• Changing the law on Company Liquidations
    The Public purse has never been so strained with fewer persons or businesses paying in due to Tax avoidance avoidance , loopholes & policy , yet demand remains high in ever decreasing Public Services. High profile failures like these should not fall on the Public Purse but place the loss with the Banks & Creditors whose lack of financial prudence could well encouraged irresponsible borrowing & ultimate failure when calling for the companies liquidation.
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  • Open fans say "No" to R&A's "No-readmissions" policy
    The R&A has introduced a "no-readmission" policy so that spectators with general admission and hospitality tickets will not be permitted to re-enter the venue after leaving the course unless they pay again. The hundreds of thousands of fans who pay to attend the Open were not asked their opinion. This petition gives Open fans everywhere the chance to be heard and hopefully persuade the R&A to reverse its decision. Generations of fans have attended previous Opens to witness one of the world's greatest sporting events and soak up the off-course atmosphere. But the R&A's "No-readmission" policy will effectively lock them on-course all day - every day unless they pay again. This goes against the 150-year-old tradition of the Open and is not in the interests of spectators who are - only now - beginning to realise the full effects of these restrictions. We think the R&A have made a mistake by saying this policy will guard against the "inferior" and "unofficial" off-course hospitality. This is a slur on the hundreds of excellent pubs, eateries and cafes in all the host venues on the Open Rota. It will also prevent fans from enjoying the legitimate activities of the host communities whose residents, golf clubs, restaurants and other local businesses have traditionally helped Open fans to celebrate off-course by providing festival style entertainment; essential services; and hospitality at prices they can afford. Unless this policy is reversed, fans of the Open will no longer have the freedom of going off-course to stroll around the host town, visit local shops and cafes or enjoy an affordable sit-down pub lunch or restaurant meal. In fact, the wonderful festival atmosphere - which has become synonymous with the golfing prowess of the Open - will be lost. Tens of thousands of fans spend 10 hours or more on-course each day; and many buy a weekly ticket or a weekend bundle. They don't want to be trapped on-course each day - all day long - so the new policy will certainly not improve their enjoyment. It's also clear that only a privileged few can afford the on-course hospitality packages costing between £420 and £900 per person. The new policy is also very unfair and will mean that some of the Open’s biggest supporters will be penalised. It will curtail attendance by the very people who have worked so hard - day after day and all year around - to make our Open venues what they are today. Shopkeepers, club stewards, residents with young children, employees of businesses and many others won’t be allowed to go on and off the course to take care of their family and work based responsibilities so will probably not be able to attend or will have to limit their attendance. So, this policy will most definitely result in lower attendances. The 2018 Open will be staged on Carnoustie Golf links which were uniquely purchased on behalf of the people of the burgh around 1890. A great many of the residents, business owners and employees as well as the clubs who technically "own" the links will face weeks of disruption, loss of business and inconvenience but, because of the new policy, will not get a chance to see this marvellous event being staged on their own doorstep. We feel that this wonderful world class event is being spoiled by a policy designed to monopolise spectator revenues on-course while ensuring that local businesses miss out. It certainly has little if anything to do with making the event more safe or enjoyable for the spectators. In short, the fans who pay for the Open would like the choice but no-one asked their opinion – until now. For these reasons we request the R&A to reverse their decision in time for the 2018 Open and allow spectators with general admission and hospitality tickets to leave the Open course and re-enter the same day without having to pay again.
