• Help to keep the rights of health care and freedom of movement in all European countries
    It is important to me as I feel that all of the British Citizens living in other European countries are forgotten, I want to get people to recognise that they should not be forgotten and support them so they can all carry on living there lives without the worry of losing their freedom of movement and health care I myself amine of those thousands of peoplewho are already feeling the pinch since the £ to € dripped every month our pensions go less a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet, I want my voice to be heard so that every single expat will be safe to Remain in there country of choice
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    Created by Christine Jones
  • Fires in the Bolivian Amazon Region
    The lost of the Bolivian rain-forest not only affects Bolivia but the world. As a native Bolivian this is immensely important not only to me, my family here in the UK and in Bolivia, but also to the Bolivian community in this country It is upsetting to us to see that Governments and the press only talk about Brazil, and not about the Bolivian reinforest
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    Created by Marcela Montes
  • Don't Cut Fuel Duty
    Only recently a climate emergency was called in parliament. Now come reports that Boris Johnson is preparing to cut fuel duty https://www.itv.com/news/2019-08-25/boris-johnson-preparing-to-cut-fuel-duty/ enabling greater production of climate changing CO2 and air pollution. If anything, fuel duty should be increasing. There are other ways to stimulate business and support families that don't encourage activities that endanger our environmental future. Thank you.
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    Created by George Lazou
  • Change if epidiolex (cannabis oil) licence
    48% of people with epilepsy in the uk have refractory epilepsy (not controlled). This places them at increased risk of death and injury. In the uk deaths from epilepsy have increased 70%. Many people would benefit from a change of licence for epidiolex which has been shown to help in these cases but are been denied it due to current licensing guidelines. Sadly families and individuals are suffering currently due to the current situation.
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    Created by Emma Chapman
  • Asking Salisbury Odeon to bring prices down so more families can access entertainment.
    The extortionate ticket prices make it near on impossible for many people to take their families or loved ones to the cinema to enjoy new movies and experience the big screen. In July Southampton Odeon were charging £19 for 2 adults and 2 children whereas in Salisbury the same tickets, on the same date, for the same film were £41! We feel it is an important part of the city enjoyed by people of all ages and would like to support it in order to keep it. However, the prices drive people away and unless something changes filmgoers will continue to go elsewhere in search of cheaper tickets.
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    Created by Nicola Pearce Picture
  • Support for Brexit with or without a deal
    Theresa May tried and failed to please everybody and was brought down by the remainers deliberate obstacles. I'm not a Conservative but I appeal to whoever wins the Conservative leadership battle, to stand strong as a statesman and deliver the public mandate given to him with or without a deal. Otherwise we will lose another leader and any international respect we have remaining.
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    Created by Ian Clement-May
  • John West new Fridge Pot
    Plastics are killing our oceans so it seems crazy that a fish product manufacturer is introducing a new item , moving away from their tnraditional tin can!
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    Created by Tessa Culley
  • Plan for the Future Today
    I am 65 years old. I have 2 grown up children and no grandchildren. But I still care that we have a recognisable planet in 20 years time for the children born then. There is no point in waiting 10 years before we take this seriously. We need to start today
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    Created by Paula Longstaff
  • Dwp assessment
    People who are disabled are being pushed into hardship. Stopping benefits and carers. However if you are self harming ie drug taking they get every benefit going.
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    Created by Sarah Beanie
  • General Hospital area Residential Parking Survey - Impact on Howards Grove
    The boundary ends at Howards Grove – see a full list of road names listed below. There are already weekday parking concerns, and overrun from Shirley workers and shoppers. Plus with the pending Lidl being built it will only get worse. First port of call will be Howards Grove (I work at UHSFT and know dozen’s that park in the surrounding roads near the church and Upper Shirley). It doesn’t help Church St being one way and Howards Grove being two ways as it’s the rat-run to miss out Shirley High St, or get to Sainsbury’s. Details Southampton General Hospital employs over 10,550 staff, many of whom travel to the site from across a wide area. Although the General Hospital provides parking and park & ride facilities, together with promoting travel by bus or cycle, some staff continues to commute by car and park in residential areas beyond the existing Residents Parking Zone 7. Residents raised the issues caused by staff and periodic visitor parking in their roads with Ward Councillors and in response a consultation event was held at the General Hospital in November 2017 attended by around 300 people. In the response to community concerns, a survey was then undertaken in 2018 of residents in localities agreed with Ward Councillors, to see whether they would support permit parking schemes where they live. Where the survey responses indicated community support, permit parking schemes are now being proposed. The formal 21-day public consultation will commence on 14 June 2019. The schemes would introduce parking restrictions in the following localities: • West of Warren Crescent (Zone 7 extension) locality: (Bindon Close, Bindon Road, Coxford Close, Ross Gardens, Warren Close, and Warren Crescent (36-66). • Dunkirk Road/Coxford Road locality: (Arnheim Close, Arnheim Road, Dunkirk Close, Dunkirk Road, Falaise Close, Salerno Road and Taranto Road). • Hollybrook locality: (Hunton Close, Linford Crescent, Malvern Road, Malwood Avenue, Seagarth Close, Seagarth Lane (from 21 Seagarth Lane northwards), Seymour Close and Seymour Road. • St James Park & Wilton Road locality: (Queens Road, Wilton Road (2-92 & 1-107), St. James Close, Bellemoor Road, Church Street (133-161 & 132-142), Morland Road, Shayer Road, St. James’s Road (as far south as Salem Street) and Twyford Avenue. • Maybush, Coxford & Aldermoor locality: (Alder Road (1-37, 2-26), Aldermoor Avenue, Aldermoor Road, Brightside Road, Conifer Road, Coxford Drove, Hardwicke Close, Holly Oak Court, Holly Oak Road, Larch Road, Linden Road, Myrtle Road, Olive Road, Outer Circle, Palm Road, Peach Road, Rowan Close, Thorndike Close and Thorndike Road). (Please note that if a scheme proceeds in this locality (including Olive Road), it is also proposed to change the zone for the permit parking restrictions outside 26-38 and 27-48 Olive Road to the new zone). Housing car parks within these localities are also included in the proposed permit parking schemes. All the workers that parked on roads near St James, Church St or Upper Shirley will encroach on Howards Grove. This will cause even further congestion.
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    Created by Matthew King
  • Parking and similar motoring fines should be frozen while you Appeal!
    An Appeal should be heard at the original penalty fee and not a penny more. I could also add that the Appeals process ( in my experience ) is far from fair! Citizens need to feel that even petty laws are fair and evenhanded and not weapons for jumped up officials.
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    Created by ALAN CLARK
  • Overturn the Government Decision on Fast Fashion Taxation
    Fast fashion is a major contributor to climate change. Industries are mass producing clothing items and soon after dumping them in landfills. Fast fashion ultimately involves severely underpaid workers and sometimes even child workers. It is also one of the biggest contributions to climate change; the chemicals used to create these clothing items contribute to the greenhouse gases that are destroying our planet. The industry sends 10,000 clothing items to landfills every 5 minutes playing a major role in waste issues in Britain. It is also one of the biggest causes of water waste with around 20% of water used being wasted. It's time for these appalling practices to change. By signing this petition you are joining us in telling the Government that we the public will not stand for the environmental degradation caused by the fashion industry.
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    Created by Glasgow Youth Strikers