• Make the banks automatically search and pay out ppi customers
    The banks are aware of their errors- they have put aside funds to pay back. Why shouldn't they make the first move?
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  • Villa Road
    Villa Road and Hunters Road are being used as a dumping ground for illegal fly tippers, and as a race track for speeding vehicles. Pavements are impossible to use because of inconsiderate parking. Anti social behaviour has increased since the part sale of the council owned carpark in 2014. This is having a direct impact on local businesses and people living within.
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    Created by Mohammed Ali
  • Tell A E Yates to stop supplying fracking firm Cuadrilla
    The vast majority (84%) of people do not want fracking to happen. In June 2016 Lancashire County Council voted not to give planning permission to Cuadrilla after listening to local people's concerns about the effects of fracking on the water, air and soil. However, Cuadrilla appealed to the Secretary of State, who then overruled Lancashire. Work commenced at the fracking site on Preston New Road in January 2017. A E Yates have played a major role in supplying Caudrilla with workers, materials, plant and haulage. Without Yate's services, Cuadrilla will not be able to proceed so rapidly with fracking Lancashire
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  • Support the Moffat sheep racing 2017
    Although it is too late now for the sheep to prepare to race, we call on the council to reimburse anyone or business who is out of pocket in anyway due to the last minute cancellation of this event, including guest houses, cafes, Moffat town council or tourists who were coming to support the athletes. If you feel you have had to change your plans and are out of pocket due to the late cancellation of the Moffat sheep racing 2017, please leave the details below to be forwarded to the council for reimbusement.
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    Created by Mark Jackson
  • Re-think and Stop Brexit
    The 'will of the people' and tide of public opinion on Brexit is shifting. Brexit is not inevitable. It is time to re-think and reject Brexit. Giving British people a real choice, based on fact, is the only democratic option for the UK Parliament.
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    Created by Jeremy Davies
  • The Buxton Water Scandal
    I have visited the Town Hall in Buxton, on various occasions, requesting a contact number for whoever is responsible for turning off the Lion's Mouth Spring at the bottom of the slopes. This has been happening regularly and for long periods of time. The Town Hall have been extremely evasive and dismissive and I have visited Buxton Advertiser on three occasions, asking them to look into it, should they be so kind, which they have been and have followed it up. My last visit to the Advertiser was today and I was told that they had received an email explaining what was going on. In short, the email stated that they were trying to work out the best way of reconnecting the supply from the pump house to the lion's mouth. Hmm, that seems to be in contrast with what I was told by multiple members of the office staff involved with renovating the Crescent. They informed me, and were quite adamant about it, that the supply pipe at Nestle was connected directly to the lion's mouth outlet, and they knew this, becasuse the first time that the spring stopped, they thought somebody on site was responsible, but discovered that this was not possible, due to the above and they also informed me that they have no input, nor are they doing any work on the pump house at all, because they contracted a separate company in to do that. I will detail the reasons in more depth, should the need to arise, but for now, it ought to suffice to say that the spring has now been turned off for eight days. I have left a flyer taped to the statue, stating that there will be a meeting there at ten o'clock in the morning, this Sunday, 13th August, to sign a petition and to discuss the issue. On Monday morning of the 14th August, we will be meeting again, to present the petition to the Town Hall. I intend to send other petitions, with more signatures, through online methods and I aim to start a 'Ban Nestle Products' movement in Buxrton and a march to Nestle, to explain our demands, which are "Leave our fresh water spring alone".... erm, that's it, really. All this takes time and energy and I don't want much of yours, but if you support the historical use of Buxton water, from a public spring, for free, just 'like' this post. I will use the likes as support for the petition. It is important, because people depend upon this water as it is healthy water and not detrimental to the health in any way, as tap water is. It is important, because Nestle and Buxton Town Hall seem to be hiding something and being elusive about the matter, so one can't help feeling that some form of underhand practices have been exercised. Thank you, for your time, and if you would like to sign the petition and hopefully meet some rather nice individuals, that would be fantastic.
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  • Reject Plans to Demolish the Joiners Arms, Hackney Road
    The Joiners Arms was the first pub in the country to pay the London Living Wage, and tried to put its maxim ‘Love, Life, Liberty’ into everything it did. It was debauched, hedonistic, fun and accepting - but it also worked outside the scope of being ‘just a queer pub’, running outreach sessions, HIV testing, and hosting community groups. As London has lost nearly 60% of its queer spaces, we want to re-open a venue that has at its heart the diverse community - a place we can all drink, dance, socialise, learn, organise and love. The current proposals are to demolish the existing venue, and surrounding buildings, to be replaced with a multi-storey office/residential block. Whilst there is a space for a licensed unit in this development, we do not believe this will create a viable, late-licence, community-oriented LGBTQI+ venue. And if you're a resident of Tower Hamlets, you could be extra effective and contact your councillor expressing your concern about this issue (referencing PA/17/00250/A1) via https://www.writetothem.com/
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    National governments hold the responsibility to introduce and implement law and policies to protect our fundamental human rights in a cosmopolitan city like London. One of the reasons that acid attacks occur is due to cheap and easy availability of acid in the UK. The state has a due diligence obligation to prevent acid violence on our streets by enforcing tighter regulation of acid sales as well as enacting criminal laws to punish perpetrators. Prevention should start at schools by educating and working with youth to promote respectful relationships and gender equality. Research helps us to understand the causes and effects of acid violence to identify practical and feasible solutions to prevent such attacks whilst taking account of the impact this has on our trade and economy as a whole. We are asking for change in policies and laws that strike a fair and reasonable balance to protect the public whilst being considerate of the rights and duties of our traders, but ultimately our core aim is to punish the perpetrators of this callous act and promote a zero tolerance policy.
