• Reduce PIP stress for Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers
    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory disease. It largely affects synovial joints, which are lined with a specialised tissue called synovium. RA typically affects the small joints of the hands and the feet, and usually both sides equally and symmetrically, although any synovial joint can be affected. It is a systemic disease and so can affect the whole body, including the heart, lungs and eyes.Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disease of ups and downs. One day, your joints feel pretty good. The next your joints are swollen and in pain and you can barely get out of bed. These symptom episodes – called flares – can be unpredictable and debilitating. Flares come in two varieties, Predictable” flares have a known trigger. For example, you decide to clean your house from top to bottom one day, overdo it and end up with swollen, stiff joints the next day. Overexertion, poor sleep, stress or an infection like the flu can all set off RA symptoms. Blood samples are used to measure levels of the stress hormone cortisol as well as inflammatory cytokines -- including TNF-alpha and interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β) -- believed to play a key role in RA severity. Test have shown that patients who have a tendency for more worrying are reported to have slightly more disease activity, more swollen joints and more pain after during and after a stressful event. Approximately one third of people stop work because of the disease within 2 years of onset, and this prevalence increases thereafter.While RA isn’t fatal, complications can shorten your lifespan by roughly 10 years. However, it’s important to note that disease progression varies greatly from person to person. People who test positive for RF and anti-CCPs tend to progress at a faster rate. Improvements need to be put in place to assist people living with Rheumatoid Arthritis to not have to have stress factors increased which can then in turn exasperated their immune system to raise inflammation and cause further damage and incapacity.
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  • Judicial review of police behaviour in the Catalonia referendum
    The Spanish police’s behaviours were violent and totally disproportionate. This was not policing by consent. The primary role of the police should be to protect and serve the people, not act as a para military arm of which ever government is in power. The events were unacceptable in a western democracy. There needs to be some form of accountability, otherwise a potentially terrifying precedence has been set.
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    The closure is not popular and against the wishes and needs of many people. Tfl acting for own needs not residents and people who rely on the 23.
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  • School Bus for Hatfield and Dunsville
    Are our children second class citizens ? 2 school buses are currently avalible, one for Kirk Sandall and one for Barnby Dun, These buses park at the school and even have old signage for Hatfield bus which no longer runs a service. Why not Hatfield and Dunsville ? Our children have to wait for a normal public transport bus, This can take up to an hour to get home, Its only 2 miles away . These public buses dont always stop, and only let a few children on at any time due to being full. Its not good enough and I feel its not safe, some children can wait for as many as 4 buses or more to get on one. It's not safe to walk home because of the open country side from Edenthorpe to Dunsville. Would you want your child to walk home in open country side? As a parent Im very nervous when my child has to use public transport. You dont know what bus they can eventually get on and when they will get home. Many people have raised concerns about the public buses. Now we need people listen to us and take action to make our children feel safe while traveling home.
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  • Female house names
    Currently all of the 8 house names at moulton school and science college are male. It's 2017 and we need equal representation.
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  • Stop pavement cyclists
    It is important as I like so many am severely sight impared and need to be taken seriously about cycling on the pavement
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  • Families should be CRB checked too
    It’s important that families get crb checked too. Too many nannies are verbally and physically abused by families some cases even resulting in murder. It’s important to feel your Children are safe but it’s also important for those whom are caring for your children to feel safe too. Just last week we heard of another case where a nanny was murdered by the parents of the child she was caring for. This cannot happen again. I feel families should be checked too and if you feel the same sign this petition and let’s get the ball rolling.
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  • Potholes around Weston super mare are appauling
    They need doing badly before there is a terrible accident to motorist, cyclists and pedestrian.
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  • Legally recognise ADUK Dogs as Carers for Direct Payments
    These are amazing carers who maintain and promote independence for people who have various and complex care and social needs. Our assistance dogs care for us 24/7 who should be legally recognised by the government and save the government millions a year in care charges. The government needs to offer people the right to be able to claim for these costs to be able to keep us independent and motivated and socialised within the community. The average homecare cost is £200 per week the average cost of an ADUK is about £50 per week. Some more progressive councils allow for these amazing carers to be honoured and covered by a direct payment, whilst other councils take the guideline discriptor of carer ( meaning human ) as literal- this should be addressed to show the change since it was written. It will also help with the crisis in the health and social care situation.
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  • Renew Uber Licence
    It's important for the 3.5million Londerners whom rely on Uber as their preferred mode of transport. Not to mention the 40,000 Uber drivers whom rely on this income.
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    Their is a lot of upset and disbelief which can upset a lot of families who may be in a chain of buying and selling and giving unnecessary costs to all those people involved just as we ourselves have found out this week, Solicitors , Packing, Removal people costs and items bought ready for the new home, in our case three families have bee affected by the actions of one of these horrible people.
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  • Stop the Trafalgar College merger
    Our children have found a school blessed with great teachers, a brilliant work ethic and fantastic sense of community. This is now at risk due to a short sighted, financially motivated decision. One which has either been done either before Icontracts were signed on taking over the GYHS or far too hastily (6 weeks). It also removes choice of religious freedom, meaning pupils of a secular school will be forced to go to one with a religious designation. This is something the parents are hugely against.
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