• Assistance for the Self Employed
    Most of my clients are artists and crafts people and some can claim artists or creative averaging. This means that the profits of a good year resulting from a gallery show or the sale of a book can be averaged with the profits of the preceding or following year if it would be beneficial. My petition is to try to persuade the government to extend this to all self employed people who are not receiving the benefits available to employed people in the current crisis. One of my clients is a hairdresser who works only in care homes. Since the care homes have been closed to visitors her income has disappeared. The Chancellor has deferred the July SA tax payments until January next year but they will still have to be paid. If my suggestion was introduced her profits of the current tax year (2019/20) could be averaged with those of the next tax year (2020/20) and could result in a reduction of her liabilities. I also do the accounts and tax return for a builder/decorator and general handyman. His work has dropped off because of social distancing. I have several clients but not many of them are VAT registered and the rest are below the threshold. Consequently I am more aware than most accountants of how the self employed will be affected by the current crisis. A temporary change to the rules of self assessment would, in the long term, alleviate some of their problems.
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    Created by Sue Murby
  • Assistance for the self employed
    Jobs are being cancelled and deferred. Many face financial ruin. No support other than easing access to universal credit is being offered. The knock on effects will be immeasurable. The likelihood is that self employed tradespeople will be forced to ignore social distancing or starve.
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    Created by Dominic Hultier
  • Write off Med. and Nurse students Loans
    Doctors and Nurses are at the forefront treating those infected with the Coronavirus. They are risking their own health and well being, some sadly have already died due to the Coronavirus. They do not stop going to work, they do not stay in the safety of their homes. The Med. students accumulate substantial debts, due to the five arduous years spent at Med. school. They then spend their chosen profession caring for people, from cradle to grave. My son and many of his friends qualified as junior doctors last July; he has more friends qualifying this summer, they are young people who are risking their lives to save yours. Please show all the Doctors and Nurses how grateful we are, sign this petition to get their student loans cancelled.
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    Created by Shaun Bevis
  • One parent to be a key worker for schools to open for children not both parents
    This is important so we can carry out our duties as key workers and not have to worry about getting our children looked after by granparents or having to stay home to look after our family which of course is going to come first. There are not many couples that work in the same sector which you are now expecting. For keyworkers to be able to carry on working this needs to change to one parent as a keyworker Unless the other is out of work.
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    Created by Kelly Coe
  • Abolish Mp's perks
    because the general public at work doesn't get to claim for the like expenses why should we subsidise them for what they can afford to pay for it it's obscene when we have child poverty. in-work poverty and starving homeless on the streets
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    Created by Daniel Boyle
  • Save The Horse Hospital and Contemporary Wardrobe from Eviction
    Contemporary Wardrobe and The Horse Hospital are London institutions that have existed in the same location since the eighties. The former houses the biggest collection of original street clothing in the UK - 20,000 pieces ranging from WW2 till now- that can be hired, viewed by students, photographed etc and, as such, is a very important museum-especially if we consider that the UK is where many of the worlds most original style tribes originated. The Horse Hospital , located above Contemporary Wardrobe, has been an essential space where impoverished and young artists, film makers, designers, poets etc can exhibit their work for a pittance. It is a community artist's hub that has helped many a creative find their feet and survive. Both cannot be lost to build more luxury flats. We need such in inner London and its is paramount we fight for them to survive . I did one of my first art exhibitions there and could not have done it elsewhere and when working as a fashion stylist borrowed clothing on countless occasion that informed young people of their heritage.
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  • Assisted Death
    A persons dignity
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    The site is near schools, homes and businesses. The incinerator produces electricity from all kinds of rubbish, including plastics. It's the CO2, other greenhouse gases and the fine particulates that are produced that are particularly harmful to the atmosphere and to people living locally and downwind. Wisbech also doesn't have the road infrastructure to cope with the vast number of lorries which will need to travel in and out of the area. This will also affect all the surrounding villages and local nature reserves. Our MP Steve Barclay and local councillors are also against the incinerator.
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  • Stop the DWP from not paying pensions into Post Office Accounts in future
    Many Post Offices in rural areas depend on income derived from Pension payments. If they lose this many will close. The DWP says that as Post Offices will make payments from Bank Accounts, there will be no problem. But my bank (Barclays) has already withdrawn this facility last month and will other banks follow ?
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    Created by Rosemary Gregory
  • Stop polling happening in schools
    It's important for the kids to be in school and get a good education. Haveing polling stations in schools is taking that education away from kids by haveing polling stations at schoold
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    Created by Craig Lawrence
  • Secure moped and bike shed
    In light of all the crime that is happening to the moped/bikes or to us for the perpetrators to steal the moped, its horrific and scary. Based on a police research, over 9000 scooter, motorcycles and mopeds were stolen in london in the past year only. https://www.met.police.uk/scootersecurity Even if one is on the job one fears for his life https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7849941/amp/Man-stabbed-death-north-London-murder-capital-2020.html. Therefore it's important for moped riders, motorcyclists and scooter riders to find places where they can park it away safely without fearing the worst all the time.
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    Created by Dana Al-HUSSEIN
  • Make higher education free for all
    I received free education for 17 years from a poor country like India and I was able to complete my master's degree in social work without paying any tution fee at all. If a poor country like India can afford to educate its young people free , why the UK can't?
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