• Open an inquiry into the sale of Royal Mail by the UK Government
    This is a public service, created by the hard working people of the UK in past generations, which has been sold off to make money for the government - but sold at a low price to ensure the certain people and agencies made money on the sale of the shares after going private. This is illegal, against the wish of the people, and a complete sham from a government who are supposed to represent and work for the will and welfare of the people. A full investigation should be held, and those who are found to have made money by insider knowledge held accountable.
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    Created by Simon Zielonka
  • More spending on the NHS
    This is important because the vast majority of people reading this petition will still be around in five years, and so this affects YOU. If we don't act now, then our safety and the safety of future generations will be in danger as our National Health Service slowly crumbles from a lack of funds.Furthermore, the population is ever increasing; as the ONS predicts, within 25 years the UK population will reach just over 73 million. This will put further strain on an already struggling institution. We need to say NO to spending £1.4 billion on redundancies, and YES to more spending on the NHS itself, its resources and its staff.
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  • A more relevant Vehicle Road Tax system
    Cars today [2014] are essential, this may because local transport is lacking or the many reasons why so many Brit's commute. Many cars have only one occupant. Cars have become Egotistical Status symbols. They are lasting longer and longer and are now so cheap to buy (pre-owned) the UK has a log-jam problem and a serious parking problem. The current Gov's Road Tax system is abused and should be geared to the smaller car whilst penalising i.e. - HUGE 4x4's used totally out of context.
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  • Scots Against TTIP
    It is important because TTIP will rid us of some of our basic liberties and will oblige the UK Goverment to put businesses over people,stop the UK making laws that hinder companies profitability and will allow companies to bring in workers from any where in the world to save money on labour. TTIP should not,must not and will not make exploitation from corporations easier! With the help of you we can stop this! For more information on the issue search TAFTA,TTIP or go to the following link http://www.waronwant.org/campaigns/trade-justice/more/inform/18078-what-is-ttip
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  • To facilitate high speed broadband in rural areas in Northern Ireland
    Currently high speed broadband is lacking in rural areas for a number of reasons. Current technology runs fibre to the cabinet, the green roadside boxes but this leaves many users at a loss as their phonelines are connected directly to the local exchange, not to a roadside cabinet. We urge the NI Assembly to look into this matter and facilitate high speed broadband for everyone in Northern Ireland as a matter of urgency.
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  • Factory farming should be abolished!
    Whether we farm animals for food, use them for recreation, or keep them as pets, we need to make sure they are properly looked after. This requires more than simply protecting them from cruelty. We need to meet their needs for food, water and living space, protect them from disease, and create a healthy and stress-free living environment for them. When we slaughter animals for food, we need to ensure that, as far as possible, they have calm, painless deaths.
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    Created by Thomas Robinson
  • Stop HS2
    The cost of HS2 is huge and the long term benefits must be fully justified. Existing cost benefit analysis shows the investment will never be repaid - this is an unnecessary cost to the nation that we cannot afford. At the same time, the project will blight huge areas of southern Britain for many years of construction and in perpetuity - and for no gain. The government should upgrade the existing rail infrastructure and minimise the environmental impact for the same economic benefits and at much reduced cost.
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    Created by Jamie Wilkinson
  • Nationalise the banking industry
    cash is a buffer when all else fails it is a tried and tested system and works well as long as cash production is government controlled not bank controlled. If phased out we would be totally dependant on the honesty of the banking system and if considered undesirable our live could be switched of at the click of a mouse It's only purpose is to force us into obedience by starvation of funds wich means no food no home no car no life just slavery. the potential corruption of such a system is overwhelming by government banks or criminals, as if there were a difference!
