• Demand that the Queen divests from industries that cause harm.
    If investors stop funding these damaging industries they will have to change their view of the world and maybe even consider diversifying into the renewable energy sector which will not only clean up the planet but provide millions of jobs which will do more for the economy than unconventional gas and oil.
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    Created by Robert Dennett
  • Business payouts
    This is important for not only the economy, but also when people or companies are doing well (especially big corporations) then everyone should have equal amount of bonus shared between the cleaner, tea makers, to the receptionists, marketeers, chefs, waiters, bar staff , supervisor, manager, CEO. This should be split evenly with everyone. That's why everyone is employed in the first place. To make it run smoothly.
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    Created by Jonathan Carson
  • Taxing Bankers would make a better investment for the future of the working peeople
    By taxing bankers by 1% we can as a country make billions more for the future economy and for the future system. If the leading political parties follow this idea, the future system for the economy allows the government to put in more money into education , health care , employment and housing for the everyday working citizen. This further means that the government doesn't have to make those who can't afford their own living have to pay more taxes. Such taxes like the Robin Hood tax are great examples where this would work very well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYtNwmXKIvM
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    Created by Harry Smith
  • Living Wage For Dunnes Workers
    The GMB is concerned that despite more than two years of economic growth, working people across the country are still suffering the longest real wage squeeze in over a century. Recently official earnings growth reached its lowest level since records began. GMB is also concerned given the biggest proportion of low-paid, part time workers in Dunnes is women. Official figures shows that earning less than the Living Wage is the norm for women in many parts of the country. With women accounting for almost three-quarters of the country’s six-million part-time workforce, the lack of skilled, decently –paid part-time jobs affects women’s pay and their career prospects far more than it does men. The idea behind the Living Wage is that a person is paid enough to live decently and to adequately provide for their family. Please sign the petition and pass on to others to sign, keep following the facebook page for an update on are attempts to gain recognition for Dunnes workers, in the coming weeks GMB will be launching a Public campaign outside all Dunnes stores for members of the Public to sign all above petition. If you would like some petition sheets sent out to you please contact me on 07808101359. Remember our strength is in our numbers if you have not already join please do so by joining online at www.gmb.org.uk.
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    Created by Jim Donley
  • stop selling off our countries assets,i.e,the channel tunnel&east railway
    stop all these greedy so&so`s ripping off our country I want you 38 degrees to send this out, I know very little about this gadget i enjoy some of your info.
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    Created by james emmerson dinsdale
  • Abolish student fees
    Our students are our future
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    Created by Blanca Rey-Surman
  • Privatisation of Eurostar
    After the debacle of Rail privatisation and the fall in the level of service witnessed over the last decade on our railways, the last thing we need is a purely profit driven ownership of Eurostar looking merely at the short term in order to provide a return at any cost to their investors. This privatisation is purely ideologically driven and takes no consideration of the needs - short or long term - of Eurostar or, especially, it's users.The Governments of France and Belgium are considering increasing their share of the ownership of Eurostar (at British tax-payers expense as the profits will all go to alleviate the tax burden of other countries) whilst ours is so driven by an ideological distaste for any nationally owned service that they will press ahead with privatisation at any cost and regardless of the value of that privatisation to the current owners of the service - you! It must further be asked, can we trust a civil service which oversaw the huge loss to taxpayers through the undervaluation and mismanagement of The Royal Mail and RBS (where even according to the Telegraph taxpayers faced a loss of £1bn and £10bn respectively)? Please show Mr Osbourne and the Treasury your dislike of this half-baked plan to rush through privatisation before the next election.
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    Created by Richard Dunning
  • Leaders tax return
    We are continually told that MPs are on our side and understand what ordinary voters are going through. USA presidents publish tax information but UK politicians balk at the thought. Why should we not see how they earn their income and who might they be favouring in their policies. If they have nothing to hide why not publish and be damned or not as the case may be.
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    Created by ray kearney
  • Publish corporate benefits and cut them before social benefits
    Repeatedly the benefits bill has been discussed by politicians and the media as being too large that we cannot afford it, despite it including housing benefits, pensions, disability allowances and job seeker's allowance, all of which help the poor, old, sick and unemployed in a time of need. The details of these social benefits are well known and publicised. The Conservatives have just promised to freeze this benefits bill to help cut the budget deficit if they are elected at the next election. Recent research published in the Guardian [1] has shown that at least £85bn was given to large corporations by the government to help make the rich richer in the financial year 2011-12 alone, but with the budget deficit we just cannot afford it. This information was hidden; it is about time that the government publishes the amount given in corporate benefits - so called wealthfare - and starts considering this costly expense as an area to cut to reduce the budget deficit instead of welfare because the poor cannot cope with anymore cuts. We are all in it together, as Prime Minister David Cameron keeps saying. We've cut social benefits, it's now time to cut corporate benefits. [1] Aditya Chakrabortty, "Cut benefits? Yes, let’s start with our £85bn corporate welfare handout", The Guardian, Monday 6 October 2014 20.30 BST, www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/06/benefits-corporate-welfare-research-public-money-businesses.
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    Created by Derek Chandler
  • Change the annuity pension law
    The chancellor has recently changed the annuity laws allowing people to to take their pension in a lump sum. Pensioners who recently cashed in their annuity, because they had no option at the time, are now stuck with pitifully small monthly pensions that will quickly lose their value with yearly inflation. This is especially true of small annuity funds with a value under £30'000. Due to the recession many people are trapped with debt that they have little chance of paying off. Allowing people to take their own money in a lump sum is just and fair. The chancellor has seen this and is changing the law, but what about those people who cannot take their money because the law does not allow it?
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    Created by David Mundy
  • Lower Parliamentary Salaries to Combat National Debt
    This is important to all of us as at current a large lump sum of taxpayers money goes towards paying the salaries of individuals who claim to be working for the care and benefit of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain. Courtesy of Google, I can tell you that there are 650 Ministers of Parliament. The basic annual salary for an MP from 1 April 2014 is £67,060. MPs also receive expenses to cover the costs of running an office, employing staff, having somewhere to live in London and in their constituency, and travelling between Parliament and their constituency. Making their current annual salaries combine to a total worth of £43,589000. 43 Million, 589 thousand pounds. I'm sure you'll agree that £67,060 is an amazing price to retail one persons opinion at. Well, if they care so much isn't it about time that they show this; without their benefits courtesy of us!
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    Created by Geoffrey Reeves
  • Getting NHS Continuing Nursing Care actually paid out
    We know there are thousands of dementia [and other disease sufferers] in need of nursing, not just personal care. If they manage to find out about the processes and arm themselves with a copy of the DST they are in with half a chance but it is only half a chance. Result = pay through the nose for care which the patient has already paid into the NHS and tax system for them to provide
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    Created by Sandi Williams