• Scottish Independence Referendum - Make Voting Compulsory
    In Alex Salmond's own words, this is the most important question facing Scotland in the last 300 years. It is vital then that the decision either way is not made after a small turnout at the polling booths. Apathy must not be a deciding factor in such a momentous decision. I am proposing that Prime Minister David Cameron urgently introduces a bill at Westminster to ensure that all voters in Scotland are compelled on this single occasion to vote. If individuals express a view that this infringes human rights then all they need to is attend a polling booth and 'spoil' the ballot paper.
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    Created by Ronnie McInnes
  • Uncomplicated Lords Reform
    No need to use a sledgehammer to crack this very tiny nut of an issue. This small device will do it in one easy, democratic, stroke.
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    Created by Derek Johnson
  • the Full Restoration & increase in OfGens management powers over the utility companies
    We all know to our cost that Competition between Energy suppliers is a myth When one increase its prices then the rest are quick to follow Ofgen gave up control as it naively thought that completion between the companies would do its work for them, but they forgot one important fact that all major companies naturally like to for cartels in order to ensure their continuing profits When one increase its prices then the rest are quick to follow as we know to our cost Politicians like to patronise the public & they think that we are stupid when they say shop around but we all are aware that this advice is fatuous
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    Created by John Potsey
  • Urge the Conservative Party to return the donation from Polly Peck
    John Major and other senior party members pledged to return the donations if Nadir was found guilty of fraud - this was a Conservative party commitment which they should honour.
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    Created by Angela Steatham
  • None of the Above
    With record low turnout for elections, the democratic mandates of our governments and local councils are seriously undermined. It could be argued that the majority of the public is already voting for "None of the Above". The public is currently unable to exercise any choice over the individual candidates put up by each party, but permitting them to reject the listed candidates in an election would allow a new set to be put up.
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    Created by Paul Warren
  • Make our Councils Accountable to the People
    This will show constituents who gets paid what from our council taxes. It will also show who in our communities make the decisions that affect us on a local level. It will show if a locality is held to ransom by a small band of councillors who control everything.
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    Created by Enda Farrell