• Health and Safety - What about Common Sense?
    We run the risk that young people in particular will be so protected from risk that they don't grow up having "tested the boundaries". Since 1985 the Marlborough Brandt Group, a small charity in Marlborough Wiltshire, has sent over 1000 young people from our secondary schools to live with families and work in our link community of Gunjur in The Gambia, West Africa alongside young Gambians. All of these young people have benefited from this experience in terms of their personal and professional development and their understanding of the world beyond their community. Health and safety now dictates that a) we spend large sums of our charitable money for insurance cover b) large amounts of time conducting a risk analysis, which is almost meaningless in a rural African context and c) we consider stopping the programme and thus depriving young people of an extraordinary life-changing experience. This is a national issue and must be debated or our young in UK will be deprived a proper, well-rounded education.
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  • BBC to Commit to Diversity in Political Programming
    Engagement with politics happens for the vast majority of people through radio and television, particularly on popular programs such as Question Time. The lack of diversity amongst MP's is a problem for the UK. The lack of diversity in our political programming is a linked problem. Politics should not be the sole domain of well educated, white men. Nor should political commentary, debate and discussion.
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  • NO CONFIDENCE in the City of Edinburgh Planning Department
    Given that the Scottish Government is currently undertaking a planning review, this petition is evidence of public disaffection and the need to ensure public faith in the planning process faithful to the spirit of the recently legislated Community Empowerment Bill which states: “Scotland’s people are its greatest asset, and best placed to make decisions about their future... Our belief in local self- determination, through a strong Scottish Parliament, strong local authorities and strong communities, is the key principle... At its heart, community empowerment is about communities taking their own decisions about their futures”. The exceptional natural landscape and outstanding World Heritage architecture of Edinburgh is cherished by locals and visitors alike, yet the City today faces the greatest assault on its heritage since the failed Abercrombie plan for massive city-centre redevelopment of the late 1940s. Numerous large developments have taken place in recent years such as the Waterfront, Fountainbridge, Quartermile, South St Andrew Square, which have courted much criticism, most notably in the damning article “Scotland’s decaying capital city...” published Feb 2013 in Foreign Policy by Professor Richard Williams in which he stated, “Edinburgh has some of Europe's shoddiest attempts at urban regeneration”. In spite of a stated commitment to “co-operation, fairness, accountability and responsibility” and a pledge that, “this is a Council that will listen to, and work with, local people.... there needs to be strong process for looking at the quality of how the Council has reached decisions so that there is genuine scrutiny and questioning of the actions it has taken", widespread disillusionment continues to undermine the credibility of the Council. In the case of "Caltongate/ New Waverley" the Council showed flagrant disregard to the concerns of the local community and wider objectors, flouting local and national planning guidelines. The cumulative effect of controversial 'developments' is now putting the City's most prestigious accolade at risk, the World Heritage Status: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/oct/31/edinburgh-world-heritage-status-in-peril-developers Rather than uphold their duty to the City and Her Citizens it is evident that elected representatives and officials are beholden and enthralled to an unsustainable, discredited system of speculation and endless economic growth, on a finite planet, showing favour to large private interests who appear to hold considerable sway over policy and decision making rather than reflect actual public need. Such a reality is an affront to democracy and does much to damage public faith, divide communities and undermine long term social well being. Two hundred years ago the legacy of our ancestors was the New Town of Edinburgh. How will our descendants 200 years hence judge us? “Think Global, Act Local" Patrick Geddes
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  • Let The Music Play! Call For UK’s Working Visa Clampdown To Be Reviewed
    As a former Tory Treasury Minister, owner of Cubana - the well-known London Cuban bar-restaurant - and founder of Alma de Cuba coffee, we have been bringing Cuban musicians over to the UK for many years. The process used to take a day or two and cost a nominal amount. Now, all applicants have to personally travel to Havana for an interview. The applications are centrally processed in New York, taking weeks and costing thousands of pounds for an average sized band. Worse, a UK visa doesn't give access to the rest of the EU whereas under Schengen, most EU countries' visas give access to most other EU members. I'm not particularly enamoured with the EU, but by staying out of Schengen we lose a key benefit of membership and have to queue up like cattle to get into other EU countries and back into our own. Further, our visa regime is threatening to turn our once proudly open island into a ghetto. We all understand the imperatives of security and reasonable immigration controls, but what we have is heavy-handedness and bureaucracy from a Government which too often pays only lip service to de-regulation. Let’s tell the Government we condemn this harsh visa clampdown which is not only damaging London’s international standing at a cultural hub but disastrous for businesses too. Please sign our petition to Culture Secretary, Maria Miller asking her to review the current visa policy and let the music play!
