jobs at risk and has already resulted in job losses and demotions. People currently in work are potentially being forced out of work and onto benefits, which goes against everything the government is telling us they are trying to achieve. Deaf and disabled people bring a vast amount of skill and talent to our workforce that we can't afford to lose. We want to ensure that full support is provided, and people are enabled to gain, maintain and progress in their chosen careers. Personal choice and control needs to be handed back to the experts on Deaf and disabled access needs in the workplace - the individual Deaf and disabled people who use the scheme We want to ensure Deaf and disabled people are not subjected to a glass ceiling due to lack of support.
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  • Levy on Wiltshire Supermarkets
    A levy on Wiltshire Supermarkets could reduce parking charges in our town centres which would be a lifeline to the many small traders.
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  • Remove Health and Education From Party Politics!
    Looking after our sick and educating our young is not about political ideology, it's about providing the best that we can, for those that rely on us to provide it. It doesn't matter which political party you vote for, or even if you vote at all! 2+2 will still equal 4, whatever your economic policies are! The diagnosis and treatment of illness remain the same, regardless of who is in power. This petition is about standing up for and protecting these fundamental basics of British Society from being shamelessly manipulated and abused by all parties to gain political power. Ultimately, Health and Education are not about what colour your politics are, because ALL parties claim to uphold and value our free NHS and Education System. I have 4 children, 3 still in education, and we have been faced with different choices for each of them. There has been no stability and over a period of 20 years, I have had to go to their schools year after year and listen as their committed, yet demoralised and exhausted teachers do all the work for and roll out the latest educational initiative or policy, only for it to be scrapped within a few short years. Not only is it a waste of public money, it is a waste of both teacher's and student's energy and enthusiasm. No wonder there has been a 10% rise in teachers needing time off for stress over the last 4 years! (1). No wonder students loose interest in learning and England has amongst the lowest literacy and numeracy scores in the industrialised world - and still falling! (2) The NHS isn't faring any better. My husband works for the NHS and time and again, I am left wondering what planet these politicians live on, as successive governments unveil yet another unworkable policy guaranteed to cost millions and doomed to fail! Morale in the NHS is at an all time low and General Practice is in severe crisis with not enough doctors to fill posts. There simply aren't enough GPs in the UK to safely roll out the latest 7 day a week scheme and ultimately doctors will need to be recruited from abroad to make it work. The NHS has been all but privatised and doctors who went into medicine as a caring profession are now being forced to become businessmen, managing massive budgets and having to tender for services - even your blood results! Hospitals are understaffed, nurses undervalued and overworked, and all too often budgets have to come before patients needs. It's a shameful state of affairs! Our NHS and Education System used to be models of excellence for the world. Let's join together and demand of ALL our politicians that we reclaim that respect and recognition and forge a new and positive political model for these fundamental areas of our nation! Let's demand that ALL PARTIES JOIN TOGETHER TO COOPERATE AND TAKE JOINT RESPONSIBILITY to achieve stability and excellence for our NHS and Schools! Thank you for taking the time and caring enough to read about this petition. I hope you will sign and register your support. (1) - http://theguardian.com/education/2012/dec/26/teachers-stress-unions-strike (2) - http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/education-24433320
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  • Hereford Visions
    Too many destructive decisions have been taken behind closed doors resulting in a budget deficit largely created by (at best) mismanangement, and the resulting closure or reduction in all the services the citizens value. The recent campaigns to Save The Edgar Street Trees, Libraries & Museums, Customer Services, social and health care, and other current campaigns we have also supported in the last year, have highlighted the items that the public consider most important to their society and the unholy debacle caused by a small cabal of councillors refusing to listen has resulted in a huge amount of anger and frustration. This campaign continues .... so please keep signing and sharing.
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  • Theresa May, don't force my baby's mother to leave the UK.
    Please could people help by signing this petition to allow my babies mother to stay with us here in the U.K My partner is from China, I met her in the UAE where we both worked, we have lived together for almost 5 years. We own our house here in the U.K, (no mortgage or loan). I work hard and pay tax. I am a British citizen with a traceable family history in the U.K that goes back quite a few hundred years that we can prove. My son was born here in the U.K, so he is also British. Should his mother be deported to China, I will be forced to quit work to raise him on benefits. He is being breast fed as advised by British medical professionals, this will not be possible if his mother is deported. My son has 2 loving parents, a safe and secure home, and great family support. We are at the edge of despair that my partner will get a knock on the door any day and be arrested and deported. I, as a British citizen should be allowed to love whom i choose, the U.K goverment in effect is saying i may only love a British person, or that i may love my baby's mother but only if we sell up and clear off, or have a internet relationship from opposite sides of the globe. My son needs his mother, not just for now but throughout his life he will need her. How in this day and age can the government force families to break up that are functional and self financed? We are in a better financial position than most in the UK having fully purchased our home, the NHS care my partner recieved during her pregnancy we had to pay for. We pay every tax - income, council, car, etc - we just want to live a quiet family life and bring up our son in a loving and caring environment. Please help us by signing our petition, (we need 15,000 signatures to submit this) my son needs YOUR help, WE need YOUR help.
