• Refund cancelled bookings
    Many holiday makers have had their cruises cancelled because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Iglu cruises are breaking the law by not refunding customers within the statutory 14 days and some customer are having to wait 6 months putting them into a downward spiral of debt.
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    Created by Robert Riley
  • Make sure no child in the UK goes hungry
    The coronavirus pandemic will dramatically increase unemployment and poverty. Many people are already struggling to put food on the table and this is only going to get worse. The government needs to act fast to stop children in the UK going hungry. A lack of nutrition at an early age can cause huge problems later on in life and stops children from being able to concentrate at school. One of the solutions recommended by the national food strategy is to expand free school meals and holiday hunger schemes from children for all households on universal credit. It’s a simple way to help ensure children across the UK are getting enough food to eat.
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    Created by Jessica Khan
  • Elderly Care Home Residents Left Stranded Without Family
    Many elderly people are confined to their rooms and in some cases bed-bound. Despite the best efforts of care home staff, they are heavily reliant on meeting family members to maintain a reasonable quality of life and mental well-being. The families of care home residents also experience great stress through not being able to see elderly relatives. Recent research has established that elderly people deprived of visits by family and friends will deteriorate both mentally and physically.
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    Created by Lynne Walmsley
  • Don't bring back benefit sanctions!
    Imagine arriving to work five minutes late and having your pay docked. For anyone who depends on benefits, it only takes missing the bus to the JobCentre to be given a sanction and lose payments. With the UK economy going to be hit hard with job loses in the thousands, we cannot let benefit claimants have their money stopped or cut. During the height of the coronavirus crisis, there were no sanctions. The government stopped them for 3 months. We know that the benefits system can function without sanctioning people. But benefit sanctions are set to return in England. Huge public backlash could force the government to rethink their decision, and stop the unfair and cruel sanctions for good.
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    Created by Hugh Mccourt
  • Ensure rough sleepers don’t return to the streets
    Rough sleepers across the country could be about to be forced back onto the streets. With day and night shelters still closed because they’re simply not safe, and the Hotels for the Homeless scheme ending, there’s simply nowhere for hundreds of people to go. The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. With some schemes coming to an end, the government must take urgent action to ensure alternative housing and shelter is put in place for homeless people so everyone can be kept safe, not just those who qualify for benefits. For many vulnerable adults who are homeless, this could be the difference between life and death. So, if you think everyone deserves a safe roof over their head, sign the petition for the government to ensure no rough sleepers are pushed back onto the streets.
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  • Online redemption of Free school meals vouchers
    As an older single dad (59) I am at significant risk if I contract Covid 19. I am my son's only living relative and as such if I contract the virus and either become very ill due to my age or even worse die, my son will be placed into care. I currently have 10 weeks worth of FSM vouchers I have been unable to redeem as the only way to do so is to visit the store, risking contamination and the threat of my son being placed in care as a consequence. I have a really low income and I feel it is grossly unfair that my son should go without the £15 p/w towards buying food because Morrison's won't offer this service online.
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    Created by david Hall
  • say no to the proposed end to the triple-lock on the state-pension for OAP's
    The government wishes to claw back the amount of £300 billion it has been forced to spend on combatting the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. The OAP's have worked hard during their lives to become eligible for the state-pension,and any necessary future increases in their state-pensions should not be withheld from them. The state needs to recoup the £300 billion spent on combatting the pandemic by other means,and not by removing necessary living funds from OAP's. This governmental proposal will affect myself and all other state pensioners. This could be done by saving on unnecessary government projects,such as HS2 rail & unnecessary and expensive armaments procurement.
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    Created by Terence franks
  • Fix the food voucher system so no child goes hungry
    Almost a fifth of UK homes with children are going hungry in lockdown. Families who usually get free schools have been promised government help while schools are closed but the reality is a litany of missed payments and problems with vouchers. It’s not good enough. As a single parent who uses the voucher scheme I have personally experienced the issues with the food voucher system. Multiple times I've been waiting for sometimes an hour or more just for the voucher website to crash. We only received the first voucher 5 weeks into lockdown, that's 5 weeks of struggling to give my child decent food. My child is just one of 1.3million who rely on these vouchers and it's just not fair. With the pandemic, it's harder to get out and shop, harder to get to a food bank if you need to, so these vouchers are a lifeline for families that need them. Experts like the Food Foundation are calling out the government for not doing enough. Children deserve to have food on the table. Together we can make sure no child goes hungry during this crisis.
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    Created by Ella Chandler
  • Don't Leave Disabled People Behind
    The Government has chosen to ‘focus on new claimants’ by providing an extra £20 a week for people claiming Universal Credit. By doing this, they are discriminating against millions of disabled people on other out of work disability benefits. Disabled people are experiencing additional costs and risks as a result of COVID-19, but are without the extra support they need to manage these. As a result, people are having to choose between heating their home, or paying for a taxi to go and collect their medication because public transport is too unsafe. They are having to put themselves at risk by going to their local shop because they can't afford the minimum spend needed to get a free food delivery. Disabled people have been expected to survive on inadequate benefit levels for years. It is unacceptable that now, in a time of national crisis they are being left behind. The Government have, by increasing the rate for some, admitted that people need more financial support. They must now provide a better safety net for everyone. MP's and over 100 disability organisations have already called on the Government to provide parity between the support given to new benefit claimants, and the millions of people who were already on disability benefits. Will you sign the petition to ensure people aren't pushed into debt? Will you sign to ensure people's safety? Don't leave disabled people behind.
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    Created by Ella Abraham Picture
  • End the 5 week wait for Universal Credit during Coronavirus
    Hundreds of thousands of people - who have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced due to Coronavirus - are now being forced to claim Universal Credit in order to feed their families and keep a roof over their head. But instead of being able to get the help they need immediately, they are forced to wait for 5 weeks before they can get any money, or take out a loan called an “advanced payment” to tide them over. It means families will have to choose between going into debt and having smaller benefits payments in the coming months, or waiting over a month for money they need to pay for food, bills and rent. It doesn’t have to be like this. In this time of national crisis, the government could choose to end the 5 week wait by making the “advance payment” for Universal Credit a grant not a loan. This would mean families get the money they need straight away, and their full universal credit payment in the following months. MPs and experts are calling on them to do exactly this. Huge public pressure could be enough to push them to do the right thing. Will you sign the petition so that people get the money they need, when they need it, without being pushed into debt?
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    Created by Stefan Ebelewicz
  • Stuck in Angola bring us home
    Dominic Raab In these troubled times we need to be at home for the sake of our families and their peace of mind .
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    Created by Philip Williams
  • Suspend council tax bills for 3 months throughout Coronavirus pandemic
    In this worrying time with everyone in financial turmoil due to social distancing and isolation the exemption of having to pay council tax across the UK should be enforced to help everyone
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    Created by Stephen Roberts