• Parking in Uxbridge for Residents
    It is important to the community as there are alot of families with children (myself included) that are affected by this. Residents of hillingdon should be treated equally and given the same rights as everyone else !!!!! Please consider making parking easier for residents that live above the pavillions allowing parking permits so that we have the same rights as everyone else 🚘🚗🚘
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  • Stunning new theatre and Civic Complex for Tunbridge Wells? Yes please
    The proposal to build a new Civic Centre would result in a greatly enhanced theatre and badly needed modern office space in the centre of our town. This is a real opportunity to develop Tunbridge Wells as a regional cultural hub with all the associated social and economic benefits. The proposed theatre would sit alongside Trinity, the new cinema which is to be part of the redevelopment of the old ABC site and the proposed new ‘Cultural and Learning Hub’ (the refurbished Museum, Art Gallery, Library, Adult Education and Visitor Centre). The proposed location, on the fringe of Calverley Grounds, will both maximise enjoyment of that public space and benefit from the proximity of the main railway station, as well as serving to connect the attractions at the top of town with those in the Pantiles. Existing facilities can be maintained whilst the new buildings are going up. Though the plans do not come cheap, I am persuaded by the arguments that they are affordable and represent good value for money, an investment for the future that will help ensure Tunbridge Wells continues to thrive. Refurbishing the existing buildings would be cheaper but still involve spending millions and all we would end up with is a slightly shinier version of the inadequate status quo. These are challenging times, but challenging times call for robust responses and I support the initiative behind these plans and would like to see them progressed. If you feel the same please sign this petition: the plans will only go forward if they have majority support. If you want to know more before you decide you can visit the website http://www.twciviccentre.co.uk or follow on Twitter at @TWCivicCentre.
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  • Stop the deportation of whistleblower Kweku Adoboli
    Kweku Adoboli moved to the UK 26 years ago, at the age of 12, and has lived here ever since. The Home Office is aggressively trying to deport him to Ghana, away from the country he calls home and his closest friends. Kweku is now facing imminent removal from the UK after his submission of a Judicial Review of the Home Office’s treatment of his case was expedited at their request. Permission to apply for the Judicial Review was denied this week. Kweku urgently needs your help. In 2011, Kweku accepted responsibility for a large trading loss at Swiss Investment Bank UBS. Whilst he was cleared of the majority of charges against him, it was clear his actions had nothing to do with trying to achieve personal financial gain. He served his sentence as a model prisoner and for the last three years has been doing outstanding work of benefit both to industry and community. Convicted of a finance offence, posing no threat to his society, Kweku faces the draconian double punishment of being deported from the UK. The consequences of his removal to Ghana are severe and will include a potential lifetime ban on travelling not just back to the UK, but to Europe, North America and many other countries. Given the frequency of organisational scandals in recent years, Kweku's story offers a powerful and relevant living case study. Through his work, Kweku is challenging senior leaders and organisations to go beyond stereotypes of 'bad apples' to consider how context and environment shape decision making. Kweku is in a unique position to do this but is being prevented from doing so by the Home Office. Genuinely thoughtful, honest and open conversations about difficult issues are crucial to public life. Unfortunately, very few people are willing or able to do this. It is important not to deport Kweku not just for the fact that he is more British than foreign, but because his work is of value to the public interest.
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  • Stop PSPO's. Stop Persecuting Art & Exercise in Bournemouth town centre
    Bournemouth council is asking if we want a public space protection order (PSPO) for Bournemouth town centre. This will stop anyone over the age of 16 from skate boarding, Singing, Playing any music, expressing outdoor art including street artists, performers and statue work. The voice of the young and progressive individuals in Bournemouth is underrepresented because they often don't notice these types of policies until it's too late. The council have a moral responsibility to ask them directly what they want. We strongly feel that persecuting the arts and exercise will lead to less interesting town and a decrease in public health. As a community we enjoy watching them, they inspire us. Criminalising them is absurd, sports and arts should be held up as ways to maintain our mental a physical health. We would like to see more kids exercising more often in our public space they are the public too. We expect that busking only creates more tourism for Bournemouth at no cost to the council. We recommend that the council look at Winchesters busking policies and model yours on theirs which are very successful and well known. They should have free reign of where they can play within the town centre provided there is foot traffic and they are kept away from static pedestrians e.g. cafe patrons where business might be affected. The skateboarders should be provided with better faculties (skate parks) or a designated area with simple elegant obstacles like rails and modern concrete blocks, instead of spending money on making rails and benches skate proof (the steel bumps). Perhaps giving dedicated times and or spaces for buskers and skateboarders to enable them to express their art and improve the streets by accepting and supporting them and their skills. This is opposed to enforcing a PSPO which will persecute the arts, exercise and freedom of expression within Bournemouth town centre. This petition covers the area within the town of Bournemouth affected by the propose PSPO. We: Pearl Edwards and John McQuillan wish to present the petition at a meeting to the council. Please help us return the spaces to the people and enrich our town centre with art, individual expression and exercise. Thank you for your help
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  • Fair pricing for tied pubs/bars
    A tied bar means that you have to buy all your products from the brewery that leases you the bar. This means that the brewery charges you rent to lease the building, you have to buy there products at an inflated price and in some cases they will also take a cut of your net profit.