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  • We have hours to save fake Chagall!
    The BBC television programme ‘Fake or Fortune’ broadcast an item on 2 February in which one of my constituents, Mr Martin Lang of Leeds, had bought in good faith a painting by Marc Chagall entitled Nude 1909-1910 for GBP 100,000. Research conducted by the programme suggested that the picture may be a forgery. A final opinion was sought from the Paris-based Chagall Committee, presided over by the artist’s grand-daughters. They assert that the picture is a forgery and have now threatened to invoke their right under French law to destroy the picture, possibly immediately. I hope that a less drastic alternative can be found as I believe that this piece should be preserved for its own sake. At the very least, the picture may be used as evidence in any future criminal proceedings.
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    Created by Edward McMillan-Scott
  • Refresh the Education Secretary, Michael Gove
    Michael Gove believes "...that from time to time you need to refresh the person who is in charge of an organisation." Time to refresh the Education Secretary. Michael Gove has repeatedly shown that his ideas are out of step with those of experienced education professionals. It is high time he is replaced by someone with competence in the field.
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  • Drop the Charges Against The Iceland Three
    ''A man will stand trial next month after being caught taking some tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese from the dustbins behind a branch of Iceland.........May, 35, along with Jason Chan and William James, all residents of a squat in north London, were arrested on 25 October, just before midnight, after a member of the public called the police to report three men climbing over a wall at the back of Iceland in Kentish Town...The total value of the items taken allegedly amounted to £33 and they were of low value." (from The Guardian). In this time of austerity we must stand up for those who can't afford to feed themselves, and who are also prepared to use food that would otherwise be interred in landfills. This is a call for humanity to triumph over the kind of greed and ignorance that causes the death and suffering of the most poor and vulnerable. Should this case be prosecuted, the implications for others who may find themselves in need, and who may choose, therefore, to skip, could be serious. Please sign this petition to stop a precedent being set by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service - Baljit Ublhey is the head of the CPS in London: let's send her a message. It's time to stand up for what is morally right.
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  • Sack MP Peter Lilley from Commons Energy Committee
    Peter Lilley has been accused of lying and making deliberately misleading statements regarding fracking and its safety on national television (Channel 4 news 26/1/14). He was unable to adequately defend his statements. It is vitally important that any minister involved in such a sensitive area be trustworthy. He also has a conflict of interest as he is employed by Cayman Islands-based oil and gas company Tethys Petroleum and so has a vested interest in promoting fossil fuels and not investing in their alternatives.
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    Created by Stephen Radford
  • Reject cuts to student support
    Adequate support was a key element of the Coalition Government’s introduction of £9000/year tuition fees and reducing this will further threaten to make HFE about ability to pay rather than ability to learn.
