• Stop the energy cost rises
    Please sign the petition as it is in all of our interests if we can stop this hike in prices. There will be so many people who literally can’t even scrape together that amount of money and the anxiety this will be causing is unacceptable.
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    Created by Kimberley Houghton
  • Home office charging too much fees for indefinite leave to remain. Fees should be reduced
    So that we can fight a system that discourages people from living in the UK legally.
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    Created by Michael Gyimah
  • Tinnitus research
    There are millions of forgotten people suffering from this dreadful condition .
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    Created by frank o'brien
  • Police Brutality & Corruption
    Are they waiting for the next Sarah Everard’s body to be found, taped, murdered, set on fire, cut up & dumped in rubble bags in the woods or are we saying NO to mysoginy, NO to physical & verbal abuse & NO to the Gross Neglect & Harrassment of whistle blowers by both Alan Pughsley & The Conservative PCC since 2015. We demand that both Mr Pughsley & the PCC for Kent are suspended from duties immediately and that aboth a male & female feminist act as interims until the next PCC election & pending the results of the enquiry. If the findings are correct, Pughsley to be stripped of his Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award immediately.
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    Created by Clare Pryke
  • Stop football teams using gambling sponsors
    Because teams need to learn to not use gambling sponsors on there shirts
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    Created by Alex Rust
  • Stop schools locking toilets and denying children use
    It is dangerous for a child to be denied toilet access. It can result in a loss of self confidence and cause many long term health and wellbeing problems which can surface in later life.
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    Created by David Greer
  • Roy Hackett
    Roy Hackett was Bristol civil rights campaigner that changed the rights for people off colour to work for Bristol buses in 19.63.
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    Created by james burge
  • Stop Centrica stealing from the British people
    Somehow normal people need to find a collective voice, loud enough to get the Government to listen. A petition is worth a go. It might get traction and become a noise that they can’t ignore.
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    Created by Sarah Jones
  • Birkrigg Park - keep & repair the bus shelter
    It seems a real shame to lose a facility that is for all residents, particularly young residents who get the school bus. The council had previously agreed to take ownership of the maintenance of this shelter on behalf of the BP residents but is now suggesting other uses for it. If we lose the shelter we wont get another. To make the shelter less of an eyesore, removing the perspex panels and cladding it in tanalised wood has been suggested. This would weather naturally and would last year 5 - 10 years. The cost of doing this would be covered by the council. If you'd like to keep the shelter and have it repaired as suggested please sign this petition. The more signatures the better. Please ask everyone to sign in your household, including young people.
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    Created by Tim Faudemer
  • Glasgow Gvhill Netball
    To support youngsters in accessing sport that is easy to learn and very enjoyable. Building on current skills to enhance playing sport.
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    Created by Susan Gordon
  • Flipping is wrong
    Flippers damage our economy in two ways; they damage trust between retailer and customer and by purchasing items at retail they don’t need this skews demand and causes wasteful over consumption.
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    Created by Edward Tilley
  • Dangerous payments for disabled and blind people
    I feel that anyone who has a disabled or blind person in their family or amongst their friend will be able to identify with these problems and wouldn't want them to suffer.
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    Created by Jack Johnson