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  • Stop Landlords Profiting from the £9Bn Housing Benefit Crisis
    Like many of us, I watched the recent airing of a BBC programme "The Week the Landlords Moved In" and felt a combination of sadness (for the tenants) and anger that Private Landlords - not all of them unscrupulous - profit fantastically from the Housing Benefits system. This is, after all, yours and my tax-payers' money that's being handed over, so let's make sure it's being put to better use and delivering value for money for all of us. It cannot be right that our hard-earned taxes are enriching that select few through the housing benefit system. If there are any financial surpluses created through these payments, then surely they should be channelled back into creating more Social Housing for those that need it.
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  • Bathampton Toll - Another Tax on people, simply trying to get to work!
    I am extremely disappointed to see that The General Estates Company (http://www.general-estates.co.uk) who own and operate the Bathampton Toll Bridge feels there is justification in increasing the charges from 70p to 80p each way – a 12.5% increase, way above the current rate of inflation at 2.6% and certainly higher than the increase many have received in salary over the last 4 years, since last it increased. Firstly, I have requested from several sources what possible justification there could be for increasing this cost? The Bathampton Mill bridge has for a long time been more expensive, per distance travelled than The Seven Bridge, The Clifton Suspension Bridge and even The Dartford Crossing bridge on the M25. During this time of austerity and nationwide uncertainty, when the cost of living in has never been higher in recent history, how can anyone justify this unfair price hike? The toll bridge takes £1000's of every day from people just trying to get to work, taking their kids to school, operate their business... basically just trying to get on with their busy lives. It is an unjust Tax on honest, local people, when the alternative routes through Bath, Bradford or Limpley Stoke are by no means acceptable alternatives. Yet again we are penalised for simply trying to get to work!! I am sure that many local people chose to cycle or walk when it is viable, but since public transport does not offer an alternative option, the toll bridge is often the only route, unless you have time to drive into Bath or Bradford instead. I have had enough!!! As well as starting this petition, calling on a halt to this increase, I will also pursue a complete stop at best, a reduction at least to the charges to residence of the 3 boughs of Bathford, Batheaston and Bathampton. I will also be making formal complaints to MP's as well as Bath, Bathampton and Batheaston Councils to stop this unjustifiable increase and yet another increased tax on local people. Please support this cause and stop this frustrating and expensive toll.
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    Created by Matthew Chiles
  • Funding for New Ferry gas explosion
    Jake Berry MP (Tory minister for the so-called Northern "Powerhouse") has advised cash strapped Wirral Council to use its own resources and reserves to help victims of the huge explosion that tore through the centre of New Ferry, Wirral earlier this year. 33 people were injured 2 seriously, many businesses were destroyed, a further dozen shops and services put out of action and 30 families displaced from their homes. With so much of the town centre destroyed, shoppers have stopped going to New Ferry and the surviving businesses are suffering from loss of trade and facing financial ruin. Insurance companies have been very slow to act and indeed reluctant to pay out (with nobody having yet been found guilty of causing the explosion), leaving residents and businesses without sufficient financial support with which to rebuild their lives. Many people are not only suffering financially, but also emotionally with depression and the equivalent of post-traumatic stress disorder. The government has shockingly refused to call the explosion a NATIONAL INCIDENT, what on earth does constitute a "national incident" then ? Despite pleas for funding assistance from local MPs, businesses and residents, the government has turned its back on this devastated community, citing rules and regulations for not offering any disaster relief funding to help those affected. New Ferry, Wirral - a deprived community in a Labour controlled authority - is being treated entirely differently to other communities in the UK that have faced similar, and seemingly less significant, disasters. Jake Berry's refusal of assistance is an absolute disgrace and makes a mockery of the title Northern Powerhouse. New Ferry should be treated the same as other communities that have recently suffered (as should every community in the country should a similar disaster befall them), and the rebuilding of its centre should be funded by the British government A.S.A.P If you agree that New Ferry (and every other community in the country affected by such an economically damaging disaster) should be treated fairly and given government support, please, please sign this petition, thank you
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  • More money for transport in the North
    We call upon the transport secretary to: 1) Pledge his immediate backing for the Northern Powerhouse Rail programme including a new state-of-the-art 30-minute rail link between Manchester and Leeds – a ‘Crossrail North’; 2) Make an immediate commitment to at least £59 billion ‘catch-up cash’ over the coming decade to support the transport priorities being developed by Transport for the North; 3) Give Transport for the North the same powers as those enjoyed by Transport for London so that it can also raise private finance towards its own transport priorities. The government has announced its backing for the £31bn Crossrail 2 rail scheme in London just days after it has cancelled plans to electrify key rail routes, and rowed back on its long-standing commitment to electrify the trans-pennine link between Manchester and Leeds. Crossrail 2 was NOT in the Conservative Party Manifesto - whereas Northern Powerhouse Rail was! New analysis by IPPR North shows that over the past decade public spending on transport in London has been more than double that in the North – the North would have received £59bn more in investment over the last decade if it had received the same per person for transport as London. This is set to get worse, with planned public and public/private expenditure set at nearly £2000 per head, compared with £400 per head in the North BEFORE Crossrail 2 is taken into account. This is not just a matter of fairness. This is not special pleading. Transport investment needn’t be either/or. But lack of government spending on Northern transport is holding the whole economy back. Northern prosperity is national prosperity.
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