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  • Save Sulivan Primary School
    The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham council are proposing to close Sulivan Primary School in order to provide a site for a Free School.If the Council are successful in their closure the land Sulivan occupies would be given away by the council to a Church of England Free secondary school for 800 boys. Sulivan would then be merged with a primary school who are currently applying to become an academy. If the proposal goes ahead there will be a 20% decline in primary places on offer. This is a political decision not an educational one! Want to tell the Council how you feel about this? Please fill in the lbhf Consultation Form http://buff.ly/1ektOA0 it will only take 5 minutes and is vital to our campaign. The community are proud of Sulivan. It is an all inclusive school, Ofsted awarded good with outstanding features. The children's well being and happiness gained a top score in its last inspection. It is 89% full and its role is ever increasing (76% of parents chose Sulivan reception as their first choice). The nursery and reception are full with a waiting list. This year Sulivan celebrated its best SAT results ever. The one storey building is well maintained and is accessible for children with disabilities. There are nature gardens, a pond, meadow and playgrounds. The children grow food and cook in a special kitchen and outdoor science lessons are taught. Music lessons are provided by a full time music teacher and Spanish is taught in every Key Stage 2 class. There is so much (and more) Sulivan offer to the children who attend. If the council close this unique and wonderful school it will have a devastating effect on 300 children, their parents, carers, teachers and support staff. Please help us in saving Sulivan School. The Consultation deadline is 8th October 2013 and we need lots of support. Thank you! Again, if you feel strongly about what is happening to Sulivan then please complete the Councils Consultation form, http://buff.ly/1ektOA0 it's really important and will only take 5 minutes. Find out more at www.saveoursulivan.org Follow us on Twitter @saveoursulivan & Facebook savesulivanschool
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  • We oppose exploratory drilling for coal bed methane in East Kent
    We know that even exploratory drilling will constitute a high risk to our water, our environment, our health, our wildlife as well as involving a heavy lorry traffic and noise pollution and the processing of toxic water pumped out of the coal seams. Drilling will also threaten our buildings with partial subsidence, if these applications are successful they will pave the way to the industrialisation of our countryside.
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  • For cortisones sake ! give steroid dependents the life saving injection they need
    My little girl who is 14  has been diagnosed with hypopituitarism, thus meaning her pituitary gland is not  working affecting many glands in her body. The most serious being her adrenal gland, she is now cortisone dependent which means she needs to carry a life saving emergency injection everywhere she goes. Because this condition is quite rare there is not a quick pen injection like the epi pen or diabetes pen. This means that in a time of crisis a small glass bottle containing cortisone is snapped opened a syringe is drawn up with the medication, a sterile needle is taken out of the packet and then attached to the said syringe. This is then injected intramuscular in to the leg. I am very sure that my little girl in a close to unconscious state would not even be able to take the top off the little glass tube let alone draw it in to a syringe and then inject it in to herself but this is  what she would HAVE to do to save her own life if she were alone. I'm terrified to let her out of my sight. Even I worry that in this situation as a parent I would not be able to calmly do this. I know many other mothers and sufferers also feel this way, it seems that it is not viable  because there are very few people with this condition which gives the impression that their lives are not as important as those who suffer with diabetes or fatal allergy sufferers.  Ultimately I would like my little girl to finally have a normal life, she has suffered with very poor health for the past 14 years, she has gone through so much and come through so much I think now she deserves the right to a more  healthy life with the safe knowledge that no mistakes can be made in saving her life in an emergency situation.  She needs to fly the nest eventually like her brother and sisters will, she cannot go out in to the big wide world by herself without an easy to use pen, consider if this were yourself or a family member she deserves the right to an independent life. This injection pen could mean life or death to all of these people. Please consider listening to my plea, I will do anything personally in my own power to make it happen, everyone deserves the right to life. All other petitions and campaigns have fallen on deaf ears. So please everyone get behind me and show your support. Using a 3 three year olds words (her words) 11 years ago whilst suffering double pneumonia in hospital on Christmas Eve. 'Mummy its not fair any more like this' It hasn't been fair since then with her health and this situation is not fair either, her words may be in the right places now but she is still my little girl and i love her so much. Please listen this time Yours sincerely Rachel Pegler. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR NON UK RESIDENCE please sign this one they will all be counted together http://www.change.org/petitions/pharmacutical-companies-health-chiefs-develop-a-life-saving-injection-pen For more info on how you can help click here https://www.facebook.com/rachelpeglersavinglivesforsterioddependants?notif_t=page_new_likes http://www.change.org/petitions/pharmacutical-companies-health-chiefs-develop-a-life-saving-injection-pen# A MESSAGE PLEASE READ From Audrey another mum from Northern Ireland who's daughter Victoria suffers from Addisons, we are in this together now all of the way . please sign for her too and many others like her, ' I know some of you have already signed this petition and I'm extremely grateful. If you haven't already signed and shared it will only take 30 seconds of your life to add your name to this petition. Many of you know my daughter was diagnosed with Addison's Disease last year along with a few other illnesses. It is a life long and life threatening condition. She relies on family members to inject her if she goes into Adrenal Crisis, but this isn't a straight forward ready made injection..it consists of a syringe, 2 needles and 2 vials...would you be comfortable preparing that and injecting your loved one when they are dying in front of you. I've no doubt it will be extremely hard to keep my emotions at bay and think clearly. Victoria isn't well again, we're waiting on further test results to see what is happening with her body now. Although this petition isn't Victoria's story, this young girl needs the same treatment. Please sign and share this to try and get an epi-pen manufactured for people like Victoria and Molly. Many thanks
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  • Living Wage for Bristol
    This is important as it means that workers will earn enough to support themselves and their family. It is also good for employers as it reduces staff turnover and is generally shown to increase the quality of work. As well it boosts the wider economy as people will generally have more money to spend. Perhaps most importantly though implementing a living wage in Bristol will help the lowest paid workers earn enough to support themselves, greatly reducing poverty rates in the city.
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