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  • Nationalise Carillion now
    UK construction firm Carillion is in huge financial trouble. It is being reported the UK's second-largest construction company is shouldering a whopping £1.5bn debt pile and could collapse into administration by Monday. Carillion runs prisons, schools and hospitals (some 12,000 beds) and employs about 20,000 people in the UK, with more staff abroad. Mainstream news coverage reports the government is in crisis talks with Carillion and lending banks HSBC, RBS, Barclays and Lloyds, who are demanding a taxpayer bailout. After bailing out RBS in 2008 without imposing Government control, it is unthinkable that Government would pour more public money into the coffers of Carillion's PFI shareholders. We believe that the government can help by simply nationalising Carillion and bringing the PFI contracts it manages back into public control. The only way to protect services and the staff is to nationalise, not line the pockets of shareholders, particularly any shareholders who have avoided paying tax on profits. Governments PFI experiment has failed, with 68% of the UK public agreeing PFI deals should be banned. it is now time to accept responsibility and do the right thing by nationalising Carillion. Furthermore, we ask that a forensic audit investigation is commenced into how a consortium which included Carillion - while in acute financial distress, was awarded a £1.4bn contract for the HS2 rail link. Important links The company that runs Britain is near to collapse. Watch and worry : Aditya Chakrabortty “To see what this means, take the HS2 rail link, where Carillion this summer was part of a consortium that won a £1.4bn contract to knock tunnels through the Chilterns. If Carillion goes under, what happens to the largest infrastructure project in Europe? What happens to its partners on the deal, British firm Kier, and France’s Eiffage? The project will need to be put back and the taxpayer will almost certainly have to step in.” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jan/12/building-company-carillion-collapse-schools-roads-hospitals-hs2-taxpayers-bill Redefining Corruption - Public Polling on attitudes to PFI by Liverpool University https://www.crimeandjustice.org.uk/publications/redefining-corruption Blacklisting, workers rights, and privatisation: 'The day we challenged Carillion' http://peoplevspfi.org.uk/2015/06/18/the-day-we-challenged-carillion/ FT: Vince Cable warns taxpayers must not bear brunt of Carillion bailout https://www.ft.com/content/e9f0f06c-f7b4-11e7-88f7-5465a6ce1a00?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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  • Stop Brexit
    I implore you to end Brexit. Understanding how beneficial joining the European Union has been to both our nation and the European bloc, leaving the EU has become a game of Russian Roulette and I fear we’re nearly out of empty chambers in the gun. A winner of the Nobel peace prize, the EU has given us many benefits; Peace, the single market, foreign aid, improved air and water quality, democracy & human rights. All of which are in jeopardy as we approach the cliff edge. So where are we now? A referendum was called, and I put it to you that now is not the time to leap into the unknown with simply dreams to fuel us. After years of failed austerity policies, the UK’s most vulnerable have already been brought to their knees: the homeless are freezing to death sleeping on the streets, many of which suffer from mental illness: too many face a huge struggle to survive on Universal credits (some of which are now dying) should they receive any benefit after being interrogated by Atos; thousands have died after being declared fit for work and suicide appears all too often to be the only option. Specifically denounced by the UN, the government ignore it and seek to remove more human rights: we now have the abomination of Foodbanks which is a path any first world nation should never have to venture upon, yet they are now the norm and used by working families; Education budgets are being cut and our children’s development is therefore stifled. Children are developing rickets, a disease that was believed to have been eradicated years ago. The future of following generations in insecure. Wages have been stagnant for years, zero hours contracts increase as worker’s rights are diminished, yet the cost of living rises. Police numbers have been reduced while extremism has risen. Many of these scenarios are Reminiscent of the 1930’s, a pattern we need to avoid repeating. The cycle of cause and effect continues to go unchallenged. The national debt has risen from £850 billion in 2010 to £1.5 trillion today. Where we used to lead the way forward we are now leaderless. Strong and stable we are not and yet now we choose to leave our biggest trading partner at a cost of £40 billion which we as a country can ill afford. This ship needs to be strong if it is to not sink. A foolish, idea where we look ridiculous to the rest of the world, without a plan for departure and without impact studies on every industry. Most people cannot appreciate that trade deals take several years to complete. Brexit is dangerously right wing! The British press has been overtaken with neo fascist propaganda and fake news. Nowhere can a citizen buy a paper that presents a well-balanced argument allowing the public to make an informed decision. We must share this planet and survival depends upon collaboration, not death and division.
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    Created by Denny FitzGerald
  • Save A+M Hire
    A+M Hire is one of the "Big 3" prop houses in Europe and the UK. It supplies period props and dressing for major feature films and TV dramas like ‘Victoria’, ‘The Crown’, ‘Game of Thrones’, the ‘Harry Potter’ films, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Murder of the Orient Express’ and many more. Due to the fact that HS2 require their premises as a construction site and due to circumstances beyond both A+M’s and HS2’s control A+M has to cease trading. As you may be aware there has been an upsurge in the film industry with companies like Netflix, Amazon and Sony making more and more productions in the UK, not only because of the tax breaks but also because of the facilities and skills we provide. Without A+M, who supply a huge amount of the props that are used in these films and dramas, the supply chain will be broken. Their stock is incalculably valuable, both in monetary terms and historically, irreplaceable and very often unique. It will endanger productions as inevitably the art department costs will soar as items, previously easily hired from A+M, will now have to be sourced from elsewhere, and almost certainly purchased, involving more upfront costs and considerably higher transport costs, both financially and ecologically, and of course, precious time. A+M’s collapse will also put all of their staff out of work, cause production costs to rise, and thus discourage companies to film in the UK and damage the film industry as a whole. This will obviously have a knock-on effect for all of the skilled crew that depend on the industry for their livelihood. We urge you to sign this petition, and hopefully prevent this shocking and debilitating loss to the industry.
