• Lower University Tuition Fees to reduce UK debt
    Students cannot afford tuition fees. It's not ok for them to have to pay huge debts when they start to earn a living wage. It is not ok for graduates to have to stay living at home for many years after graduating because they cannot afford to rent or buy.
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    Created by Joanna Crane
  • Stop Blocking Metalectrique's 1500 mile Battery
    Climate change is real and happening now. We must use the solutions we have and the long range, zero emission battery will remove vehicle CO2 and pollution emissions quickly. It will also provide UK with much needed industrial growth and prosperity. It is outrageous that UK govt has known about this solution since 2008 and has failed to back it and failed to stop it being blocked by the oil industry. We could have been driving clean, electric long range cars by now. We could have also started to reverse Climate change and reduced the ilnesses caused by city air pollution. It is vital to start up this technology now.
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    Created by Trevor Jackson
  • HSBC - why did you close my account?
    We know that HSBC has reason to be cautious - they’ve been fined hugely for violating US sanctions and failing to implement money-laundering laws, as they should have been [2]. However negligent compliance procedures that led them to be fined doesn’t give them the license to close bank accounts on the basis of exaggerated fears. Many of the affected people are law-abiding and tax-paying individuals who feel they have been targeted by HSBC simply because their country of birth is subject to sanctions. The pattern of HSBC’s conduct and the lack of justification raises suspicion that this practice violates the Equality Act which prohibits UK institution from adopting measures discriminating on the basis of nationality, race and religion. [3] Having a bank account shut down on short notice - especially if people are traveling, when they are students or have a mortgage is incredibly stressful and a huge time burden. When such action is taken without justification, and individuals are led to fearing that they have been a target of unlawful discrimination, this can be a deeply unsettling experience. If HSBC has evidence to prove that the people whose accounts have been shut down were a genuine risk then they should make that evidence public and provide clear explanation to affected individuals. If HSBC has violated UK legislation through endorsing discriminatory practices it must adhere to the simple rule of law principles and (i) formally apologise to all affected persons whose bank account has been unlawfully closed, (ii) reopen those accounts, and (iii) ensure that their internal protocols are amended so that these kinds of actions aren't repeated. References 1. "HSBC: the bank that likes to say no to Muslim accounts," Giles Fraser, The Guardian, 30 July 2014, http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/30/hsbc-bank-no-muslim-accounts-finsbury-park-mosque 2."HSBC pays record $1.9bn fine to settle US money-laudering accusations," Jill Treanor and Dominic Rushe, The Guardian, 11 December 2012, http://www.theguardian.com/business/2012/dec/11/hsbc-bank-us-money-laundering 3. "Discrimination: your rights" https://www.gov.uk/discrimination-your- rights/types-of-discrimination "Equality Act 2010" http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/contents
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    Created by sara haghdoosti
  • Implement a statutory maximum multiplier between the lowest and highest earners
    The vast majority of people are appalled by the massive gap between the very richest and the very poorest in society; a gap that over the past two or three decades has been ever widening. Most people are particularly dismayed at the growing need for those in work to need the crutch of benefits to bring their income up to a living wage. An effective way of combating this is to outlaw excess at the top and to obligate fairer wages at the bottom. A relative earnings limit which puts a statutory maximum multiplier on the earnings of the highest paid employee v the lowest, should go some way to curbing this inequality. For example, if that maximum multiplier were x50 (which itself is massive), then if a CEO wished to be paid earnings (including bonuses) of £1,000,000 per year, then the lowest paid employee must earn the equivalent of £20,000 full-time salary. This petition doesn't in itself suggest what that maximum multiplier should be but simply that there should be some degree of relativity. We also appreciate that the policy and any legislation needs to be drafted with considerable care, to ensure that all earnings are included (including bonuses, pensions and share options) and to ensure that lowest wages aren't disguised by outsourcing the lowest paid jobs to other bodies. However fear of loopholes and abuse should not stop the brightest politicians and economists from devising a workable and legally binding way of promoting fairness through a relative earnings limit. We do not see such a limit applied to personal investors in and entrepreneurs and creators of new ventures - only to employees within organisations.
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    Created by Catherine Potter
  • Support Your Firefighters
    The government is threatening to change firefighters’ pension schemes, meaning all members will pay more, work longer and still get less. Pay more Before 2010, firefighters already contributed one of the highest proportions of their salary towards their pensions (11%), and in April this year it increased for the third year running. Firefighters typically now pay over £4,000 a year from a £29,000 salary, and the government has announced they will impose another increase in 2015. Work longer Firefighters will be expected to work until they are 60 however the government’s own report by Dr Tony Williams, published in December 2013, recognises that two thirds (66%) will not meet the current fitness standard. Firefighters, who are forced to retire at 55 due to a natural decline in fitness, could lose up to half of their pension or face the sack. Get less Firefighters will only receive the full pension they signed up for if they work for 40 years in the service which given current retirement and fitness rates is unlikely for the majority of firefighters.
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    Created by Liam Reed Picture
  • stop mortgage tax relief for buy to let
    It will put money in the Treasury's coffers as well as ending a deep unfairness
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    Created by Anne Renn
  • one roof one bill !
    because i live under one roof with 18 other flats, 62 under 3 roofs and we all get a bill for rain running of the roof and that really gets my back up. it needs to change now !
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    Created by paul bosman
  • Remove VAT from children's shoes
    Parents are often paying this tax for ten years; during which children can need three pairs of shoes a year. This is an unreasonable burden on household budgets already under strain.
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    Created by Ann Goddard
  • Re-link the UK's State pension with earnings or inflation, whichever the greater.
    It’s important because if it had not been for our War veterans, none of us would be here today. People should support my petition because we should respect our elderly people. And we should fight on their behalf. I started my petition because Britain's elderly people have been forgotten. If enough people sign, Parliament will be forced to discuss the issue and put it on the media spotlight.
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    Created by Michael Thompson
  • Sensible Energy Tariffs
    Fuel poverty, Climate Policy, Energy Security, Resource Depletion, even the Balance of Payments Deficit and much-needed support for energy efficiency, they all argue that we need to encourage LESS energy use. But we have tariffs that generally encourage more. Meanwhile billions of our money has been proxied into the complex UK smart meter project for homes, which the Germans decided was a very poor investment. We could achieve something better, something fairer for society simply by inverting the way that tariffs encourage more energy consumption.
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    Created by Chris Jones
  • Boycott Israeli illegal settlement produce and business
    Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories cause harm and poverty to Palestinians, and are an obstacle to peace in the region. Israeli settlements are illegal under international humanitarian law. This is important because the Palestinians are currently under violent attack and need resources to rebuild their lives, home and future. They cannot do this if their produce are stolen from them and sold to the Americas and Europe. According to a study conducted by Dr. Majid Sbeih from Al-Quds University for the Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center in Palestine, 82% of Palestinian workers have the desire and willingness to leave their jobs in the settlements, provided that a suitable alternative is available. However, suitable alternatives will not be found as long as the Palestinian economy is under occupation. We are calling on companies to withdraw investment in and end trade operations with Israeli settlement businesses.
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  • All MP's should donate their 11% pay rise to charity
    At a time of austerity, when almost a million people per year in the UK depend on food banks and when the average wage is stagnating, it's completely inappropriate for MP's to be getting a pay rise. We are not 'all in this together'. http://www.trusselltrust.org/stats To be fair to them, most MP's have already criticised the pay rise. Let's make sure they put their money where their mouth is.
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