• Keep the Triple Lock Protection on UK State Pension
    To keep UK state pensioners out of poverty
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    Created by David Sheridan
  • Put benefit cap on hold
    There are loads of families struggling right now children being left hungry not enough food no school parents having severe anxiety depression over how to pay the rent pay the bills buy food is putting people in poverty families living on food banks its at a record high
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    Created by Lisa Bloomfield
  • Online redemption of Free school meals vouchers
    As an older single dad (59) I am at significant risk if I contract Covid 19. I am my son's only living relative and as such if I contract the virus and either become very ill due to my age or even worse die, my son will be placed into care. I currently have 10 weeks worth of FSM vouchers I have been unable to redeem as the only way to do so is to visit the store, risking contamination and the threat of my son being placed in care as a consequence. I have a really low income and I feel it is grossly unfair that my son should go without the £15 p/w towards buying food because Morrison's won't offer this service online.
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    Created by david Hall
  • Stop free school meals ending in the summer holidays
    This is really important as there will be millions of children left hungry. All because the government is ending its school meals voucher scheme in July. At a time of unprecedented crisis - with more families than ever already having to turn to food banks - this is cruel.
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    Created by Kathryn Booth
  • End discrimination against rough sleepers
    Rough sleeping is a serious issue, stop anti homeless infrastructure preventing homeless people staying in safer areas of the city centers, rough sleeping is already hard enough with the government making it harder and more dangerous!
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    Created by Tom Barlow
  • Provide legislation to end unnecessary evictions
    Unnecessary evictions are the number 1 cause of homelessness, end this practice and reduce the homeless issue.
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    Created by Tom Barlow
  • New start ups and self employed
    People who are prepared to strive to set up their own business. Paid taxes for many years, perhaps never claimed anything during their life should be given the same consideration and support as other workers. They should not be left with no support to pay loans and other living expenses taken to start their business. My son is shielded (heart transplant) he and his partner had to move in with us before lockdown and has had no support other than using all of our savings - oh yes (Universal Credit - £73 a week) which is still not forthcoming. As pensioners it should not be solely the responsibility of us as parents to use all of our hard earned savings when millions of others are receiving government support!!!
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    Created by David McGarry
  • Fulfil the 2020 Domestic Abuse Bill!
    Granting new secure tenancy’s to social tenants with assured tenancies and providing support to victims of domestic abuse by placing them in safe accommodation is the least Leeds City Council can do to uphold women's housing rights. Ensuring that women have access to safe housing is a RIGHT and makes sure women can avoid becoming homeless.
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    Created by Safe Homes for Women Picture
  • Stop the Stigmatisation of Social Housing
    Inequality within the housing sector is on the rise. Through policies such as 'The Right to Buy' scheme creating a shortage of social homes, those that still rely on this form of housing are highly criticised and categorised as 'scroungers' in today's media. Without challenge this will continue to happen, causing more divisions in our society to prosper. Outsiders perceptions of these individuals needs to change through social housing becoming a necessity within our housing sector again.
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    Created by Alicia Topham
  • Woman over 60
    Many thousands of woman are single with low income or no income when we hit 60!
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    Created by Paula Kinsella
  • say no to the proposed end to the triple-lock on the state-pension for OAP's
    The government wishes to claw back the amount of £300 billion it has been forced to spend on combatting the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. The OAP's have worked hard during their lives to become eligible for the state-pension,and any necessary future increases in their state-pensions should not be withheld from them. The state needs to recoup the £300 billion spent on combatting the pandemic by other means,and not by removing necessary living funds from OAP's. This governmental proposal will affect myself and all other state pensioners. This could be done by saving on unnecessary government projects,such as HS2 rail & unnecessary and expensive armaments procurement.
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    Created by Terence franks
  • Fix the food voucher system so no child goes hungry
    Almost a fifth of UK homes with children are going hungry in lockdown. Families who usually get free schools have been promised government help while schools are closed but the reality is a litany of missed payments and problems with vouchers. It’s not good enough. As a single parent who uses the voucher scheme I have personally experienced the issues with the food voucher system. Multiple times I've been waiting for sometimes an hour or more just for the voucher website to crash. We only received the first voucher 5 weeks into lockdown, that's 5 weeks of struggling to give my child decent food. My child is just one of 1.3million who rely on these vouchers and it's just not fair. With the pandemic, it's harder to get out and shop, harder to get to a food bank if you need to, so these vouchers are a lifeline for families that need them. Experts like the Food Foundation are calling out the government for not doing enough. Children deserve to have food on the table. Together we can make sure no child goes hungry during this crisis.
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    Created by Ella Chandler