• Against PSPO of social cleansing in Poole to prevent the homeless sleeping on the streets
    The council want to impose social cleansing and take away peoples rights to sleep on the streets in Poole. A Public Space Protection order would prevent the homeless in Poole of gaining access to basic needs such as food, shelter, warm clothes and benefit advice. Homeless peoples human rights are being taken away.
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  • Improving Queensgate shopping centre
    This is important because there are not a large range of shops in Peterborough so you have to travel to get things you want or buy things of online. Also it is dated and it is not modern at all.
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    Created by Louis Hemraj
  • John Masefield High School Uniform
    This is important because there are a lot of students being picked on for their body type not allowing the school skirt to reach the knee and also the price of the uniform is 4 times the price as other uniform and it's very scruffy, not smart at all. On top of there are students being isolated because of the skirt not fitting them and trying to force them to buy a new skirt that doesn't fit them; which I think it very unfair. To make us look smarter I think we should have shirts, ties and blazers. If people want affordability for uniform shirts, skirts, trousers and ties should be able to be bought at supermarkets so it doesn't cost as much for low income families.
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    Created by Ruby Standen
  • Better Wifi for Kenmore & Acharn
    So people can run their business Better Residential communication
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  • Get fair interest rates for student loans
    Students are currently paying 6.1% on the loans they take out so they can complete their education. TO put this in perspective, the government and large banks can borrow money at 0.25% interest. A 6.1% interest rate means that graduates will have to earn £55,000 a year just to keep up with the interest and prevent their loans getting larger. Its completely unrealistic, unsustainable and unfair. Its inevitable that most loans will never be re-paid and a generation will be saddled with un-payable debt. Interest rates are this high because the government has sold the debt on to private companies who hope to make a profit on young people trying to get an education and make their way in the world. We need people to go to university. We need a highly skilled workforce to drive the economy and tackle the urgent problems of the 21st Century with the creativity and innovation that Britain is known for. There is no excuse for charging students 24 times the base rate of interest. Ask Jo Johnson, Universities minister to ensure fair interest on student loans now.
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    Created by Sarah MacDonald
  • Save The Stile
    The Stile is the only pub left to patrons from the Flower Estates. It is on the edge of the University and the estate. Not only does it provide a place for locals to meet, it also creates bridges between the local community and the student community. Southampton University has been incredibly acquisitive in the past 30 years. Whole streets have been knocked down for its expansion. Southampton needs to retain its culture, not demolish it. Save The Stile.
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  • Teign school
    Students and parents are being made to pay extra for shoes when the ones they have bought are already perfectly acceptable and the new 24 lock down period is out of order
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    Created by Ethan Noble
  • Put a cap on MPs (members of parliaments) wages.
    MPs wages NEED capped, The whole of our country/public services are struggling while the people who are making them struggle enjoy a £1000 pay rise, It is completely UNACCEPTABLE how our dedicated nurses/doctors/police etc work their absolute hearts out for a bang average wage while MPs are raking it in, Minimum wage £7.50 per hour while in 2015 it was reported the PM would receive £149,440 Per year and cabinet minsters £141,505, That is completely unacceptable when a our nurses barely see a tiny percentage of that! its time to change what our priorities are, and it most definitely is not and should not be making sure people who are cutting funds to our NHS still live the high life. I was working for a company because i was 20 i was getting like £5 something an hour and i have my own house, i couldn't continue doing it, just goes to show the difference in peoples wages.
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  • Second Disabled Parking Space in Station Road Area Radyr
    Over the past forty years Radyr has grown from 900 houses to over 3000. Houses tend to have more than one car also. I have lived in Radyr for over 30 years and I have cerebral palsy affecting my mobility and I have a blue badge. I work in Station Road area and find it very hard to park down there socially and when I go to work. Sometimes I have no choice but to park in the Disabled Bay with my badge, which according to current regulations I am entitled to do. A complaint has been made against me to Cardiff Council about me parking there during work time. They are looking to impose a 3 hour limit on the space currently. I would like to be able to park outside my workplace or in other spaces but I am unable to due to train station commuters or people not following current restrictions. I fall on a regular basis and I am unable to walk long distances. I hate the fact that me parking there has upset people so much that they feel the need to complain about me. I would ideally like Cardiff County Council to reconsider putting a second space in for Blue Badge holders. Some may argue that businesses may be put off by a second space going into Station Road. The residents of. Radyr are living longer and there are more badges being issued. Areas like Whitchurch and Llandaff have more than one disabled space. It may encourage blue badge holders to shop locally. Thank you, Victoria
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    Created by Victoria Massey
  • Stop Killing Enocent Rohingya Muslim in Barma
    Every one has Right to Live practice their Religen
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  • Criminal injury compensation for adult victims of Child abuse before 1979
    Because a crime is a crime and any child severly abused in their home by any trusted adult has the same rights to protection as those children residing in our institutions!
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  • End to zero hour contracts
    So that their workers can have a decent living wage which enables them to support themselves. Also workers need to have regular and fixed hours so that they can be sure of what they are earning.
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    Created by Helen Richards