• Keep the Bank of Scotland 'Museum on The Mound' in Edinburgh open
    UPDATE: Lloyds Banking Group has announced (3.11.3017) that the Museum on The Mound is to remain open. A big thank you to everyone who signed the petition. Congratulations and many thanks. Malachi Opened in 2006, this popular five-star museum currently attracts 50,000 visitors a year, with its fascinating displays and interactives. Whilst showcasing the history of Bank of Scotland and featuring wonderful treasures from its collections, the focus of the Museum is money … in all its shapes and forms. Not only can visitors see Scotland’s oldest surviving banknote and £1M in genuine £20 notes, but ‘money’ from around the world, such as cowrie shells, wampum, beaver pelts and tobacco… Central to the Museum is its highly successful education service. School visits stand at c.150 a year, with some 4,000 pupils from across Scotland participating in its hands-on workshops. Teachers, education professionals, local authorities and school children are all full of praise, and consistently rate the service as excellent: As a teacher, the opportunity to work with such fantastic artefacts was a dream come true.’ ‘One of the best educational trips I’ve had in 10 years of teaching. Thank you.’ ‘An excellent visit, very active and well organised. The adults were learning along with the children.’ If the proposed closure goes ahead, then the loss of this unique cultural and educational resource will leave Scotland very much the poorer. We urge Lloyds Banking Group to reconsider this short-sighted and ill-advised decision. Alex Staniforth, a Green councillor on the City of Edinburgh Council, says, “It would be a real shame to lose the museum, which is a valuable educational resource for local schools as well as a visitor attraction." Kezia Dugdale, MSP and former leader of the Scottish Labour Party, has tabled a Motion, "That the Parliament notes with concern the proposed closure of the Lloyds Banking Group Museum on the Mound the Scottish Parliament," and, "believes that the closure would be damaging to education and tourism about the culture and history of Edinburgh and Scotland." The Motion is supported by MSPs Richard Lyle, Rona Mackay, Iain Gray, Liam McArthur, John Mason, and Alex Rowley.
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  • Save our Civic Cafe in Motherwell
    This is important because the cafe has been part of all our childhood and a huge amount of people have happy memories of this cafe. LLP Properties should be held accountable to explain why they are driving out our town’s local businesses and forcing the local people out of jobs which they need to support their own families too. NLC should be doing more to help local businesses NOT helping and standing by and watching them close down. Our home town is slowly dying due to the total greed by this company’s attitude towards its residents who are trying to make a living and serve a community. Start to think about folks livelihoods NOT bank balances for your own self gain. We the people of Motherwell demand that you withdraw the outrageous hike towards our town’s businesses. We demand it NOW!
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  • Save Great Yarmouth Market
    This will be detrimental to all of the stalls, financially and through loss of footfall. During the work we will be expected to trade on what will basically be a building site. Some of the older traders have been through this before and do not want to repeat it again. With this uncertainty those who want to retire are finding that their business is un sellable. The empty stalls are not being taken up as no one wants to invest in something that might not be worth anything if they make us move. A lot of traders have within the last 2 years invested a lot of money into their stalls. If we have to move there is no guarantee that we will own our stall, but more likely that we will have to rent it from the council, meaning that we all loss what is the biggest asset of the business. The chip, fish, meat, etc stalls have specialist equipment that is not sellable or moveable. It seems that the council officers are throwing away good money / tax payers money on something that has been shown by other markets that doesn’t work. As stall holders we would prefer that the money was used to regenerate the market in its current location, to pay for a reasonable cleaning and maintance schedule (which they apparently do, but we see no signs of it), and a competent market manager.
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  • Paradise Lost - Devastated Islands🌴 in the Sun -
    Everyone wants to go on your big ships around the Carribean because of the beauty of the islands and the SMILES and warmth and love of the People. It’s what the World needs NOW!
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    Created by Will Stringer
  • Give Me 5 Campaign
    Poverty is a fundamental part of society, even affecting Scotland. In particular, poverty affecting children was announced to be rapidly growing. Recent statistics show an increase from 1/5 to 1/4 children in poverty, meaning an approximate 260,000 children are officially classed as in poverty. Despite the lack of publicity on the issue, this epidemic affecting dozens of families nationwide, and we need your support to convince local MSPs to consider the small cause. Spare change of £5 per child to create a big change, taking hundreds of families out of the grip of poverty.
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  • Stop NAC from purchasing The Rivergate Centre
    In a modern world where retail and consumer spending habits are moving towards online shopping, North Ayrshire Council is proposing to spend fifty five million pounds on purchasing a shopping centre that struggles to fill its retail spaces.
