• Save Old Haymarket, Liverpool
    The pollution and noise from a rotating stock of 12 busses would dramatically reduce the quality of life of people that live and work around Old Haymarket, an oasis in the centre of Liverpool. The car park currently averages over £100,000 a year in takings and we as a city blighted by Government cuts cannot afford that. Two mature trees would be removed. LCC claims that more new trees will be planted but they have a proven track record of not fulfilling similar promises. Old Haymarket/Manchester St used to be derelict and dangerous - it is now a thriving community because residents and businesses moved there. This oasis in the city will be destroyed. Eight businesses, including a hotel, and hundreds of residents will now be expected to share a loading space for two vehicles. People will lose their jobs and property prices will be affected. The car park is part of the curtilage of a Grade II listed building, the fantastic Queensway Tunnel entrance. Not appropriate for vehicles weighing up to 80,000 kilograms (176,370 lb) to be driving around and polluting and certainly not in keeping with the surroundings of the structure or that of the UNESCO World Heritage Site it sits in.
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  • Stop the cuts to Nottingham University Hospitals! Patients & staff are suffering! Fund our NHS!
    Our local Nottingham hospitals, the Queens Medical Centre (QMC) and the Nottingham City Hospital (NCH), are struggling to provide patients with adequate care at acceptable standards. Waiting times at A&E are rising, there is a shortage of beds and many patients are either bed ‘blocking’ due to lack of suitable accommodation to move on to, or being discharged prematurely. The same is true of most hospitals throughout England.At the same time NUH Senior Management are demanding hard-pressed and overworked staff members make more cost-saving cuts in the care they provide. This is probably impossible without a drastic deterioration in the standard of patient care. Organised by Nottingham & Notts Keep Our NHS Public through 38 Degrees. Your personal information will be kept private and held securely. By submitting information you are agreeing to us keeping you informed about Nottingham & Notts Keep Our NHS Public campaigns. For further info please contact [email protected]
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    Created by Liz Potter
  • Tax Insurance Company Profits To Put More Police On The Streets
    The current insurance system is broken. The more crime there is, the more premiums increase, and yet none of that money is ever used to prevent crime. It is not in the insurance companies interest to reduce crime, because that would mean they would have to lower their premiums (and hence profits), rather than increasing them every year. I propose a special tax should be levied on insurance companies, and that the money raised should be fed back into the Police's budget to put more officers on the ground, thus reducing crime. It would be a win for the good people of this country, and a win for the police. The only people that stand to lose anything by this arrangement would be the insurance companies, and I seriously doubt anyone really cares for their profit margins! As an example, my car insurance has increased by £400 this year. I haven't moved, I haven't had an accident - it's simply down to the fact that the area I live in has seen a spate of thefts. Surely, that £400 would be better spent on police, rather that ending up in the coffers of some insurance company.
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    Created by James Randle
  • Rescind the Governing Body Decision to downgrade Corby Urgent Care Centre
    If this erroneous decision is not rescinded then it would create a two tier urgent care system that would exclude, workers, visitors and those that participate in the full range of sporting fixtures that happen in the area from accessing and using the urgent care centre: putting untold pressure on KGH A&E and the East Midlands Ambulance Service.
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    Created by Lyn Buckingham
  • Keep PASNAS at the University of Southampton
    PASNAS is not in financial difficulty. The unnecessary proposals will transfer all of the risk of the financial markets entirely onto the shoulders of the scheme members themselves, and damage the futures of the University's dedicated and hard-working support staff, leaving them without adequate financial security in their retirement. This pension is part of our pay package; the proposals actually represent a pay cut. They could impact support staff at other Universities (who have similar pension schemes) and also in the wider public sector, where there has been a constant erosion of Terms and Conditions, and pay cuts resulting in many low-paid workers having to struggle to make ends meet.
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    Created by Adrian Dolby
    We all agree we’d like to see Cornish rugby and football played in a new purpose built stadium but to ask Council tax payers, already reeling from a 5% increase for next year, to stump up £6M is a step too far. In effect, this would mean us subsidizing two private companies, who right now have respective gates of around 200 and 1000, to build a 4000 seat stadium on the premise that any shortfall will be made up by business conferencing and miscellaneous courses from Truro College - and it’s far too small to host an Adele concert. So, people in Bude and Saltash will be paying for facilities at the other end of Cornwall but, worse still, any reasonable person knows that the £6M will not be the end of it. Will the two clubs be able to generate enough income to pay for long term maintenance? The Pirates are already subsidised by generous benefactors. What if these individuals drop out? Other stadiums (Coventry, Chester and Hartlepool for example) are in financial trouble. If Cornwall Council really has £6M to spare there are plenty of other ways they could spend the money. • Reverse the decision to stop funding all Cornwall's Day Centres for elderly, special needs, or children. • Ensure that local needs for the many are met rather than building a stadium for the few who want it. • Or even fix our potholes. There’s a Council Meeting on April 17th to discuss this so - if you don’t agree with them spending your money in this way - sign and share this petition and contact your local councillor.