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  • Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill
    Imagine you were suffering a terminal or severely life-shortening condition. Wouldn't you want to talk openly and honestly about your situation with your doctor? Wouldn't you want the choice to be able to end your own life? Wouldn't you at least want to know more and be in charge? You might choose to act or you might not, but the decision should be up to you. For more information go to www.lifedeathchoice.org.uk
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  • The recording of all Employment Tribunal hearings
    I am campaigning (and asking for the help of the public) for all Employment Tribunal hearings to be recorded. Why you may wonder! I have been crucified for having the audacity for standing up and speaking out against an international multi million pound organisation and also the establishment. I have spent over 8 years of my life under severe duress to prove that the above case has been an ‘Establishment Cover Up’ and a total violation of my HUMAN RIGHTS. What I suffered whilst employed by PPC Ltd was horrendous but what followed is unbelievable and I have all the evidence fully documented with witnesses and witness statements to prove this. • Do you believe in democracy, justice and fairness? • Do you believe it takes courage to stand up and speak out – not only against an international multi-million pound organisation but also the ‘establishment’? • Do you believe that ‘WHISTLEBLOWERS’ deserve support and protection? • Do you believe that threats of costs (veiled threats) or otherwise of financial annihilation because you have spoken out should be addressed by government? • Do you believe that anyone who wilfully makes a false statement (no matter what their status) should be prosecuted? • Do you believe that legal representatives, judges, politicians, senior government figures should be held to account for wilfully making false statements and/or ‘looking the other way’ rather than do the right thing to protect members of the public? If you answer yes to all the above questions then please, please sign this campaign for change to protect others from my experience as this cannot be allowed to continue– future Employment Tribunal hearings must be recorded – justice should be about truth not ‘cover ups’ to protect the innocent not the guilty ....... • There is no record of my case against Provident Personal Credit Limited and no judgment issued in their name –Provident Personal Credit Ltd/Provident Financial Group have been protected by the establishment – This is immoral, disgusting and disturbing especially when a lone, vulnerable person is targeted by the legal and justice system in this country to deny them justice and compensation. How many lives have been destroyed by the legal/judicial system in this country by covering up the truth? How many more people in this country are going to suffer due to ‘establishment cover ups’ protecting multi million pound organisations? I cannot turn my back on the public, now having the knowledge and experience of a case such as mine and how it can all be brushed under the carpet. I will, and must do all that I can to protect other naive and innocent members of the public who still trust in the legal and judicial system as I once did. If you wish to read documents to support why I am campaigning then please click on the links below :- http://tinyurl.com/qg3893y - Letter to Iain Wright MP for Hartlepool from Jo Slater re lack of answers from questions from the Employment Tribunal (Newcastle) and to personally hand my letter to Jack Straw (former Secretary of State for Justice) - 16 July 2009 http://tinyurl.com/o5taw8m -Letter to Jack Straw (former Secretary of State for Justice from Jo Slater outlining case -16 July 2009 http://tinyurl.com/oxsapjo - Email to Jack Straw (copied to Ministry of Justice) 22 July 2009 http://tinyurl.com/q5gsq6n - Preliminary Response to the Defence dated 2 August 2012 of Provident Financial Group/Provident Personal Credit Limited dated 6 August – provided to Middlesbrough Combined Court and PFG/PPC Ltd http://tinyurl.com/o7j3xsh - Letter to Justice Underhill/President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal and others – re my case 28 February 2013 http://tinyurl.com/q39qv8r - Email from Dave Pascoe UK Press Officer UKIP/Hartlepool dated 20 March 2012 to Gerard Batton MEP re: my case http://tinyurl.com/o5ff82t - Fax to Middlesbrough Combined Court/Northampton Court/IPCC re: my complaints regarding my civil case against Provident Personal Credit Ltd – 12 May 2013 http://tinyurl.com/p6fyowr - Letter to Supt. Jon Green Head of Professional Standards, Cleveland Police re: ‘Failure to Investigate’ my allegations and ‘Failure to provide Explanation’ why information held on me is false, in-accurate/misleading Ms Jo Slater
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    A Pubs Watchdog is urgently needed to govern the behaviour of large pub companies (which own around a third of UK pubs) and ensure publicans are treated fairly. A key role for the Pubs Watchdog would be to ensure rents and wholesale prices are reasonable. Last year the Government recognised that “there is some real hardship in the pubs sector, with many pubs going to the wall as publicans are struggling to survive on tiny margins. Some of this is due to pubcos [pub companies] exploiting and squeezing their publicans by unfair practices and a focus on short-term profits. Four Select Committee reviews since 2004 have highlighted these problems” (Vince Cable MP, January 2013). In 2013 the Government rightly concluded that “a change in the law is now needed to shift behaviour”. However, time is rapidly running out to introduce these important changes. The case for action: • In a 2013 survey, the majority (57%) of publicans renting pubs from the large pub companies reported earning less than £10,000 a year. • Typically these publicans have to buy all their beer from their pub company and are not allowed to buy on the open market. This can inflate the cost to publicans by around 50p a pint. • The large pub companies have disposed of thousands of pubs in the last four years alone and plan to sell many more every year. • In total 96% of people responding to a Government consultation survey declared their support for a Pubs Watchdog. Publicans with the large pub companies should be given the option to buy one real ale on the open market – known as a guest beer right. They should also be given the option to choose a market rent only contract that would allow a publican to buy all of their beer on the open market from any brewer they choose. Please sign this petition and tell the Government to stick to its clear promise by introducing a Parliamentary Bill in this year’s Queen’s Speech.
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    Created by Colin Valentine