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  • To ban Alcohol consumption in the Scottish parliment
    I feel that in todays climate it is totally unacceptable that we the public should subsidise the consumption of Alcohol in government buildings at a time when everyones belts are having to be tightened, I work in a zero tolerance industry where we cannot drink alcohol along with many other hard working taxpayers while on duty therefore if the Scottish government feel so strongly about driving up the minimum Alcohol price for health reasons they should lead by example and look closer to home. to that end we should ban the sale and consumption of Alcohol totally in government buildings.
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  • Scrap VAT on community-purchased defibrillators
    VAT of 20% is charged on community-purchased defibrillators and the secure cabinet in which they are housed. More than 30,000 people a year have a cardiac arrest in a non-hospital location. From the moment of cardiac arrest there is on average five minutes to save a life with the survival rate dropping by 10% for every minute that the heart is stopped without defibrillation. If the NHS, a charity or local authority purchase these pieces of live-saving equipment then there is no VAT on them. However, if a community purchases one then VAT is added. If VAT were removed from community defibrillators, then every sixth machine would be free! On November 22, in his Budget, the Chancellor Philip Hammond can make a difference and help save the lives of people who face cardiac arrest. Please sign this petition today to urge the Chancellor to scrap VAT on community-purchased defibrillators on November 22 and ask your friends and family to sign too. Together, we can make a difference. #SaveALife https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/public38/images/mp.gif
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  • Free London Transport for Students
    London is most expensive city in the UK, with extremely high living cost. At the moment students only get 30% off travel cards and 16-25 cards only allow 30% off of off peak single fares, but must pay the full price for peak fares. Why should students have to pay to go to university when they are struggling to afford everything else. The cost of education is expensive enough, why should we have to pay more. Help students out and let them travel to university for free.
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  • Give Welsh Fishing Clubs and Salmon and Seatrout a Chance
    Fishing Clubs, fishing methods and therefore fishing in Wales is at imminent risk from NRWs proposed fishery byelaws 2017. Byelaws must sustain fishing aswell as fish stocks under a sustainable management of natural resources approach. The potential knock on impacts of the proposed byelaws are likely to lead to excessive illegal fishing which could not be policed. Critical evidence - Catch Return Data - would be lost due to absenteeism of fishermen from rivers. Revised management measures must therefore be developed which do not carry the same residual risks. Sustained and increased participation in fishing through empowerment and attention to catchment specific issues will establish a progressive means of achieving healthy fish stocks and the wellbeing of fishing clubs, contributing positively to local economies. Harmonisation of the overall approach can only succeed where fish are protected from destruction and harm in the near coastal waters in particular. Following an integrated approach, the river environments must be optimised to receive and support adult and juvenile fish. At present there are obvious gains to be made that are being neglected due to insufficient funding and contradictory roles and responsibilities within NRW.
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  • Support New Malden Farmers' Market
    In order to move forward, we have found the only viable location, as is the case in other successful markets in neighbouring towns, is to relocate the market onto the High Street. We ask that the Neighbourhood Committee works with the organisers to help us in this regard to ensure the market can continue to be a community asset for the whole of New Malden.
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  • Save the emergency entertainment team at Butlins
    Butlins say keeping guests happy is a priority..... well keep the guys Butlins say they make job opportunities better..... well keep the guys The emergency entertainment team at Butlins Skegness are amazing the are forever making parents and children laugh they brighten even the darkest days
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  • Give Welsh Salmon and Sea-Trout a chance!
    In order to save from extinction and to re-build Welsh Migratory Salmon and Sea Trout stocks to their former glory of yesteryear! The National Rivers Authority (NRW) admits that migratory fish stocks in Wales are in a 'very bad condition'! My friends and I have fished the River Tywi for over 30 years and have seen a dramatic collapse in migratory fish stocks over that period, to a point today when it's hardly worth going out on the river to fish at all. Hotels and B & B's were busy in those days back then but now, like the salmon and sea trout, there are very few of them left! Very few rod and line anglers will kill their catch these days but will instead safely return their catch to the river so that they may continue on their way to their spawning grounds! Commercial trawlers and estuary nets-man kill everything that gets caught in their nets! Factory ships digest everything that they catch, including the sand eels that the salmon, sea trout and even sea bass rely on! By suspending these unsustainable fishing practices, both at sea and in our river estuaries the people of Wales and visiting anglers will not only see improving fish stocks but the Welsh people themselves will experience a significant boost in the Welsh Tourist Economy, similar to that of the highly successful and world renowned Scottish salmon angling economy of today. By calling time on the commercial exploitation of salmon, sea trout and sea bass, to name just 3 species, the Welsh Government and the people of Wales will see increased employment prospects in hotels, restaurants and shops as tourists flock once more from all over the world to fish the amazing rivers of Wales for a chance to catch that hopefully less elusive Sewin (sea trout) or salmon! If the current decline in fish stocks is allowed to continue and with no anglers on the rivers to report pollution incidents then the rivers of Wales will almost certainly decline beyond any hope of future recovery! That will be a sad day for Wales and a sad day for us all!
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