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    Created by Dominic Devine
  • Reduce the State Pension Retirement Age
    In July 2017, it was announced that the the state pension age in the UK will rise from 67 to 68 between 2037 and 2039, seven years earlier than previously planned. UK State Pension's are ranked the worst in the developed world. This is down to the earnings related element of a State Pension being removed, with the introduction of a new flat rate state pension. We are letting down the worker's of today, and the pensioners of now, if they cannot be provided with a decent retirement income at a fair realistic retirement age. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report that over 18.5% of people over age 75 have incomes below the poverty line. This is down to the state pension. Whilst it is a fact that the UK population is now living longer, I do believe that the income tax, and national insurance contributions, paid by an individual up to age 65 should be sufficient for them to retire at that age and live a peaceful retirement without worrying about basic living costs. It is down to the Government to stop wasting money on: * Trident Nuclear Missile System * High Speed Rail Link * Refusal to Recycle better * Benefit Fraud and Errors * Bad Gold Sale * Computer Blunders * Perk Credit Cards * Areas where cuts could be made but alas the Government won't cut back This is by no means an exhaustive list but gives an indication of the money being wasted that could be used to top up the UK State Pension Pot. Please I ask you the Government to consider this petition, and respond in due course. Thank you for reading.
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    Created by Brian Flindall
  • Campaign to Save Inchgreen Dry Dock
    Peel Ports are vandalising the facilities at Inchgreen Dry Dock purchased in 2002 from Clydeport. They blew up the cranes in July 2017 claiming it was too costly to service and maintain. No investment has been made in the facility since 2002 and rumour was they wanted to infill the dock and sell the land for housing. They have now confirmed to Inverclyde Council that they are not selling the dock or infilling. The Dry Dock is the second largest in the UK and a major asset for Inverclyde and the west coast. Who are Peel Ports? The Peel Group is constructed like a Russian Doll, a company within a company within a company and so on that produces hundreds of companies. The holding companies are registered in Tax havens, the Isle of Man and the Cayman Islands, owned and controlled by John Whittaker tax exile and his sons through Billown Trust. They own 75% of the parent companies Tokenhouse Ltd, Tokenhouse Investments (Guernsey) Ltd and Peel Port Holdings, the other 25% is owned by a Saudi Arabian conglomerate the Olayan Group. The Peel Group own A&P Group (APG) based at Cammell Lairds in Birkenhead Merseyside and have 4 Dry Docks, they also have dry docks in Falmouth, Tyneside and Teesside, and now control Inchgreen according to their web page. APG have a joint venture with BAE Systems (BAES) and tendering for the Type 31e Frigates (each £250m +) have the same build time as the Type 26 Frigates being built by BAES in Govan and Scotstoun. The Frigates and a £200m BAES investment promised and supported by the Tory Government during the 2014 Independence Referendum did not materialise. Former Tory Defence Secretary of State, Lord Michael Fallon also reduced the build number of Type 26 from 13 to 8, another broken promise and BAES have only been contracted to build 3. Sir John Parker’s 2016 Report ‘The National Shipbuilding Strategy“ has also been used to break promises to Glasgow hence the joint venture, BAES providing Engineering, Design and Systems and APG doing the build in Birkenhead. However this report also suggested that a Regional Industrial Strategy could be developed to build the Type 31e and Clydeside has the capacity. Which begs the question- Did BAES not consider a joint venture with Ferguson’s Marine using Inchgreen and develop a Regional Strategy to build these Frigates? We think not, the joint venture would not like Ferguson’s Marine gaining expertise in MOD work, and APG would prefer their Merseyside investment to benefit. Peel Group have invested over £250m in Cammell Lairds and have grand plans to invest £50 Billion over 50 years in the Atlantic/Ocean Gate Project which covers both sides of River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal, the docks, container facilities, shipyards and riverside developments etc. Their future investment and the millions of public money they receive from the EU, Merseyside & Manchester Local Authorities, Enterprise & Regional Boards and Government is all for the Atlantic/Ocean Gate Project and none for Inchgreen. Merseyside and Manchester newspapers with community groups have asked whether the tax payer is getting