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    Created by Ian Hibberd
  • Online Supermarkets to have Food Bank Function
    Personally, I often forget to donate to food banks until I see the crate at the exit of the supermarket, and by then I'm all packed up and ready to go home. Of course, I could be more aware, and work on making it become a habit, but at the moment, I'm not very tuned in, although I'd love to be! Anyway, when I do my online grocery shop, which I am now trying to do on a more regular basis, I thought there was a significant change that could be made which would allow me to donate to food banks whilst doing the shop. For example, when I get my two tins of tuna for a discounted price, I could add one of those tins of tuna into a separate 'food bank' list. Rather than delivering these items to me, they could go straight into a food bank deposit system. Obviously it would need to be a simple user interface that doesn't get mixed up and confuse people and suddenly you receive the items you were trying to donate and the food bank receives the full order... So it could be quite difficult to do (I've got no idea, I don't work in systems!). Anyway, this is just an idea that I believe could work really well and could result in some valuable relationships between supermarkets and those in need.
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    Created by Frances Hills
    Big businesses need to take responsibility, and stop harming our climate. Throughout the world more and more wildfires, heatwaves, and floods show that we must take urgent action to achieve a safe and healthy climate. HSBC Unlike some other banks, HSBC invests much less in solar or wind energy, which are now good value. You can switch to a less harmful bank. RWE (Npower) Energy generator and supplier Npower is mostly owned by the huge multination RWE, which uses an awful lot of coal. You can switch to another company which uses clean energy. Danone Danone’s brands – including Evian and Volvic – sell bottles made of unrecycled plastic. Once they shape up and commit to making these changes, we'll target other irresponsible companies – and you can suggest some. By signing and sharing this petition you’re telling businesses they must stop harming our climate NOW. Find out more about CLIMATE SERIOUS and how you can get involved: www.climateserious.org #climateserious
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    Created by 7 Friends of the Earth local groups and UK Youth Climate Coalition Picture
  • Reduce food waste in the UK
    In the UK alone we waste over 7 billion tonnes of food. Most of which can be eaten and is perfectly fit for human consumption however many companies don’t do this due to: A the cost of processing and transporting this food to food banks, or B they won’t give it away for fear of legal repucussions. I want to see a change in government policy that impose strict fines on companies that waste over proposed targets. And promote and support companies giving away food to food banks and other charitable causes.
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    Created by Lewis Gorton
  • Save Falmouth's Marks and Spencer's from Closure
    Marks and Spencer's Falmouth has proved itself an integral part of the community, the cafe is always thriving with its iconic views of Falmouth bay with many locals including regular old age pensioners not to mention the tourists. The store is always full and busy, I am sure I am not alone when I say that I rely on the local Marks and Spencer for food. Cornwall itself is suffering with many cuts, this is the last thing it needs this will decrease the morale of the town with all the other closures that are happening. The next local store is based in the next town Truro, which does not seem far stretched out the way but when you consider the cost of public transport this will prove too expensive to do a regular shopping trip, or for the poor workers that will now need to make their way to Truro. It would be a huge shame if the space was to be replaced by another Poundland or charity shop. Please support this petition and sign it.
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    Created by Wood Wool
  • Build the world's greenest venue on the site of the Earls Court Masterplan, London.
    Transport for London’s (TfL) commercial development wing formed a joint venture with Capital & Counties Properties PLC to redevelop the TfL-owned site of the now-demolished Earls Court Exhibition Centre, which forms a large part of the scheme known as the Earls Court Masterplan. Mayor Khan is Chair of Transport for London. Recent press reports range from an enhanced Earls Court Masterplan being brought forward to part of it being sold to a Saudi Arabian investment and property firm. This uncertainty over the future of the site does not help residents and businesses. The West Kensington and Gibbs Green housing estates are threatened with demolition as is the Lillie Bridge depot – all for luxury flats. The destruction of the Earls Court Exhibition Centre has led to the loss of 30% of London’s and 16% of the UK’s vital exhibition space and over £1bn annually to the local and national economy. Londoners were promised that "Earl’s Court will remain the location for a large convention centre or exhibition function" in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s 2015 Consolidated Local Plan. Instead permission was granted last year by the Royal Borough for a 644 sq m cultural venue, like a souped up Starbucks on the site of the iconic Exhibition Centre which was 40,000 sq m! There is no step-free access from the Earl's Court tube station to the development to help those with disabilities. There is no significant destination venue in the current Earls Court Masterplan. When the Earls Court Masterplan is revised, we ask that Mayor Khan supports building the world’s greenest venue which will generate overnight stays and support the night-time economy. Profits from the venue should be used to improve London's transport network and to benefit the common good.
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    Created by Bella Hardwick
  • Stop the STP
    As a result of underfunding our local NHS has some of the worst A&E waiting times in the country, fewer GPs and am an ambulance service in special measures, missing targets and putting lives in danger. While people lie waiting in corridors, the Tories are publishing plans that use words like transformation and integration when they mean cuts and rationing. These plans, called Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STPs), will cut £486 million from the NHS in Kent. It’s not about improving healthcare, it’s all about cutting costs. Since the government’s disastrous Health and Social Care Act was passed the NHS has been continuously sliced up for tendering out. The STPs make NHS services even more vulnerable to selling off to huge corporations through so-called Accountable Care Systems, even while the NHS itself becomes less joined up and as we have seen this winter less able to cope with needs and demand.
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    Created by Chris Cornell