Animal rights. The 2008 Animal Welfare act. I was at a fair today with my friends and I walked past a stall I hoped I wouldn’t see. I couldn’t believe how cruel people could be to leave a LIVING creature in a tiny bag/box in direct sun and charge £3 for it. Winners are paying for a more deaths of innocent beings. I hope you can feel my passion for this and have the curtesy to help put a stop to animal crueltly. You can have fun at a fair, but leave the fish to be sold and go to those who want and know how to care for an animal properly. Thankyou.
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    Created by Lucy Free
  • Don’t Take Jean’s Car Away
    Jean is 68 years old and lives in Edinburgh. She was born with arthrogryposis, a condition which affects the joints and muscles and prevents development/growth in the legs. Jean is 4 foot 5 inches and wears heavy callipers and surgical boots weighing 3kgs. Each step is a challenge and for the past 20 years Jean has relied exclusively on her specially adapted Motability car to lead an independent life. Recently due to new guidelines for Personal Independence Payments, she has been told that she is no longer entitled to a car. This is unacceptable. Everything Jean undertakes is adapted, adjusted and limited by her physical handicap. Her balance is poor due to no ankle or knee flexion, she struggles with cobbles, uneven ground, steps, kerbs and slopes. If one of her callipers breaks, she is 100% immobile. Public transport is not an option. Boarding a bus requires the use of both arms, leaving no option for carrying any shopping. The height of the seats leaves her legs dangling unsupported, causing swelling and pain. It is of the utmost importance that Jean is permitted to maintain her independence through the provision of a specially adapted car. Her condition will never improve. Taking her car away will leave Jean housebound and reliant on the help of others. To deprive Jean of her car after 20 years, at the time of her life that she needs it most, is cruel and unnecessary. Under the new PIP guidelines Jean’s mobility was reassessed and she was deemed to walk with a “good gait”. The assessment was conducted by target-driven private contractors employed by the DWP. Given her medical condition and profound disability this assessment is evidently deeply flawed. Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine said that assessments were often “box ticking exercises with no understanding of peoples’ situations”. This certainly rings true for Jean. There is no doubt that Jean should qualify for the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP. Please help us persuade Sarah Newton to support Jean’s case by signing and sharing this petition.
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    Created by Heather Lewis
  • Meet and protect the rights of disabled children, adults and their families.
    I’m a mother, but no one has ever called me mummy. I’ve resuscitated my child, but I’ve never put a plaster on his knee. I’ve not been fined for taking my child out of school for a holiday, but I’ve been fighting to get him into school for almost four years. I’ve gone for months at a time with little sleep - but not with a baby, with a child who stops breathing. There are no family days out, because there’s nowhere to change my immobile and incontinent teenager. For four years, I have to sedate my child to travel because his wheelchair doesn’t fit and causes him pain. I’ve said goodbye more times than I can count - not for a school trip, but because I was told he would die. Our first community nurse told me to visit a morgue so I could get used to the idea of seeing my son in a freezer. I was told by a care company manager that if I complained about her staff, she’d ensure my son was put in a home. They were asleep when he wasn’t breathing, they overdosed his medications and they forcibly strapped him down to his own bed to stop them needing to move him. I’ve had to plan and write down all of the details of my child’s funeral. We have lost our home, jobs and self esteem - sponging from society, because care and education has not been sufficiently funded to allow us to work - to support our own family. I was a teacher, I fought for the children of others, I loved my job. Now, I have to fight for my son and his rights, to be his ICU nurse, to try to find time to be his mum when I’m so tired and so sad. My husband cared for people with MND or dementia, supporting them and their families until the end of their lives. Now he can only support us. Our lives revolve around keeping our son alive, well and comfortable.
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    Created by Jo Atrill Picture
  • Don't cut funding for children's school buses
    In September Thetford Academy are cutting funding to Lewis Coaches so that they no longer run the bus service for our children to get to school. I have no other way of getting my 12 year old to and from school. And many other parents are in the same position. Please don't compromise the safety or education of our children.
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  • Disability Housing Discrimination
    Under the Equality Act 2010, a house cannot be refused to be let to someone because of disability, gender, race, sexual orientation or religion; these are known as protected characteristics. However - with suitable disabled accommodation being very sparse among social housing - downstairs toilet facilities, first floor apartments, bungalows, etc, are being refused to be let to potential tenants on the basis the potential tenant is in receipt of a government subsidy towards rent. These subsidies are awarded because individuals are unable to work due to disability, yet disabilities are a “protected characteristic” under the Equality Act. No matter whether you are willing to provide references, admin fees, bonds, or consent to a credit search. Due to lack of social housing, disabled people are being pushed into the private rental market yet being discriminated against and refused housing there too. No person should be discriminated against for something that is beyond their control; where else are disabled people supposed to live? It’s a daily struggle to live in a house that’s not suitable, I think it’s abhorrent that disabled people are being refused to rent in the private sector because they receive a government subsidy towards rent. Take a look at properties for rent near you and see how many say "no DSS"! Imagine how difficult it would be for someone disabled looking for somewhere to live. It is discriminatory. Please take a moment to sign this petition!
