• Kennington kicking up a Stink!
    The stink and odours are damaging quality of life for residents in Little Burton Farm, and Kennington The constant and cumulative odour exposure has become "severe odour annoyance"- a major concern of the WHO (World Health Organization) Headaches and other health risks are a common occurence Children can't play outside in their own gardens Doors and windows need to be permanently closed Utilizing gardens for BBQ's and other social events is severley affected With 1000's more homes planned in the area and increased sewerage, things can only get worse
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  • Ban Trail Hunting on National Trust Land
    Trail hunting involves laying a trail of concentrated fox urine for a pack of hounds to follow. They are trained to ONLY follow fox scent when they could so easily be trained to follow the smell of fruit, drugs, biscuits or anything else. So, it should not come as a shock when the pack follows the scent of a real fox and kills it. This is still legal in the UK and goes on throughout the country. As a result, hundreds of foxes are still chased and killed for pleasure each year in the UK. There is no place in modern society to kill just for pleasure and members of the National Trust are unwittingly supporting this activity. There are incidents where pets are also killed 'by accident' and hunts refuse to trail hunt with dogs muzzled to avoid 'collateral damage'. The National Trust should be the most respected Guardians of the countryside and represent the views of its members. It should not be an organisation that promotes cruelty and killing for the pleasure of a tiny minority. We would ask the Board of the National Trust to ban all trail hunting on their land. NOTE: it is easy to stop inhumane suffering and 'accidental' death: LET'S CLOSE THIS LOOPHOLE.
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    Created by Peter Parsons
  • De-power Scottish Natural Heritage
    To keep a balance for all who live or use the environment. Also to protect more those species that are on the endanger list from extinction and full information has to be giving to justify why species that are protected have to killed. So that we in the future are not asking questions why species that are still depleting partly due to licenses being issues and also toughen up the laws on those who kill protected species illegally.
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    Created by Henry Wilkie
  • Save the Forward Centre
    The Forward Centre was purpose built 35 years ago as a base for adults with physical disabilities to meet others who faced similar problems and encourage each other to try things they had never thought of doing Many of the activities require specially trained staff to assist people with a wide range of disabilities often caused by accidental injuries or long term illness The Social Work Services are having to make cuts of £100,000 to their annual budget and the only way open to them is buildings or staff. If the staffing levels are reduced the service to the members will suffer so they have decided to demolish a perfectly sound building
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  • Make 101 a free call
    Nobody wants to be the victim of a crime or need to call the police. If you've just lost everything the last thing you need is to find 15p to call someone. It just does not make sense to be charged to report something that wasn't your fault in the first place. Plus with mobile calls you might get disconnected and 5 calls later you've spent 75p.......
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    Daily fresh foods were shut down on Wednesday the 15th of August, they are mainly a meat and fresh produce market means that a lot of perfectly good food is going to waste as all access to the premises has been denied indefinitely. This is happening all over London and there is a disturbing amount of food being wasted and I feel that this waste of completely avoidable.
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    Created by Candice Sullivan
  • Correct disabled facilities
    Having to change anyone with a server disability on a cold and dirty floor is unacceptable. It causes stress and danger for all involved, not to mention its completely undignified! Everyone has the right to be changed in a safe environment, and with the correct equipment, so I am trying to get facilities such as a hoist room in and around Northamptonshire for those people who rely on such equipment to be changed safely.
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    Created by Stacey Olliffe
  • stop all ads for online gambling.
    there is a growing addiction of gambling,advertising these items on tv is exactly the same as advertising,ciggarettes,herion or cocaine.
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  • photoshop
    Because it creates a false image to young and vunrable people who believe the models are the right way to look. The viewers don't realise it's fake and enter the abyss of sadness as they think they are not good or pretty enough. Also the people modelling might not realise that they are going to be photoshopped and when they see they have it would make them sad as they would believe they are not beautiful.
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  • Put Public Access Defibrillators on Google Maps
    If a person is having a Cardiac Arrest, access to a defibrillator is urgently required. Finding one can take valuable minutes. Also it's essential for us all to know where our closest is located There are resources on line for this purpose, but most peope have immediate access to Google Maps UK survival rates following cardiac arrest are the lowest in Europe, despite the widespread availability of Public Access Defibrillators
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  • Extend the "move on period" for refugees in the UK to avoid destitution.
    A baby boy known as EG starved to death because his family weren't given the support they needed by the government. His mother, an asylum seeker left destitute after not being able to recieve benefits, was rendered unconcious for several days after suffering a rare brain infection; leaving her unable to feed her child. She also died two days after her son. Had EG's family been given the support they needed by the government, this might not have happened. Unfortunately starvation and destitution is the shocking reality for many refugees in the UK. Currently, in the UK the "move on period" is 28 days. This means that refugees who have been granted asylum in the UK get 28 days of housing and/or benefits before they are left to fend for themselves regardless of whether or not they have been able to find their own residency and employment. However most of the time it takes much longer than 28 days for refugees to receive documents from the home office that allow them to live and work in the UK. There have even been reports of refugees waiting  months for their papers despite being forced out of their accommodation before recieving them. This is incredibly unfair and results in many refugees becoming destitute; leaving them vulnerable, isolated and often living in extreme poverty. Please help support this campaign by signing the petition and hopefully we can make a positive change to the lives of the thousands of refugees living in the UK.
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    Created by Olivia Aveyard
  • The Government must provide emergency funding to foodbanks
    It is well reported that foodbank use in the UK has seen an unprecedented rise in use. They rely solely on public donations to feed people. Because it is government policy that has caused this rise, they must intervene now. Foodbanks are running out daily and face the awful task of turning people away. Health and wellbeing is at severe risk. These charities are doing the government's work free of charge. This must change.
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