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    Created by Stephen Robbins
  • Order repairs to South Parade Pier
    After years of neglect under private ownership, South Parade Pier is in danger of collapse. This iconic structure has dramatically decayed over the past six months and is now boarded up and derelict, creating an eyesore for both local people and tourists. Although a sale was widely publicised, the pier has not been transferred to new owners and no remedial repairs have been carried out since the winter storms. Without proper investment, it continues to decay before our eyes. By signing this petition, you are demanding that Portsmouth City Council take action to preserve this Grade Two listed building, treasured by both residents and visitors to Portsmouth. By ordering the owners and operators of South Parade Pier to carry out end-to-end repairs, the council could reverse the decline of this key seafront area, encouraging growth for both new and established businesses - as has happened in many other seaside resorts. South Parade Pier has important historical and cultural value. British and Canadian troops embarked from there on their journey to Normandy for the D-Day landings in 1944. Winston Churchill and Montgomery addressed huge audiences there. Rock legends Pink Floyd, Genesis and David Bowie all performed there - and filming of The Who's rock opera 'Tommy' led to the infamous fire in 1974. Generations of Portsmouth residents and tourists have walked, danced and gathered on the pier since 1879. By lending your support, the pier may once again become both a hub for the local community and an asset for the city of Portsmouth - but we must act swiftly.
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    Created by Leon Reis
  • Fair Wage Campaign
    The economic divide between the richest citizens and it's poorest cannot continue. As of 10/09/13 13.7 Million people are in low-income households in Great Britain, which is nearly double that of half a century ago. The richest 10% of households, by financial wealth have 60% of that wealth in Great Britain. The bottom half have just over 5%, of which the bottom 20% have almost zero. Many of those in the bottom 10% actually have liabilities that outweigh their assets. The UK is the world's six largest economy, yet 1 in 5 of the UK population live below our official poverty line, meaning that they experience life as a daily struggle. It is unacceptable that over 13 million people in the UK do not have enough to live on As UK citizens we demand the right to earn an adequate and stable income.
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    Created by Joanne Lord
  • Reject Austerity: Campaign for the Progressive Funding of Local Services
    This needs to happen now because: 1. Council tax is regressive. Band A takes about 1% of the property value but Band H takes about a tenth of that. So, the more the house is worth, the less you pay. 2. At least 2,500 homes are worth at least £1 million in Brighton and Hove but the vast majority are not even in the top Council Tax band. That’s £ billions worth of homes only contributing about £7.5 million a year to local services, a tiny fraction of their value. Meanwhile, Housing Benefit has been cut but rents in Brighton and Hove went up on average by 27% over the last year. 3. The government gave councils responsibility for Council Tax benefits but gave them the funding less 10%, adding to the burden of already over-stretched councils. This means the poorest in the City are now required by law to pay Council Tax out of meagre benefits, yet residents living in the highest value property have only seen minimal rises to their council tax bills despite seeing the value of property increase an average of 12% in the past year. 4. The top rate of tax on income was reduced by the Coalition government from 50% to 45%. This means the highest earners have received a tax cut while wages have stagnated for the majority, and benefits cut for the poorest. 5. The poor already pay more of their income in tax than the rich http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/jun/16/british-public-wrong-rich-poor-tax-research 6. Rising wealth inequality in Britain is one of the highest in the industrialised world and this has resulted in perverse situation where the top 1% own the same as the bottom 55% of the population http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/may/15/britains-richest-1-percent-own-same-as-bottom-55-population 7. The Spirit Level research shows that wider income inequality exacerbates and increases social problems, from health, to life expectancy, to education to others see http://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/ 8. Thomas Piketty shows that the value of wealth has increased faster than the value of wages, effectively entrenching the circle of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/apr/28/thomas-piketty-capital-surprise-bestseller. Progressive taxation should be used as a policy lever to address high levels of inequality. This is something the Coalition government are ideologically opposed to but this leaves space for truly radical and progressive local politics to make bold an brave decisions. Brighton and Hove City Council has the power both to make reductions in household council tax bills due to Council Tax Reduction regulations, and it also has the power to establish free standing benefits, outside of Council Tax regulations, to make local funding more progressive. For more details and examples of what can be done, please go to our website www.newdeal4brightonhove.org This petition will be presented to Full Council in October 2014, but the campaign won’t end there. When the petition is presented, we are granted a 3 minute speaking slot. This will be available on the council’s online podcasts.
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    Created by Carlie Goldsmith
  • No Homeless Spikes
    There has been a 37% rise in the amount of people sleeping rough since your government took power; 50000 families were accepted as homeless by their local authority in 2012/13 and the average life expectancy of a homeless person is 47. These statistics sicken us. Show us you feel the same by outlawing these new deterrents to homeless people finding somewhere to sleep when they have nowhere else to go. We do not believe the removal of these spikes will stop homelessness, anymore than their installation will stop homelessness, but it may convince us that you and your government are not anti-homeless people.
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