value for the vast amounts of public money Peel receive and continue to receive. Their control of the Merseyside waters and coast has been a major concern for some community groups and one ExUrbe produced a critical 2013 report on Peel’s operation - “PEEL AND THE LIVERPOOL CITY REGION”. Peel has no intention of investing in Inchgreen Dry Dock and attracting work or they would not have destroyed the cranes. The Peel Group’s investment strategy is totally focused on Merseyside. However they could be in for another Public Purse payday when the Greenock Ocean Terminal Project under the City Deal gets final business case approval. Estimated costs are £14.793m, £7.193 from the Tax Payer, identified private sector investment £6.1m from Peel and £1.5m from the Dunard Art Fund, to date no contract has been signed or approved. We petition the Scottish Government and Inverclyde Council to bring Inchgreen Dry Dock into Public/Community Ownership for the future prosperity of Inverclyde and its citizens. We now have support from the local political parties Lib Dem’s, SNP, Greens, Labour and most Independent Councillors, local MP & MSPs also Unite and Unison Trade Unions. Our local newspaper the Greenock Telegraph have raised the profile of the Campaign with the Inverclyde public by their many articles on the issue. Copies of the Campaign petition can be obtained by contacting the below or sign online at:- https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/campaign-to-save-inchgreen-dry-dock-1 email: [email protected] Tel 07719 646944 Its important for the future Industrial development of Inverclyde, attract good paid skilled jobs, secure a major asset for the West Coast of Scotland and preserve its shipbuilding heritage.
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  • Monetary System Education
    Money is fundamental to life and public ignorance of the monetary system and the resulting debt levels that cause undue suffering are unacceptable in a modern democracy.
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    Created by Roy Broadhurst
  • Save Knaresborough (and Ripon) Market
    The markets create important revenue for the already struggling town centres. Many people travel specifically to Knaresborough and Ripon to shop at the markets, and whilst they’re there, they also patronise the other local businesses, most of whom will say that Wednesday (Thursday in Ripon) is their busiest day. We are lucky in our towns to have a traditional communities where we can shop for everything such as meat, bread and vegetables locally. This is a rare experience in the modern world, and one to be treasured, especially as it promotes local community and ecological trading.
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    Created by Shaeron Caton-Rose
  • To: Royal Bank of Scotland Stop RBS closing The Inveraray Branch
    RBS has given a stay of execution until December 2018. There are no guarantees they will then keep the branch open - despite businesses, individuals & charities facing a 74 mile round trip to bank if the Inveraray branch and the ATM are closed. The tourist industry is under threat if there is no bank in town and jobs will go. We can't let up the pressure now - keep the signatures rolling in and write to our MP, Brendan O'Hara, to continue his support.
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    Created by Marian Pallister
  • SAVE Winter Wonderland Clacton
    This brings tourists into the town therefore bringing money with it, it's a small local business where now loads of people had lost their jobs so close to Christmas!! This place brings/brought loads of joy to children and adults!!!
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    Created by Jenny Johnson
  • Extend Consultation Period for Stretford Masterplan.
    Some of these concerns are (but not limited to) the haste with which the plan has been launched with seemingly little data, plans or research available to residents to substantiate claims of regeneration. Furthermore, there has been information emerging throughout the process that has caused alarm such as the design of the scheme, environmental impact, impact upon current residents and loss of public facilities and access to public space. Whilst we broadly support a vision to regenerate our town centre we cannot support a Masterplan which shows no consideration for incumbent residents and any impacts upon them. With further information it is entirely possible that we would support this plan - however as such information is not forthcoming we ask you to extend consultation and engage with the community meaningfully and openly. For further information - on twitter @m32dogs or [email protected] or facebook 'Development Opportunity Group for Stretford 'https://www.facebook.com/groups/347186892414426/
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    Created by John Naughton