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    Created by Toby Clarke
  • Stop proposed cuts on home to school transport for special needs children
    I have children that need this service as do many more children throughout the country, it is a vital service and changing the criteria and eligibility will have consequences for many of these children and their families. Just because L.A's and councils need to make spending changes does not mean it should happen at the expense of our children
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    Created by Lindsey Hickman
    I am a 76 year old was born with club feet and my last operation was in 1954. I was very grateful to the NHS, for I never had any trouble ALL my working life, as a HGV Class ! driver. Two year's ( at 74 ago I had to visit the doctor for a well person check up. I was told that my Cholesterol was High 6.7 and that I must go on Statin's, which of course I did , after 3 month's I could hardly walk and the muscle's in my legs started to disappear, the answer I got from my doctor was "ALL TABLET'S HAVE SIDE EFFECTS ". Over the last two years I must have cost the NHS a fortune , but they all have the same answer Oh No it's cant be statins because everything goes back to normal when you STOP taking them. That's rubbish for they have ruined the nerves in my feet, Handling my feet is not a problem, but WALKING is a different , I now have to use a arm stick, so now I have knee and back problem's trying to lean against the sore feet.
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    Created by Peter Cannon
  • Government to uphold and act on recent referendum result to leave EU
    This is VITALLY important as this is our democracy at stake. If the government overturns or does not act on the majority vote to leave the EU then we truly do not have a voice in this country any more. We might as well live under a dictatorship. Where will it end if the government decide to not leave the EU against the wishes of majority of the British people - will they then hold a second election in the general election if they do not get the vote they want??! Please support this petition, there is everything at stake here. If we allow the government to renege on their promises now then this gives them open licence to do it again and again in the future and democracy will be truly dead and buried.
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    Created by Jane McDonnell
  • A second EU referendum that allows 16-17 year old to vote!
    This is important because the future of the UK should be decided mainly by the younger generation and NOT the older generation who properly won't see the impact that they have put on the UK for leaving the EU!
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    Created by Sam Greenhalgh
  • Pass the Assisted Dying Bill
    This is important for peoples dignity, who may become in a vegetative state, and not be able to make the decision further down the line. Also to help those in severe pain who are dying, take control of the right to end there lives in peace and dignity.
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    Created by Azara Moon
  • Put Palestine back on Google maps
    The Palestinian people have a country and it should be recognized and remembered
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    Created by Peter Bowen
  • Politicians without conflicting interests
    Conflicting interests has no place in politics, when it involves the subjects that vote politicians in, and business within the boundaries of said constituancy. Any political change for business needs to address parliament, and not one single member of parliament. The EU has proven that this has a damaging effect for our Great country and it needs to stop now. Lobbying for benefits by companies need to be transparent and for all to see, no exceptions.
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    Created by John May
  • Domestic Abuse Ruling For UK
    There are so many different forms of domestic abuse and 1of 3 women suffering from coercive control die at the hand of the offender due to jealousy. So many women are trapped and men are getting smarter leaving no physical marks but emotional and psychological scars daily. These women need the law to protect them and give justice. Recently the law due to EU has really hit them hard and this is needed for women to find freedom once more. It's also ensuring the children will be saved from such conditions and educated that the treatment witnessed is not acceptable nor humane.
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    Created by Precious Hughes
  • Environmental and wildlife protection
    It is vital to keep in place already existing laws on the Environment and Wildlife otherwise, it would be a step backwards in the protection of Wildlife and Countryside in Britain. We want to be able to get away from the days when Hurray Henry and his ilk could devastate the entire fabric of the countryside for his so called barbaric pleasure. Ie destruction of habitat, badger baiting, coursing, building on green field sites, etc.
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    Created by Roger Merchant
    The presently neglected state of roads and footpaths is a danger to all classes of road users. Pedestrians run the constant risk of tripping on eroded or damaged paths. Holes and other defects in roads are a very serious threat to cyclists and motorcyclists, and motorists are sustaining regular damage to wheels, tyres, and suspension. In the present climate of budget constraints it is right and proper for those responsible for causing damage to pay the costs of repairs, otherwise those costs will be added to the already stretched cost of maintenance.
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    Created by Harold Blissett
  • Keep our public loos!
    I'm sure many people reading this have been in a situation where they have needed a loo and there is nothing nearby. Also the health and hygiene implications of public having to go in the street. Let's get the government to listen and take action.
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    Created by Kelvyn Frost