• Save Farnworth Jobcentre
    The Department for Work and Pensions has brought forward the proposed closure of Farnworth Jobcentre without any meaningful consultation with the local community. The Government claims that it is closing this Jobcentre as part of its "continued drive to deliver public services in more innovative and cost effective ways” without seeming to consider the impact on the local community. Farnworth is a deprived area, and residents rely on the support provided by their local Jobcentre, not only for help in finding employment, but also for benefit advice, access to computers and telephones. Farnworth Jobcentre is extremely busy and is valued by local residents, and to remove yet another service from Farnworth town centre means that unemployed and disabled residents will be further disadvantaged and could be pushed even further into poverty. Farnworth Councillors and I have been contacted by numerous constituents who are very concerned at the impact that this will have on them: Many unemployed or disabled residents of Farnworth, Kearsley and Little Lever simply cannot afford to travel into Bolton town centre. Even if some residents can afford the up-front cost of travel, the cost of reimbursement would be prohibitive as there is a high number of people who sign weekly, and some who sign daily. The closure of Farnworth Jobcentre would not result in savings to the public purse. In addition to the travel cost, it will also take residents considerably longer to travel into Bolton, increasing the likelihood of late attendance or missed appointments, which could lead to benefit sanctions. It would also cause greater inconvenience, including less time to spend searching for employment. People who have caring responsibilities are concerned that they will not be able to get to work on time, because of the extra travel time to get to Bolton Jobcentre. Residents with mobility problems will find it more difficult to attend Bolton Jobcentre, particularly those who are not able to use public transport and do not have access to private transport. The Government is currently consulting on health and disability issues, yet is at the same time making access to services more difficult. Bolton has two Jobcentres only a few hundred yards apart, yet Farnworth will be left with none. This simply makes no sense. Surely it would be better to close one of the Bolton Jobcentres and keep the one in Farnworth open? The Government requires claimants to attend more frequent face-to-face interviews than ever before, so it is vital that this service is retained in Farnworth We call upon the Department for Work and Pensions not to close Farnworth Jobcentre and ensure that its services are retained in Farnworth town centre.
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    Created by Yasmin Qureshi MP
  • Stricter border controls.
    Everyone who resides in the UK should make their contribution to it's upkeep. Forcing tax evaders to pay up might even furnish enough cash to lift the public servant's (Including yourselves at the Border Force) pay cap.
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  • Tax and income transparency
    It's important that 1) systematic inequality based on gender, race, religion etc are exposed 2) that the public can be confident that everyone is paying their fair share of tax 3) that the media traditional and modern has access to information that may expose conflicts of interest among decision makers
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  • Bring retirement age down to 60 for men and women
    I think when you get to 60 you've done enough work and want to enjoy your retirement while your still in good health plus it will create jobs for young people and school leavers
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  • Stop the state pension age from rising to 68
    This is an outrageous decision by the government that will hit at the heart of the hard working people currently in their forties. Another blow to the working class.
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  • state pension age
    Most people now in their 40's have been affected by a state pension age rise from 66 to 67, but now, today, the government wants you to work until you are aged 68. This has been pushed forward years earlier than originally proposed. It was to be implemented in 2044 but will now be implemented between 2037-2039. This will have a direct impact on all UK taxpayers currently aged between 39 and 47 who were born between 06/04/1970 - 05/04/1978 - a total of 6 million people in the UK working population paying taxes and national insurance contributions. People within this bracket have already had their state pension age pushed forward 1 year by this government in it's current tenure which is punishment enough. You should be entitled to retire and enjoy the benefits of retirement at 67 without moving the goalposts. This opportunistic government has not only upped your age before you can claim back for your contributions - now it wants another year from you. I want to see the UK taxpayers protected by applying legislation that only allows one change to retirement age in a persons working age. 1 working career = 1 change not punishment. Please lets get this voted for and debated in Parliament.
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  • Cheshire East's withdrawal of some supported bus services
    The saving of £1.6 million would be counterproductive as cutting bus services in Cheshire East will have undesirable consequences and cause distress and inconvenience to many residents. We believe that the following groups would be more adversely affected; the elderly, disabled and infirm, the young and people on low incomes. Getting to work, shops, schools, colleges, doctors, banks, social events and hospital appointments would be made more inaccessible. We also believe that trade in towns and town markets will be affected. The stopping of evening services will have a negative affect on restaurants and pubs and other social groups. We are concerned that the withdrawal of bus services will result in more cars on the road and significant reduction in air quality. Many of the towns and villages are growing in size and as a result we should be given improved services not declining ones.
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    Created by Paula Eaton
  • Work Permit relaxation for Chefs from the Indian sub-continent
    We must act now before the Country suffers terrible losses to this marvellous part of our culture. Please get involved and help to preserve this culinary art that is enjoyed by millions. World renowned chef, Tommy Miah MBE, has raised this petition at a crucial time for the UK Curry Industry. "I have given my life’s work to promoting Indian cuisine in the UK. I will give my all to this campaign - please join me now by signing this petition."
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    Created by Tommy Miah
  • Save Wendell Park Market
    It's a great addition to the neighbourhood bringing the community together and providing an alternative to mass produced supermarket food. Show your support not just by signing but by voting with your feet and buying something next weekend.
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  • Save Morriston Crown Post Office
    This is vitally important to safeguard the service currently enjoyed by the people of Morriston and throughout Swansea of it`s last remaining crown post office. Also to safeguard the highly trained staff and keep the footfall it brings to the shopping area of Morriston.
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  • Tax Abuse and Austerity
    In the continuing debate relating to public sector pay caps, the rhetoric is being consistently presented that the choice is between responsible restraints or tax rises. What is being quietly ignored is the vast amount of money, counted in many £Billions, that continue to disappear from the UK into secrecy jurisdictions each year. Austerity is an ideologically motivated policy designed to transfer wealth from ordinary people (in this case nurses, teachers, police and fire officers, etc.) to the pockets of the wealthy, and it continues to work just as designed. Ordinary people continue to suffer real-terms pay cuts whilst businesses and wealthy individuals carry on cheating the system.
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    Created by Graham Driver
  • British fishing quotas
    It will benefit local communities which rely on fishing and establish us as a coastal nation in our own right. It will bring economic benefits to our fishing towns and villages and provide security and employment for future generations. It will make the fishermen locally accountable for catches and help sustainability of our fish stocks.
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