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    Created by William Knox
  • We need a bridge with pedestrian lifts at Abergavenny Station
    This station is on the mainline route from Swansea/Cardiff to Manchester and Holyhead, and serves a huge area of Monmouthshire and South Powys, the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains as well as the town of Abergavenny. There are 2 ways to reach the far platform at Abergavenny. One is by a steep footbridge which has 45 steps and is difficult to negotiate, especially in bad weather. The other is to cross the line, accompanied by a member of staff. If you wish to do the latter, then you are expected to phone to notify your request to travel at least 24 hours beforehand. If you wish to travel out of office hours, there will be no members of staff at the station and you are dependent on the guard or the driver of the arriving train to accompany you across the line. So much for spontaneity of travel for many people! We want a bridge with passenger lifts to give full access for disabled passengers, older people and those with heavy luggage. 30% of the population in Monmouthshire is over 60. We were granted the money and planning permission for the bridge about 5 years ago. It never happened because Network Rail could not work out what to do about the position of the signal because the driver’s view of it would be blocked by the new bridge. We demand that Network Rail solve this problem, find the resources and, either replace or resite the signal in order that work on a bridge and lifts can commence. This is not just important to local people; Abergavenny station is used by visitors to major events such as The Food Festival and the Green Man Festival, the Hay Festival, and the 2016 National Eisteddfod. All these events bring visitors and revenue into the area. If you believe, like the organisers of this petition, that this situation is not good enough and that there should be equal access for all at the station, please sign this petition.
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  • Stop L'Oreal from damaging local, small business.
    Naked Soap Company is a small, local family business based in Dalgety Bay, Fife - dedicating to passionately making handmade bath products for or customers. We believe in creating safe, natural products whilst providing a local, friendly service, our customers are our shareholders, our shareholders are our employees - we are a true local cooperative working towards creating local jobs, boosting the local economy and providing high quality products. No global corporation should hold the power over small businesses due to a single word - a word that determines and personalises a business. Yes, it may be easy to change a business name, but if that name encompasses the business' personality, it's ethics and it's origins then it's not an option at all. Corporations should not be able to determine the future over local business due to a single term. We want the IPO to tighten the rules on when oppositions can be made and the nature of such oppositions. Allowing global corporations to swamp local business in red tape, expensive legal action and threaten them with releasing their name should not be permitted. Stand by the Naked Soap Company in standing up against L'Oreal's bully tactics and prove that global corporations cannot eradicate the existence of local business.
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  • Release grant funding for new Metro trains now!
    The Tyne and Wear Metro was once the jewel in the crown of public transport in the North East, the first modern light rail system outside of London. Now the trains are almost 40 years old, are increasingly unreliable, and are causing frequent delays and disruptions to passenger who rely on them. They urgently need replacing with modern stock and, if done correctly, the replacement could transform the operation of the system with huge economic benefits for the region. New trains will costs around £435 million. Other rail systems, such as Crossrail or Manchester Metrolink, have seen their new trains funded by central government grants. Nexus, who runs the Metro, have been told that funding for new trains in the North East will be from one of two models: either a government grant or a Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The Treasury will decide which option and could do so by November. Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users Group are calling on the Secretary of State for Transport to commit to funding new trains for the Tyne and Wear Metro through a government grant, as has happened elsewhere in the country. Forcing councils in the North East to enter into a PFI contract will ensure an expensive, inflexible, and complex deal for the taxpayer. This will tie the region into a contract for as long as 35 years, and could jeopardise ambitions to extend the Metro network to new destinations. This would be a disaster for our region.
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  • No Tesco at Whitton/London Road Twickenham
    Twickenham High Street has a high turnover of shops, and the dreaded 'Twickenham Refurbishment' sees many small independent shops constantly close down. Another Tesco is not required on the parade killing the few small independent shops that are already established at that end of the high street. What is needed in Twickenham is variety of shops to bring a higher social impact to the community and more people to the high street. This is not a good location for a Tesco which will have an adverse affect on traffic and noise for local residential neighbours. Numerous alternatives exist that would better serve the local community and strengthen its economy in these tough financial times. There are already 5 other Tesco's within a short distance of the proposed location. When the planning application is received, planning officers must notify the public or neighbours, and consult with other council departments and any other affected people or organisations. The statutory consultation period is three weeks. I will post the link here when the application has been added to the online planning portal. If there are issues of concern, the planning department will instigate a review meeting within six weeks of registration of the application and identify amendments that could address any issue or problems.
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  • Tax off-shore accounts to rebuild Caribbean islands
    It will continue the movement against tax-havens which promote inequality and tax-evasion. It is hypocritical that these islands deprive other countries of tax-revenues and then immediately turn to the same countries to bail them out of a natural disaster. Hopefully if these islands are spending their own money, they will employ locals rather than importing expensive outside "consultants/experts".
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    Created by Peter Hulme
  • Save the Hope & Anchor
    This pub has been trading since 1892 and so it has huge historical reference in Pontefract and is shadowed by Pontefract Castle. The pub is loved throughout the community and is beginning to become a hive of music activity drawing bands from far and wide as well as catering for our talented local musicians. It is the home of Pontefract Scooter Club, who regularly host events to raise money for local charities such as The Prince of Wales Hospice and The Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The Hope & Anchor is an integral part of the community and we should be saving these historical institutions not turning them into offices etc
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