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    Created by Katie Baldam
  • Re placement Gates
    Gates have been erected at Maudland Road thru to Seymore Road, South Shore, Blackpool, it is understood the gates were for the security of the rear of St Heliers Road. The placement of the gates has restricted access to and from Bancroft park and the South Shore area as well as easier access to bus routes on Lytham Road and the main gate of Blackpool Gateway Academy. These inconveniences have had a detrimental effect on the residents of St Heliers Road, Saville Road, Maudland Road, Baron Road, Stansfield Street and Central Drive and beyond. The problems cover a range of issues, namely lowered security, health issues, traffic problems and the general wellbeing of the community. Repositioning the access to this walk way will allow access to Bancroft park and South Shore and improve the wellbeing of many of the residents.
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    Created by Debby Godfrey-Brown
  • Asthma is a life long illness
    because the deaths of asthma sufferers is at an all time high!! and people can't afford inhalers so they are in a high mortality group
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    Created by Cheryl Hickey Picture
  • Freeze cuts to youth facilities in London.
    This is fundamental because in a country where youth crime is at such a high rate, youth facilities provide vital refuge from Britain's gang scene for youth. Despite this, their budgets are being dwindled. This needs to stop!
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    Created by Kids Before Cuts
  • Save Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau
    This is a vital service for many people across Renfrewshire. Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau took on almost 3000 new cases in 2016-17. Demand for their services is growing as welfare reform continues to impact the poorest communities; as the number of people who privately rent property rises and as the scurge of precarious employment shows no sign of going away. Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau offers a comprehensive service to people that no other organisation does. If Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau is not funded properly or fairly for the work that it does, it will see desperate people with no where else to turn to, become even more desperate.
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    Created by Lauren Picture
  • Gambling adverts on tv and everywhere on the internet
    It's important because they are using techniques which give you a little and take a whole lot more back like a stereotypical drug dealer offering you a little try to get you to buy into it... I believe it's a scam and only destruction can come from it to the majority.
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  • Private and work pensions
    Try living in a home with no furniture, cooker, fridge freezer or washing machine; having to pay towards rent and council tax. My monthly rent and council tax is more than my meagre private pension. I have to pay this as I am on JSA contribution based and when I go onto income based, I will have even less though rent will be paid I'll still have to pay council tax. I have no chance of being able to buy the necessities. I have been told to go to charities etc but why should I, I don't want charity and I can certainly guarantee that not one MP could live on what I get and try to furnish it without anyone helping them.
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    Created by Martin Copeland
  • Ban the sale of eggs from caged hens!
    I urge all of you reading this to support this idea. Factory farming in general needs to come to an end, but for this petition I focus specifically on the cruelty the chickens are oppressed to in factory farms. Ideally I would love to put an end to all the suffering that farm animals are subject to on battery farms, but realistically we need to work one step at a time. This way, even though it is hard we can make a real difference for the animals and one by one they can all be saved from torture. I have done my research, I have read and seen horrific evidence and footage of what goes on behind the closed barn doors. Some companies will even admit how their animals live and somehow think it is acceptable, but what they don't realise is that we know the truth about the animal abuse which also goes on. The living standards are NOT acceptable in anyway, but the pure abuse which they are also forced to endure just makes it so much more sadistic. Their living space, I kid you not, is just over the size of an A4 sheet of paper which is now classed as an 'enriched' cage. That is the way the big companies legally get away with it, claiming that they are now sufficient for living by adding 20cm of floor to each cage! That is the floor size of the metal cage which they have to stand in every hour all day, every day, every month of every year which they are alive. The cages are also so low that they cannot stand up straight. They can't even stretch their wings. They fight and peck each other for the food, and the weakest ones that can't reach are just left to die underneath the others. Just imagine from your own perspective being locked in a small room with no fresh air, no sunlight, nothing. Now imagine that there are other people also locked in there, and there are so many of you in such a small space that people are stacked on top of you and below you, desperately trying to get out. The poor chickens have to endure that. I have seen chickens being kicked by the workers like they are not alive or capable of feelings. They chuck them around, break their bones and cut off their beaks with a hot blade. Male chicks are crushed alive in machines, as they are not useful for the industry as they will not give them eggs, they are not classed as 'worthy' to the apparent humans that think they own animals. It makes me sad that humans can be so inconsiderate and lack compassion. What have we become? I would like to put a complete end to the sale of battery eggs! I would like to be able to go into ALDI the supermarket and no longer see 'caged eggs' for sale as that is what they are labelled as. I beg for people to refuse to buy these eggs, as this is the first step to ending this inhumane process. Please, just think for a moment. Do YOU want to be a part of this callous abuse? Would you feel the same love for someone if they consciously abused animals? All of us good people can help others become more aware, tell all your family and all your friends to openly refuse to purchase eggs from caged hens and support free range only. We can make the change, and this is the first step. I have made my first step. I have rescued 5 ex-battery hens through the British Hen Welfare Trust and now they supply me with beautiful free range eggs (which for me are just a bonus, I love them eternally regardless of eggs). I plan to rescue more chickens in the future. Will you make your first step today? Please, sign this petition! Me and the chickens will love you forever. #Help the Hens. "Animals do have voices, but our money speaks over them."
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